Dogs of Berlin (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Mannschaft (Team)

1 Why are you here? What's going on? I am scared, Paula.
I don't know what to do anymore.
Does that mean you're going to stop lying to me? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry for everything.
6 DAYS EARLIER WEDNESDAY Do I got the case? I'm on my way to speak to her.
- To her house? - To her house.
Good luck.
Good morning.
I need to talk to your mother.
Which one? Commissioner Bandlow.
Come in.
Sit down.
Orkan Erdem, huh? - Isn't it better to discuss this - It's fine.
My wife works in the public sector, too.
- You put together a task force? - The first briefing is on the way.
This case has top priority.
- I need it handled completely by the book.
- Of course.
With the refugee crisis tensions in the city have never been higher.
This is the last thing we need.
- Any suspects? - Thousands, unfortunately.
He was famous.
What the hell was he doing in Marzahn? WE NEED A PROSECUTOR AND A JUDGE ON STANDBY.
Keep me posted on any new developments.
- No surprises! - That goes without saying.
We are going to need a prosecutor and a judge on standby.
I'll talk to the DA.
I'm meeting with the mayor at 12.
I need to be well prepared.
I will have the most important points prepared for you.
SWAT TEAM In order to be as effective as possible the task force should have a SWAT team on call.
Of course we need to put together a forensics team, we need a coroner and, of course, the lab on standby.
That needs total clearance across the board.
Who's heading the task force? - Kurt Grimmer, very experienced.
- Are you out of your mind? Why? Grimmer is one of our best.
Grimmer, a cop with neo-Nazi ties, investigating the murder of a famous Turk? The press will have a field day.
That's ancient history.
He was the first on the scene.
- He was smart about keeping it hush-hush.
- I don't give a shit.
I want a Turk leading the task force.
There's no one.
Then promote someone.
You have my go-ahead.
Skip the red tape.
A dual leadership with Grimmer, yeah? How do you think the Turkish community is going to react to that? Yeah, but, I mean, Grimmer wouldn't have to appear in public.
Do you really want to risk your career over this? Does Grimmer have something on you? Well, his clear-up rate is off the charts.
The Turkish community will want to see quick results too.
Have the next of kin been informed? - Not yet, but - You do it.
Dual leadership.
You've got until tonight to find the right person.
Otherwise you and Grimmer are both off the case.
If your protégé fucks up, you'll take the heat.
I hope that's clear.
I have to and will inform your parole officer, yes.
I know that means you'll go back to prison, but you should have thought of that earlier.
- What should I have thought of earlier? - What? What you just said.
Is it the dog? Emilia, Finn, it's time for school.
Wash your hands and pack your bags.
- Aw, man! - Come on.
You heard what your mom said, let's go.
- We will not keep the dog.
- But he's so cute! - Yes.
- No, please don't! It's a family decision.
We all have to agree.
Did you pack your gym bag? Emilia, you have a game today.
- Go brush your teeth.
- That's right.
Is it Nike? - Mm-hm.
- Want me to go with you? It's okay, you've got your big case.
It's just, I I liked I'm I mean, I liked her a lot, you know? Having to fire someone is always shit.
It makes me nervous every time.
And they don't have to go back to prison.
- Thanks.
- Hm? Thank you for not saying, "I told you so.
" But I really thought she'd see it as a second chance, you know.
Never stop believing in the good in people.
Could you pay the rent for the shop again this month? I had to buy a lots of things for the magazine feature.
No problem.
Daddy! Ew! What's wrong with him? Does he need a doctor? Daddy will deal with it.
You have to go to school.
- Where are you? - I think I found Orkan Erdem's finger.
Do you know what we're doing here? Good morning.
Now everyone is here, let's begin.
Most of you know me.
I'm Kurt Grimmer, head of this task force.
Every one of us is lucky to be here.
This case is a really big deal.
Hans, quick round of introductions.
I'm Hans Kuscha.
I'm 39 years old.
Spare us your hobbies, Hans.
This isn't speed dating.
I'm an old colleague of Kurt's.
We worked Organized Crime together.
I've been in Homicide six years.
Tom Kriftel, Computer Crimes Unit.
I have no idea what I'm doing here and just can't wait to find out.
I don't know what I'm doing here either.
I cover gangs and petty crimes, key points hooligans and all things football.
PLAYMAKER ERDEM - WILL HE PLAY OR NOT? - So it is online dating.
- May I? Lars, forensic scientist.
I've been working with Kurt and Hans for a while.
