Dogs of Berlin (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Heimspiel (Home Game)

The night just keeps getting better.
Have fun, sweetheart.
Let me have a look.
Do you have anything? Pepper spray? Look, that fucking son of a bitch won't let us in.
Chill out, brother.
We're Tarik-Amir.
They can't fuck with us anymore.
Kareem took care of it.
- Sorry, it's members only tonight.
- [PHONE RINGS] - I'll be right back, okay? - All right.
Yalla, come.
I'm leaving this shit town.
- Tonight.
- Leaving town Wow.
Trying to be like Natural Born Killers? - Too bad you got the plot wrong.
- Seriously.
Go get fucked, Dad! I want to take care of you.
I want to be there for you, you and my grandkid.
Too late.
I'm leaving.
Take the fucking dog, I don't want her.
[DISMAL MUSIC] [MAN] Shut your fucking mouth! You know who I am? - Fuck you, you fucking piece of shit! - Shut up! Go home.
Hey, Benny Boy, this assholes letting in any faggot he wants, but not us! - Fuck off! You're not welcome here.
- Didn't you talk to Kareem? Let him go.
Asshole! Asshole! Fuck you! Fuck off! What do you want? There we go.
What's going on? You need a fix? It's on the house.
Courtesy of Tarik-Amir, habibi.
Fuck you and your whole filthy clan.
[WOMAN SCREAMS] - Fucking asshole.
Did I miss the morning briefing? Uh, no.
Where is your task force leader, Erol Birkan? [MAN] Hasn't turned up yet.
- And Grimmer? - He seems to have other priorities.
[MAN] We were so proud of our son, of what he achieved.
We always supported him.
- [IN TURKISH] Crying will make you sick.
- [PHONE RINGS] [PHONE RINGS] [WOMEN SPEAK QUIETLY IN TURKISH] - Yeah? - [SEILER] Grimmer, where are you? I'm at Erdem's parents' with Hansen.
Why aren't you with Birkan? That's what we've got the Turk for! He hasn't been in touch.
It doesn't look like he really wants the job.
Grimmer, make it work with Birkan.
Do you understand? This is coming from the Chief of Police herself.
If you don't get along, you will be gone, not him.
We are working around the clock on a statement.
We can't keep the news to ourselves much longer.
We've got sports officials and agents calling nonstop.
Trying to keep their reputations and client lists intact.
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
Every asshole in town is trying to save his own skin.
- Shit.
- What? Yeah, my condolences.
I'll call you later.
When was the last time you saw your son? Two weeks ago.
Hans, we have to go.
When you're finished here get a taxi to headquarters.
You are a very rude person, Mr.
And you're not being honest.
You were proud of your son, huh? I don't see a single German jersey here.
You always supported him? You never went to see him play for Germany.
Your family and your Turkish friends seemed to have a big problem with your son not playing for Turkey.
I want you to tell my colleague about that.
Be honest with us.
We are looking for your son's killer.
Oh, and Do you have a backdoor? Where is that asshole? That asshole is right here.
Ah! [IN CROATIAN] Ah Fuck you! That was for yesterday.
Did you fuckers put a tracker on me? Where? Under the bumper, back left.
Kurti, Tomo wants to know if you feel like paying him back today.
- Pay day was yesterday, hm? - [PHONE RINGS] - Hi? - Hey.
We didn't see each other this morning.
Do you have a second? Now is a bad time.
Is it urgent? No Not important.
[PAULA SIGHS] I just wanted to chat.
[GRIMMER] It's not a good time.
I'm working Is everything okay, Paula? Um Yeah.
Go back to work, I'm busy too.
- I love you.
- Love you, too.
Take it easy.
I came into quite a bit of money yesterday.
Tomo can relax.
Follow me to my bookie and you will get your money.
Plus, a bandage for your watchdog here.
[SILENT] Paula Grimmer speaking.
We need to discuss the terms of Nike Strack's probation.
