Dogs of Berlin (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Schiebung (Foul Play)

1 [PETROVIC ON RADIO] Massive brawl with at least 100 people.
Heavily armed.
They're killing each other.
Oh, and it seems to be about Orkan Erdem.
[GRIMMER] The city's burning.
All that violence the hate Everything I did out there, the chaos it brought, I never thought it would follow me home, to my family to you Paula.
THREE DAYS EARLIER FRIDAY [THREATENING SOUND] "FOUL PLAY" [PETROVIC, PHONE] We found out who placed the anonymous call to Erdem at the hotel.
Who? Lukas Schmaus, owner of an event agency.
- Does he have a record? - Nothing special.
Tax evasion, DUI, etc.
But he used to be a lawyer.
[DOOR LOCKING] Grimmer? - Are you still there? - I'm here.
So That was the call before Erdem suddenly took off? Yeah.
Um What else? Okay.
Then I will go and pay this Schmaus guy a visit.
I'll send you his info.
- Wow! - Sorry? I mean Top! Good job! You are a gem.
I will talk to you later.
Before Mr.
Detective makes a visit, maybe he'd like a little visit before? Absolutely.
One has to set priorities.
- [HE MOANS] - [SMACK OF A KISS] I have to tell you something, Kurt.
Don't step on the glass.
Who did this? No idea.
I guess just some troublemakers.
Neighborhood kids.
I will take care of it.
- Dad? What was that? - Nothing.
It's nothing.
Just some broken glass.
Have you had breakfast? Come with me.
- [UNSETTLING MUSIC] - Watch out.
- [CHILLING SOUND] You think because you're a cop we won't come to your home? Listen, my family is here, you fucking piece of shit.
That's good.
You've got to learn to pay your debts if you want to keep your family out of it.
[QUIET, THREATENING MUSIC] - You crossed the line.
You need to - No, no, no! You crossed that line with that circus act yesterday.
You know how it works.
Kovacs always get their money in the end, either way.
[QUIET, THREATENING MUSIC] - I need two hours.
- One hour.
Bring the money to my shop.
- Check it out, they really ran it.
- What? Look, "The Jewel of Prenzlauer Berg.
" This is the breakthrough.
That's great.
Really nice.
I will finally be able to pay my debts.
Yeah, for sure.
- Incredible.
- Hey, look, I've really got to go.
I'll take one and I'll read it later.
Okay? - Bye, kiddos.
See you guys.
- Bye.
- Ciao.
- Dad will be home on time.
Can you call the window guy on the way? [SNIFFLES] [NIKE] And you're making things better, or what? Hurry up, kids.
We're leaving in five minutes.
[SIGHS] [TOMO] One hour.
[TIRES CHIRP] [REPORTER] I'm standing here at the scene, surrounded by shocked and moved fans.
LIVE FROM MARZAHN ERDEM MURDER: OUTPOURING OF GRIEF They can't believe that their hero's spectacular journey has come to such a brutal end here in Marzahn.
What was Orkan Erdem doing in Marzahn the night before the big game? [MIDDLE EASTERN MUSIC] Okay.
That doesn't mean anything.
We don't need Orkan anymore.
We've got Bou'Penga.
We'll prove to Kovac's global partners we can get anyone we want.
- And when we do business we make good - Kareem.
It took us one month to set up just one meeting with Orkan.
Yeah, but Orkan was the test run.
We were still practicing.
Bou'Penga is Tarik-Amir's betting business 2.
We are already further with him than we ever got with Orkan.
We can use him to launch our program.
When Kovac's partners see what we can do, they will all want in.
And then we're going to make bank, boys.
I'm talking billions! I need a one-on-one with Bou'Penga.
And this time I'm not waiting months.
We meet today, do you hear me? Today! Find out what room Bou'Penga is staying in, find out who his security is, whether we know the guys and how we can get around them.
And then I want the info from our contact.
Understood? Most importantly, I want Hakim! Come! [YELLS IN ARABIC] [BUBBLING] [BUBBLING] - [YELLS IN ARABIC] - [BUBBLING] [BUBBLING] [IN ARABIC] You crazy? What the fuck? You have trouble breathing? Is that better, you fucking cunt? [COUGHS] Why don't you tell me the what fuck's up? [KAREEM] What are you talking about? What I'm talking about? That's what! - I had nothing to do with it! - Hm? Look at me.
Now say it again.
- What? - That you had nothing to do with it! - I don't.
