Dogs of Berlin (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Siegerehrung (Victory Ceremony)

1 "Whoever believes in free will, has never felt love nor hate.
" Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, Philosopher "Fear leads to anger.
Anger leads to hate.
Hate leads to suffering.
" Yoda, Jedi Master TODAY - And? Nothing? - Nothing.
"VICTORY CEREMONY" - What about you? - Nothing here either.
Reports are in from all teams.
The buildings are empty.
Clean as a whistle.
We made some arrests.
Found some files and hard drives.
But it's all junk.
We know for a fact that these are his stash houses.
How could he have cleared out so fast? We kept the need-to-know group small.
The information was secure.
You're right.
We kept it small.
Had the same team and came up empty twice in one week.
Only three people knew about both raids, Rafika, me - And you.
- What are you saying? You tell me.
A mole? Interesting theory, Bruno.
Sounds better than coincidence.
It's not Rafika.
I'm sure of that.
I'm also pretty sure it's not me.
Wait, let me think No, it's not me.
- Careful what you say next.
- Why? Because you'll go straight to Tarik-Amir? - Fuck you, asshole! - Keep cool.
Keep cool.
- Keep cool.
- Fuck you, you fa Come on, spit it out.
Say it! Say it.
I'm a faggot, you're a rat! You're out of your fucking mind! No, it's you.
I'll get you for this.
You're going to regret this.
- You piece of shit.
- I'll report you to internal affairs.
- They'll throw you a real fucking party.
- I know it's you.
You nutcase! Calm down.
What's wrong with you? Hm? Hey.
Erol, come here, you should see this.
Come on, stop being a bitch.
Come here.
11 o'clock, balcony, second floor.
- Fat guy in an ugly shirt.
- Yeah.
Who's got nothing better to do than keep an eye on the street all day? Check the table.
Binoculars, four cell phones.
They have fat guys in ugly shirts on every important corner in the neighborhood.
Tarik-Amir has been watching us the whole time.
Hakim doesn't need a mole.
All he needs are fat guys on balconies who know how to use a phone and a pair of binoculars.
Search your heart, Erol.
You know it's true.
What are you waiting for? Shh! Listen.
I love that sound.
That's the sound of 10K.
it's what we agreed on.
10K, right? That's what good information pays.
Come here.
- But - But your information wasn't good.
- I gave you the right address.
- The best information is no use.
If I doesn't get me what I want.
- That Turkish cop got away, didn't he? - Hakim, that's not fair.
- I lost friends over this.
- Raif! Look around.
Do you think you get a room like this being fair? Huh? How many friends do you think I lost to get here? Come here.
Walla! I only show this place to people I love, habibi.
What you get for your information is my trust.
And that counts more than 10K.
Do you understand? Huh? The next time you come here you'll get what you deserve.
Cash in hand or bullet in the brain.
Huh? It's up to you.
Don't give me that look, man.
I'm joking.
Keep up the good work, okay? Next time you get the money for your studio.
Okay? Okay? Okay.
Seven days.
Six dead.
And what are we doing? Wasting major resources to raid empty warehouses.
I'm giving you everything the force has in its arsenal.
Every fucking thing! Do you need a few helicopters? Maybe a tank? That way you can raze Berlin to the ground.
I spent all fucking day on the phone subjecting myself to questions OLD FACTORY AT GEIGENAUER.
I have no answer to! The press is going to town on me.
Bandlow's trying to get rid of me! And what do I get from you in return? I've got a question.
Maybe one of you has an idea.
Who killed Orkan Erdem? How about a motive? Or a lead? One that doesn't end in an empty warehouse.
How about suspects or evidence? And please spare me the goddamn betting conspiracy! A murder weapon.
That shitty fucking Lambo.
It's gold.
I know how hard that must be to find.
I want results! - We think Tarik-Amir - Yes! Tarik-Amir, okay! Then bring me a Tarik-Amir.
Preferably one with a gold Lamborghini and a bit of Orkan's blood under his fingernails.
