Dogs of Berlin (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Begegnung (Clash)

1 [OPPRESSIVE MUSIC] [CHEERING] "CLASH" [REPORTER] We're finally ready to get the ball rolling in Berlin's Olympic Stadium at the World Cup qualifier between Germany and Turkey.
Increased security measures have led to a delay in kickoff tonight and I hear there's still thousands of fans at the gates.
This afternoon the German team was dealt a big blow with the news that their top player, Orkan Erdem, wouldn't be appearing in the match.
But that's no reason to be nervous.
Germany is still the favored team and we're all expecting a spectacular win tonight.
[AIR HORN] So? The dead Kanak was found at the towers last night.
No one knows anything, not even the press.
I asked the boys, it wasn't one of them.
Our police contacts have their lips sealed.
Well, now we've got contact to the top.
Looks like it's time for Ulf to deliver.
[REPORTER] It's a tentative start for the German team.
They're going to have to ramp it up here in Berlin, where you've got the largest population of Turks outside of Turkey.
It's hard to say who's got the home field advantage.
Seiler? Yeah, where are you? [REPORTER] The first attempt in this game to score.
- Both teams are highly motivated.
- [CANNOT BE HEARD] That's for sure.
Turkey is not hiding, they come out - [MAN] What the fuck is he doing? - [QUIETLY] Come on, come on.
You're on the Kanak's side? If Turkey wins, Kurt wins, and we get our money back.
Around here you're better off showing them who's side you're really on.
[BOOING] Oh! Fuck! - [GRIMMER] Shit! - [PHONE RINGS] Sorry, again.
Where are you? The GFL lounge? Yeah, okay.
Yeah, I'm on my way.
[REPORTER] The Germans are a technical, precise team.
Tonight they're going to have to get more creative.
They will have to adjust to what Turkey's doing.
Hey! - You dropped something.
- Fuck off, asshole! Pick it up or spend the night at the station.
- Don't cops have anything better to do? - Many.
Why waste an honest citizens time? Berlin's my home.
Do I let my dog shit in your home? Okay, pick it up.
[MURAD] Hey, the lines moving! They're letting more people in.
We'll miss the match.
[REPORTER] Schulz, straight for the path of - [INDISTINCT COMMENTARY] - [PAINED GROAN] [PAULA SIGHS] When's Dad coming? He's missing the game.
Listen up, you two.
Let me be the one to tell Dad what happened with Grandma today.
- Okay? Yeah? - [KIDS] Mm-hm.
- Until then it's our secret.
- Mm-hm.
[MAN] They didn't let me into the club.
They know I work for you.
They still don't let me in.
They don't give a shit about Tarik-Amir.
Walla, no respect! I'll look into it, Okay? Look into it? Walla, he's got no respect, man.
He's talking shit, like, "Go fuck yourself, Tarik-Amir.
" - I'll send someone over.
- I'll send someone over.
You! I'm sending you, right after the game.
And you teach those sons of bitches how to behave.
Nobody talks shit about Tarik-Amir.
Hm? Thank you, brother.
Hakim, I wanted to keep it low-key, to avoid more hassle with the cops.
Remember, yesterday - Get me a Coke, little brother.
- What? Coke with ice.
You got a problem with that? Yalla! It's okay.
- We are invited.
- Sure, Kovac.
Fuck off! Are you deaf? [CLEARLY] We are invited.
- Man, are you deaf? Fuck off! - It's okay, big guy.
I invited him.
- Hi, Tomo.
- Thank you.
[TENSE MUSIC] Hakim didn't know I was coming.
I can invite who I want.
It's not Hakim's business.
Oh! Little brother wants to take over Tarik-Amir? - Bullshit.
- What's your brother doing with Kovac? Let's see.
Inviting me to Hakim's fiancée's birthday? Any boss would be insulted.
- No, it's just business.
- [CLICKS HIS TONGUE] - You want to take over.
- No, I want to make a deal with you.
I cannot make a deal unless I know what's going on.
So? Say it.
- All right.
- Hey, okay Wait.
[QUIETLY] Here's the thing, Tarik-Amir has one simple rule.
Whoever brings in more money is the boss.
