Dogs of Berlin (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Länderspiel (National)

1 [RADIO 1] Six days after the murder of Germany's pro footballer Orkan Erdem the police has yet to find a lead.
[FEMALE ANNOUNCER] The prosecution has released Orkan Erdem's body.
[RADIO 2] He will be buried today in accordance with Muslim tradition.
MONDAY [FEMALE ANNOUNCER] This will present a challenge for the city.
It's all anyone's talking about.
I know you can't say anything, but "INTERNATIONAL FIXTURE" Are you making progress? Honestly, it's discouraging.
I expected more from my colleagues.
- We haven't even found the car yet.
- Okay.
Forget your colleagues.
Are you making progress? [NGUYEN] Good morning.
You come to my home? Oh, you live here? - What do you want? - You called me the other night, right? - I know you have something for me.
- Then you know more than I do.
What about yesterday's raid on the Brotherhood in Marzahn? - What do you mean? - The raid yesterday.
You were there.
So was Grimmer.
And Fucht.
- Three neo-Nazis got arrested.
- How do you know that? - [BEEP] - Mr.
Can you confirm the investigation into Erdem's death points to the radical right? It's way too early to say.
Are you concerned there's a new neo-Nazi terrorist cell in Berlin? Switch it off.
[BEEP] Listen, with the situation being what it is, Berlin is riled up.
Half-baked theories could get the situation out of control very fast.
- Meaning? - Meaning the city will go up in flames.
People will die.
- [BEEP] - Mr.
How long do you want to keep people in the dark about the motives behind Erdem's murder? What do you have to say to the 200,000 Berliners of Turkish ? [DISMAL MUSIC] Does everybody know where I live now? Hakim doesn't know.
Is there anywhere we can talk? Come on, Zeki, come.
Hey, Paula.
I'm going to jail.
In two hours.
I I really fucked everything up.
I've done a lot of thinking these last few days.
[SHE SNIFFLES] Okay I'm going to do the time.
That seems smart.
I wanted to apologize to you.
You tried to help me and I I fucked it up.
[SNIFFLES] - That's right.
- Yeah [BARK] Hey? - Come here, big guy.
- Zeki, come! - Paula! - [KEY TURNS IN LOCK] Don't even think I'll withdraw my complaint.
- I'm sorry! - For what? For stealing from me? Or for beating me senseless? Or because you pissed all over me? [PAULA BREATHES HEAVILY] [ZEKI BARKS] [THREATENING MUSIC] [QUIET YELP] No! DO YOU HAVE TIME TODAY? I NEED YOU.
That was fucked up yesterday.
See what a sick guy your fiancé is? - Ah, Erol, if you knew - What? That he's got a sweet side? - Hitler was kind to his dog.
- There are laws.
Not German laws.
Laws that are set in stone.
You came into his house.
- What choice did he have? - That's why you wanted to talk to me? No.
I wanted to thank you.
For not selling me out yesterday, for not telling Hakim that We used to date? Don't worry, Hakim doesn't even remember I grew up here.
Hakim doesn't know much about my past either.
He doesn't want to.
And even if he knows something he never brings it up.
But the thing with with you.
With us.
The fact that everybody knew Kamila, these are kids' stories.
You don't seem to know who you're talking to.
You don't even know who it is you plan to marry.
Your future husband is a violent, dangerous animal.
He destroys people.
You really want to marry someone like that? Yes.
Tomorrow afternoon.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] Kamila, I know you.
You got yourself into something you can't control any longer, but - I can help you.
- Oh yeah? How? [SIGHS] You would have to make a statement.
- Tell us what you know about - No.
You may have forgotten where you came from, Erol.
But I haven't.
And you're wrong.
You don't know me.
I'm not the same naïve girl you dated for two years.
I've got my life under control.
You'd be surprised.
Then just be careful to stay out of the line of fire when I come to arrest your husband.
You be careful.
Hakim won't just let you go like that next time.
I have to go.
Orkan Erdem's funeral.
