Dogs of Berlin (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Derby (Derby)

1 [ELECTRONIC CLUB MUSIC] SATURDAY NIGH Your husband isn't here.
Seiler? Mr.
Seiler! Berlin has been struck by a terrible murder streak.
What are the police doing about it? I can tell you what the homicide squad is doing on this Sunday, it's job.
[EROL] Who's making coffee? I want strong! [GRIMMER] What's up, Wachtmeister? Why did Petrovic transfer to Marzahn? - You have to ask her.
- I did.
She told me to ask you.
What's with the coffee? First Erdem, then the bookie and now Aylin.
And the attack on the betting shop.
Is there a connection? The Red Card task force is working day and night to find that out exactly.
Why isn't the police able to find Erdem's Lamborghini? There are over one million cars registered in Berlin.
But not many gold Lamborghinis.
You are an investigative reporter.
Why don't you investigate it yourself? [ENGINE ROARS] Hey Commissioner, we got the Lambo.
We are getting at least 200 calls a day.
Everybody says they have seen the Lambo.
Orkan was such a social media maven.
As you can see the rims are white here, but we just found out our star footballer had a set of black rims put on last week.
- It set him back 20 grand.
- Meaning? - Meaning - [PHONE VIBRATES] ULF: WHERE ARE YOU? Anyone who really saw the car knows the rims are black now.
[EROL] Do you want to say something too? - Find that fucking car.
- [LAUGHTER] [GRIMMER] You laugh, but I'm serious.
The car was moved right after the murder.
Meaning the killer or killers were in it.
Meaning the car's full of evidence, meaning it will lead us to the killer.
[BRUNO] If it's not already in Poland.
[FUCHT] I think we've found the Lambo.
- That's not the one.
- Busted! We thought we'd show the police what it looks like, so they can find it.
It's not like it's a flashy car or anything.
I'm sure it's easy to miss.
Even my Grandma got one.
- [LAUGHTER] - Very funny.
That's Berlin for you.
We can't do airports and we can't do cops.
But humor, we are great at that.
[FEMALE REPORTER] That didn't work out.
But to all our viewers, keep tuning in to crime busters Ines and Leila at work.
[LAUBACH] Could your IT guy manage to hack into Schmaus's laptop? Even better.
He cloned the whole computer from the backup.
All personal stuff.
- There's no trace of blackmail files.
- But? We found a reservation.
He booked a flight to Chile.
- When do you leave? - I'm on my way.
Make sure this can't be traced back to the GFA.
We don't want Schmaus going public.
Got it.
[ENGINE ROARS] [SEILER] They made a laughing stock out of us! By tonight you better give me a bone to throw to the media! [GRIMMER] The press is right.
We should be able to find that car.
Check every garage, every parking lot, every back alley.
Same with a Ford Econoline.
Tarik-Amir's hit squad drives one.
Every kid in Kaiserwarte knows their leader.
Faris el-Akkari.
- [PHONE VIBRATES] - We can't prove it was the hit squad yet.
So please find a witness who will talk.
[WHISPERS] Sorry, partner, I have to go.
Lars, keep going.
Looking at the ammo and projectiles from the attack we know we're dealing with AK-47s and So, what's up this time? A family matter.
I'll be right back.
- [ELEVATOR DOOR CLOSES] - Are you as curious as I am? What's the difference between racism and Asians? - Racism has many faces.
- [LAUGHTER] You're here on time, that was step one.
Now, step two, you apologize.
Step three, the money.
And a thousand on top.
It's called interest.
A capitalist invention.
We'll go with it.
We are not communists, after all.
Does that look like someone who put his fascist past behind him? I apologize.
To all of you.
I apologize because I don't have the money.
Your brother knows the rules.
He knows what happens next.
In case you think we are going to attack a pig You are mistaken.
We're not stupid.
Not here and now anyway.
But we are going to take a little ride.
