Dogs of Berlin (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Verlängerung (Overtime)

1 - What's going on? - [COP] I don't know how to describe it? - Try exactly.
- A massive brawl, 200 strong, weapons.
Hefty injuries.
A clash of extremists.
Never seen anything like it.
- You've never seen a massive brawl? - Not like this.
- Backup? - We called for a riot unit.
Remember me? I was with Red Card until Saturday.
Witnesses said this is about Orkan Erdem.
You really should see for yourself.
We're going to need a bunch of ambulances.
And water cannons.
And stay back till they wear themselves out.
[SHOUTING] Come here! Yeah! Come here! Ah! Uh Ah! [CRIES] - [MEISER] Here, it could've been this one.
- Are you sure? Yeah, I think so.
- I thought all foreigners looked the same.
- Are you trying to confuse me? Don't you think it was this one? Hm? And him? Him too? Mm, him too.
And - These two? - In my statement I said only three.
- Hm? - Maybe you did some more thinking? [PHONE KEEPS VIBRATING] And him, he drove the Lamborghini.
- Right? - Right.
You're going to say that in court? Saying that wouldn't be a problem for you? In a court of law? Under pressure? Listen, I was a major in the East German Army.
Lying under oath isn't a walk in the park.
What do you mean "lying"? Because you killed Orkan Erdem.
[DISMAL MUSIC] - I don't know what - I found the Lamborghini in your garage.
Other than that, not too stupid.
A flashy car makes a great motive.
We took the bait and started chasing Arab car thieves.
But you had no time after the murder.
You stashed it in your garage.
That's my kind of bet, high stakes.
If you don't attract suspicion, no one's going to find it there.
Once you do, it's conclusive evidence.
- I can't reach him.
- Keep trying.
Okay, people.
Looks like we're dealing with a proper gang war between the Kovac clan and Tarik-Amir.
Tarik-Amir wants to get into illegal betting so they can introduce large-scale match-fixing.
Kovac are protecting their territory.
A few hours ago the DA and the judge agreed to merge both cases.
That's why my old colleagues from Narcotics are here.
Rafika's unit has been on Tarik-Amir's tail too long, without the support needed from above.
That changes today.
These files contain location data from all known Tarik-Amir cell phones.
Welcome to Red Card.
I managed to match several profiles to Tarik-Amir members.
We were able to confirm most of the drug hubs Rafika's unit already found.
These are the sights where the cars are taken apart to extract drug shipments.
Search warrants are being processed as we speak.
But that's not all.
We've got a lead on the Erdem case.
[TOM] Tuesday night, up until two hours before Orkan's death, Kareem Tarik-Amir and two of his soldiers spent three hours there.
- The Erdems' family house is nearby.
- Exactly.
Tarik-Amir and Erdem.
It proves nothing.
That's not where he was killed.
That's why we're focusing on the drugs.
We'll pick up every Tarik-Amir sitting on the stairs and question him about the night of the murder.
We've had bad luck in the past.
Tarik-Amir had info that we were coming.
This time there's no chance for them to respond.
We move tonight, 4:30.
Which Tarik-Amir locations do we hit? We'll have the technical briefing with the SWAT team later.
[EROL] Orkan Erdem.
Aylin Peters.
Späti Frühm.
Rado Vuković.
Paul Rabenstein.
And Canberk Karaca.
Six murders in under a week and Tarik-Amir's involved in each one.
We have a special opportunity here.
This is why I became a cop.
Let's get those bastards off the street.
Ah Mandy, go to Eva's as fast as you can.
Get the keys to her garage.
We'll meet there in two minutes.
[GROANING] Just recently they caught a serial killer.
They found a dead woman in a barrel in this guy's garage.
But the killer, an honest citizen, had been dead long before the law caught on.
The barrel had been there for decades.
The killer even took it with him when he moved.
- Yeah, really? - Yeah, really.
The victim in the barrel wasn't the best footballer in all of Germany.
I didn't know until I saw it on TV.
You didn't know that you had killed Orkan Erdem? I was in the military.
In East Germany.
Later, in the West.