Aren't you supposed to be finding his killer? [HE SCOFFS] Allahu akbar Allahu akbar Allahu akbar [ARABIC PRAYER SONG] [PRAYER SONG OVER SILENT SCENE] WE MISS YOU! [GRIMMER] We want to know who talks to who, when who's with who, who isn't.
The family's inner circle is about to leave the mosque accompanied by some of our officers.
We are expecting around 1,000 uninvited guests to come.
Listen, I want pictures of every single damn person, everyone.
Keep an eye out for Orkan's best friend, Qays Jandoubi.
I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up.
We will stay in the background and try not to disturb the proceedings.
Questions? All right.
It's about to start.
- Any news on the Lambo? - Hm? Petrovic had some information about the tunnel next to the construction site in Marzahn.
- She told you about that, yeah? - Mm-hm.
Nah, nothing.
[CLICK OF CAMERAS] [RADIO 1] We're reporting live from footballer Orkan Erdem's funeral, where hundreds have already gathered.
A number of celebrities are in attendance, along with some of the big names of the underworld.
A passion for football has brought people from all walks of life together in this tragic hour.
They're here to say a final farewell to a man who was a hero to all.
- [ROARING ENGINES] - Regardless of their beliefs or Hey! You can't park here.
We're Muslim security, for Orkan Erdem's family.
Make yourself useful and look after our bikes.
02 again for 17/07, we have potential violent offenders at the main entrance.
[BELLS RING] Someone from the riot police just called about some thugs headed our way.
She let them because she wanted to avoid a disturbance.
A show of power.
The Death Daggers are flexing their muscles.
- Let's keep an eye on them.
- Copy that.
[ARABIC PRAYER SONG] [PRAYER SONG ON TV] MOURNING ORKAN ERDEM LIVE FUNERAL TELECAS [PRAYER SONG ON TV] [QUIET WHISPERING IN BAR] [ARABIC PRAYER SONG] - Where's Kamila? - What do you care? The Kovacs are happy to see us being watched by the police.
[BRIEF CHUCKLE] Those Lebanese scum think they're the shit.
[IN CROATIAN] I fuck their mothers.
[IN GERMAN If the cops weren't here They will know what pain is.
[PRAYER SONG CONTINUES] Op-pa! Sorry, I had to fix my dress.
[CLICKING OF CAMERA] [TV ANNOUNCER] Attendance is high at German football player Orkan German! Sure.
mourners from the country gathered.
Only Turks and Kanaks on the national team.
You can't even call it a national team.
It's just "The Team.
" What a disgrace.
[TV] The German national player was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Marzahn.
- Can I have the keys? - You forgot them again? [TV] nobody knows who's responsible for his death.
The Berlin Police have dragged out the investigation.
- They are searching for evidence - Stay here, dude.
Come, come.
Looks what's become of the land of your forefathers.
[HENKENMAIER] That's supposed to be Germany? This is how they present us around the world.
Soon all Germany will look that way.
[TV] A throng of people offering their condolences is never-ending.
The wait will continue into [HENKENMAIER] Your boy He's too soft.
Too soft to survive judgement day.
Come here.
Thank you.
Huh? Don't you have your own to bury? Come on, not now.
This is a place of peace.
You can have peace, just say the word.
And offer us a piece of the cake, of course.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah.
I will tell you something no one else will.
You're psycho.
You lack self-control.
No one wants peace with you, not even your own people.
They're sick of you.
And what you did to the bouncer - Word is out.
- I want everybody on the street to know.
- You don't fuck with Tarik-Amir.
- [CHUCKLES] You know It doesn't matter how expensive your suit is.
You will never be more than a dumb Lebanese Kanak from Kaiserwarte.
- Hey! - You Yugo fag, you feel safe here? Huh? I'll fuck you up in front of everyone.
They don't give a shit that the world's watching.
- Hakim thinks he's untouchable.
- We'll crush you.
Your whole family, men, women, children.
We'll go to fucking Yugoslavia and crush your ancestors.
- Huh? - [MAN] Hey! [KAREEM] Cut it out.
Cops are here.
They can suck my dick! Don't touch me! - [IN CROATIAN] Blow me.