Ball-busters with your brother.
Here we go.
I'll come with you.
Off duty.
- Uh-huh! - I broke the rules.
My nuts have to pay.
It's my punishment.
Let's go.
[MANDY] Can you believe that? Showing up without our money! [IN ARABIC] - It's what I told you.
- The English league is the best.
- What about Neymar? - Neymar's market value is 222 million.
What an overrated What the fuck, you know? - He's bombing in Paris.
- Your English is overrated.
- [LAUGHTER] - Oh, yeah? How's the air up there, Digga? Thought so.
[GERMAN RAP IN BACKGROUND] Hey, beautiful, looking for your fiancé? He's powdering his nose.
[SWEARS IN ARABIC] They dropped Bou'Penga's market value to ten million, just now.
He's really fucking up.
Another foul like that and Leipzig will trade him.
Who knows who's fucking with his head.
[BOU'PENGA'S FATHER] Do you really think all Raphael has to offer is his talent? He's totally obsessed with beating the competition.
He practices every day with the drive to be the best.
Every damn day! You couldn't find anyone better to represent your brand.
[THREATENING MUSIC] [ULF] Kurt Grimmer you betrayed your comrades.
- Those are not my comrades.
- Shut your fucking mouth! You betrayed your comrades 16 years ago.
And now you're a cop! A fucking soldier from the German state.
And what do you do? You steal from us.
Kurt Grimmer, are you ready to receive your punishment? [PAIN-FILLED GROANS] [GROANING] You like it? Yeah! [GROANING] - [MAN] Yeah, right on.
- [MAN] Come on! [HENKENMAIER] Ulf, it's your turn.
- [MAN] Show him, come on! - Yeah.
- Now what? - Ulf, give it to him! [ULF] You promised to bring the money.
You promised.
Why did you let me down? Come on, kick me.
[MAN] Come on! [MAN] Yeah, hit him in the balls! Do it! [GROANING] [MAN] Again, again! Maybe it's some kind of fight club? Or initiation ceremony? - [CLEARS THROAT] Birkan for PSAP.
- Squad leader, do you copy? We've got at least a dozen violent neo-Nazis.
We need backup.
[MAN] Yeah! Kick him! Again! In the balls! Yeah! Kick him in the balls again, come on! [LAUGHING QUIETLY] That one hurt.
[SIGH] Come on, fight.
- Fight back, you asshole! Fight back! - [GROANING] What about our game of ball-busters? Whoever is standing at the end gets it.
Hello, sweetheart.
They made a decision.
They don't want to do the shoe deal anymore.
- Why not? - Imbecile! Why do you think? You put that player in the hospital.
- You've been penalized.
- A friend of mine's a therapist.
He works with a lot of major athletes.
He says he can help you channel your aggression.
You need to conquer your demons, so you can finally learn responsibility.
[DOG GROWLS] Did you suck too many pig cocks? Come on, come on! Fight back.
Fight back.
Let's go! [ENRAGED HOLLER] [MAN] Yeah! Right in the fucking face! [EGGING ON, HOLLERING] I brought up a real pair of wimps! [LAUGHTER] Are you trying to make us look like fools? That here, comrades.
I found this in the safe.
Huh? What? The money he owes us? My son Kurt has always been a pathetic little pig.
But he paid his debts.
- And that was in the safe? - Do you think it fell from the sky? [LAUGHTER] That I'd throw away my savings for this treacherous swine? [EVA] Never.
This one of your sick psycho games, huh? When did you put the money in the safe? And why didn't you say anything? Huh? I just wanted to smash your face in.
Let's go! Fuck him up! - Police! - Get down! [LOUD SHOUTING] Police! Hey, it's cool, man.
- [SHE SCREAMS] - Yeah, okay! [YELLS ANGRILY] What was that? The whole world is watching us and you are following me? Don't you have better things to do? We do.
So do you.
Instead you're pulling shit like this.