So I know why I'm here.
Football, Kurti? I thought you were only into boxing.
Kurt? Kurt.
What? Yeah, I'm sure you're wondering why you're all here.
In the back we have our two colleagues, Petrovic und Wachtmeister.
Their unit's out in Marzahn.
Last night they found the body of Orkan Erdem.
This here is his dog, Zeki.
Why isn't this all over the news? Because of the discreet way Petrovic and Wachtmeister handled it.
ORKAN WOULD'VE PLAYED, RIGHT? Let's keep it that way.
This is top secret till the official press conference.
We need all the time we can get.
Before the media circus comes to town.
The case is top priority.
You know what that means.
Seiler already promised me all the manpower we need.
This time your overtime has already been pre-approved.
Orkan Erdem was found at 11:50 p.
, by a Mr.
Petrovic and Wachtmeister were first on the scene, I arrived shortly after.
Here is what we know so far.
The victim was hit on the head by a blunt instrument.
We haven't found the weapon yet, but we have located the missing finger.
The dog had it.
- Are there witnesses? - Yeah, right.
One witness saw four young Arabs leave the scene and head down Müller Street.
Right after two cars, one a Lamborghini, sped away from the scene.
ERDEM NOT CRUCIAL TO VICTORY? We can assume that was Erdem's car.
along with charting his last 24 hours, questioning people who know him, looking into threats, and so on and so on.
Any evidence suggesting it was racially motivated? Not yet.
We should look into the neo-Nazi scene.
Hans, can you take it? Of course.
All right.
I will cover the hooligans and the football scene.
You don't have to raise your hand.
You are not in school.
Does the task force have a name yet? - Marzahn? - Final whistle? Orkan.
Any ideas from the lady? Petrovic.
- What about Red Card? - Again.
Red Card, maybe? Yeah, Red Card is good.
Right, Lars, check the dog for evidence.
And get Orkan's finger to the lab.
It's in the fridge.
Petrovic, Wachtmeister, cross-check witness statements and look into known car thieves.
Make sure no one finds out whose car we are looking for.
Seiler wants an update before noon.
He will get it.
Let's go, people.
Welcome to the Red Card task force.
- Kurti - Not now.
Hello I was supposed to meet Detective Fucht.
I'm here.
We have to be very careful.
I don't feel good about this.
I understand.
Grimmer's a formidable opponent.
What's going on here? What do you mean by opponent? Wachtmeister, I hoped you called us with better questions than that.
Why did Grimmer show up if he wasn't on call? And where did he go for so long? You're instincts are spot on.
We need people like you.
We're investigating an old homicide from '98 involving the Comradeship Marzahn.
And guess who we discovered was a member of that neo-Nazi group? Kurt Grimmer.
Last night another dead body turns up in Marzahn, a Turkish one.
And, again, there's Kurt Grimmer's name.
He lied.
He said he was on call.
Yeah, and now he's heading the task force.
e So what else has he lied about? We can't ask these questions without attracting attention, which we don't want to do just yet.
He's apparently being protected from someone high up.
- What do you need? - Everything that seems odd.
Unfollowed leads, anything unusual.
- Missing evidence.
- Anything that points to the Brotherhood.
This is where he grew up, Wachtmeister.
His mom and his brother still live here.
You have to be careful.
But he will slip up and some point, and then we'll get him.
You stole from me.
I've got it on video.
I'm sorry to have to do this.
I so hoped you'd make the best of this opportunity.
I have to inform your parole officer.
We all make mistakes, but we also have to face the consequences.
What are you doing here? Nike, the registers short 234 euros.
It's only small amounts that have gone missing over the course of the month, but in total it's 234 euros.
- Really? That's strange.
- Don't do that.
You took the money.
Me? There's no way.
You abused my trust.
I have to let you go.
- But I didn't have anything to do with it.
- Nike.
Actions have consequences.
Action, reaction.
- But I didn't do anything.
- I've got it on video! You know the rules.
I have to inform your parole officer.
- I'm not going back to jail.
- You wasted this opportunity.
- You're so clueless, man.
- They were your actions.
Yeah, I know, "Action, reaction.
" - It'd be best if you leave, before - Before what? Before you call the police? Your fucking cop husband? - You are just making it worse.
- Oh, yeah? And you're making it better, or what? You stupid cunt, you think you're some kind of a social worker! "I'm just a bored, unfucked housewife.
I drive a Benz, my kids are so awesome and my husband's a cop.
I'm so amazing I even hired a welfare case to work at the shop.
