Dollar (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES The opening of the bank is in two weeks, and our name has to be number one in the market.
I want to establish a friendly relationship with the client.
I want an advertisement idea that can be summed up in two words.
Wajih? I have an idea that might save you another meeting with us.
What's this? This is a one-dollar bill, so it could be in the hands of any person in the country.
We'll release it, and it will pass from one hand to another and go from one pocket to the next.
And the owner of the bill with the right number wins a valuable prize from the bank.
One million dollars.
Thank you.
So? I don't understand.
What do you mean? It doesn't really need a lot of explaining.
The idea was originally mine, and you know it.
I'm not the only one who knows.
Wajih also knows.
But does he know why you're here and what you're doing? Why we are here, what we are doing.
We're in this together.
I have nothing to do with this.
I'm just here to find out Hang on a second! What do you mean you have nothing to do with it? Why are you here anyway? Don't tell me you're following me because you want to make sure that the bank's money doesn't go to waste.
Also, suppose I believe you.
How do you know about the whole cab thing? All the employees heard about it.
But you're the only one who came here.
Plus, you're the only one who has the number.
Good job.
I'm the only one who has the number, and I'm the only one who has the right to The right to what? This is your logic.
Very nice.
So, you have two options.
Either you work with me, and once we find the dollar, you get half, or you forget about it and go back to where you came from.
No harm done.
Because Mr.
Wajih will not be very happy when he finds out where you are right now.
Suppose I forget about it and go back to where I came from, what are you going to do? I'll drop everything and go back to my life as it was the day before yesterday.
Then it's a deal.
What is? Delighted, Mr.
How are you, honey? How are you feeling now? Are you going to start crying now, and keep crying like before? What's the matter? Of course I'll get mad! I'll get mad and break the phone if you keep crying! Of course I'll get mad! Is this how we're going to spend the rest of our lives? Do you want me to tear apart the store? What do you want me to do? "Delighted," you said? What do you want? You're a liar.
Why? Because I'm sitting here? And what about you? Look, I want to fix this right now.
Get out of my car, now.
Why? Did I scare you? Are you stupid? Me? Stupid? Sweetheart, if I was stupid, I wouldn't have known that you came here.
So, now you know.
Does the street happen to belong to you or something? No, the street is ours, but the idea is mine.
The idea is yours, but the dollar bill is mine.
No, guess again.
The dollar bill is mine.
Go find it if you can recognize it.
Give me the number, and we'll split it 50-50.
I don't have to.
Plus, it seems that you're pretty smart.
Go ahead.
See what you can do.
No way.
After you.
Ladies first, because you're so confident.
Didn't you come here for the dollar bill? Come on.
Come on.
Go ahead.
No, we won't leave it like this! We can't leave it like this! No, I won't leave it like this! You're the one who made me mad! Stop crying first.
Stop crying first.
Stop crying! Stop crying! Go! I'm done! You're the one who made me mad! You you think this is going to work? - Do you want me to stop traffic for you? - No, this is not going to work.
Maybe maybe he doesn't have it.
The cab driver stopped at his store, bought a cup of coffee from him, and gave him the dollar bill.
I know.
I know.
So what are you waiting for? You think he holds on to a one-dollar bill for more than five minutes? Do you have another option? Okay What do I say? Don't say anything.
Give me the number, and I'll do the talking.
What's the guarantee you won't take the one-dollar bill and disappear? None.
So what's the solution? Yes.
Hi, bro.
"I'll put my foot in your mouth!" That's what you should've said to him.
Khawla, Khawla, Khawla Look, I can't take this anymore.
I swear, I could kill somebody today! Do you want me to commit murder? Would you be happy then? Do you call this a family? You call this a family? Your own brother said he was going to slit your throat.
And your father just sat there and did nothing! Is this a family? I only have one thing to say to you.
Turn off your phone and don't answer for anyone.
We'll talk when I get home.
Go easy on her.
What's the matter with you? This is the easiest I get.
I can't get any easier than this.
You have no right to talk like that.
You're still in the early stages, and these things happen a lot.
What do you want? A double espresso with sugar, please.
We're closed for the day.
Go away.
What's wrong with you? Why are you talking to him like that? Sorry, man.
Single or double? Double.
Abbas, the girl is scared.
You need to go easy on her.
She did all that for you in the first place.
For me? For nobody.
We planned it, and we did it together.
And the poor girl left her family for your sake.
Now that you have her, you're going to treat her like this? Because instead of supporting me and helping me, she's taking all my energy, she's killing my mood! You know what? I shouldn't have opened today.
On the contrary.
Everything needs to be normal so her family doesn't get suspicious.
Especially that ass who happens to be her brother.
But it's so obvious.