- [IN ARABIC] Fuck you.
- What? - Not here.
Show some respect.
[CLICK OF CAMERA] - They get all the Kovacs? - You get pics of all the Kovacs? - Every one of them.
- We got them all.
Get Murad to look at the photos.
Maybe we can get Späti's killer before the party is over.
Okay, I'm off.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] [THREATENING MUSIC] [SILENT] [SILENT] [HONKING] Get out of the fucking way! - [SIREN] - Move, asshole! Out of the way! Police.
Go to your station and lock the door! [SIGH] I didn't notice anything.
Hakim sent it.
I'm absolutely sure.
He's very angry because I went into his no-go area.
The flowers from you In this picture they're fresh, that means I was still in ICU.
So the photo is three days old.
I thought I'd find you with a knife in your neck.
Psst! It's fine.
Nobody's here.
But they were.
Next to your bed.
- They could have easily - Then I would be in the morgue right now.
They want to scare us.
I want out of here.
I want back in the game.
Fuck the wheelchair, my head still works.
- [PHONE RINGS] - I will talk to the doctors.
[DISMAL MUSIC] What? I'm coming.
- I'm coming.
- Everything okay? I've got to go.
I've got to go.
What's wrong? Erol? [WOMAN] Canberk Karaca.
Hemorrhaging, followed by hypovolemic shock.
He bled to death.
- He was still alive when they hung him up? - Yes.
What are those marks on his fingers? Pliers, I think.
He was tortured.
[SIGH] You can take him down now.
No! - Calm down.
Grimmer? - Yes? Good news.
Nike Strack reported to a Moabit detention center as scheduled.
- Are you still there? - Yes.
I'm actually calling for another reason.
I'm mentoring a very nice young woman who could have a bright future ahead if she just had someone to take her under their [LOUDLY] No! I'm done with the program.
- You can't do that.
It's evidence.
- Evidence of what? I promise, I will come and get it if we need it.
Come on, don't cause a scene.
Well, it's personal.
Any suspicions? Canberk was on a peace mission.
Guess someone didn't want peace.
Tarik-Amir? All that work All those years.
It's all over.
- Why are you here? - You went to get Murad.
And never came back.
They said you were here.
- You could've called.
- Hm.
If there's a connection between this and Orkan or Späti's murder, we can use Red Card to investigate it.
The smallest thing and we can go after those fuckers ourselves.
I will take care of Murad for you, all right? He's with my sister.
I'll send you the address.
- Okay.
- [EROL SNIFFLES] What if there's no connection? [SIGHS] Then you'll make one up.
[SNIFFLES] Zeki, come on.
Can I help you? Still looking? Hey, big boy.
You're so pretty.
Just give me a minute.
I'll open up.
Do you have retail experience? Yeah, but it was a while ago.
Yeah? Why is that? I'm raising two kids alone and now only just got childcare.
I really need a job.
Otherwise I can't pay my rent.
I lent money to a friend and I really need it now.
Um Do you have a résumé with you? No, not with me.
I just happened to see a sign.
But I can get whatever you need.
To be fair, my grades weren't that good.
But I work hard and I'm a fast learner.
I'll bring the documents.
I'd come back again from Marzahn.
If you tell me I've got a real chance.
- Okay, forget the paperwork for now.
- Okay.
What would you never say at a job interview? What? A secret.
It could be something a little bit embarrassing, or Oh, okay.
Yeah, I've got something.
I'd definitely never bring it up, and it's embarrassing.
- So? - [CLEARS HER THROAT] I work part time for a phone sex hotline from home.
Flexible hours.
That wasn't so smart of me, was it? I'm sure you have a lot of stories to tell.
Which you will have to do when you start work here.
Yeah, um I'm Paula.
- No need for formalities.
- Okay, Paula.
- Sabine.
Sabine Ludar.
- Your name sounds kind of familiar.
Um Never mind.
Yeah, so It would be great if you could start tomorrow.
That work? - Of course! - Good.
I'm looking forward to it.
[TV] German national player Orkan Erdem's funeral is still underway.