Maybe you would have made more progress if you weren't wasting your energy witch hunting in your own team.
Last time I put my ass on the line for you with President Bandlow.
Now it's your turn.
If I don't give her something soon I will have to take players off the field.
Ah Yeah Okay, I've got nothing to add.
You know what to do.
Check the data on the hard drives.
Look at the files we found in the warehouses.
Find something we can use.
I will be back in two hours.
You know why we're here.
There's not much this time.
- I'll call the police! - No you won't! Give me the money! Open up! Ah See you next month.
What's up? Difficult customer, man.
I used to come here with my brother.
Crazy shit.
Race cars, hit stones.
We made our first big deal here with some Bulgarian fuckers.
I knew back then drugs weren't my thing.
Where's the betting slip? It's safe.
Don't worry.
- What do you want? - They say you're a good cop.
Corrupt, but clever.
What do you think I want? - Kovac's business? - Already got it.
I made a deal with Tomo's boys.
- Haven't seen him for a while.
- He's gone.
Your task force chased him away.
It's almost like we're working together.
- You took his shops? - Not all, but I'll have the rest soon.
Online betting brings in over a trillion a year.
Now that's what I call profitable.
People are begging us to take their money, and they know they're going to lose it.
I mean, I don't get it.
You're a gambler.
What's the fun in losing, huh? This is my chance to finally get away from selling drugs.
It's good for you too.
There's less bloodshed in betting.
- I bet Orkan Erdem sees it different.
- We didn't kill Orkan.
On the contrary.
I had a deal with him.
He was in my pocket.
He was supposed to help lose the game against Turkey by forcing a penalty.
I was a wreck when he didn't show up.
But it worked out in the end, right? - And Späti? - That was you.
Your bet got him killed.
Späti knew about our deal with Orkan.
I thought he'd fucked us over.
Passed on a tip.
The fucker swore it was coincidence, he wasn't lying.
If you've got the Kovac guys what do you want from me? Use your brain a little bit.
Think about it.
- It's something we both want.
- Your brother? He won't accept you taking over.
- You want me to lock him up.
- Interesting.
- I'm working on it.
- It's not going so well.
You keep hanging out in empty warehouses.
You should take a close look at our elevator shaft.
Where? Our place! Your place? Your home? In the no-go? A safe room.
Full of money, coke, everything a cop could ask for.
There's not a single bill or package that doesn't go through Hakim's hands.
And he doesn't wear gloves, if you know what I mean.
You never show up at our place, so he feels safe at home.
- Especially today.
- His wedding? The wedding starts at five.
It has to be before.
No way.
Not after this morning's disaster.
You will find a way! If it doesn't happen before they get married your betting slip makes the rounds.
What's her name again? Kamila? His business and his wife? Stay the fuck out of it! Okay, listen.
You You raid my place, it's clean, okay? Do your cop shit, search everything, blah-blah, the whole deal, huh? - It has to look real.
- Yeah.
Then you let me go.
Then you can find a way to pin the girl's and Canberk's deaths on Hakim.
When Hakim is in prison I get my betting slip? No, no, no, my friend.
This is just the beginning of our work together.
Here's how it works, I get players, managers, referees.
Put on pressure, throw money at them, but not everyone responds to that.
That's where you come in.
I need someone to find skeletons, to dig up dirt.
So we've got something on the players.
Like I've got something on you.
Understand? Your job and your two families mean so much to you that you won't say no to me.
Otherwise you will lose it all and go to jail.
Do you understand? You'll get your cut, of course.
It's win-win.
The wedding is in five hours.
- Where are you? - With a CI.
Don't ask.
I can't say who, but what I can say is Hakim has drugs and money stashed at his place in an elevator shaft.
He would never do that.
Besides, it's a no-go area.
You know what happens if we go in there? That's exactly why he feels safe there.
- How reliable is the info? - 100%.
We have to act now.
- Right now! - We need to tread carefully.
The stuff is at Hakim's now.
Not yesterday, not tomorrow, now! Kurt! I just talked to Seiler again.