From one day to the next we were bunking with the enemy.
It was strange.
But, still, I always followed the rules.
Even in those days of total chaos.
I have never once in my life broken the law.
I always paid my taxes.
And then these assholes? They come over here, they shit on our rules, they shit on our lawns.
Not that our people are any better.
Don't get me wrong.
They're idiots, every last one of them.
I'll be honest.
I hate them all.
But do you know what I hate even more? Their fucking dogs.
They shit everywhere.
They shit on my little patch of grass, and I take care of that grass They shit right under my window, and I shouted at them.
I dropped buckets of water, even put up a sign, "No dog shit," on the lawn.
I used that sign when that filthy Turk got out of his flashy car, a car that costs a quarter mil, so his dirty dog could shit on my poor man's lawn.
My little piece of green.
I hit the bastard on the head with the pole.
He put his hands up, like this, and the sign cut off his finger.
When I saw that I knew I couldn't let him live.
The dog was barking.
I knew the car was more important to hide than the body.
I put the sign in the trunk and drove the car to my garage.
I wanted to move the body too, but when I came back two cops were there.
So I had a shower, went to the window and pretended nothing happened.
So? Relieved? In some ways.
You can take me away now.
Are you a danger to the public? Sit down.
[PHONE RINGS] Hans? We'll have six SWAT teams on-site.
Eight patrols will block off exits on surrounding streets at four locations.
Hey, where's Aykut? I sent him to the Erdems to ask them if they saw anyone from Tarik-Amir that night.
The Erdems aren't going to talk.
You still think Aykut's the mole and you don't want to hear the plan.
Yeah, okay, I want to be on the safe side with Aykut.
[SEILER] Yeah, that all sounds good, gentlemen and ladies.
Bandlow expects hourly updates, so let's hope we have a murderer to present to the public soon.
You've got three hours to get some sleep.
It's going to be a short night.
Let's go! Next week it's goodbye overtime and hello Mallotze! - Does this feel familiar to you too? - This feeling in my gut? Yeah.
[RAFIKA] A week ago we thought we had this in the bag.
This time everything's different.
So, going home to get some sleep? I'm going to my sister's to check on Murad.
Something feels wrong.
That's normal before a raid.
They will be fine.
Ladies first.
[TENSE MUSIC] Murad's statement against Kovac is gold.
I once lost I once lost a key wit [HANS COUGHS VIOLENTLY] Fucking hell! [HEAVY COUGHING] Fucking smoker's lung.
[COUGHING, SNIFFING] You should get that checked out.
A good blowjob will do.
I mean the female variety.
See you tomorrow? [WITH ACCENT] Stay away from the Orkan Erdem case! Understand? [HANS COUGHS] [DISMAL MUSIC] [LOUD RUMBLING] [SCREAMS] - [BONES CRACK] - [BOY] Ah! Ah! On the ground! Police! Get down! Shh! Get on my back.
Get down.
[SHOUTING] [SCREAMING] Ah! [OPPRESSIVE MUSIC] Get inside the garage.
There are cops everywhere.
[GRUNTING] - [EVA] Lay him down.
- Ah! Ah! - Ah! - [EVA] Okay, careful.
Come on.
- [GROANING] - [EVA] Let go, let go.
[GROANING WEAKLY] [EVA] Shit! Looks like it sliced through a rib.
He needs a doctor now.
Mandy, you've got the number of that doctor, Kneiff, whose house we did last year.
He owes us.
Go get him! And you go and keep an eye on him! We don't want him calling the cops.
Go! - [MANDY] Okay.
- [TRINITY] Oh yeah? How many years? - [MAN] Three.
[QUIET LAUGHTER] Fifth floor please.
My husband likes you.
- Katharina - [SHE LAUGHS] You You could join us, you know? That's a tempting offer, Katharina.
But I'm expecting a visitor.
Oh All right then [GIGGLES] [WHIRRING] [PHONE RINGS] - Yes.
- You are back in Germany? - Yeah.
- Successful? No.
Schmaus was killed before I could talk to him.
[DOOR OPENS] I'm disappointed.