Like I said, a family matter.
How many more lines are you going to cross? Am I the only one who cares about the dead girl? [GRIMMER] clears throat] [GRUNT] [MAN] What are you doing here? There.
There's where the killer lives.
Hakim Tarik-Amir.
- Don't talk to me about Hakim.
- Why? Because you won't go over there? - You're all cowards.
- So make a statement.
- Did you see the attack? - I didn't.
But everyone knows.
I know you.
Erol Birkan.
You know who it was too.
Hakim murders a little girl, and you do nothing.
Wrong! [OMINOUS MUSIC] [EROL] Canberk.
Are you crazy? What are you doing here? This is a no-go area for the police.
They know you're a cop.
They'll tear you apart.
Tensions are higher than usual.
Kovac and Tarik-Amir are at war.
- Go home.
- Like always? What are you doing here? Keeping the peace by taking the law into your own hands? When the laws work, I'll follow them.
But now we need peace on the streets.
Look, it's not about the law.
It's about the fact that real people are dying.
They are respecting me, so I'm going in.
And you are going home.
I'll wait for you.
- What? Why? - How long do you need? Don't worry about me, okay? [THREATENING MUSIC] HOSPITAL Good morning, Mrs.
[KNOCKING] I'm glad to see you're up and about.
I'm Ms.
Someone found you in the street.
You were very lucky.
- I must've fallen.
- You had alcohol poisoning.
No, I hadn't drunk anything.
- Who are you anyway? - I'm the social worker.
- Supervising your release.
- Huh? Let's think about where you can spend the night tonight.
I've got a list of all the shelters in the city.
You You think I'm homeless? Me? - [SABINE] Shut the fuck up.
- [MS.
MÄRZ] Calm down.
[SABINE] Get your hands off me! [DOOR OPENS] - Go have a fuck day.
- You have to calm down.
I don't need you, you fucking social-worker cunt.
Do you know her? Mom? Can we have breakfast now? Nice.
- Want to try? - Yeah.
AGAIN TODAY? Hey, man! Who are you writing to? Are you in love? Rockers don't fall in love.
I know.
Rockers bang bitches good.
[HE LAUGHS] - Yeah, Brother.
- Yeah.
That's right.
- Rockers bang bitches good.
- [BEEP] IN AN HOUR? [WOMAN] One, two, three, four, five.
Potato casserole? Really? Pinstripe suit? Really? Come, join us.
We are playing Sorry.
- Only four can play.
- We will play something else.
Listen up, man.
I have a plan.
Yeah? As good as your last shitty plan? Those guys thought I was a joke.
- So did Hafti.
- Hafti's right.
You're trying to be gangster, but you're not.
And you don't need to be.
Hafti, Killa Digga and all of them, they play tough because that's their only story.
But you, little man, you've got tons of stories.
You have what it takes to to shit on that act, just to skip it.
- What do you see? - You mean that gay suit? That is a tailored suit.
- Okay.
- We'll fuck them all! You understand? We'll start our own label, our own studio.
We can buy the tech shit we need second hand.
All we need is 30, 35 max.
I did the math.
I'm asking Hakim.
I need to make him understand that this, this is his fucking chance! I'm giving him the chance to invest in my label while shares are still cheap.
When you're the next Haftbefehl everybody will be throwing money at us.
You want to ask him? I have something for him.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] BAKERY & CONFECTIONERY Are you here because of me? No, because of your fiancé.
Hakim of all people.
You turn up after 15 years to give me a hard time? - Remember, you used to hate that guy.
- No.
I only thought I did.
Before my boyfriend of three years told me he was gay.
- Me and all of Kaiserwarte.
- I'm sorry, Kamila.
- I didn't even know - Don't worry.
I'm doing fine now.
But don't you dare ruin my life a second time.
[KAMILA] I have to go.