I swear! - Oh yeah? - Why can't you look at my eyes? - I'm looking you in the eyes.
Walla! Listen up, Brother.
If you had anything to do with this, nobody better fucking know about it! Because if the cops show up here and shake us down and scare my girl before her fucking wedding day, I slit your fucking throat! - Do you understand me? - [PAINED] Yeah! [IN ARABIC] Okay.
[KAREEM COUGHS] [UNNERVING MUSIC] Thor, what are you doing here? You've got gym.
Look at you.
What happened, hey? What is it? [WOMAN] Mr.
Grimmer, I just submitted your request to the account manager, but I'm afraid we won't be able to extend your line of credit.
The mortgage on your house is already Fuck you, bitch! [PHONE RINGS] - Yeah? - [WOMAN] Mr.
Grimmer? I'm calling from Mehrower Elementary.
I've got Thor Ludar here in his pajamas.
He needs to be picked up right away.
I'm not even his father.
Why you calling me? His mother gave us this number to call in emergencies if we can't reach her.
I have an important meeting.
We've tried and tried to reach his mother, but she's not answering.
[TICKING] Shit, shit, shit! [TIRES SQUEALING] [TICKING STOPS] Detective Birkan? Karsten Nguyen from the BEZ.
Do you have a moment? - [GRUFFLY] What do you want? - To make you an offer.
My colleagues want to do a story.
About the private lives of you and your partner Kurt Grimmer.
I hear there's a lot of dirt, especially on Grimmer! Don't worry, I convinced the editor to put the story on hold for now.
One would think that the days when a police officer had to suffer for being homosexual were long behind us, right? But not everyone with your cultural background sees it that way.
What do you want? Nothing really.
Just think of me now and again.
Keep me informed.
In my line of work a lead is everything.
What happened to your face? I'm most interested in Grimmer! [MOANS SOFTLY] Homicide, great.
Here we go.
Orkan's Tuesday night.
At 7:27 p.
Erdem receives a call from the hotel, from event manager Lukas Schmaus.
20 minutes after that Orkan is agitated and asks the coach if he could leave the hotel.
He says his dad wasn't doing well.
The coach gives him the go-ahead and 20 minutes later Orkan leaves.
Someone was supposed to drive him, but he ended up driving himself.
But he never turned up at his parents'.
His dad was feeling perfectly fine.
- So the question is, where did he go? - [PETROVIC] Exactly.
Were we able to track his movements using cell phone data? Not yet.
It's in progress.
But in the meantime this guy Schmaus may be able to help us.
- [EROL] Kurt is talking to Schmaus? - [PETROVIC] Mm-hm.
Who is with him? Okay, what about the other phone calls that night, the ones to his advisor friend.
- [BRUNO] Qays Jandoubi.
- [EROL] Have you tracked him down yet? He seems to have vanished.
Okay, keep looking, workplace, friends, clubs, leave no stone unturned.
[SEILER, ON TV] We hope everyone understands that at this time, so early in the investigation, we can only share very basic information about this case.
Tuesday night Orkan Erdem was the victim of a violent crime.
It is still too early to say if the crime was premeditated.
Freie Presse Brandenburg.
Who decided to lie about Erdem's death? The decision to withhold news of Orkan Erdem's death for 24 hours, was made in the interest of security and the Germany-Turkey match and was made jointly with the German Football Association and members of Orkan Erdem's family.
We'll be taking question now.
Berlin SES Magazine, Can you assure concerned Turkish residents that the German police are looking into radical right-wing motives? We've got our best investigators, some of whom are of Turkish descent, on the case.
We are investigating this angle.
Nguyen from the BEZ.
What about the rumor that Turkish nationalists are behind it? They've long been giving Erdem a hard time for deciding to play for Germany.
[SEILER] At this time we can't rule out any motives, but we are looking into this.
[NGUYEN] Can you tell us what happened at the scene after Orkan Erdem's body was identified? [SEILER] What is it you want to know? [NGUYEN] What procedures were followed? Who was on duty? How long before Forensics arrived, etc.
? [SEILER] I'm sorry, I cannot comment on internal procedures.
With that I'd like to close out today's press conference.
You can find out more information on our live newsfeed.
Have a nice day.
[THOR] Kurt? - Yes? - The cops are the good guys, right? Of course.
Why do you ask? I want to be a policeman when I grow up.
Good idea.
We're always looking for brave boys.