Your client stole from me, assaulted me and vandalized my shop.
He got his face cut by the bouncer at Grinsekatze.
Ring any bells? Hm? I take care of sales, you take care of security.
- Does that look like you took care of it? - I forgot.
I'll make it right.
Why did you forget, Brother, hm? Because you'd rather do business with Kovac? Do your job, get it? - I got it.
I'll take care of it, okay? - No.
That was yesterday.
Today I'm taking care of it.
- I'm sending Faris and the boys.
- They will cause trouble, Hakim.
- Let me do - And you're going with them.
So you learn about your job! Djamal.
What are you still doing here? Yalla, move.
I want to talk to my brother alone.
There's not a finger in there, is there? It belonged to a Russian queen.
It cost me a small fucking fortune.
It's my wedding gift for Kamila.
She's into historical shit.
Just read some book about this Russian gang.
So what's it got to do with me? Can you ask her friends if they think Kamila like it? - Hm? I can still return it.
- Why me? Because I heard you were fucking one of Kamila's friends.
I am wrong? Hm? No, you're right.
But first Grinsekatze, hm? [TV] There's quite a scene at the Waldorf Astoria in Berlin.
The hotel is besieged by reporters saying Bou'Penga has been hiding in his suite all night.
The hotel manager, meanwhile, insists he went to Leipzig.
At the last second, a freshly subbed in Bou'Penga scored the equalizer, bringing the score to 1:1, but it was the young player's exaggerated sense of self-confidence that lost the team the game when he failed to make the final penalty.
[TV 2] Bou'Penga's failed penalty caused the Germans to lose.
WHERE WERE THE EXPERIENCED PLAYERS? With Turkey's lackluster goalie it should have been an easy shot.
- But Bou'Penga can't - [TV 3] he still [TV 4] Bou'Penga's total overconfidence total overconfidence YOU'RE A LOSER, BOU'PENGA! A BLACK DAY FOR GERMANY.
[TV 5] You know what? In my opinion, the guy's totally overrated.
He's just a schoolboy who thinks he's a pro player.
He's got a big, fat bank account and not much else.
[TV 6] Without Erdem, who wasn't even on the bench due to illness, the German team played an incredibly sluggish game.
[TV] The question remains, where is Orkan Erdem? No one has seen him since word of his illness.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [HISSING] [HORRIFIED GASP] - What do you need? Hookers, coke or booze? - Lukas.
I swear to you I haven't taken anything other than a couple vitamins, but there's a rattlesnake here in my room, do something! Okay.
- Is it a rattlesnake or a cobra? - What? Is it rattling or giving you attitude? Attitude.
Okay, it's probably Ronny Friedrich's snake.
What? His cobra has no venom glands.
It's harmless.
What? Ron has got a cobra? Hey, if you knew all the shit I do for your colleagues.
Do you need a distraction? Do you want me to send you a blond? No! Wait Yes.
Yes, yes.
But, um not to the hotel.
What about the apartment? Where Orkan took me once.
You got it.
But there's a bunch of reporters in front of the hotel.
I'll send a discreet car to pick you up in the parking garage in 20.
[ENGINE ROARS] Don't freak out now.
We're almost there.
That asshole is taking us to our own betting shop.
Hey, officer, what's going on? There's a body.
That's all I know.
- Who's in charge? - The Fifth.
[DISMAL MUSIC] [KNOCKS ON COUNTER] [DISMAL MUSIC] Grimmer What are you doing here? I could smell Fucht's aftershave miles away.
What a coincidence.
Turn over any stone in Marzahn and the same cockroaches crawl out.
Careful with those comparisons.
Cockroaches are tough creatures.
What's going on here? The guy who runs the place, Sascha Frühm, aka Späti, has been shot.
- [COUGHS] - [FUCHT] Did you know him? Talked to him a few times, used him as a CI.
- Where is he? - The peanut bowl.
- What? - The rest of him is behind the counter.
[WHISPERS] Don't let him out of your sight.