- [DOORBELL] - With a never-ending procession of people wishing to express their condolences to Orkan's parents.
- Who's there? - See for yourself.
- Where's Dilara? - Paris.
And your sister? See her anywhere? Sit down.
- Hey, these are direct from the funeral.
- Exactly.
Did you see any of them at Späti's the night he was killed? This guy? He was there, right? And What about this guy? Him too? [IN TURKISH] Everyone is saying that the Nazis killed Orkan.
[IN TURKISH] Those are rumors.
[IN GERMAN] They are not just rumors.
It was on the radio.
[IN TURKISH] The police would've told us.
[IN GERMAN] The police aren't telling us shit! Please, son, you're standing at your brother's grave.
[IN TURKISH] My condolences, Uncle.
My condolences, young man.
[IN GERMAN] He was our hero too.
[IN TURKISH] There was a raid yesterday.
[IN GERMAN] Germany's turning a blind eye, Baba.
Please, not now, Son! Please! Sorry, I didn't mean to listen in, but what's going on? - It's a family matter.
- Hm.
We don't know each other.
I'm Ugur.
You're right not to trust the cops.
We Turks have to stick together.
They treat us like dirt.
All of them.
It's like my brother was a criminal and not the victim.
You want to take matters into your own hands? Who? Me? Against a bunch of Nazis in Marzahn? Look around.
You have got an army.
If you want to take them on, my club and I would back you up.
[MELANCHOLY MUSIC] - What kind of club? - Death Daggers.
Think about it.
Yalla! - Mom? - So? - How was school? - Like always.
- Do you have homework? - No.
Huh? Come on.
I'll help you.
So, are you hungry? When do we go to Mickey D's? Yeah.
But you know what? Mama's cooking tonight.
[UNINTELLIGIBLE CONVERSATION] [MAN] Hey, we're going to battle.
So let's do this.
One second.
Does your offer still hold? Walla, we would have come even if they hadn't killed your brother.
- How old are you, boy? - 15, and you? How are we going to do it? Drive to Marzahn with the cars and bikes, is that it? I don't want to spend the night chasing Nazis around like headless chickens.
We need them all in one place.
- How do we do that? - We tell them we are coming.
What are you doing here? My son paid for his mistake, wouldn't you agree? - Which one? - I only have one.
Ulf made a lot of promises.
He broke a lot of rules.
So? The money is back, isn't it? Yeah.
The money is back.
But you know all that excitement It can confuse things.
I have been thinking.
That money wasn't from Kurt.
Don't think so much, Johann.
- It's better for all of us.
- I know, Eva.
You think you're untouchable because you and your husband built this place up.
Most of the comrades respect you, but if there's anything reunification taught you it's how fast people forget yesterday's heroes.
Johann! The Kanaks beat Eckard up.
They want war because of Orkan Erdem.
What's a dead Turk got to do with us? No idea.
We're meeting them tonight behind the Marzahn stop.
- How many Kanaks are coming? - Ten guys jumped me.
But if they have the balls to come here Yeah, okay.
We'll post lookouts at the stations.
Wulle, let the Brotherhood know I need at least 100 men.
Huh? Today is our lucky day.
Clearly their hero's death has fucked up their brains.
The Turks are acting stupid, good news for us.
If the Turks wanted to teach us a lesson they shouldn't have tried it on our turf.
We'll rip off their balls and send them back home without their dicks, back to Istanbul! [TV] Bayern is giving it their all.
They need this win badly.
They're pushing and pushing now, coming on the left side.
They're putting pressure on the defender Now for Lewandowski [PHONE NOTIFICATION] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [PHONE RINGS] - Yeah.
- Listen up.
Arrest warrants are being issued for you and three of your men.
Are you fucking with me? Get out, but don't warn the others.
Got it? Go out the back, the front's being watched.
- Wait? What is this about? - Späti's murder.
Wasn't us.
They are about to arrest you.
You have to sacrifice the others.
- Understand? Get out.