You want a war? You can have it.
- I have the money.
- Why don't I believe you? Half of it is here.
The rest I can get to you by tonight.
Listen, you have my word.
- [TICKING] - I would never put my family at risk.
8:00 p.
, Restaurant Konoba.
The delay is costing you another five.
[IN CROATIAN] Asshole.
- Shit.
[CALMINGLY] Hey, come here.
Come here, come here.
Hey, come here.
Hey, buddy, what do you think about breakfast? Mm! Here we go.
- Come here.
Come here.
- [PHONE RINGS] Mm Kurt? What are you doing here? Good? [TV IN BACKGROUND] Back in a sec.
[KISSING SOUNDS] I don't know how this could happen.
Normally Erik always wakes me up, but this morning - You were too fucked up.
- I'm so sorry.
Bine, this can't go on.
You've got to sort out your shit.
- Really fast.
- [BINE] I know.
SCHMAUS'S STATEMENT OF INTEREST? Are you serious? You think I'm in the mood right now? I thought maybe a makeup quickie.
Wake up.
Damn it, you! Do you have any idea what's going on out there? Can you imagine that I might have more important things to do than patching up your kids and fucking you? Hey, big guy.
It's all good.
The door was stuck.
[DOOR CLOSES] Bine This This has to stop.
[SHE SNIFFLES] What's that supposed to mean? That means [SOFTLY] grow up baby.
Stop feeling sorry for your fucked up childhood.
- Get your shit together.
- You said you'd help me.
I know.
- That's why I'm leaving.
[SHE SOBS] [SHE SOBS] [SHE CRIES] - [SAD MUSIC] - [DOOR SQUEAKS] [NIKE] I'm just a bored, unfucked housewife.
I drive a Benz, my kids are so awesome! [MUFFLED VIBRATING, SLOW BEATS] Hello? - Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
- We're closed.
- Really? The sign says - [YELLS] We're closed! Jesus! Fine.
[BREATHES HEAVILY] This shit with Orkan is actually a good thing.
Without it, we'd never have gotten Bou'Penga.
And he delivered big time! What's up? Something wrong? Uh, we Bou'Penga The locker room was guarded.
The security had guns.
[TIRES SCREECH TO A HALT] We were unarmed.
We didn't have a chance.
Bou'Penga missing the penalty was an accident.
[TENSE MUSIC] We want our new line to radiate power and speed, yet be elegant and refined at the same time.
The quality of the German brand will be complemented by African imagination and color.
We think you're going to be a star, making you the perfect fit for our brand.
Let's move on to the finances.
What kind of figures are we looking at? We're offering a package deal that includes commercials, various print campaigns and social media appearances.
The whole shebang.
When Raphael was born, that very night I buried his umbilical cord in the center circle of a football field and I prayed that he would become a professional footballer.
- And God heard my prayers.
- Seriously? You did that? - Cookies, anyone? - Thanks.
- I'll have to look at the contracts.
- [DOORBELL] Of course.
[KNOCKING] What's up? [UNSETTLING MUSIC] Hey, keep calm.
We're here to make you an offer.
- What the fuck.
I don't know you.
- But you know her, don't you? Take a good look.
You know her, right? - Raphael? - [MOTHER] Raphael? Is everything okay? Everything's fine.
I'll be right back.
Just a minute.
Come on, let's talk.
- [GRIMMER] What's up? - [EROL] Where are you? I'm checking Schmaus out, like you said.
You haven't been there yet? No shit, Sherlock.
Okay, can I ask you where you have been all this time? No you can't.
- Why not? - It's none of your fucking business.
Hey, we're partners [BUSY SIGNAL] [DISMAL MUSIC] Crazy, eh? I wouldn't have guessed that bitch was underage.
But with all these ripe teens around it's easy to get it wrong, huh? [DIRTY LAUGH] [SLIDING DOOR] Raphael? This is really important! Give me a second.
I'll be right there.
Okay? Who are these people? Friends.
- Oh yeah? - Like I said, Dad.
I'll be right there.
I swear, I'm coming.
What do you want from me? In your next game you get a red card in the first half, that's all.
And then, I swear, no one will ever find out about this.
Not the sports world not your parents.
- A fair deal, right? - I I can't do that.
Believe me, my friend.
You can.
Schmaus, this woman just burst in here.
- What are you doing here? Who are you? - Trinity Sommer.
Public affairs and communications coordinator for the GFA.
Thank you.