[PHONE RINGS] [BUSY SIGNAL] I don't like this.
What the fuck are the cops doing here? That asshole thinks he can fuck with us.
[IN CROATIAN] Shit! [FUCHT] Don't touch anything, Grimmer.
[SPÄTI] Kurt owes my boss money.
[HANS] But don't start gambling again.
- [SPÄTI] ID! - [SABINE] Do I get a receipt? [HONKING, ENGINE STARTING] Yeah, that's great.
That's great.
Thank you, I'll check it out.
Thanks, bye.
We might have a witness who saw Erdem's Lamborghini, after the murder.
How did you do that without mentioning Erdem's murder? I said I was working on a case and we needed to check the parked cars at this fancy restaurant.
Erdem's Lamborghini ended up there too, by accident.
Smart lady.
What's up? Awesome task force.
Where are the people in charge? Either they disappear or don't turn up without saying a word, that's shit.
Shit is you're running your mouth on your second day.
I'm sure Kurt has his reasons.
I don't give a shit about the gay Turk.
I think it's weird too that Erol Birkan hasn't shown up.
I wonder where he's hiding? - Tulips.
Seriously? - [EROL] They were out of cactuses.
Don't you have a task force to run? What are you doing here? - They took care of me down the hall.
- Man, you look like Zorro.
- What happened? - Four masked guys with a message.
- Stay away from the Erdem case.
- Your new colleagues? Kurt Grimmer? Bullshit, Grimmer's an asshole, but he wouldn't do that.
- It was the clan, Tarik-Amir.
- Since when are they involved in football? I hadn't been on the case for three hours and they knew.
And guess who else from our unit knew? - Me.
- Aykut.
They were about to give him the task force.
That's not enough.
I can't ruin a colleague's career It's enough to be careful, okay? Just watch out what you tell him.
Maybe you can use him to feed Tarik-Amir false information.
Why me? - Don't tell me you're giving up.
- Full paid holiday, hm? Erol, Orkan Erdem made it out of Kaiserwarte.
He was a symbol of hope for every little Kanak in the city, proof they could make it.
And those assholes killed him? You're saying Tarik-Amir are involved? That means they got him after all.
And you, too.
Yeah, maybe.
You're from Wedding, you wouldn't know.
If you grow up in Kaiserwarte Tarik-Amir is like a force of nature.
They call all the shots.
Hakim was still young, eight, nine years old.
His dad wasn't even head of the clan, but Hakim was already king of the playground.
I was seven.
I wanted to ride the carousel.
Hakim wanted money.
I said no.
I wish I could say there was a fight, but Hakim broke my nose just like that.
A nine-year-old did that to a seven-year-old.
My dad was there, but Hakim was Tarik-Amir.
And now I'm a cop.
They did it again.
Just like that.
[SIGHS] Okay, I'm trying really hard not to laugh here, bro.
Because I know a broken nose hurts like hell.
It's okay to take a breather.
But you're talking to someone who can't stand up because their knee is not where it is supposed to be.
And don't think for a second I won't go out there to hunt these fuckers as soon as I can.
Tarik-Amir is a force of nature? Only if people like us let them be.
So stop being such a pussy, before they take your dick away.
I'm really scared.
That's good.
That'll keep you alive.
- [DRIVER] There's parking below ground.
- [BOU'PENGA] It's fine.
- Your key card.
- Thank you.
[DRIVER] Okay, have a nice day.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] - [HEAVY BEAT] - Ah! Ah! Ah! - Raphael? - Qays! Brother, you're alive! What are you doing here? What the fuck? [TENSE MUSIC] - We have to be careful.
- Qays, how much blow did you do? We have to be careful.
They are watching us.
They will get us.
- What? Who? - CIA, intelligence, the Illuminati.
They are watching us.
They know who you are.
If we don't watch out, they'll get us.
They know your future child's name.
- Orkan is dead, right? - How do you know that? Orkan called me scared for his life.