The concierge.
Had your picture since day one.
I could have sent someone, but I was nearby.
And I like you, Trinity somehow.
As long as I'm useful.
You are here to check out Schmaus's story? Except no one's paying you for that.
Did he tell you he was working for me? I expressly told you to let it go.
You always led me to believe you were above being sanctimonious or having outdated moral values.
- True.
- So what is this? An attack of guilt? A sudden urge to become a whistleblower? I want to know.
My prize was always the truth.
I look behind the curtain.
Do you know the Wizard of Oz? The magic machine.
I don't care whether or not the rest of the world knows it's a fake.
But I want to know.
I want to know how the world works.
Okay, Dorothy.
- Ask this one time.
- Did Schmaus work for the GFA? At first, just like you.
As a fixer.
He put a lid on scandals.
Cleaned them up.
We learned something along the way.
The pro players, mostly an uncontrollable bunch of arrogant, spoiled multimillionaires, became tame as choir boys when we started helping them sort out their stupid messes.
Schmaus came on with a new business model.
Creating the scandals yourself.
And better for everyone.
Easier to manage, easier to keep quiet.
Easier to keep players under control.
- Did the GFA fix matches? - Of course not.
You've stopped another scandal in its tracks.
Good work.
Now keep dealing with that task force.
They're making too much noise.
Ideally, the public will have its murderer soon.
Thank you, Mr.
I won't disappoint you again.
There's never been match-fixing in the league or at the international level.
Never! [DISMAL MUSIC] Never.
[THREATENING MUSIC] [GRUNTS] Where is Ulf? [EVA] Getting the doctor.
[GASPING] Tell him thanks for [GROANS] everything.
All forgiven.
Ah Tell him he'll have a great future in the Comradeship.
Ulf doesn't need you.
[HENKENMAIER] Ah! Don't pull it out! Are you insane? - Ah! I'll bleed to death! - No.
You won't.
You're too late.
Just go.
You were never here.
I'll call the police.
Ulf, Mandy, you go too.
- And you? - I'll take care of this.
Yeah, my name is Eva Grimmer.
There are burglars in my garage.
I can see a light.
Please hurry.
I am afraid to go over myself.
Questions? Albert Meiser he killed Orkan Erdem? Yeah.
- Stupid argument? - Zeki took a shit on his patch of grass.
Where is he now? Bathroom.
- Locked in.
- How are you involved? - I'm not yet.
- Then why this? What the fuck are you doing? I want to pitch you something.
Kurt, you've completely lost your goddamn mind, man.
You struck an officer and are holding him hostage.
You're covering up a murder.
Let me go and I'll make a statement pleading for leniency.
If you could go back in time Let's say you go through this door and ended up in Hitler's apartment in Munich, at 41 Thiersch Street, before he came to power, say 1925.
- What is the point of all this? - Would you kill him? Kill Hitler? Prevent World War II? The Holocaust? Save 80 million people? - I thought you were a fan of Hitler.
- I used to be.
In my home Hitler was a legend and a part of our family.
But then I woke up.
Tonight I'm making a bet.
Against myself.
I'm betting that you will wake up too.
What happens if I don't? Then I will lose.
[MODERN MIDDLE EASTERN MUSIC] I'm happy we could reach an agreement, Mr.
Don't forget to tell your international partners they can count on Tarik-Amir.
- The main thing is we have peace again.
- We will.
We will.
[KAREEM] Why are you driving? Where's Raif? - Doing something for Hakim.
- Hm.
- Everything cool in there? - Yeah, all good.
- Another Kovac shop works for Tarik-Amir.
- Ah.
- Where's Hakim? - At the bachelor party.
- I'm supposed to drive you.
- All right.
- What's Kamila doing? - Partying with the girls.
At home.
You know Hakim.
- You know what? - What? Tell the guys to start without me.
Drive me to the girls.
Hakim wanted me to ask Lara something about his present.
- Okay.
- Yalla.
[GRIMMER] Sit down.
This is about our task force.
Red Card.
A great task force, with good, competent people.
Armed with every legal privilege.