" - Blah-blah-blah! - Nike, just think about what you're do Huh! You better think long and hard what you're doing, you stupid cunt.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Ah Thank you.
Ah 20.
Ah! Thank you.
- Can I please come? - Only if you say, "Please.
" Oh, please, master.
Can I please, please come? Shit! Oh, no.
I've got to go.
Call me again tonight, okay? - With pleasure.
- Okay.
Hurry, hurry, get dressed! We're late already.
Oh Hello.
Good morning.
Oh, it's okay.
Thor, come and eat.
Thor! No, put your shoes on now.
Eat in the car.
Wait, wait! Your snack.
If Ms.
Mohn asks, tell her Erik threw up all night and that's why you were late, okay? - I love you.
- Love you, too.
ERDEM PLAYING IS IRRELEVANT, TURKEY IS WEAK Would you pay the rent for the shop again this month? - You've got till the weekend.
- 17,000 by tomorrow.
Kurt? - Are you in here? - Yeah, give me a minute.
We're waiting for the full DNA scan, but the finger is Erdem's.
Yeah, cool.
Why? Why? No! No! This can't be! This can't be! This can't be! No! CAN I CALL LATER? I HAVE TO GET INTO THE STADIUM BEFORE THE GAME.
- Give it to him.
- No way.
Please, Erol, you have to.
Have you forgot how my last conversation with Dad went? Tell Mom not to let him in.
And if he turns up again, call the police.
Better yet I'll get a patrol car to circle the block.
- Little shits.
- What? - Nothing.
I'm working.
- You have to talk to him.
I'm the last person he wants to talk to.
Hey! Hey, Murad.
Hey, wait! He will respect you.
If we get outsiders involved, it will get out of hand.
Please, do it for Mom.
All right, I'll take care of it.
What's going on? - I've got to go.
- Bye.
- Erol Birkan? - Really? What's the deal? - You're coming with us.
- Bad timing, I'm after a witness.
It's not a request.
Is it about yesterday? Hm? Oh Fuck! Fuck.
Oh, no.
Hi, this is Sabine Ludar.
I've got an appointment today at 10:45.
Why didn't you call? - Your appointment - Yeah, I know it's already 10:50.
I'm calling because my son is sick and now my car broke down.
But I need the appointment.
My microwave is broken, my son needs new shoes Please! I've waited a month for this appointment.
- I'll wait in line as long as it takes.
- I'm very sorry.
But you can't What? It's against the law to use a phone at a gas station.
You can start a fire! Piss off, you unfuckable cow! What? There are no other traces on the dog except from Erdem.
- The finger is definitely his.
- Any leads on the murder weapon? Fine aluminum particles in the head wound.
Could be from a baseball bat.
How is my pass going? I'm working on it.
I hope this isn't a ploy to get autographs.
- You got me, Seiler.
- Call me later, okay.
We need to talk.
- What about? - I need to have a word, one on one.
- Don't fuck up, Grimmer! - Never ever.
All eyes will be on Berlin tonight at 7:30 when the German national team faces off against Turkey at the Olympic Stadium.
The big question for football fans is whether Orkan Erdem is going to play? Excuse me.
Fuck! You won't get anything out of that.
They turned it off an hour ago.
Too many people.
Rafika Masaad.
How would you describe her leadership style? Careful, professional.
Keeps a clear head, sticks to the rules.
And your colleague Aykut Kubat? A good man.
- You're both Turkish.
- German.
We're both German.
- I'm in a hurry.
How long will this take? - Yesterday's raid, what went wrong? We got ratted out.
One theory is that there's a mole in your unit.
- So? - What do you think? - Tarik-Amir knew we were coming.
- Do you suspect anyone? No.
My boys are clean, every one.
Erol Birkan.
He grew up in Kaiserwarte.
On the same block as the Tarik-Amirs.
- Would you risk your neck for him? - Of course I would! You applied for a promotion.
So what? What's that got to do with yesterday? Well, you took part in the raid.
And it went incredibly wrong.
How do you explain that? Talk to Rafika Masaad.
She was leading the damn thing.
We did.
Now we are talking to you.
Aykut Kubat drove with the police light flashing, is that true? It was on a short cut.
We had to get there before Hakim.
And who chose the route? Was it Kubat too? Or maybe it was intentional? To warn Tarik-Amir? Let's talk about Erol Birkan.
- He doesn't play by the rules.
- You mean the rumors about drugs? I mean, he smokes a joint now and then, but he only grows it for himself, so Or do you mean because he's gay? But he's totally open about it.