We were to meet here two days ago.
Orkan was my best friend.
He would have called me.
- They took him.
- Who? Cameras everywhere.
I'm not even sure I found them all.
- The newest hot shit, CIA style.
- Qays.
It's not the CIA.
- It's Lukas Schmaus.
- Who? The fucker here who runs the service, with the girls and shit, Lukas Schmaus.
- He's got shit on us, man.
- [QUIETLY] Yeah.
[TENSE MUSIC] - [ULF] You've got till the weekend.
- [SPÄTI] 17,000.
- [SPÄTI] ID! - [SABINE] Do I get a receipt? [PHONE RINGS] [ULF] If I ever have to root for Turkey again, I'll make you eat camel shit, brother.
I need the money.
Have you been to your bookie? Yeah, in theory.
What do you mean "in theory"? Yeah my bookie's dead.
I just found him.
Some asshole took him out.
I don't have the money, Ulf.
- You fucked me over.
- I I know.
Shit, they're going to kill us.
You, and me.
- And then you again.
- Listen, I'll get the money.
- Uh-huh.
How fast? - I don't know.
I have to destroy the papers that lead back to me.
[BUSY SIGNAL] Fuck! What's wrong, babe? Hey! Hey, hey, hey.
It's okay.
[EVA] So, son? What did my other son say? Someone killed Kurt's bookie.
He can't pay us back.
[MANDY] I told you not to give that son of a bitch anything.
Not even a glass of water if he's on fire.
[ULF] What am I supposed to do? The comrades will have my balls.
" Okay.
Henkenmaier is our biggest problem.
He doesn't like us.
But most of the others are behind you.
- Are you suggesting a mutiny? - We are not like these filthy Kanaks.
You need a diversion.
You understand? We will suggest that Kurt should be punished.
He's betrayed us too, and the Brotherhood needs to make an example of him.
- But he's my brother.
- And he took advantage of that.
It's time for him to think about the meaning of "family.
" [RAIF] Berlin is still real up here.
At least until the Russians buy it up and turn it into fucking Dubai, man.
Bro, I can't stay long.
Maïssa's waiting for me.
Just between us, your sister's really fucking hot, bro.
Don't get pissed.
I mean, you get it.
You're a dude.
It's cool.
[RAPS] Siktir This chick drives me crazy Acts all German Looks for love with Krauts Men of honor? Buy her bling and Prada bags Any Kanak who wants to score with her Has to get a high school diploma Sick! Damn, bro! Yo, with your flow Why are you working for my cousin, huh? Kareem said I shouldn't I shouldn't tell anyone.
That's cool.
I'm just saying.
But that shit doesn't really seem like your thing, you know? - And what's your thing? - A smooth beat.
A sick flow.
Ever thought about it? I'll be your producer and Kaiserwarte can fuck itself.
- [MURAD LAUGHS] - Okay? Brother, no disrespect, but But you are driving a limo, man? Hey, remember how Eko Fresh snuck into Kool Savas's concert? He dropped a few rhymes and was signed by Savas on the spot.
Haftbefehl is playing tomorrow.
Bro, it wasn't like that.
Eko got Savas to play at his birthday party.
He paid him with his mom's cash.
He rapped, and them bam! Signed.
Super easy.
Okay, but who cares how it happened? Main thing, he did what he had to do.
Check out what went down at Hafti's concert yesterday.
Check out what happens when Xatar's up.
They're getting a dude from the audience to perform, man.
- [MURAD] Hey, not bad.
- I know Hafti's security.
We go there, you drop some lines and show them your style, man.
Haftbefehl? My style? What's real? I have a math test tomorrow.
And my sister will kill me if I fuck it up.
Dude, if you talk like that to a Kanak, he will bust your balls.