- What? No! Tomo? - Tomo! - [IN CROATIAN] Fuck off! I'm shitting! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [TV] Goal for FC Bayern, but it looks like it's going to be offside by the pass from Müller to Lewandowski [ACTION-PACKED MUSIC] Police! Guns down! Get down! Get down! Hands up! - Don't move! - Where is Tomo Kovac? [GRIMMER] So you don't want to talk? Tough guy, hm? As a reward you will be the cunt for a silverback with a huge cock.
- Know how bad it's going to hurt to shit? - No.
Do you? [HE CHUCKLES] Good one, man.
So you don't want to talk? I don't have to testify.
That's my right.
[HANS] Someone saw you guys at the crime scene.
At Späti's.
Kiss my ass, you schmuck.
- Coffee? - I told you to kiss my ass.
And called you schmuck.
You're a real tough dog, huh? Woof.
- Hey! - Fuck you! [BEEP] So once more, about Späti.
I don't know any Späti.
Come on, everybody knows you guys own his shop.
Maybe everybody does, but not me.
And I guess you don't know about this either.
I'm allergic to peanuts.
You're an expert on the subject.
Ever heard of the prisoner's dilemma? Ever heard of game theory? Ever heard of the prisoner's dilemma? [EROL] It's a game theory thing.
Two criminals get arrested.
They've got two choices.
They talk or they don't talk.
If neither talks, they get two years.
Not bad.
Two years, that's nothing.
If anything, if there's no proof.
- [CHUCKLES] - Both talk, things start looking grim.
It's an open and shut case.
There's a discount for confessing, but - You're still looking at about ten years.
- That's why nobody talks to cops.
Just wait, listen carefully.
If one guy talks he becomes the chief witness.
He doesn't even get a year and is laughing his ass off.
The other guy doesn't say anything and gets done for life.
Holy shit! Still, it's best if no one talks.
Yeah, right.
For sure If they stick to it.
For the group it's best not to talk, but look at it as an individual.
I mean, you're sitting here alone.
If the others talk, giving a statement will reduce your sentence from life to ten years.
And if the others don't talk, giving a statement will reduce your sentence from two years to one, no matter what.
No matter what the others do, if you talk your situation improves.
But if you don't and someone else does, you go from two years to 20.
20 years.
Have you asked yourself why Tomo isn't here? Because he took a shit.
What convenient timing.
Strange, huh? The fuckers wanted our shop.
Told us we would make more with Tarik-Amir than with Tomo.
[GRIMMER] He wanted your people to change sides? The shop owners, the fronts.
He had Orkan Erdem in his bag, he said.
- What did he mean by that? - That the Turk was going to arrange games.
[HANS] What about the other shops? Tarik-Amir wants everything.
Tomo's whole business.
[HANS] And how does he plan to get it? Cash, man, loads and loads of cash.
They're all talking.
- Illegal gambling and match-fixing.
- Not bad, but it's not murder.
- But it's enough for a warrant, right? - Sure.
- And Späti? - They are not confessing.
Yeah? I'm meeting Bandlow.
Got anything? [SIGH] The Turks doing well.
We are ending a gang war.
That's not your concern anymore.
Got anything on Erdem's murder? - We're doing our best.
- Don't you watch the news? The city's a powder keg.
Make sure no one takes a match to it.
I could've taken a taxi.
Mind if I smoke? What's wrong? - There's been another murder.
- Who? Canberk.
[SIGHS] Shit.
Today's the day.
- For what? - We're going to make a man out of you.
We're going to war.
And you're coming.
We're going to show those fucking Turks who's boss.
But I've got to learn.
You've got to learn, huh? - [AYKUT] We can't get anything done.
- All we hear is Red Card this and that.
- Takes forever to get shit from the lab.
- [EROL] Sorry about that.
Besides, we've been missing two people since Erol went to Homicide and you fell through that floor.
I'll be more careful where I step from now on.
Any progress with Tarik-Amir? Actually, it's great.
We found their new warehouse.
It's full of goods, and not carpets.
Unfortunately the DA is making us jump through hoops.
- Maybe I can help.
- How? There's evidence of a connection between Orkan Erdem and the Kovac clan match-fixing, Späti's murder and Tarik-Amir.