What I want to set up with you could bring in more money than Hakim could ever make dealing.
Do you understand? This is my time, man.
- So can we talk now, or what? - Sure.
In a minute.
Hey, hey! What are you doing, man? Here's our simple rule.
Show respect to those who deserve it.
Hakim? Long time no see.
I wish your wife a future filled with success, health, strength and many children.
- Kamila, hello.
- Pleasure.
Tomo Kovac.
A small gesture.
Happy birthday.
That wasn't necessary.
So you're a friend of Kareem's? Yes.
Yes, I think you could say that.
A friend of Kareem's.
Thank you for coming.
See you later.
Yeah, see you later.
- That was pretty rude.
- I don't give a fuck.
Hey? What the fuck was that about, man? Now we can talk business.
[REPORTER] The world is upside down tonight here at the Olympic Stadium.
The German defense is weak and the Turks are attacking relentlessly.
The Germans have got to get their heads in the game.
[MUFFLED CHEERS] Are you too blind to see the ball? Fuck! - [FAN] Don't worry, it won't leave stains.
- It's fine.
- [EROL] We made it.
- About time.
- This is Maïssa and Murad.
- [MAÏSSA] Hello! - I'm Guido.
- Hi! Those were accounts.
Where are JÃrg and Anita? - [EROL] Can we discuss this at home? - We certainly will.
Fries, Coke? It's on me.
I'm fine.
A Diet Coke for me, please.
- And you? - No thanks.
- Murad, help me carry? - I said I didn't want anything.
What happened to you? Sports injury.
Buffet is for invited guests only.
[MUMBLING] Should I put it back? [SEILER] I got Barlow's approval.
You are leading the investigation into Erdem's murder.
- Great.
I already have a suspect.
- Really? The betting mafia.
Erdem was being paid to fix matches? Maybe he didn't stick to the deal, so they took him out.
Who? Who took him out? Only the Kovac clan have the balls for it.
[KURT SLURPS] I'll bet they will give me some grief.
You need a security detail? Maybe.
Well, you can work all that out with your partner.
What? You'll be heading the investigation with another detective, dual leadership.
- What? You're kidding, right? - He's a very competent Turkish officer.
I don't need a babysitter, especially not a Turkish one.
What did you expect with your past? Once the press gets wind of it they'll dub you "the neo-Nazi.
" You can go straight to unemployment, and me too.
Buddy, in all these years have I ever fucked you over? Did I ever let you down? I'm not your man, Mr.
Think of him as a lightning rod.
If you don't like it, drop the case.
I put my neck on the line for you and you walk away? Relax, Mr.
I just had to digest the news.
[RAP MUSIC] We keep out of your drug game, you keep out of our betting game.
Everybody's happy.
So why am I here? We could bring in twice as much together.
I've got athletes willing to fix games.
Our families have been at peace for five years.
Let's not ruin that.
You've got the setup, casinos, arcades, betting offices, a global network.
- But I've got the right connections.
- [TOMO LAUGHS] Kareem Tarik-Amir, the man with the connections.
We give you athletes, referees, officials, anyone.
You say what bets to place set the odds, hide the money.
- Who? Who have you got? - Take your pick, shot putters, jockeys Football players.
We can get anyone.
I run Tarik-Amir's security business and limousine business.
I know how to hook people.
[DECLINING] Nah Nah, we are doing just fine.
Even if you had the German national team [LAUGHS INCREDULOUSLY] Ma da! You cannot buy that.
They are too well paid for that.
Who said anything about buying? You're bluffing.
- Who is the best German player? - Orkan Erdem.
Take a good look, no Orkan Erdem.
Or am I wrong? And he won't be coming either.
I made sure of that.
So what? He is sick and then you heard some rumors.
Or he's not playing to keep the Turks from hating him even more.
I took him out of the game, man.
Even if you did, Germany won't lose just because Erdem isn't playing.
I need more than that.
I've got the whole German team.
If I say they lose, they lose.
If I say they win, they win.
[TENSE MUSIC] And I say you're full of shit.
I bet 1,000.
That Germany loses.
If I'm wrong, the money's yours.
If I'm right, we're in business.
Okay? [SCOFFS] [TOMO SIGHS AND CLEARS HIS THROAT] Let me tell you something.