- [RAP MUSIC PLAYS] - Oh, oh, oh oh! Turn two into four, and four into ten Kanaks here start dealing at 14 Maniacs laugh with four teeth What you want to tell me? Life is crazy Give me the joint 16 shots till it clicks Click, Click! My life is your movie Give me a beat My cartridge is full, 16 shots My penis weighs kilos Haram, amigos Shadow money with victims Petty crimes in betting shops Ghetto el niño When little ones crap on the cops, yo Your time's up, man Dudes sharp shooting, man Assassins polishing bullets Night falls as the day ends And then players be playing Shit's getting haram You'd better duck, bitch Dudes shooting sharp, man Assassins polishing bullets At night's end day starts again 16 shots and load it up again [SPÄTI] 17,000.
- [SPÄTI] Kurt owes my boss money.
- [ULF] Shit, they're going to kill us.
- You, and me, and then you again.
- [BINE] I want to bet on tomorrow's game.
I would be very grateful if you decided to accept my bet.
Do I get a receipt? KURT GRIMMER ODDS: 1:5, WAGER: 700, WINNINGS: 3,500 [DISMAL MUSIC] [GRIMMER] Guys.
There's a funny smell.
- Hm? Do you smell it? - Fire! What? Fire? [GRIMMER] Bine, Bine, where is it? Give me a hand, Grimmer.
What? I don't think a plastic tarp is the best protection against fire.
- It's not for the fire.
- Mm-hm? Go and get another one.
For us.
A bit of water won't kill us.
- You are a very suspicious guy, right? - I have good instincts.
And when something strange happens and you are nearby my instincts tell me to watch out, especially after Tuesday night.
[TENSE MUSIC] I turned off the water.
A broken lamp started a small fire.
Nothing serious.
See you later.
[QUIETLY] Hey, man, I need you for a minute.
- Okay.
- Okay, come on.
We're doing a vehicle check.
I need your license and registration.
License and registration, please.
[TENSE MUSIC] Abdul, take the block again.
Or don't you see those kids? Faris, another lap, got it? - All right, I got it.
- Stay on the line.
[TENSE MUSIC] [TIRES SQUEAL] Stop! I said stop! - [ABDUL] Boss, cops! - [KAREEM] You hear me, Faris? I said stop! [ABDUL] What's your plan? [PHONE RINGS] - Hello? - Kareem? Tomo Kovac.
- [KAREEM] Kovac, what's up? - Thanks for the invite yesterday.
I lost the bet, but I had some fun.
It was right up my alley.
Hang on a sec.
Get lost, yalla.
Hey, I'm in the middle of something.
I've got some cleaning up to do.
- Multitasking, huh? - Stay on the line.
You got lucky this time.
If I were you, I wouldn't fuck up now.
Are you the only ones here? - Ah! - Your boss, Sven, he's here, isn't he? Ja.
Uh - [SIRENS] - Police and EMTs, good for you.
Look, no snitching, otherwise my boys will visit you in the hospital.
Sounds good, Kovac.
We seal the deal and everybody wins.
I'm on board.
My business partners are impressed too.
But we've got partners all over the world.
They want to be sure.
They want to know if you just got lucky or if you really do own Bou'Penga.
- They need more proof.
- Proof? Okay, hang on.
Let me put you on hold.
It's me, Kareem.
I know you've got a gun.
But stay cool.
I'm here to make a deal.
Hey, Ben.
Cool, okay? Your colleagues are only injured.
I'm here to sort this thing out, with your boss.
Hey, calm down, man.
I've got a phone call to finish, okay? Just wait.
Tomo, what kind of proof? Something specific, you know? Make sure Bou'Penga gets himself a red card in the game against Berlin Saturday.
That would convince everyone.
[KAREEM] No problem.
Have fun cleaning.
- [MEGAPHONE] Police.
- [KAREEM] Sven, let's make this quick.
The cops will be here in a minute, if they find us they will have questions.
Some of which you're better off not answering unless the two of us have discussed them first.
So, you and I are going out the back.
To sort this out, no cops.
Kareem, you stupid asshole.