Armed with the potential to do a lot of good.
Put an end to Tarik-Amir and put the Kovac clan away.
This case involves so many different elements, different connections.
We could follow it for weeks, months.
We could even get those Nazi fuckers from Marzahn, and those corrupt scumbags from the GFA.
Don't you see the power of the task force and the privileges we have as police? Direct access to the DA, the judge, SWAT teams, that's all gone if we tell them the killer is some old fart who thinks he's the neighborhood watch.
That's your pitch? You want us to cover for the killer? That's not my pitch.
Sure, we have to keep the Meiser affair quiet, but in the end we put him behind bars, where he belongs.
My pitch is simple.
Let's really make use of the task force.
You saw it yourself.
You got further with Tarik-Amir in one week than in the 18 months before.
Did you ever think how many people you could save if you got rid of organized crime once and for all? I'll be honest with you.
Your plan is totally insane.
But that's not my problem.
My problem is I don't believe a word.
You want to rid the city of criminals? You are a criminal.
Look at me.
I'm your hostage.
What happens if I don't play along? What happens to me? - Either way I let you go.
- Oh yeah? So you and your masked friends can finish what you started on that first night? [DISMAL MUSIC] Okay.
Here's something Paula taught me once.
Truth will set you free.
Absolute truth.
Tonight This talk, there's no point without honesty.
Yeah, okay, the beating.
That was us.
Hans, me, two guys from my old squad.
Why? You pissed me off.
I wanted to give you a good beating.
To put the brakes on you so you would play second fiddle, maybe even skip a few days.
Your nose was an accident.
Since you're being honest, are you corrupt? - No.
- I saw you pocket money.
I was never for sale.
I don't do favors for anybody.
I don't work with criminals.
I'm a police officer.
I love my job.
Sure, sometimes I do my own thing and make some money on the side.
- But I get the bad guys in the end.
- Like Albert Meiser? Him, too.
For sure.
And Kovac? Did you warn him? Yeah.
To get his men to turn.
They never would've talked if he hadn't betrayed them.
This way we got the whole clan, including Tomo.
And they gave us statements on Tarik-Amir, right? You've got to see the big picture.
Imagine you in the future.
It's like killing Hitler.
The results justify the methods.
The ends justify the means.
As soon as you let me go I'm going to report you.
- You know that, don't you? - My bet is still on.
You don't know me well enough to make that bet.
Did you bet on the match, Germany-Turkey? [DISMAL MUSIC] No.
Why? Just a thought.
Okay, the bet's still on.
How long? When do you let me go? Let's play your choice out to the end.
- Okay.
- Good.
I let you go.
You leave, report me.
What happens? You get arrested.
Albert Meiser gets arrested.
The murder is solved.
I get promoted.
First, your raid on Tarik-Amir tomorrow gets canceled? - That too, yeah.
- Tarik-Amir gets off scot-free.
We may or may not get Kovac for Späti's murder.
And Albert Meiser, Orkan Erdem's killer, probably gets off too.
I found the Lamborghini in his garage.
I broke in without a warrant, which makes his confession inadmissible.
And all the shit His lawyer would not find it hard to prevent a trial.
Uh-uh, if you do it by the book he walks away without a scar.
- That's all on you.
- Up to this point, yes.
But now it's in your hands, not mine.
Look further into the future? There will be one hell of a scandal.
The press will nail the task force to the wall.
Sure, I will take most of the heat.
With a story like this everyone gets burned.
No one comes out in one piece.
not Bandlow, not Seiler, not little Petrovic, not even Erol.
A lot of good people will be gone by the end.
Tarik-Amir will laugh their asses off! And Berlin will still be in the hands of traffickers, drug dealers, gun runners.
The scum goes on and on, that my Turkish friend That's behind door number one.
Seems like a real shitty door.
But I don't have a choice.
Because behind door number two is me covering up a murder, preventing someone from being brought to justice.
And becoming a self-righteous asshole just like the one sitting across from me.
Yeah, you're not completely wrong.
But that's only part of the truth.
Yeah, "We're saving 80 million lives," blah-blah-blah.