He won't approve anything without a direct connection to Erdem.
Money and drugs aren't enough right now.
Especially not for a fucking war in the no-go zone.
We're supposed to be looking for a probable cause.
We have to establish a connection between Tarik-Amir and Erdem's death.
Okay, get in the car.
I need you to pick something up.
I will send you the place and the list.
I want real doctors! - And not some foreign quacks! - What's going on? The neighbor called us, but she won't let us help her.
- Mom, what happened? - I don't want these Kanaks in my house! You heard what she said, fuck off.
- What happened? - Nothing.
Steffi called and she said she found you on the stairs.
- Who's Steffi? - Stefanie, from next door.
Yeah, her.
I feel better now.
I was just dizzy.
All morning I had to deal with these stupid cops.
They're still in the garage.
Need anything? - Just you.
- Are you sure? - That I need you? - No.
- I mean - More than you can imagine, son.
I've hurt you.
I know.
I've had high hopes for your brother.
Even today, sometimes I think I could It's hard for me to face the facts.
It's not easy for a mother to lose her son.
Please forgive me.
We all need you.
The Comradeship needs you more than ever.
I betrayed their trust.
They'll never forgive me.
Everything's fine.
You brought back the money.
- I didn't.
- It's water under the bridge.
Your loyalty has never been in question.
You carried Henkenmaier from the battlefield.
In their eyes you are a hero.
And in mine too.
You are the future of the Comradeship.
You want Tarik-Amir? This is the way.
- The only way.
- Oh, fuck.
DON'T LET YOUR DOGS CRAP ON THE LAWN I found the gold sports the sports car.
A super-fast one.
Just parked here.
We are at Quedlinburger Street, where the big gas tanks are.
I was just out for a walk with my dog and No, no, no, no names.
I don't want any trouble.
I see, but we don't have a choice at the moment, other than to President Bandlow, sorry.
I have to call you back.
We got the Lambo.
And we got this, in the trunk.
- Prints? - Being checked.
- Good.
- It gets better.
I know this baseball bat.
One of the Tarik-Amir's had one.
This taping was done by hand.
It was this exact bat.
I remember it.
That would be called probable cause, right? Yeah, I think so.
Enough to get the Tarik-Amirs anyway.
Wait for results.
Keep working.
- Well, that's not all.
- I got a hot tip.
Hakim is stashing drugs and money at home, in the no-go.
No fucking way! Come on, get out.
Seiler, the informant is a Tarik-Amir.
Who? The stuff is at Hakim's place, in his own house.
And the Tarik-Amir bat was found in Erdem's car.
Two birds! I know, the no-go.
But Hakim is getting married today, in three hours.
And all of Tarik-Amir are I've been chasing Tarik-Amir for years.
We're raiding empty shitholes because these fuckers are hard to get.
If I had to put all my eggs in one basket, it would be this one.
Fingerprints on the bat, from a Tarik-Amir.
Then I call the judge.
If we're going to work together, we've got to be honest.
No secrets.
Whose bat is this? You know we could go to prison for this.
Who's your CI? Here you are.
So we've got several definite prints from at least two people.
Only one of them is in the database, a certain Kareem Tarik-Amir.
Seiler? The prints on the bat are from none other than Kareem Tarik-Amir.
We need that chopper, and the tank.
Meet you at the courthouse.
- Yeah? - I want to see cops and don't see any.
All it takes is a touch a button to send your betting bullshit to people who know what to do with it.
- Should I press "send"? - No, not yet.
One hour! - Is Seiler here? - He just went in.
- That's ours.
- You guys got it last time.
We start.
Okay, stop.
Let's flip a coin.
If scanning the barcode doesn't work, you can put the number in by hand.
It happens all the time with the vases.
- Okay.
- If there's anything you don't get, ask.
It's totally fine.
KUR MISSED CALLS (2) & VOICEMAIL Paula, we are doing a raid in Kaiserwarte.
A big one.
Please don't worry, everything is fine.