[ENGINE ROARS] [UNINTELLIGIBLE CONVERSATION, MUFFLED MUSIC] [BOU'PENGA] How can I get in touch with your boss? - You can't.
- Okay, fine.
Then you tell him.
I want to make an offer.
[EROL SIGHS] [PHONE RINGS] Hello and merhaba, this is Canberk.
Please leave a message.
[PHONE RINGS] - Yeah? - [GRIMMER] Where are you? - What do you care? - Listen, I didn't want to piss you off.
Aylin's death, Orkan's, Späti's I want to find the killers, like you.
You went into the woods with neo-Nazis.
Without backup, or a plan.
- Without even telling anyone.
- It was about my brother.
He would have been in serious trouble.
Sometimes you go too far to protect your people.
Have you never crossed a line? I'm just about to.
You talking about me? Oh, yeah, that's right.
You know what? You and Fucht should join forces.
Hey, man, what's up? Thanks for the talk.
I need to go, bro.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Hey! What are you doing here? Do you have a death wish? Huh? So you want some money for your rap label, hm? Why don't you grab a plate and eat first? [RAIF] So it's win-win.
An opportunity for both of us.
An opportunity? I get those every day.
Everybody's got an opportunity for me.
Blind great uncle Nasser, the cleaning lady, the bum on the street.
And now my chauffeur? Hm? [EROL] Hands off.
The guys outside took his gun.
He says he wants to talk.
The Kanak cop.
Where is Canberk? [SIGHING] Please, sit down.
Canberk came in here.
Where is he? My ibn'am was about to give me a gift.
Raif? [HE SNIFFS] That's you.
It really looks like you.
- How much money do you need? - Um Four - 30 big ones.
- Hm.
You will hear from me, but in this family money is earned.
I would like to be alone with my guest now.
Wyatt, Malik, you stay.
[GUN SAFETY RELEASED] [HAKIM] I only drink this when the family's not looking.
- 2,200 a bottle.
- I didn't come to talk about wine.
- Where is Canberk? - Canberk.
I don't even know who that is.
[PHONE RINGS] [KAREEM] Can you tell me what the cop is doing here? - What cop? - The cop you were at the game with.
Who you fed the Kovac story to.
I don't know, man.
Anytime he asks me I take it back to Tomo.
[HAKIM] You're after me, right? Hm? I pissed you off.
You can be honest with me.
I'm drinking wine with you.
- There's truth in wine.
- I'm on duty.
Tea then.
Hm? Our guest would like some tea.
Send Kamila.
So what is this about? Image? Career? Money? Hm? How much do you earn working for the state? After taxes, let's say it's about more or less what this wine costs.
Right? Tell me.
Why all the fuss? What for, habibi? "Aylin was six and her parents' pride and joy.
She was a happy child.
And she was saving her pocket money to buy a horse.
" Now she's dead.
Little girls die every day in war, in Syria.
Lebanon, Palestine.
Because rich fuckers came and divided up those countries.
Walla, I'm learning from the almanis.
[HAKIM] Join us.
I'm drinking wine.
Drink tea with our guest.
Go on! Talk to our guest.
Hm? Or did you already talk to him? Earlier, in the supermarket.
Why didn't you tell me about it? - Because it just happened.
- Why did you talk to him? I approached her.
She was coming out and I asked her if she was connected to Tarik-Amir.
And that took three minutes? I didn't want to talk to him.
I want to know where Canberk is.
- If anything happened to him - Then what? Huh? Raphael Bou'Penga showed up at the hookah bar an hour ago.
He says he has an offer for you.
- He wants to pay you off.
- Bou'Penga? - How much? - 500 grand.
He will pay cash.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] [SIGHS] [WINE GLUGS INTO GLASS] Ah! [HAKIM] You really missed him, huh? Yeah, give him a hug.
But be careful, I heard he sucks cock.
[DERISIVE LAUGH] You, too? Look at the two of them.
Aren't they a cute couple? [LAUGHTER] I don't think it's funny.