If your unit's so great, why did you want to transfer to Homicide? That's got nothing to do with this.
What is this shit? Are you being swayed by love of country? Turkish honor? Whoever the mole is, they don't know shit about honor.
Why are you so hostile? Because you want to make Erol your scapegoat.
What has this got to do with me? I could put you in charge of the special task force.
If we can reach an agreement.
Why me? That's Homicide's turf.
We are looking at the big picture.
Thinking outside the box.
I get it, a famous Kanak is dead.
Not enough model Turks in Homicide? No.
But we could definitely use one now.
Are you ready for the catwalk? I'm supposed to show my Turkish face and someone else leads the investigation.
I was thinking a dual leadership.
You and Grimmer.
It would give your career a big boost and make people forget yesterday's fiasco.
What about Rafika? She wanted Homicide.
Did you ask her? Out of the question.
She'll be on sick leave for months.
I'm not interested.
We've invested 18 months in the Tarik-Amir case.
That's what I heard.
You're taking it too personally.
They're trash on the street and I'm the garbage man.
I'm not interested in dead celebrities.
You know what I ask myself? A cop like you, a proponent of "Legalize It," grows marijuana on his balcony working for Narcotics.
Sounds shady, don't you think? Kind of schizophrenic.
Listen to me, there aren't many cops of your caliber out there.
And I don't care if you get stoned or lick ass in your free time.
No one gives a shit about that.
But I need a Turk on this job.
Doesn't have to be presentable.
This is your big chance.
- This is my number.
Think about it - Are we done here? You've got till tonight.
Ask Aykut Kubat.
Thanks a lot.
Of course, the German team is worried, Paul.
Orkan is apparently sick and chances are good he won't play tonight.
The team's nervous, and as you know if there's one thing you don't need before a game as important as this one, it's a case of nerves.
Where is my money, Kurt? Shit.
Kurti, my friend, what's up? Pay day.
Okay, guys, you got me.
Let me explain, I need more time.
I have to get into the stadium first Shit.
You'll lose all your money if I can't get to the stadium.
Okay, I'm coming! Are you deaf or what? This is the wrong way.
I've got to get to the stadium.
Let me talk to Tomo! SABRINA, MISSED CALL (2) ANNIKA, MISSED CALL (2) Hi, Ms.
This is Paula Grimmer here.
I'm so sorry I'm so late.
I'm on my way.
Can you tell the kids, please? Sorry, your kids have already gone.
- What? - They're already gone.
- Who picked them up? - Their grandmother.
Mom doesn't let us ride in the car without booster seats.
- Today is an exception.
- I like it better this way.
What's wrong with Mom? You can ask her yourself later.
Hey, Eva, we just passed the football field! Really? It must be a sign.
But we have to go.
I have a game.
You know what? Let's go to the zoo.
That's much nicer.
Can we go see the ants? - I love aunts.
- We should call Mom first.
But I told you she's not feeling well, hm? - Then can I call Dad? - I don't think your mom would like that.
Just accept it.
You're being kidnapped by me, so you might as well enjoy it, hm? It says, "The nests of tropical ants are often flooded by heavy rains.
The ants respond by drinking the water, running outside and passing the liquid in their urine.
However, it has often been observed that they do this too close to the nest, causing them to flood again.
" - That's dumb.
- Na-uh, ants are not dumb! You know there's nothing wrong with making mistakes.
It's only dumb to make the same mistake twice.
That can be fatal.
That's how a species dies out.
But I don't want them to die.
Some species deserve to die.
Come on, you want to go to the playground, don't you? Birgit.
Have you seen Emilia? Don't let up girls! Goal's on the left.
- Jens.
- Yeah? - Where is Amelia? - I'd like to know that myself.
She let her team down.
- She didn't show up? - No.
There's something wrong? A misunderstanding.
I'm so sorry.
Okay, girls, keep going.
Pass the ball.
Watch it! Quicker! Quicker! Defense! Yeah, very good.
Stop! What's going on? Wait a minute! Get down.
Why aren't you sliding, huh? This is our country! You can't let some Kanak take your place.
Shew! Get lost! Scram! Go! But it was his turn.
We're taking turns.
- What's the problem? - My problem? My problem? Listen up.
You go back where you came from! Shew! Shew! Scumbag, you! Right, now you can take the slide.
Hop! - Hop.
- I want to leave! Why? Just now you wanted to slide.
You can't call people "scumbags.
" I want my mommy! Fine.