- Don't make fun of this! - It's a joke.
- The whole fucking thing is a joke.
- Sit down! - She would've been in - Were you there? No, but I saw how she did it.
- [MESS OF VOICES, LAUGHTER] - [PHONE BEEPS] So here's what happened Yeah, you, and then he came over.
And he obviously thought it was hilarious to shave it all off.
I'll be right back.
- [LAUGHTER] - You, too? [MESS OF VOICES] [WOMAN, UNINTELLIGIBLE] [SOBER MUSIC] What do you want? Hakim's wedding gift.
He wants to know if you like it.
Why don't you ask Lara.
I heard you're fucking her.
You're having me followed? - To protect you.
- From whom? From everyone.
- Does Hakim know? - Uh-uh.
I just wanted to lose Erol.
I thought he might be going after you because of me.
He's after Hakim.
And that's good.
Is it part of your plan? The most important part.
[SENTIMENTAL MUSIC] [FARIS] Which one is it? Up there.
Fourth floor, on the left.
- Is Kanaken cop there? - No.
- The boy and his sister? - They went back home.
We're going in.
[DISMAL MUSIC] You're just going to beat him up, right? Break some fingers? Sure.
Please call this number when he gets here.
I was going to head out.
To make sure that Murad No.
You wait here.
And make the call.
[THREATENING MUSIC] [QUIET DRILLING NOISE] [TENSE MUSIC] [DISMAL MUSIC] - No aspirin this time? - You will get your gun back.
Okay, are we done with this shit? You lost the bet.
Let me go.
I'll give you an hour before I report you.
Ah, okay? Why not four? If we are already bending the rules, why not wait till after the raid? Maybe you'll get your Tarik-Amir.
You say you don't know me well enough to make this bet? Yeah, you might be right.
But I do know one thing.
You want to fuck Tarik-Amir more than anything.
So what? Let's see what's behind door number two.
Then you can go.
Door two, we keep it to ourselves.
How long? A few days.
14, tops.
- A minute ago it was months.
- Sure, even better.
There's lots to tie up, you know.
Don't you want to know what a rich star like Orkan Erdem was doing in this part of the city? Maybe Tarik-Amir's involved after all.
According to what the Kovac boys said Kareem boasted he could deliver Orkan Erdem and other players.
Maybe Tarik-Amir had some dirt on Orkan.
The cell phone data analysis shows Kareem and two other Tarik-Amir at Erdem's house that night, for three hours.
You see.
Maybe there was a meeting.
Maybe threats, maybe intimidation.
Maybe Erdem wasn't thinking straight.
Maybe he was on the run.
Müller Street is a main road.
Maybe he was on his way to a secret meeting.
- In a gold Lamborghini? - Not easy to get a low-key car in a hurry.
Okay, Orkan's driving panicked through the night, the dog starts to whine, he pulls over.
He's been living in London.
He doesn't know the area.
He stops at the wrong patch of grass.
Meiser gives him a hard time.
Orkan is in a bad mood, says something wrong.
The argument gets heated, bam! Orkan is lying dead in Marzahn instead of in his suite at the hotel.
And the guy who got him to leave his suite is named Tarik-Amir.
- Unfortunately Kareem and not Hakim.
- One as bad as the other.
Door number two.
We get to answer those questions.
You hold back on Meiser for the sake of the investigation.
We get our story in line.
Tonight disappears.
Red card lives, thrives, cleans up the city.
You get your promotion.
Door number two.
Doesn't sound so bad, does it? Maybe not.
But you know what? No one has a crystal ball.
No one can see into the future.
You're improvising.
I admit, you're a really great improviser.
But you're long-term planning is a joke.
This could spin out and bust open at any moment.
What if we need more and more means to justify the ends? What if tonight's lies are just the beginning? What if we have to keep sweeping bigger piles of shit under the rug? - What then? - Then we take care of it.
Give us two days.
Two days and we get results.
You're repeating yourself.
Tell me one thing.
Do you agree to clean up the streets that it's a good thing, an important thing? And do you agree we've got an opportunity, a unique one.