The girl doesn't know anyone besides me.
Then close the store and lay low until the dust settles.
You said it yourself.
Shut down this machine.
Wait, wait.
Where are you going? - What do you mean? - I still haven't paid you.
It's okay.
There's no charge.
No way.
Do I look cheap? Please, I want to pay you.
A $100 bill? Please just leave.
I'm not leaving before I pay you.
Dude, the guy said he's not going to charge you.
Please don't get involved.
Don't get involved? - What's the matter with you? - Calm down! Calm down! It's okay.
Just give him the change.
Calm down.
It's okay.
God help us.
Can you please give me the change in one-dollar bills? Fuck off, man! Easy, little man! Get back! Abbas! Abbas! Hello? Police? I've called you a hundred times already.
Will you answer and stop this nonsense? Okay, I got it, Nizar! I got it! I have no time right now! Come on, move it.
What started the fight? Excuse me, sir? Pay attention when I talk to you.
Who are you with? I'm with you, sir.
Are you mocking me? Sir, I don't know this man.
And we don't know him either.
Who are you? - Sir - Not a word.
You look like a good guy who got into some trouble.
- Private.
- Wait, sir.
I have a right, and I'm going to use it.
A right? What right? How does this concern you anyway? Get him off! Get him off! Now it concerns me.
I was sitting with this guy, having a little chat.
Then those jerks came and started fighting with us.
Who are you calling jerks? Enough! Mr.
Officer? Why are you here? Hello.
Take them into custody.
But don't put them together.
They might kill each other.
Go! - Sir, even me? - Go! Welcome, miss.
Please have a seat.
Abbas, what happened? Jawad, don't leave.
Stay right here.
But I need to know what they told you and what happened.
I don't know.
Ask them.
They'll tell you.
Just don't leave.
Stay right here.
- Okay, okay.
- Come on! - Don't leave.
- Okay, okay.
Stay here! Calm down, miss, and try to explain it again.
Officer, I told you everything I know.
But I don't really understand.
Who are you with? And who are you talking about? I'm just a witness.
But I think I can help you.
You're making a big deal out of nothing.
A witness to what? And help me with what? It's a little argument that we can clear up with a warning and close the case.
What if I tell you that it's more complicated than that? What do you mean? I mean I mean I can't answer you until you do something for me.
Go ahead.
There's a bag a banana bag.
It belongs to the young man who came in earlier.
Remember the one who took a beating? The skinny one? I want to see the bag.
What bag? Leave me alone! Aren't you worried they might steal it? How? We're in a police station! Still, it's your money.
What if some of it goes missing? What the hell are you talking about? Please leave me alone.
You're talking as if I had a million dollars.
I sell coffee, not gold.
It's still your money.
Please, I'm dealing with enough shit.
I can't even think straight.
What shit? Come on, tell me.
Maybe I can help you.
Stop trying, miss.
You're wasting my time.
It's all going to happen in front of you.
I said no way.
This bag belongs to someone.
I can't hand it over to you.
Are you kidding me? But I'm not going to take it.
Plus, the owner of the bag is related to me.
You said earlier that you were related to Tarek and the bag belongs to Abbas.
So? Make up your mind.
Well, it's a bit complicated.
And I don't have time.
But this is your job! Then leave and let us do our job.
Can I ask for one more thing? Go ahead.
Can I ask for a visit? And who would you like to visit? Tarek or Abbas? Are you serious, man? You married her? I said we eloped.
So she's your wife.
That's really weird.
What's weird? I married her legally.
Which means we have a marriage contract signed by two witnesses.
That's the problem.
She's your lawfully wedded wife, and you're still scared? Does her family know about it? No.
No one knows.
And I'm not scared.
Once I get out of here, I'll cut those fuckers into pieces.
You don't need to cut anyone into pieces, Abbas.
I want to protect her.
They are criminals.
So protect her using the law.
What are you saying? How old is she? - Khawla? - Who else? She's 19.
Nineteen? So you can tell the world that this is your wife, and they are assaulting her.
- But - No buts.
Do you have the marriage contract? No.
Khawla has it with her at home.
That's good.
Because according to this contract, you can get out of here and get a restraining order against those thugs, which will keep them away from you and Khawla.
What are you afraid of? She's your wife.
Take her out to lunch tomorrow by the seaside.
Just start going out with her.
You can take her on a honeymoon.
Did you marry her to hide her? Are you crazy? What if Stop saying "what if.
" This is not a game, Abbas.
We're sitting in jail because of a fight.
I mean, we're not living in a jungle.
I don't know.
I'm scared, man.
Where's your wife now? She's at Jawad's mom.
Who's Jawad? Your friend you were talking with? That's him.
I took her to their house when we eloped.