This is a no-go zone for cops.
All Berlin know that.
You talked to my fiancée, come into my house, ruin my Sunday, insult my family with your presence.
And now you ruin my wine? Huh? If you break something, you have to pay for it.
And sometimes it's so expensive, it hurts.
Why? Got to go.
Just forgot my charger.
Is it because of me? Listen, the kiss I was acting on instinct Impulse.
Big mistake.
It happens sometimes.
[SIGHS] You are talented, Petrovic.
[HE SIGHS] I'm sorry.
- Really.
- Okay.
[SHE SNIFFLES] See you around.
Good luck.
I got called to a youth center in Marzahn last night.
Disturbance of the peace.
The kids don't like talking to cops.
But they needed to talk about what they have seen.
- What did they see? - Orkan's Lambo the night of the murder.
Everyone has seen a Lambo.
The color of the rims? Black.
Where exactly? [SHE SIGHS, ANNOYED] The car was driving along Märkische Allee towards Marzahner Promenade, here.
[HE SIGHS] - You named the task force.
- Yeah, I know.
You'll never get a chance like this again.
It's about having self-respect, you know? [ROCK MUSIC ON CAR RADIO] - No bike today? - No kids trying to attack you? Even if, I've got protection.
- Where to? - How about West Berlin.
[QUIET SOBBING] [EVA] Got a cig? I need a smoke.
After the wall fell and they took away from me and my husband everything a second time I worked in a mall like this one.
Someone jumped back then too.
Right in front of us.
It made us all throw up, but when the cleaners came at night they wiped up the blood and in the morning it was business as usual.
Open the doors, sell, sell, sell.
The world won't notice your grand gesture.
No one gives a shit about your big explanation mark.
Bine, right? I always liked you back in high school when you were Kurt's girl.
For a while I was more of a mother to you than your own.
At least I worried about you.
I heard you have kids.
Maybe that really is all nature really intended for us, to pave the way for our kids and then step aside.
But your kids aren't ready yet, so get your shit together.
Get your pussy licked, get a job, whatever it takes to step away from this railing.
Or jump.
A few years after they clean you up off that concrete floor even your kids will barely remember you.
[QUIET SOBBING] [SOBS] [WHISTLE] - Where's your mother? - Not here.
Tell her I didn't ask her to put the money in the safe.
That's how you show your gratitude? I will pay her back.
Faster than she can say "culture shock.
" [TIRES SQUEAL] Are you fucking retarded? You know why I wanted to beat you up this morning? I wanted to bring the money.
It didn't work out, okay? No, that's not why.
It's not that.
We used to play out here, remember? Yeah.
I got beat up five times, five times, by the older kids.
Here, I've got the scar.
They beat me up too.
So what? Yeah, you got beat up and ten seconds later she was standing with a popsicle to cool your little boo-boo.
I saw it.
She was crying.
She was so worried about her Kurti.
Her little prince.
And me? Yeah, I'm just Ulf.
She wouldn't give a fuck if I died tomorrow.
I always did everything she wanted! [ULF SOBS] Are you crazy, man? I thought I loved you, but I really hate you.
I hate you more than anything in this world.
I've been here before.
With your husband? He wasn't my husband yet.
- Did you listen to Pearl Jam? - You remind me of him.
Me? And a German cop? He wasn't a cop back then.
He was a neo-Nazi.
You like bad boys.
He was way too smart for that crap.
And I trusted him.
Anyway, he left all that behind and we started a new life.
- [PAULA] What about you? - What about me? [PAULA] You're way too smart for that crap too.
Maybe I'm not as smart as you think.
Or it just took me too long to figure out you can work with your head too.
When it was almost too late for me I went into the protection business.
But all the good jobs go to the clubs and clans.
So I had to accept that you don't get far on your own.
And now? Are you on your own? - I had an argument with my husband.
- Meaning? I can't sleep with you.