I'm here to save your ass.
We know you were providing footballers with all sorts of illegal entertainment.
How do I know you're not tricking me? We have mutual interests, Mr.
Sorry, but do you think I'm nuts? I'm calling the police.
There's no need.
They're on their way anyhow.
- There's someone here from the police.
- Um Stall him.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
[SOMMER] Now pull yourself together and do exactly what I say.
You go out there and listen to his questions.
When he mentions your football clients refuse to comment.
I'll talk to your lawyer and come up with a plan, got it? Yeah, okay.
Okay, I'm ending this very important meeting.
What an idiot.
Schmaus? Huh? [CAMERA CLICKS] [REPEATED CAMERA CLICKS] [KNOCKING] What have I done to deserve flowers? Isn't it normal to give a woman flowers? Not giving flowers is weird.
Come on.
Why the flowers? So make something up if you have to.
Firstly, to apologize.
I didn't mean to scare you yesterday.
I'm not a criminal, I'm a bodyguard.
- What if I don't need a bodyguard? - Every woman needs it.
Wow, cowboy Did you ride in from the 60s on your chopper? The days when all a man needed was a leather jacket, balls and a bunch of flowers to get a woman to bend backward are over.
Those days will never be over.
And secondly? That was the "firstly.
" Oh yeah, I wanted to ask you on a date.
Did you forget? I'm married.
- To the wrong guy.
- No.
But thanks for the flattering offer.
[TENSE MUSIC] The offer stands.
What are you doing? Growing up.
But you are grown up.
You can always grow up a bit more.
This is the sketch we got based on the eyewitness account Meiser gave us.
Anyone you know? [EROL] The DA has authorized the trace on Qays Jandoubi.
The APB's already out.
Check the airports too.
[QUIETLY] Murad, what are you doing here? You wanted me to spy.
I saw something.
Don't come here again.
It's too dangerous, okay? Okay, what did you see? I got an assignment, to watch Späti, watch who went in and out of his shop.
When was that? After the Turkey game, late last night.
Where did you watch him from? From a preschool across the street.
And who gave you the assignment? You can talk freely, Murad.
You're safe here.
[DOOR OPENS] - Now is not a good time.
I've got this.
- Hey, we're partners.
The job to keep an eye on the betting shop, who gave it to you? Spit it out.
What? [GRIMMER] Again, so we can all hear it.
Kareem Tarik-Amir.
[EROL] Kareem? Okay.
Okay, good.
So what did you see? Not much at first.
It was boring.
When the little guy finally came out to lock up I was ready to go.
But suddenly there was three guys and they pushed him back into the shop.
I went over to see what was going on, but then I hear a shot and run away.
Did you see who fired the shot? [SILENT] You say there were three men.
Can you describe them? Yes, I can.
[TOM] Okay, so you said the face was wider.
So, maybe There, according to your description that you said to me [SIGHS] And what did Schmaus have to say? He wasn't there.
Okay Can I guess? - What? - Where you were this morning.
With your Nazi friends, perhaps? [SIGHS] What the fuck? You looking for a fight? So it's true? - What? - That you have a problem with Kanaks.
It was a youthful indiscretion.
These days I only have problems with assholes.
Got it.
You want to write my bio? Why are you digging around in my past? I don't give a shit about your past.
Unless it explains why you're half-assing this job.
Why you don't seem to give a shit whether or not we solve the murder of some Kanak.
- Come with me.
- [DOOR OPENS] - Come here.
- Whoa! Okay.
- Now what? - Let me tell you something.
I know I've got a reputation.
I'm sure it's earned.
But if you ever again suggest I don't give a shit about a case, I will destroy you! Do I make myself clear? Loud and clear.
I want every killer.
Every one.
And, unlike you, I don't give a shit if he's a Tarik-Amir or not.
We both have our reasons for being here, you as much as me.
But in the end we will get the killer.
I guarantee that.
That's okay.
So, where were you this morning? [GRIMMER SCOFFS] Really? Shit.
[DOOR OPENS] Here you are, lovebirds.
Come on, Murad's done.
[EXHALES] [TOM] This is number one.
- [GRIMMER] Mm-hm.
- [TOM] Number two.
- And number three.
- [EROL] Thanks, Tom.
[TOMO] 8:00 p.
, Restaurant Konoba.
The delay is costing you another five.
Hey, don't these mugs look familiar? Hm? - Yeah, they do.
They're in - The Kovac clan.