Not to make you mad, but to help you.
You are number two in your family.
Be grateful and enjoy it.
I've known you since you were a kid, you're smart.
But this shit is not going to work.
Get your head out of your ass before you get hurt.
Respect your brother.
I didn't ask for your fucking opinion, did I? Huh? I want to do business and you came back with this gay shit.
Are you fucking scared? Then say so.
I'll do this on my own.
[TOMO] Everyone listen up.
Kareem thinks he knows more about the betting business than me.
[LAUGHTER] The kid thinks Germany's going to lose the game.
So here are 10,000 euros I'm betting against him.
Are you in? [QUIETLY] I don't have that much on me, man.
Oh, Kareem hasn't got enough money.
- [MAN] What's that fucker talking about? - No, no.
I want to see this.
Hey, buddy, if you don't have the money, keep your mouth shut.
A Tarik-Amir should know that.
I beg my insignia ring.
It's worth more than gold.
Your ring means shit to me.
If you're so sure Germany is going to lose, then bet the finger that ring is on.
- You can't have that finger! - What's wrong? Are you scared? You can have this one.
- [KAREEM LAUGHS] - [MEN HOOT] And this one too, if Germany wins.
[GUTTURAL LAUGH] - On your honor? - [QUIETLY] On my fucking honor.
You're all my witnesses.
Kareem just bet his middle fingers.
One, if Germany doesn't lose and both if they win.
[VOMITING] [KNOCKING] - [RAIF] Kareem? - [GRUFFLY] Yeah What? What? Hakim wants to talk to you.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
This way.
Where are we going? I want to watch the game, man.
Come on! What are we doing? Shh! [DOOR OPENS] [MUFFLED, SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [CLICKING SOUND] All right, let's go.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] I invited Kovac.
It's my business.
I've got a bet with him.
So what's that shit about? Why do I get called in here like a fucking kid? Are we good? Hm? - What do you mean? - Is everything good between us? Hm? Sure.
Why shouldn't it be? Remember when Baba found my weed? Almost 30 grams.
- Shit, man, he went crazy.
- Yeah, he thought it was mine.
- He beat you, right? - Yeah, pretty bad.
I got 30 stitches.
Baba knew it was my weed, not yours.
I told him, back then.
- He knew? - Of course, Brother.
Yeah, Baba was majnun.
Baba was the first-born son, the crown prince.
And I'm his first-born son.
He never once hit me.
No matter what shit I pulled.
It sucks to be a second son.
I know.
And I was a shit brother, I know that too.
But I'm here now.
And I help you.
If you tell me what's going on.
No matter what, do you understand? Look at me.
Even if you got something with Kovac.
We can deal with it.
Together, Tarik-Amir.
But you need to tell me the truth.
Hm? So What's going on? [TENSE MUSIC] Nothing's going on.
[HAKIM TAKES A DEEP BREATH] Then make your bet with Kovac.
[HE SIGHS] [CLINKING BLADE] [MAN LAUGHS] Nice, right? I got it from the copy shop.
[STIPE] Trust me, his debts will get paid.
[CLINKING BLADE] [CLINKING BLADE] The cop from the raid yesterday - Murad snitched.
- I need you to send me that photo.
- Right away.
- Okay.
Raif! [BEEPING] [RAIF] What? Is everything okay? What is this Turkish cop from yesterday doing with Murad? No idea.
You were looking after him.
Didn't you invite him? Of course I did.
But his sister wouldn't let him come.
And now he's here, with a fucking cop! Is he a snitch? No, no, no, no, no.
Murad's not like that.
Man, I promise.
I swear.
Listen, I want you to check him out.
If he's a snitch, you come straight to me.
Understood? - Okay, I'll check it out.
- You take care of it.
Check him out.
Hm? Yalla.
Erol! Erol, they saw us! - They even took a photo.
- You did that on purpose.
Did I force you to work for Tarik-Amir? I moved the carpet, that's it.
That's it? That's how it always starts.
- You know what they do to snitches? - Hey.
They won't hurt you! Okay.
They're going to welcome you with open arms, respect you.
Why respect me? - Because you'll tell them about me.