But you will sleep with me after you made up? - You're weird, you know that? - [ZIPPER OPENS] Just shut up, okay? [WITH SPANISH ACCENT] Signor Schmaus, Germany, sí! Müller, Neuer, Herder, Schweinsteiger [SILENCED SHOT] [CRIES OF AGONY] [GROANING] - I saw Kamila today.
- You're really on fire.
She's engaged to Hakim.
I really hurt her back then.
You think that's why she's with that asshole? - Not everything's about you.
- [EROL CHUCKLES] You should spend the next two or three nights in a hotel.
I will find a place you can stay until things settle down.
- What are you talking about? - Hakim.
He knows you're important to me now.
He wants revenge, I know it.
Do you think things would have improved around here if I had backed down every time there was some macho talk? If I run now, my work here is over.
Believe me.
I've been doing this for more than 25 years.
One day Hakim will be gone and some new kid will be calling himself the King of Kaiserwarte.
And I will still be here.
You know if you were younger you'd be my type.
- I'll call you.
- Okay.
[GROANS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [TRINITY] Why are you hiding, Mr.
Schmaus? - How did you find me? - [TRINITY] I ask the questions! Who are you working for? You're not working alone, are you? I know you're not doing the blackmailing yourself.
I'm not saying a word.
Who did you sell the films to? Who paid you to film football players having sex with whores? Who do you work for? What do you want? I want to know whether or not you're going to be a problem.
[HE SCREAMS] [GRUNTS] Oh yeah, baby, give it to me! Others pay for this, I get it for free! Others pay, yes, but they have a safe word.
[SCREAMS] Who are you working for? [SCREAMS] The German Football Association.
Vice President Laubach.
[GROANS] Surprised, huh? Fancy that! We are working for the same guy.
You thought this was going to be a quick little game of chess where you control the board.
No, you're just a pawn.
A miserable little pawn.
Still - We have to - I don't have to do anything! I have so much dirt.
If I want I could send the whole GFA to jail.
- 7-2-3-5.
- What? 7-2-3-5.
It's the code to the safe.
Take 30,000 dollars.
As a fee for your services.
And I promise no one will find out what I know.
Then go back to Laubach and tell him I've retired.
And that I need some serious financial support.
Otherwise the material, every last bit of it, will end up on Wikileaks and the GFA will be finished.
[KAREEM] Hey, sweet ride.
I got your offer.
No deal.
[BOU'PENGA] Okay, then don't.
I'm not raising it.
[KAREEM] I don't want your money, man.
But I'm not going to get fouls anymore or missed penalties.
Take the picture to the press, so what? After that you've got nothing on me.
I don't know you.
Now get out! How can you contradict yourself like that? You said it yourself.
You missed the penalty, then got red carded on purpose.
You're part of the family now.
Isn't he part of the family? - Yeah.
- And we are all grateful.
A lot of people made a lot of money.
I said get out now! I'll call the police! Man, there are betting slips that prove people knew you'd be sent off the field.
What if the press gets hold of the betting slips? What if the GFA finds out? You know what? You'd never play football again in your life.
A football star like you without a ball, what are you, huh? What is he? - Just a nigger.
- Yeah, he's right about that.
You really are family now.
I'm your big brother.
I'll take care of you.
I make your career decisions from now on.
I'm in charge of every goal you score or miss.
And everything else you do.
I decide when you jerk off.
I decide when you breathe and if you get to breathe.
I'm the master of your life and your death.
[WEEPING] [QUIET SOBBING] - [PAULA] Did you have a nice day? - You? I needed a day for myself.
[EMILIA] Tastes good, Mom.
We wanted to talk.
Not today.
I need time.
[CLATTERING] [GRIMMER] Everyone has seen a Lambo.
The color of the rims? [PETROVIC] So the car was driving along Märkische Allee towards Marzahner Promenade.
Go inside.
Close the window.