I just I just want to say I'm thinking of you.
I love you.
Our first target, Hakim Tarik-Amir.
He lives on the top floor.
That's where he's going to be, getting ready for the wedding.
Our second is his brother, Kareem Tarik-Amir.
He's very likely in Hakim's apartment or in his own on the first floor.
Assume they will resist.
The whole zone will resist.
Hakim's wedding gives us a slight advantage, but don't assume this will be easy.
There's a reason we are in a tank.
Right, second floor, lookout.
Now they know we are coming.
What's this about? Not now.
Take it, it's important.
Huh? Are you sure they're coming here? Did you order barricades? Huh? Block the street, fast! Welcome to the no-go.
Hold tight! Hakim.
What's wrong? No time to explain.
We have to leave.
Get Mama and Baba out.
Everyone out.
Mama, Baba! Yalla! This way.
Yalla! Yalla! Yalla! Kamila, take care of Mama and Baba.
Kids to the front.
Hurry! Malik! Malik! Get the boys! Cops! Cops! Maybe they're not ready because of the wedding.
They are ready for us, don't worry.
Yalla! Yalla! What are you doing? You have to leave.
They come to my fucking home on my fucking wedding day? Huh? Our children are here! Those motherfucking sons of bitches! They want Tarik-Amir? They get Tarik-Amir! Those sons of bitches! Let's go! We are stuck.
We have to go in on foot.
Everyone out! Hakim, if they get in what do we do? The safe room.
We have to get rid of the stuff! We'll make those fuckers retreat! Call more shababs we need support! Yalla! Fuck off, sons of bitches! Fuck off! firing line, more hostiles just keep coming.
We need backup.
Ah! Keep going.
They're in my fucking house! I have to defend my fucking house! We need everyone here now! Yalla! Come on! Come on.
Go! Go! Yalla! Yalla! Oh Fuck! Ah! Malik! Malik, get up! Police! Get down! - Police! Police! Don't move! - Police! Anyone here besides you? We will take care of this.
Get Hakim.
Stay with him.
I'll check the apartment.
Come here! Fuck you! Fuck you! Stand back! Heading to person of interest number two.
- Secure the rooms.
- Clear.
I'm clean.
I don't have anything to do with my brother's business.
I just live here.
You just live here? Got it.
- That That's not mi - Arrest him.
Show me, show me your face, you fucking cunt Ah Come on, get up! Hands behind your back.
I'm sending the betting slip, you piece of shit.
Come on, move it! You don't have a chance, Hakim! Drop your weapon and come out! Ah! Ah! Hey! Oh Fuck! Yalla! You dogs! After him! Go after him! Go! Go! Go! - Get down! Go! - Get down! Stay here.
- Freeze! - Come here! What's up? Come on! Come on! Fuck you! Ah, fuck! - The other officer? - He went that way.
God damn you! Hakim! Freeze! - Asshole.
- Ah! Ah! Come on, it's okay! Ah! We've got a lot of injuries.
We made 37 arrests and there are 35 injured.
The level of threat is presently low.
The situation is under control.
Fuck you! Long live Tarik-Amir! Hey, come here.
Take him.
What I said to him this morning Don't think about it.
Forget it.
You see that? We've got them by the balls, man.
Nothing else matters.
Aykut wanted that too.
Seiler, don't.
I'm off.
I'm wondering who you got the tip from.
From your mother.
I thought I might find you here.
- I was looking for you.
- Did you do all this? - They're evil people.
- The women and children too? These men have brought crime here, weapons, drugs, violence.
Fine, my son.
As long as you stay true to your convictions.
You know, this was a pretty long day.
I'm going home to fix myself something to eat.
You can come.
Is this how you help the neighborhood? Germany, Germany above all Above all in the world Germany, Germany above all Above all in the world Let's drink to our comrade.
Johann Henkenmaier! - To Johann! - To Henkenmaier! Can I count on you? Comrades the time of waiting is over.
You all saw what happened in Kreuzberg today.
The Kanaks rule over whole city districts.