Let's go.
The German team left the hotel early this afternoon and headed to Olympic Stadium with fans cheering them on in the streets.
They've just arrived at the stadium and are getting ready for the game.
Why? Why? Why do you always have to make life so difficult? Kurti! - We're old friends.
- Come on, Stipe, what's my punishment? We're going to kick your teeth in.
Tomo's fucking pissed.
- Then bring it on! - Hey.
Why the rush? I've got to go to the stadium, man.
To get Tomo's money.
You know how much I enjoy this, right? It's like Christmas.
The anticipation.
What the fuck? Yeah, what the ? Can I have my phone and gun back? I'm in a hurry.
Shh! I know.
- What are you doing here? - We've been waiting for five hours.
Nobody made you wait.
You should have come to your appointment.
My son was sick, then my car broke down.
But I did call.
You should have left home earlier.
I'm sorry, Ms.
Kupsch, honest.
My microwave is broken and I can't warm up his bottle.
I need an extra payment.
Ludar, what about the extra income you get working for a sex hotline? Yes, Mrs.
Ludar, we know all about the extra money.
And you know that you have to declare it, which you haven't done in six months.
Please I I need the money.
We are stopping your payments as of today.
Go now, before I call security.
You don't want that, do you? What's up, Murad? You only got a C this time.
Don't know.
I just didn't study enough.
Potato Head didn't study hard enough? - Ferit! - What? - What did I say? - I won't tolerate discrimination.
Since when is "potato head" discrimination? One more word and you can write an entire essay about potatoes.
F! You're in danger of failing this year.
- Maybe you should think about your future.
- We're going to get him.
Murad, just a minute.
What's going on? Is it trouble at home? Or is it Ferit's gang? - All good.
- You're smarter than them, you know it.
- You've got potential.
- Can I go? Oops! Did someone slip on his own drool? He slipped on Bruhn's cum.
It came out of his kiss-ass.
Go on, give it to him.
We've got something special for you.
Come on, eat it! Come on, eat it, you fag! Swallow, you fag! - Tastes good, huh? - You like it? Is there a problem? Fuck, that's Raif Tarik-Amir.
Hey, Murad.
What's up? Salam aleikum.
Aren't you Raif? Ready? - Who are those dicks, man? - I don't know.
Some losers.
Think I drive a car like that when I'm not working? No way, dude.
Why not? It's a cool car.
Sure, if you want people to think you're a pimp.
- I prefer the subway.
- Really.
- Who were those fuckers anyway? - Who knows? They're real pussies.
You should teach them a lesson.
Yeah, man.
That's sick.
That's good.
Yo, 16 shots on the train No clue, what you want I wanna ride Black hair is the stereotype You have for me Your hate is pure but the weed is cut I freestyle to classical music But you don't get it - This Kanak has got it Givin' brothers A shakedown in the hood I don't know what you need I don't push no weed We get it, okay? You're really cool, but can you stop now? Some people like it quiet.
Cool Chara, Mr.
White Bread, what do you know? You son of a bitch I'm not interested in the shit my family does.
- You think it's cool, having a car, cash.
- Respect.
No, it's not respect.
It's fear.
And fear sucks, it leads to hate.
And hate is powerful.
Hate makes people do really bad things.
- Murad? - Fuck, it's my sister.
I'm Raif.
- Why aren't you doing your homework? - Raif is a friend of mine.
- We're working on a new track.
- Your brother's got talent.
My brother's getting his high school diploma.
- Ever heard of it, diploma? - I'm not trying to prevent I know who you are and who you belong to.
- So now you think you know me? - Yeah, in this case I do.
Hey, why not find out for yourself? I've got VIP tickets for tonight's game.
Want to join? Really? Let me be perfectly clear.
I'm not interested.
All right, but if you change your mind, you'd make me happy.
You've got my number.
See you.
- What are you doing? - What are you doing? He's nice.
He's interested in my music.
And you are a bitch.
That guy recruits for Tarik-Amir.
Why do you hang out with him? Do you work for them? No.
Murad, please.
I don't want to lose you.
I'm sorry.
I won't do anything stupid, walla.
- Is Emre Birkan here? - Who wants to know? - Tell him Erol's here.
He's expecting me.
- Maybe But he's not here.
Tell him I'm looking for him.
He's my father.
Maïssa, I have an idea.
ALL-ACCESS PASS IS READY! WILL YOU MAKE IT ON TIME?! Who are they? Fine Hey? Emilia, Finn.
- You've gotten big.