Let's go, that way! - [POLICE ON MEGAPHONE] Ben, stay here and sort this out.
I wasn't here all day.
- [BEN] All right, boss.
- Let's go.
[DOORBELL RINGS] - Hi, I'm Trinity.
- Um-hm.
Cool name, cool girl.
But I'm really sorry, I forgot to cancel.
And now is really not a good time.
But since I'm already here.
- [QAYS] Shit! What's going on? - Relax, she's just a call girl.
I mean the lady from the escort service I forgot about.
- Since when are you into MILFs? - You think I'm too old? I didn't say that.
I don't care about age.
I like my woman to have charisma and personality.
Okay, great.
Here, for you.
For your time.
Like I said, now is just not good and you've got to go.
Okay, now is not good.
But what I'd like to know, please be completely honest, if the time were right and you were in the mood would you like to fuck me then? Yeah, sure, of course.
Any time.
I swear any other day we would have the best three time of all time.
I'm not kidding, lady.
Ink your number right there.
The only one I ever need.
Now that we've established what fucking idiots you are, I'm not from the escort service.
I'm here to solve the problem.
Solve the problem? Solve the problem, man! Qays.
Qays! - Calm down.
- Don't you get it? We are the problem.
- What's with the towel? - It's a silencer.
That's a cigarette lighter, sweetie.
You called Walther Laubach because of the of the cameras.
He sent me to deal with your problem.
I'm Trinity Sommer, lawyer.
I specialize in special situations.
Ah, shit, man! Now I really want to fuck you.
Shut up, asshole.
Sit down and lay off the coke or Mommy will be really angry.
- The cameras.
- Over here.
- Who found them? - Me! - "Qays Jandoubi, 26, unemployed.
" - [QAYS] Not unemployed.
Advisor, muse, I'm Orkan's assistant and best friend.
I know quite a few freeloaders who get by begging off their so-called celebrity best friends.
Watch your tone, lady.
I'm a fun guy.
And these days a good friend's worth his weight in gold.
- Did you know about this? - Holy shit, no! Write down all your sexual partners here and how often and when you took drugs.
I want everything.
I'll compare it to the hard drives.
Orkan brought back a really hot chick once.
- But I saw off the bat she was a trans - That will do.
Lukas Schmaus's number? Delete it.
What do you know about him? Yeah, he's like a nice older guy you can call whenever.
And if you're trustworthy you get his number from the other players.
Anyway, he's always there for you and can get you whatever you want.
[QUAYS] Once he got a video game for Orkan a week before it was released.
And, friends, I think you know the game, right? [CAR BEEPS] But doesn't Schmaus work for you guys? The GFA doesn't employ high-end pimps and full-time dealers.
It's me.
I need a cleanup crew right away.
So this Schmaus guy has never blackmailed you? - I've really only been there twice.
- [TRINITY] That's more than enough.
I'm letting you out separately.
And then you'll never speak of this again, got it? What happens in Las Vegas [LAUGHING] Yeah, it's clear.
[TENSE MUSIC] [SIRENS] You can finish up at home.
You got it from here, right? - I'm very pleased.
- Yup.
- See you tomorrow.
- [BOY] Bye.
See you.
Still tutoring kids? - What happened to your nose? - [EROL] It's broken.
I'm supposed to wear this for a week.
How are you? Kids still have to get rescued from the streets, but it's gotten more complicated.
They still dream about making it big as footballers, rappers, criminals.
- Now there's also radical Islam.
- Are you still against rap and football? Did rap and football get you out of Kaiserwarte or your education? Why are you here? I don't know.
Recharge my batteries.
You were always good for that.
I know you think I rescued you or something, but the truth is you were always tough, you had brains.
The kids who come here know they don't want what's out there.
[EROL LAUGHS] You did save me, even if you don't know it.
My dad turned up again.
He's bothering my mon.
- But I don't know where he's staying.
- I'll see what I can do.
[MAN] been having a hard time at school.
Sorry I'm late.