Lawless areas, for dealers, for pimps.
And we We are supposed to hide? Never! The race war has long since begun.
Comrades, it might seem a bit early to choose a new leader, but we are living in tough times.
Times in which every day and every act counts.
Exactly! And for me there's no better time than now, in view of our fallen hero to elect a new leader.
That's why I ask you, who's lived our cause from childhood? Which one of us? - Ulf! - Who Who has put his body and soul into our cause? - Ulf! - Ulf Grimmer! - Ulf Grimmer! - Ulf! And who never, despite his own brother's betrayal, never stopped pursuing our cause? Ulf Grimmer! Who do you want to lead our Comradeship into the future? Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf! Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf! Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf! Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf! Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf! It's hard to lose a comrade, but it's even harder to lose a brother.
I put so much hope in my brother.
But I've come to terms with the harsh reality.
He is and always will be a traitor.
As your leader I won't repeat my mistakes.
From this day on I have no family but you! You are my life! People and Fatherland! Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf, Ulf! Give me a minute to wash up.
Look, everything in here is haram.
Don't worry, I'll make you something halal.
How do you plan on doing that with stuff that's all haram? Come on, sit down and make yourself at home.
How can I make myself at home? Nothing here is like at home.
Not even a Turkish rug.
Everything here is like in a German house.
All dead and cold.
I'm German, remember.
You know what I mean.
To be honest, I don't know what you mean.
Do you want to fight with me? So their men brought crime and violence here.
- What did you say? - Nothing.
I was just thinking about what you said.
These people brought violence here, yeah? Yeah.
And you respond to them in exactly the same way.
With weapons and violence.
Is that how you fight against evil? You know some problems can't be solved with prayers.
What do you know about praying! What are you doing here? No one asked you to come back.
- I follow God's path.
- Fuck you! Ever since I could piss standing up you've had a love-hate relationship with God.
One day you're so in love, the next you don't give a shit about him.
Just because you happen to be on some holier-than-though trip doesn't mean you get to bring the whole family down to the pathetic, narrow-minded level you're stuck on.
Your wife doesn't want to live with you.
Your daughter is scared of you.
And I hate you! Just leave us alone, goddamnit! Guido.
- I'd like you to meet my father.
- Hello.
Guido, this is my boyfriend, my partner.
And, yes, we like fucking each other in the ass.
- I'm not allowed to talk to you.
- Look out of your window.
- If my sister sees you - she will kill me.
I know.
- And she's right.
- And now? - What is that? - What does it look like? - Is it real? - No, Monopoly money.
- Of course it's real.
- Where did you get it? Tarik-Amir.
But I'm finished with them, for good.
Good for you.
Good luck.
Murad, I only did it to get the money for the studio, I swear.
I know it was a mistake, but if we don't pull this off together it was all for nothing.
There are enough other rappers.
Find someone else.
Murad, I don't just need a good rapper.
I need a partner.
Come on! Give me a chance to make things right again.
Come in.
What's going on? This is Sabine, my new employee.
Sabine, my husband Kurt.
Uh, I'm done in the back.
Great, thanks.
Can you finish taking stock out here too? I don't know.
I would really like to report the damages tomorrow.
- Sure, let me just call the babysitter.
- Thanks.
- Come.
- Yeah.
What the fuck? Hm? - Are you coming? - Mm-hm.
Sit down.
Not like this.
Not again.
Not another time where you want to talk without saying anything.
There have been too many of those lately.
Have you ever asked yourself how that feels for me? Not knowing what's going on inside your head? Do you remember the first time we met? You were a Nazi asshole.
Lost to the civilized world.
But I saw the good in you.
Do you remember what we promised each other back then? We promised each other complete honesty.
Do you remember? How did we lose sight of that? Not just you both of us.
I'm having an affair.
With a Turkish guy.
He was trying to extort protection money from me.
I don't know why I did it, but I slept with him.
I wanted it.
We did it here, on the floor, this morning.
Say something.
Talk to me.
Complete honesty.
Listen, Paula