- Exactly.
- That's reason enough to pay them a visit.
Not so fast.
Murad saw these guys at night from across the street.
And you think maybe recognizing Kovac's man is enough for a warrant? Yeah.
That sums it up right.
[TOM] Okay, with regards to our idea that the betting mafia's involved, our software didn't pick up any unusual betting before the match.
There you go, that Kareem Tarik-Amir gave Murad the assignment is our lead.
We need to focus on Kareem's next move.
Okay, don't let me stop you.
You stay really focused, we'll go after Kovac, okay? Let's go.
[GRIMMER] We think the qualifier might have been fixed, meaning there's a possible connection between Erdem's murder and Späti's.
That's why I have arranged for reinforcements, and so we are bringing in the team initially assigned to handle Späti's case.
- Ah! - Speak of the devil.
Warm welcome.
The tables are in the back.
Over there.
Okay, here's the plan.
We are splitting into teams so we can hit the Kovac key betting shops all at once.
Bruno, Lars, you're running the raids in Wilmersdorf.
Organized Crime is helping us out, they will take Kreuzberg.
Hans and I take Charlottenburg.
[RAP MUSIC] ["GIB GELD" BY COUP PLAYS] Hand it over, hand it over [INDISTINCT YELLING] Hand it over Hand it over Nothing.
Fuck! Police! [INDISTINCT YELLING] Hand it over Give it here Hand it over Hurry up Make it more, make it more Hand it over, give it here [INDISTINCT YELLING] Make it more Make it more [MAN] One hundred.
[MAN] And another hundred.
[GRIMMER] Yeah, good work.
Keep it up.
ALL-ACCESS TO HAFTBEFEHL DONE DEAL! [MURAD] Where are you going? I'm taking you somewhere safe.
But I am safe.
[EROL] You'll both be staying with my sister for a while.
It's for your protection.
You're a principal witness in a murder investigation.
But no one saw me and the Kovacs are too chicken to come to Kaiserwarte.
- [EROL] Hi.
- Hi.
So, this will be your room.
It used to be Erol's.
It's lovely.
Isn't it, Murad? Can I talk to Murad alone please? [MAÏSSA] Sure.
1ST PLACE You used to rap? - You're kidding? I'm a legend.
- Show me your skills.
Right here, right now? - All talk, no walk, huh? - Whoa, whoa, whoa, okay.
Hey, yo, fresh flow, when I come Bitches be so heavy I'm tight Kick that shit from Berlin to Kuwait - What is it? What? Was? - Please stop.
Kid, don't give me shit.
Okay, it's your turn, hm? But no freestyle, I want the truth.
Do you know why I brought you here? Not to hide from Kovac's people, but from Tarik-Amir.
What did they give you to lie to me? Tarik-Amir, Tarik-Amir That's what you want to hear.
I didn't lie to you.
Don't fuck with me, Murad! We have a deal.
You didn't see Kovacs people because you weren't there.
Of course I was! You wanted to know all this stuff.
Do you know what Kareem will do to me if he finds this out? I'm risking my life.
Okay, good.
I just needed to get that off my chest.
Getting you involved wasn't right and I'm sorry.
Okay? Yeah, sure, but it's too late now.
You're still a fucking cop.
Yeah, that's right.
And that's why I'm protecting you.
Hey! What the fuck? Open the fucking door, man! - [SISTER] Is that really necessary? - Man, open the door! It's for his own safety.
He's 15 and into something he doesn't understand.
Let me out, man! [KNOCKING] I'm sure this isn't necessary, but it's an old police habit.
This way we can all be sure everything's okay and the apartment's safe.
Don't worry, you're in good hands with Dilara.
Look, here.
[MAN] A bundle of tens.
1,000 in total.
- [PHONE RINGS] - [MAN] 1,000.
[GRIMMER] Yeah? - [SEILER] How are the raids going? - Just perfect.
The football association is putting the pressure on.
They're nervous about bad press.
That's why they want to talk to you.
- Is that okay? - Absolutely not okay.
They were more than helpful that night, and we owe them one.
Vice President Laubach is going to put in a personal appearance.
I see.
I'm sorry to have to bother you again.
Do you know this man? Of course we do.
That's Kareem, Kareem Tarik-Amir.
He was our neighbor in Kaiserwarte.
Did you by any chance notice if Orkan was in touch with Tarik-Amir recently? What are you getting at? Of course not.
The guy's a criminal.