- This is your uncle Ulf.
It's been a few years, huh? Huh? Keep doing your homework, hm? Meeting today? - Now.
- Mm-hm.
Tell them the truth.
And that Kurt's leading the investigation into that dead Kanak.
What will that accomplish? - They want to punish you anyway.
- I'm prepared for the consequences.
I know.
But remind them that you got information out of Kurt and we now have the upper hand.
We can get to this freedom fighter before the police do.
Don't you see? We can help him.
All because of you.
It's your only chance.
I'm late.
I hope I can find the all-access pass here somewhere.
Where? I thought you were going to watch it in the bar with Holger.
Plans change.
So what changed since Raif offered you tickets? Because he's a bad influence.
What's he doing here? - He invited us to the game.
- Do you like him? Hey, Murad.
Shall we? - Thank you.
- No problem.
Raif is bad news.
I don't know how I'm supposed to look after Murad 24/7.
Don't worry.
I'm here to serve and protect.
All members are present, meaning we can now come to a decision.
So now let's get to the reason why we've assembled I have to go and check something.
Keep working.
And don't do anything stupid.
The accused member, Ulf, talk.
I know I broke our rules and I'm prepared to accept whatever punishment you see fit.
You let a dirty traitor take money from our coffers, without asking us.
Betrayal! Let me just say one thing before you make your decision.
Last night a Kanak was murdered here in Marzahn.
Kurt is leading the investigation and now he owes us money.
The cops are after this freedom fighter.
We should get to him before the cops do.
I know the circumstances are unfortunate, but I needed to make a decision and I made it for the Brotherhood.
Not for Kurt.
Not for a traitor.
I did it for us.
You just ignored our laws, made a solo decision.
I know.
Ulf's right.
- We've got Kurt by the balls.
- So what? Since when do people just get to decide things on their own? What do you want? Kick me out? That's not only my decision to make.
Then let's vote.
All those in favor of Ulf's expulsion, raise your hand.
All opposed? All those abstaining? It's been decided, Ulf stays.
You know the punishment.
If the money's not back by Sunday, there will be ball-busting.
- What do you want, Mrs.
Ludar? - Listen to me, please! You're just making things worse.
Make an appointment! - You can't treat me like this.
Hey! - It's your own fault! You'll be lucky if you're not charged with fraud.
Hey! Give me my money, you cunt! Mrs.
Ludar? Help! Help! What are you staring at? I'm investigating.
Shall I arrest you for obstructing justice? - I thought you might need a doctor.
- "I thought.
" Shut up and let me through! I'm at the big steps and heading down.
Okay, great.
The Turkish team is already in the tunnel.
- This is private property.
I'll show you private property, asshole.
It's okay.
It's a personal matter.
- Mom! - Finn.
Go to the car and wait for me.
- What are you going to do? - I need to clear something up.
Bye, you two.
So? - Recovered from your bender? - Don't ever do that! What? Help you out? Never come near my kids or my family again.
You called me.
Drunk, slurring.
I was worried.
About you, my grandkids.
Rightly so, I'd say.
I can smell the alcohol from here.
Perhaps we should call Kurt, have him come to pick up you and the kids, huh? Try it.
Kurt wouldn't even answer the phone.
I didn't want to believe it, but Kurt was right, you are evil.
And our little plan for me to help you and Kurt reconcile, forget it.
Starting today they'll be no photos, videos or contact of any kind.
You can fool Kurt, perhaps.
But I can see right through you, Paula.
Fuck you, Eva.
Grimmer, Homicide.
Good evening.
I'm Detective Grimmer, Homicide.
I need everyone who's not a player to leave the room immediately.
I need your attention for just a moment.
I'm looking into the murder of your teammate Orkan Erdem.
Be available for questioning after the game, don't leave the country.
Good luck and toi, toi, toi.
I needn't remind you that this information cannot leave the changing room.
We are in the middle of an investigation.
My condolences.
You know, Paul, Coach Kranz is sheltering his team from the news so they can give full attention to tonight's game.
But if Orkan really isn't playing, then, well, the team's going to find out eventually and that's where those nerves come in.
And that's what might cost us our victory against Turkey tonight.
Both teams should have been on the field a few minutes ago, but, as we saw earlier, there are still masses of fans outside the gates and that's probably the reason for the delayed kick-off here in Berlin.
And they're out! Brotherly with heart and hand Unity and justice and freedom Are the foundation of happiness Germany, Germany above all else Above all else in the world Germany, Germany above all else For the German Fatherland!