Jawad is my business partner.
He lives alone with his mom.
So they gave us a room, and they said we could stay there.
You have a visitor! Are you here to gloat? There's no time for that.
I'm here to help you.
So, it's not like you got the bag, and now you're pretending to care about me? You know what? My mistake.
Wait, wait.
Are you leaving? What do you want? Next time you come to visit me, maybe you could bring me some halvah.
You're unbelievable.
You're still capable of joking in here, looking like that? Are you capable of leaving me in here, looking like that? Tarek, stop fooling around.
What do you have in mind? I figured out a way to get out of here and get to the bag.
Not on your own.
I know.
I'm telling you so that you can help me.
I'll help you so that we can get to it together.
I got it.
There's a guy outside called Jawad.
Tell him to take you to Abbas' wife.
- His wife? - Yes, his wife.
It turns out they eloped.
And the whole fight with her brother and cousins was about that.
Anyway, go get her, and tell her to bring the marriage contract with her so that we can clear up everything.
Then I'll be able to talk to the guy about the bag.
Let's buy some time, then.
I have a question.
You've been calling me Tarek the whole time, but I don't know your name.
Miss Zeina.
Miss? And I am Mr.
Move it! You really didn't have to do this, ma'am.
You're welcome, dear.
It's nothing.
So, Khawla, what do you say? Come on.
It's no big deal.
You should be happy.
Happy? I've been roaming the streets with the man I love for three years.
And finally I elope, my family beats up my husband, they all end up in jail, and you want me to be happy? You're asking me to go to the police station to keep my family away from me, and you want me to be happy? Wouldn't that be better than living like this? How much longer are you two going to hide in here as if you committed some crime? An opportunity has presented itself to you.
- But - No buts.
I don't want to hear any buts.
And enough with this "it's my family" nonsense.
A family would be happy for their daughter, and they would protect her.
Not beat up her husband and then kill her.
You can't blame them.
They don't know that we got married.
Then hurry up, get changed and come with me.
Today, you're putting an end to all this.
MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE You're the only one who hasn't been fingerprinted.
Come on, fingerprint.
If your father wasn't an old man, I'd drag him here in the middle of the night to make him give his fingerprint and vow not to harass your sister or son-in-law.
Thank you, sir.
Congratulate your sister.
Sir, can we leave now? Pass by the sergeant before you leave to pick up your IDs.
What about us? Congratulations on your marriage.
You may go.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Wait, wait Where are you going? Wait.
- What about the bag? - What bag? I almost forgot about it.
Sir, can I pick up my bag now, or should I come back tomorrow? No, why tomorrow? The bag is in custody.
Isn't that what you were going to say, Mr Officer? Yes.
Go on, go and leave me in peace.
I hope, Miss Zeina, that Abbas isn't tipping everyone in celebration of his release.
And why didn't you stay with him, Mr.
Tarek? They wouldn't let me.
And it seems that I get on their nerves.
No one in there wanted to hear anything I had to say.
It seems it's the case in there as well as out here.
What do you mean, Miss Zeina? Nothing, Mr.
Here they come.
I'm glad you're out in one piece.
Thank you, and sorry for your trouble.
I'll carry it for you, Abbas.
You must be tired.
No, man.
It's nothing.
Okay, guys, have a good night.
Where are you going? What do you mean? It's almost time for morning prayer.
We didn't get enough time with you guys.
You're right.
That's why I thought I could cook something and you could come over sometime.
You know what? We happen to be hungry right now.
This is the best time for us to eat together.
I think it's better if we do it some other time, and I'm sure we'll keep in touch.
For sure.
Zeina, I have your number now, and I'll call you every day.
Okay It was a pleasure.
Good night.
Abbas? Put the ring around her finger, Abbas.
- Congratulations! - Give her some juice! Bravo.
Hey Why are you crying, sweetheart? We're here to celebrate your wedding.
Now, I don't have a family, but I wanted to have a wedding, and I wanted Khawla's family to be there.
It's okay.
Don't worry.
You can consider us your family.
Check out this video.
Do you like it? Look how beautiful you look together.
Two love birds.
- The ring - They're beautiful.
I really don't know what to say.
If it wasn't for you guys, God knows what could've happened to us.
You are good people, and you deserve the best.
But the next time you plan to do something like that, Abbas, don't be scared, be brave and just go for it.
What? Next time? I'll kill him if he does! We're joking.
Tarek, why are you doing all this? What for? I don't understand.
What do you mean? I mean we're total strangers.
Why would you get involved in such a mess? You spent the whole day in jail and look at this beautiful young woman She had a very long day, too, trying to convince Khawla to come and Come on, Abbas.
People are there for each other.
Like she said.