- Salam aleikum, Murad.
- Did I miss something? Murad, I thought you and the imam could have a chat.
- About the people I hang out with? - That, too.
Do you know how many boys like you try to be rappers? Get rich or die tryin'.
- And where they end up when it fails? - You're worse than a mom.
Want me to find a nice German girlfriend just because you're dating a potato? Leave me alone and get fucked for a change.
This is Tarik-Amir's shisha bar, right? - I'm looking for Raif.
- He's at the bar.
I'm sure he'll be glad for such pretty company.
Hi, Maïssa.
What a nice surprise.
- Would you like a drink? - No thanks.
Not to be rude, but I'll get straight to the point.
Our parents are dead, but we still respect them.
As soon as Murad graduates and gets into a university and we are out of Kreuzberg So you don't want me to hang out with him anymore.
Don't get me wrong, but you're a Tarik-Amir.
I can't have that.
- I don't want - I don't want an explanation.
Just respect my parents' wishes.
- And mine.
- That's asking a lot.
Your brother is a great friend.
Here's an idea.
Let me take you out.
Dinner, a movie, maybe a quick drink.
And if you still think I'm a bad influence on Murad, - I won't see him anymore.
Okay? - Don't change the subject.
I promise.
I have a boyfriend.
Hey, Maïssa, I just want for you to know the real me, not just my last name.
Dinner and a movie, that's it.
- The second you misbehave I'm gone.
- Okay.
- Have a nice night.
- You, too.
Yes! [SILENT SCENE] [PHONE RINGS] - Hello? - Hi, Paula.
It's Verena from across the street.
I think I did something stupid.
This morning when I saw your shop I thought they had got you too.
What are you saying? The mafia is running a protection racket.
Protection racket? - Here? - Most people pay these guys.
I thought you didn't have to because your husband's a cop.
I don't understand.
What are you getting at? I thought they were at your place yesterday, so I made a dumb comment.
Okay, so? They are deciding whether or not to pay you a visit.
Should I do anything? No.
I'll call you later.
The lady across the street said you had some issues in your shop yesterday.
I know exactly what you want, but you're not getting protection money.
If you know what I want, then why did you open the door? To show I'm not scared, that my husband's a policeman.
- One more step - Then what? Calm down.
Maybe I want to offer you my help for free.
Go get a real job instead of scamming ordinary hard-working people.
It's okay.
Fuck! Ah! Now you have put us both in a bad situation, you know that? I have to react.
Or I'll need a good excuse.
I'll talk to the boys.
[SILENT SCENE] What did you talk about? I told him I like you.
You remind me of a character from my favorite movie.
So? Which one? Baby, from Dirty Dancing.
Guys like you don't watch Dirty Dancing.
But guys like me use the film to get laid, right? And I still cry at the end, every time.
- No joke, it's true.
- I'm not paying protection money.
I'll do it.
Baklava! I'll get it.
Sven told me you weren't happy with the message from Faris, hm? You wanted to do more than just your job? - I'm just trying to do my part, for us.
Yeah, and you doing your part means we're in a place where everyone's happy and content again.
- To peace! - To peace.
There's no peace without spilled blood, habibi.
The bouncers bled, trust me.
Yeah, but they were just flesh wounds.
Soon they will be good as new.
What's the name of the bouncer who started kicking our dealers out? - Ben.
- Hakim, don't blow this out of proportion.
- Yeah, we're drinking to peace.
- And to good business.
One more thing.
[IN ARABIC] Come on, brother.
[DISMAL MUSIC] Djamal, we're drinking to peace.
Go on, drink.
- Maybe a straw? - No straw.
I won't say it again, bottoms up.
[GLUGGING] [LAUGHING] Man, Djamal, who jacked off on your face, huh? Did you see that? He was humiliated.
But not by me, by the asshole who broke his jaw.
Hakim, don't push it.
[IN ARABIC] Shut your mouth! [IN GERMAN] Be quiet and learn.