- What? We're going to spread it around that we got to you, tried to bribe you.
The whole deal, but you didn't say a word.
Then they'll know you're trustworthy.
They want people like you, desperately.
They'll give you the royal treatment.
- And when do I get to be done? - When Tarik-Amir is out of Berlin.
- What? - You'll report every delivery.
What's delivered, when, where and how.
And everything about Kareem und Hakim.
- Private lives, business, everything.
- I won't do it.
You should have considered that before you joined Tarik-Amir.
- Asshole.
- Hey! Nothing will happen to you or Maïssa as long as you help me to take down the clan, okay? - [PHONE RINGS] - Hey, see you in the stands, okay? Mr.
Seiler Yes, I'm here too.
- He's on his way.
- Fuck off, man.
[REPORTER] The German team is finally showing signs of life.
There's Friedrich with the attack! But it's too weak.
And now Turkey's got the ball again.
What is going on with the Germans tonight? They are really dragging their feet.
[NERVE-RACKING MUSIC] What the fuck is going on? [MUSIC GROWS MORE INTENSE] [REPORTER] Here's Turkey with another attempt.
[MUFFLED, SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Yeah! [CHEERING] Hey! What the fuck, you jerks! - Losers! - Oh my God! Fucking [RELIEVED SIGH] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] - [CHEERS] - Yeah! Yeah! Tomo! Both fingers are mine! [LAUGHTER] [REPORTER] Turkey is up 1:0, a much deserved lead for the team.
Kranz has got to make a move.
Orkan Erdem is not around to save the day this time.
We've just wrapped up the first half.
- Turkey has the ball.
- [KRANZ] Bou'Penga, get warmed up.
You're going in.
[REPORTER] Kranz is subbing in Bou'Penga, hailing from Leipzig.
He had an excellent regional league season this year.
We've had him pegged as a rising national star and it looks like his time has finally come.
Birkan! We are over here.
This is Detective Grimmer.
You'll be leading the Orkan Erdem case together.
- I've heard a lot about you.
- Same for you.
- You are a back-door bandit.
- What? - Grimmer! - You know, a back-door bandit.
Ring raider.
Fudge packer.
A faggot.
- Don't worry, you're not my type.
- Mm.
Too rough for you, huh? You like gentle, with plenty of cuddling.
He's in charge of the investigation? I apologize.
If you want, I'd be happy to lodge an official complaint.
I'm not taking the case.
I'm staying on Tarik-Amir.
But thanks for considering me.
You'll follow my orders, Birkan.
I can make you do this.
I'll take sick leave and ask to be transferred.
I'm sorry.
That's his decision.
You have to respect that.
Grimmer! - Hi.
- Hey.
Just forget about the clan and your fucked up raid.
You already got a replacement.
Just listen to me.
We are pretty sure there might be a link between Orkan Erdem's murder and the betting mafia.
That's organized crime, too.
The Kovac clan.
I don't care about Kovac.
Tarik-Amir isn't responsible for every crime in Berlin! But nearly a third.
A third of all violent crimes are connected to Tarik-Amir.
They are like a cancer, and I'm going to cut it out.
Know what? You're getting on my nerves.
You've got until the end of the game.
Or your buddy Kubat will get the case.
And you'll have an ugly little red mark in your file till the day you retire.
Till the game ends! [WHISTLE BLOWS] [REPORTER] Just a couple of seconds in to play and Bou'Penga is riding the ball.
He's working magic.
Bold moves! He's only just been sent on and he's already off like a rocket.
Right now that energy is carrying the team.
- Shit, shit.
- Miss it, miss it.
Fuck! [REPORTER] This is just absolutely incredible! What a debut! Incredible! What a guy! What a move! What a goal! And Bou'Penga scores his first goal for the national team just 90 seconds after being sent on.
[CHEERING] They let the nigger score! He's a goddamn nigger.
[CHEERING DIES DOWN] Open your eyes, man! [PHONE RINGS] - What? - Something's happened.
- Come to the main gate.
I'll pick you up.
- Not now.
It's about Bine.
- Is she okay? - She jumped in front of a car.
So, no, I wouldn't say she's okay.
I heard it on the police scanner.
I'm coming out.