How? - Is there anything concrete? - We could merge the investigations.
No, no one is taking Tarik-Amir away from us.
Nobody's saying that.
I'm talking about you guys.
About you bringing the case to Red Card.
Us with the top dogs? - Not a bad idea.
- Then you finally have high status again.
I will talk to Seiler.
- [EROL] You saw it too, right? - [RAFIKA] What? How Aykut was trying to find out what I knew.
To keep control of the Tarik-Amir investigation.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What are you doing here? Erol called.
We can go back home.
Really? That's great.
I can give you a ride if you want.
Okay, I'll just pack up my stuff.
Did Erol say anything? Someone got arrested? No, no idea.
She'll never forgive me, man.
Man, we'll come up with something, okay? We'll say someone disguised his voice or so.
Hakim wants that Turkish cop.
- Erol? - Exactly.
- Erol.
- What does Hakim want? To smash his face in, so he backs off.
- How do they know where we are? - I told them.
- Are you crazy? - Man, this is about 40 grand.
For our label.
We need 40 grand, remember? This will get us the first ten.
You sold our address so someone could beat up Erol? No, not just anyone man.
He's my cousin.
It stays in the family, okay? I thought you wanted nothing to do with Tarik-Amir.
And I don't.
It's just a fucking cop, man.
What's your deal? What if Hakim doesn't only want to beat him up? What are you waiting for? [CONVERSATION IN CROATIAN] [LOUD KNOCKING] - Hey, Lado! - Ivo.
[IN CROATIAN] What is it? What's up? Why are we here? [KNOCKING] [IN CROATIAN] Get your gun and come along.
- [IN ARABIC] Wait there.
[IN CROATIAN] Lado! Shut the door.
[DOOR CLOSES] Put the suitcase down.
Hands where I can see them.
[IVO] So? I want to propose a deal.
- [IN CROATIAN] Working with assholes? - [IN CROATIAN] Leave him be.
[IN GERMAN] Come on.
The cops got all of your bosses.
You're fucked.
Look around, there's plenty of us left.
So go ahead.
What do you want? I want to buy this place.
The deal with the front man stays the same.
I don't want the shop, just the business behind it.
Whoa there! Nice and slow now.
And this is the deposit.
I'm buying the whole place and all the others, lock, stock and barrel.
[RADIO ANNOUNCER] You're listening to 96.
1, the radio station from the heart of Berlin.
We've just heard the highest imam in the Muslim community call for his followers to stay calm.
[FEMALE ANNOUNCER] But it's not looking that way.
The tension in the city is palpable.
[ANNOUNCER] The police have increased patrols and sent de-escalation teams into Kreuz-KÃlln.
[HENKENMAIER] Comrades! Those Muslims have done everything they can to oppress us in our own city, the capital of Germany.
They've invaded like rats and bred like rabbits.
Soon we'll be a people with no country.
Because the Kanaks will take everything for themselves! [ASSENTING CRIES] 200,000 Turks in Berlin! It's a disgrace for our nation.
[ALL] Out with them! [HENKENMAIER] But enough is enough.
- We need to fight back, comrades! - [ASSENTING CRIES] The contaminated national team lost their match.
- But tonight's the real game against Turkey.
- [ASSENTING CRIES] Before the leftist national traitors started mocking it there was honor in fighting for the Fatherland.
It's still like that all over the world.
Tonight we Germans will show that we're not going to give up to the Kanaks without a fight! - Sieg - [ALL] Heil! - Sieg - [ALL] Heil! - [LOUD CRIES] - Come on! Let's go! [ANNOUNCEMENT] Mind the gap, please.
[RADIO ANNOUNCER] The government is turning to the Red Card task force for further information.
They're ramping up their investigation into Orkan Erdem's murder.
[BELL RINGS] [SIGHS] - [PAULA] Good night.
- [EMILIA] Night, Mom.
Take a look at those pictures please, Mr.
Are you able to identify anyone? Hm? - These people all look the same.
- Mm-hm.
Just take your time.
Have fun, my little one.