And is there anything better than love? I mean, you guys defied social norms and stood up to all those who were against you in order to get what you wanted.
For what? For love.
- Right, Tarek? - Sure, sure.
Nothing's better than love.
Nothing's better than being with the person you love.
Nothing's better than love.
Basically, Abbas, we don't care about any of this.
All we care about is this bag.
Not this bag! No, he means the money that's inside the bag.
Are you trying to make it worse? Abbas, there's something inside this bag, and we want it.
Can we look at it? What is it? Tell me so that I can help you.
There's a one-dollar bill inside the bag, we want to check it out.
- In my bag? - Yes, your bag.
Here, man! Are you kidding me? It's just a Here, take it.
- Let go.
- Let go.
Let go! I said let go! - Let go.
- Let go.
Let go.
Where is it? Abbas, focus.
Today, Abou Mahmoud, the cab driver, he came to you, bought a cup of coffee and gave you one dollar.
One dollar, a single bill.
Abou Mahmoud came, he bought a cup of coffee and gave me one dollar.
I wanted to give him back 500 pounds, but he said, "No, keep it as a tip.
" That's it.
Where is it? - Where's what? - I'm asking you.
Excuse me, guys, but why do you care so much about this dollar? What is this about? - Yes, I remember.
- Thank God! The guy at the pharmacy ordered a hot chocolate.
I went to deliver the hot chocolate, and he gave me 5,000 pounds.
When he gave me the 5,000 pounds, I gave him back the dollar.
Damn him, man.
Everyone is becoming so stingy.
They wouldn't even pee on wounded finger.
I didn't expect him to take the dollar.
Many people come in here during the day.
Literally, from morning till night.
But don't worry, I have everything on camera.
Where could it go? Back in the old days, dear sir in '97 No, it was in '98.
A customer came in, and he wanted Yes, there's Abbas with the hot chocolate.
Not Abbas.
A customer came in I mean here.
Can you pause the video and go back? Here when Abbas came in.
I thought you were talking about the - Faster please.
- Yes, yes.
Right there.
Right there.
He didn't put it in the drawer.
That's perfect.
Okay, now can you play it in slow motion? Okay.
Play it further.
A little further.
When this lady came in.
God! He put it back in the drawer! Unbelievable! Calm down.
I'm trying to figure it out.
Wait here - Can you play it further just a little? - Yes.
Stop, stop.
Doctor, who's this lady? Excuse me? Mr.
Tarek? I'd like to know what I did to bother you.
I mean, it sounds like I'm the reason behind all your misery.
Who is she? Mrs.
Okay, wait.
Here - Here you gave her back the change.
- Yeah.
That's right.
From the same place where he put the dollar he took some money and gave her the change.
- What are you doing? - Come on.
- Take your hand off my jacket.
- I said come on.
Let go of the jacket.
- This is Mrs.
Lilianne, you said? - This is Mrs.
Leave it right there.
I'll be back to ask about her.
Tarek, I'd like to draw your attention to something that maybe you haven't noticed so far, okay? No one tells me, "Enough.
" Do you hear? No one tells me, "Enough.
" If you think you're some smart guy who's going to teach me how to talk and what to say, then you're mistaken! No one says "enough" to me! I apologize, Miss Zeina.
Enough already.
You're saying it again! Okay, I'm sorry.
Forgive me! That's enough.
And now you're making fun of me? Fuck this day! You're swearing! Miss Zeina, listen to me carefully.
Do you realize what you're doing now? You're wasting our time.
You're wasting your time and my time.
That lady has the dollar.
If we lose it now, only God can get it back.
And what would happen then? We'll see if your eyes and your dimples do us any good.
How about that? Tell me about Mrs.
Lilianne, my dear sir There's no one like Mrs.
Lilianne anywhere in Beirut.
She was born to a wealthy family.
She usually buys all her products from this pharmacy.
A product for her body, a product for her hair, a product for her nails Can you tell us what she does, or maybe where we can find her? I've noticed here that she buys large quantities.
Of course! Do you think she sells these products? Of course not! What are you talking about? Mrs.
Lilianne has a group.
A group of divorced women who are her friends.
She buys them gifts.
And now this whole group has become part of my clientele.
Please, sir, you haven't answered my question.
I asked you about this fucking Mrs.
Where can we find her? Anything, any piece of information that can lead us to her.
Peel Beauty Center.
The group gathers there almost every day.
And by the way, this beauty salon also buys all its products from me.
What group? After Mrs.
Lilianne got a divorce, she created a group, more accurately, a club for her divorced girlfriends.
You can think of it as a kind of sorority.
They hold gatherings, they help each other out Something like that.
And I'm seeing more and more of them these days.
Subtitle translation by Imad Naqqar