- Who the fuck is 18? - Raphael Bou'Penga, from Gabon.
- Tonight's his first game.
- This is his first game? [REPORTER] Only a few seconds left in the first half and the Germans have woken up.
Bou'Penga just can't seem to get enough.
And he's off across the field again.
He's leaving the experienced Turkish team in the dust.
Here's his chance, and It hits the post.
What an attempt.
What a game for the young German.
We're looking forward to the second half.
[THREATENING MUSIC] [BREATHES FRANTICALLY] [HE SNIFFS SNUFF] [IN CROATIAN] Chicken! I need you to go down to the locker room and tell fucking Bou'Penga to stop playing so well.
I need Germany to lose, got it? Otherwise we cut off his dad's balls and his mom's tits and then we fuck her up the ass! - Do you understand me? - I can't just go into the locker room.
They've got security.
Take two guys with you.
I don't give a shit.
Or are you scared? Should I fuck your mom instead? Yalla! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] - [GRIMMER] What's up with Bine? - Your bird flipped out.
Threw herself in front of the social worker's car.
- Fuck, man! - Luckily she hit the brakes.
Just bumped Bine a bit.
I drove her home.
She'd already went crazy at the unemployment office.
The social worker wanted to press charges for harassment, but I took care of it.
Thanks, man.
[HE COUGHS] She's pretty beat.
She keeps asking for you.
When it rains, it fucking pours.
- [HANS] Um-hm, Murphy's Law.
- That's not Murphy's Law.
- It's not? - No, it's not.
Can you lend me some cash? I'm broke.
- How much? - 400.
But don't start gambling again.
I'm in a tight spot myself.
- They want to nail me, for manslaughter.
- What? That crazy knife guy? Fucking assholes! You should've got a medal for that.
Tell that to his mom and her fucking lawyer.
I pony up or go to the big house.
- Like I said, when it rains, it pours.
- Murphy's fucking Law.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] You need to turn around and leave now.
There's no entry.
Relax, man, we just need a quick word.
I said there's no entry.
You don't want me to use my weapon.
We'll leave.
[IN ARABIC] How will you explain it to Kareem? [MUFFLED FAN CHANTS] [WHISTLE BLOWS] [CHEERING] [WINCES] [KURT] For you.
Hey Shit day, huh? More of a shit life.
You know what's good about hitting rock bottom? It can only go up from here? - I can't do it anymore.
- Of course you can! - [SOBS] I can't do it.
- Yes you can.
Because I will help you.
Yeah? Can I assume shit like today is not going to happen again? Hm? - It won't happen again.
- That's my girl.
Next time throw that bitch in front of the car instead.
[SHE LAUGHS] [REPORTER] The Germans are really in the game now.
Bou'Penga is on fire.
He's just opening one opportunity after the other.
The Turkish team has pulled back and is focusing on defense.
Ladies and gentleman, a goal for Germany is in the air.
Hey! - Did you talk to 18 in the locker room? - Yeah.
- So why's he still playing like Ronaldo? - I really don't know.
[REPORTER] Turkey's trying its luck with high balls.
They're getting desperate.
There, the mistake by Schmidt.
Turkey seizes the chance.
And goal! Yeah! Yeah! [FIREWORKS] [BINE] Those assholes cut off my cable.
[PUTS REMOTE DOWN ROUGHLY] Wi-Fi? No, it's part of the package.
I'll pay it tomorrow.
- I've got to go.
- No, not yet.
- Not yet.
- I'll be back later.
I'll come back, okay? No.
Just a little longer.
Bine I [HE SIGHS] I really have to go.
- Just a little.
- [HE GROANS] Just a little.
- A little bit.
- That's not fair.
- Please, please, please, please - Hm [LASCIVIOUSLY] Just a little.
Where are you? With an old school friend, Bine.
It's an emergency.
I'll tell you later.
Are you coming home soon? I still have stuff to do.
Is something wrong? Uh I'm fine.
[SHE SNIFFLES] I will see you at home, okay? [PAULA] Okay.
I love you.
Me, too.
[CLICK, BUSY SIGNAL] I've got to go.
To Paula.
See you later.
[KISSING] Why don't you leave her? - Drop it.