Do you think my brother would associate with someone like that? - Maybe not on purpose, but - Never! I would've known about it.
Listen, if you drag my brother's name through the mud with rumors, you'll be hearing from our lawyer.
Gel Baba, he's just upsetting you.
[IN TURKISH] One moment, Son.
You think just like the others, right? If a Turk is dead he must be mixed up in some illegal dealings, right? Congratulations! You think just like a German.
Um A few A few weeks A few weeks ago Kareem came up to me in a club.
He asked for Orkan's number.
Did you give it to him? I didn't want him to think that I thought he was a criminal.
And do you know if he got in touch with Orkan? Thank you.
That's a big help.
[PHONE RINGS] [GRIMMER] Make it fast, busy day today.
[LAUBACH] See the black car to the right? Across the road.
So how's the investigation going? Just fine, Mr.
Is Orkan Erdem's murder connected to betting? We are not ruling out anything.
It'd be good if we solved this soon.
To put an end to all the speculation.
- We're doing our best.
Are we done? - [HE LAUGHS] You can probably imagine how we feel about your investigation into sports betting.
You're concerned stories of match-fixing could ruin football's image.
There is no match-fixing in professional football.
The stadiums bring in millions every week.
Billions are spent on TV rights.
For the money they pay, people expect a clean game.
There's no such thing as clean.
It might be a good lesson for people to learn.
[LAUGHS QUIETLY] Of course we respect the independence of the force and would never want to influence your investigations.
But the sooner you see that they're moving in the wrong direction the more generous the football association will be.
We can see, Mr.
Grimmer, that you're a man who likes acts of generosity.
You think so, huh? Mm-hm.
Like you said, "There's no such thing as clean.
" Give our conversation some thought and then call this number.
No thought needed.
Really? I catch on fast.
If you do too, I'll make you an offer.
[PHONE RINGS] Hans? Bingo! I found something.
Get over here.
[DILARA] Hey! [TENTATIVE] I'm going out, okay? May I ask where? The movies.
With a girlfriend.
Have fun.
Thanks, but you don't have to.
What? Of course I do.
I'm not going to leave a lady alone at night in this jungle.
That's really nice, but I'll be fine.
What's the problem? Look, we moved somewhere else.
And the police don't want anyone to know where it is.
I get it.
What did you get? You still think I'm just like my cousins.
No! Know what that's like? No matter where I go, I'm never me! For the potatoes I'm a Kanak, for the Kanaks I'm a Tarik-Amir.
A Tarik-Amir, that's it! See you.
- Raif? - Yeah? Most people are living a lie.
They think that they're safe.
They think things happen to other people, but things happen.
They just happen.
They just do.
It's like there's a car accident and your father's dead.
And, as if that's not enough, you have to go to the hospital and tell your mom who has cancer, and a month later she's dead too.
Do you understand? I have to protect Murad.
Because I don't have the illusion of safety anymore.
Hey I'm sorry.
Okay? I'll call you a cab.
[KEY TURNS IN LOCK] Hm Your friend Raif Yeah? He's okay.
- Really? - Mm-hm, really.
See, I told you.
[SHE LAUGHS] - [IN ARABIC] Good night.
- Good night.
Murad! Move your ass! Haftbefehl is waiting.
[EROL] Where's Grimmer? [MAN] Still inside.
[HANS] Ka-ching, ka-ching! - [HANS] Fresh from the ATM.
- [GRIMMER] Ah, that smell! [HANS] Fresh from the ATM.
- Fuck you! You're dead! Hey, I did everything I could to stop the raids from happening.
[SILENT] You owe me money and think you can fuck me with the cops? What's wrong with you? Do you think you're bullet proof? Like I said, I couldn't stop the raids.
You could have warned us.
I wasn't involved.
My partner organized it.
[TENSE MUSIC] Someone has to pay for what happened today, and someone will pay.
- [TOMO] What is this? - [GRIMMER] 50K.
Like I said, I always pay my debts.
- [TOMO LAUGHS] - [PHONE RINGS] You're paying your debt to me with my money? No.
I had a hunch.
[PHONE RINGS] Paula? Come home right now.
Why? What's up? I know who threw that rock this morning.
Your brother is here.
He's not alone.
Those fuckheads! I'm coming.
[PHONE RINGS] Yeah? Karsten Nguyen.
Hello? Hello? Detective Birkan? Are you ready to talk about Kurt Grimmer?