Okay, I understand.
I'll fire Ben.
You understand nothing! Djamal is clan.
When he's humiliated, I'm humiliated.
Do you want to humiliate me? Hm? [THREATENING MUSIC] - Hi, babe.
- Hi, babe.
I'm just getting to know your charming colleague.
Okay, I wasn't there today.
Are you here to give me shit? - I was held up.
- Guido told me.
That's tough.
Makes you look like some kind of superhero.
I was worried, and I really wanted to apologize for yesterday.
We don't have to like each other, and we may never be friends, but I think we have the same goal.
And I'm sure you will be a good addition to the team.
Go and see Erdem's parents.
Hans and I fucked it up today.
You are his fellow countryman.
- Okay, I can do that.
- Good.
And maybe it's fitting to have an expert on the Tarik-Amir clan in the team.
- Tarik-Amir? - Mm-hm.
What do you mean? I mean two days ago our best football player was murdered.
He's from Kaiserwarte, Tarik-Amir territory.
Then a bookie, who apparently worked for Tarik-Amir, he gets killed.
Maybe there's a connection.
So you're thinking match-fixing.
Know anything else? [SIGHS] It's tricky.
The Fifth is heading the investigation.
Robert Fucht is an asshole.
He doesn't like us on principle.
A Kanak and an East German.
He will fuck us over every chance he gets.
Robert! What's up? - [KRAMER] They're taking us off the case.
- What? Why? There's a possible connection between your case and Orkan Erdem's murder.
Erdem has top priority.
So the Red Card task force is taking over.
- [FUCHT] Grimmer is behind this, right? - No, I am.
Erol Birkan.
- Some kind of cosplayer? - I lead the task force.
That's what you think.
You're all corrupt! Shit! Ladies and gentlemen, could I have your attention please? They've been out grazing on their own, but at long last our lost sheep have finally come back to the herd! Applause! Thank you.
Good evening.
Can you gather around? I need your attention.
My name is Erol Birkan.
First of all, I'm sure you all want to make funny comments or jokes about my mask.
Go ahead, write them down, put them on the board.
I'll give 20 euros to the best one on Friday.
[LAUGHTER] I'm going to lead this investigation with Kurt.
I come from Narcotics.
Let's be honest, the murder victim was a Turkish-born German team player, that's why I got this job, that's fine.
- Are you hungry, Uschi? - [DOG WHIMPERS] Good girl.
My Turkish background isn't just important for PR, but also for our investigation.
Despite Grimmer trying to convince me he'd like nothing better than to spend his time talking to the Turkish community.
- [MAN 1] Isn't that Raphael Bou'Penga.
- [MAN 2] Let the man drink his beer.
Can we take a selfie? We're from Leipzig.
- Sure, yeah.
It's fine.
- Awesome! How can we best help each other? I say by setting vanity aside.
This isn't about being the best, but about finding a killer together.
- [TV 1] Orkan Erdem is dead.
- It's out! [TV 1] The 33-year-old Manchester United player and member of the German national team was found dead as early as Tuesday night in a district of Berlin, according to various sources.
[TV 2] Breaking news, global football sensation Orkan Erdem is dead.
The World Football Player of the Year, World Cup and Champions League winner who was last contracted by Manchester United was murdered, according to various sources.
The Berlin Police have not yet released any details regarding the circumstances.
- A comment from teammate Timo - Shut up! - on various social media outlets.
- Okay, partner, welcome to round two.
"Yes, Orkan is dead.
We found out just before the game " Shut up or I'll put you in the bathroom! " not only was he our star player, but our big brother as well.
" [DOG KEEPS BARKING] [TV 2] Our sympathy goes to Orkan Erdem's family.
For all of you watching at home in just a few moments we'll be doing a live broadcast.
Hallo, Ben.
Hakim Tarik-Amir would like to see you.
- Where does he want to talk? - [FARIS] In front of your house.
But, Ben He wants to see you, not talk.