- You're here more than at home.
Sit down and listen.
I will only say this once.
There was a time when I felt just like you do now.
And Paula was there for me.
No one else.
Without her I wouldn't be here now.
Never ever tell me to leave her again.
Do you understand? Understood? Was that a yes? I will see you later.
[DOOR CLOSES] [REPORTER] This is not what football is all about.
The Turkish team is lucky the referee hasn't suspended them.
It is an ugly scene out there on the field.
Robert! [HE WHISTLES] [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [REPORTER] The penalty kick will certainly be the end of this game.
- I'm supposed to take it.
- This is my game.
This is my game, okay? Okay? [QUIETLY] Okay.
[REPORTER] What confidence! The kid's got nerves of steel.
It's like Günter Netzer sending himself onto the field in 1973.
[MUFFLED CHEERING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Now we will see if the German team really does belong to you.
[KAREEM LAUGHS SMUGLY] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [WHISTLE] - [COLLECTIVE MOAN] - Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! [IN TURKISH] Turkey is the best! Turkey! Turkey! Shut up, asshole! Go back to Erdogan! [SPÄTI LAUGHS] Grimmer, you're a bastard! You actually did it.
- So have you thought about it? - Yeah, I did.
- And? [KAREEM] Kovac! I told you I owned the team.
I told you I owned the team.
And that's not all.
We could make millions.
Billions! So are we in business? You said the Erdem case could be connected to the Kovac clan and their people? I did, yes.
[TOMO] We'll be in touch.
I'm in.
[BUSY SIGNAL] [HE SIGHS] Sorry, Kubat You're out.
[MELANCHOLIC MUSIC] Türkiye! [REPORTER] He had the confidence to take the ball and he even had the chance to score and win the game.
And then he blew the goal.
The German team lost the qualifying match and is now firmly positioned in second place.
It makes you wonder as a coach why did [REPORTER'S VOICE FADES] EROL BIRKAN IS YOUR NEW PARTNER! [DIALING SOUNDS] [PHONE RINGING] Hans? I need your help again? [MAN YELLS] Fuck you! Fuck off, you! - Fuck off, Kanaks! - Shit face! - Fuck all of you! - Suck my dick! - The Kanaks think it's time to celebrate! - Fuck them! - In our country! - Never! - In our city! - Never! Are we the lazy cunts who will let that happen? [IN UNISON] No! We'll show them fucking Kanaks what German fighting really looks like! - Fucking yes! - Time for the third half! - Where are you going? - To fuck up some Kanaks.
Really? Is that so? And that will solve the problem? Of them coming over here, taking our women, breeding? Forget about that child's play.
The real war is about to start.
You should rather get the money from your brother.
[REPORTER] We haven't seen such a game from the German team in a long time.
What happened? Kranz took you out in the first half.
We're you crying? I can't.
Hey! Great first game, really.
You really lit a fire under the German team.
I I can't talk about it.
But we played under difficult circumstances tonight.
That's all.
But you play here with your home team Leipzig on Wednesday.
Do you think you'll be able to get past the trauma of missing that penalty? [REPORTER] You know, it was this youthful overconfidence.
that spurred Bou'Penga to take the penalty himself.
But, as we saw, he needs more experience.
I still think we can expect a lot from this Gabon native.
But he's going to have to learn how to be a team player.
TO CONTINUING OUR WORK TOGETHER! KAREEM TARIK-AMIR [HOOTING] - I'm going to get myself a Coke, yeah? - Yeah, but be quick.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
How do you like this? Yeah, it's nice.
What are you doing for Hakim? Who? Always got the right answer.
Hey, man, just so people don't start talking shit.
I know you saw me and I know you've got a photo of me.
The cops tried turn me, but I didn't say anything.
I'm Tarik-Amir, man.
I made that beat.
[RAP MUSIC] M-U-R-A-D Sixteen shots from your mouth Saruk is waiting That beat is sick, let's tie the knot - Uh - Digga, let's get married - Yeah.
- Not bad, huh? - Yeah, man.
Hit it.
I'm sorry.
Listen, if I don't pass those tickets on to my clients, it's called embezzlement.
I know.
But I'll be better.
No you won't.
But I know that.