If you have the chance to do good, don't you want to use it? Your gun is on the dresser.
The end doesn't justify the means.
It's a slippery slope.
That's why we have rules.
- So we don't have to make those decisions.
- To avoid making them, you mean.
Who gets to decide? Erol.
Yeah? Be honest.
Will you think about it? Yeah.
Think about your friend Canberk and his peace mission.
Think about what they did to him.
Your enemies aren't interested in rules and principles.
That's why they win.
[TENSE MUSIC] Call me in an hour.
Door one or door two.
[MUFFLED MUSIC] [MEISER] I've never once in my life broken the law.
I always paid my taxes.
I will be watching you for the rest of your life.
If I ever catch you even stealing gum, I will put you away for murder, got it? Don't ever speak of this again.
I was never here, you got it? I'm taking this key.
I can pay you a visit anytime I want.
You work for me now.
And, Meiser, I hate assholes like you.
So don't test my patience.
[TENSE MUSIC] Tell me it's going to be all right, Kareem.
Tell me I don't need to be scared anymore.
You don't need to be scared anymore.
Walla, the plan is working.
Better than I thought.
The Kovac clan doesn't have a leader.
Their best soldiers are in jail.
We're buying their betting shops one after the other.
Our foreign partners are excited by what we can offer.
Soon I'll be earning the most money in the family.
And I'll be the new boss.
- And Hakim in jail.
- And Hakim in jail.
I have to go back.
I'm sorry you have to go through all this, habibti.
- I should never have told him about you.
- Shh.
You were in love.
And who can keep his mouth shut when his heart is full of love? Your brother is a bad man, Kareem.
Otherwise he would have respected your love.
He deserves what you have planned for him.
He does.
Walla, he does.
Just promise me it will happen before the wedding.
Before the wedding! I can't promise you that.
The wedding's tomorrow.
Just promise it.
There's magic in promises.
I promise.
Hot chocolate.
I was about to bring it to you.
You wanted to show me the new tracks you made with Raif's beats.
Tomorrow, okay? I'm not in the mood.
Murad, what's wrong? Aren't you happy to be home? - Yes, but - But what? - Don't be mad, okay? - Murad, you're scaring me.
Erol didn't call.
Then why are we here? Tarik-Amir.
They want to teach Erol a lesson.
Nothing serious.
Raif never wanted to do shit like this.
What a surprise! I was just heading out.
What? Now? Sure, my date works in a bar and doesn't get off till one.
The babysitter is late can you look after the boys until she comes? Yeah, sure.
- Since when do you have a babysitter? - Well, I need one now.
I have a new job.
- Then I'll do the kitchen in the meantime.
- That's all right.
It's done.
You know this guy's really sweet.
Wish me luck.
[DISMAL MUSIC] [GRIMMER] everyone gets burned No one comes out in one piece.
not Bandlow, not Seiler, not little Petrovic, not even Erol.
A lot of good people will be gone by the end.
Tarik-Amir will laugh their asses off! And Berlin will still be in the hands of traffickers, drug dealers, gun runners.
The scum goes on and on, that my Turkish friend That's behind door number one.
It's on.
[ATTACKER 2] Just cover the door.
There's no way out.
[DOOR CLOSES] [ATTACKER 3] We're running out of time.
The police will be here soon.
[ATTACKER 2] Hurry up, that Kanack doesn't leave here alive.
- Over there! - [SHOT] [CRASH] [SHOTS] [BANGING AND CRASHING] [ATTACKER 3] Where is he? I don't see him.
Is that him? [EROL] Ah [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [ATTACKER 1] He must be crushed in.
- [ATTACKER 3] All the bins are chained up.
[SIRENS RING OUT, TIRES SQUEAL] [CAR DOORS SHUT] [GASPS] Maïssa, I I really believed you.
You know? That you were different.
I am.
I didn't know that [TV] Could be underwater, like here.
[TENSE MUSIC] - I lost the bet.
- I will not say a word.
You kill someone because his dog shits on your lawn? - And you think you can get away with it? - No.
I'm with you.