Dollar (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [theme music playing.]
The opening of the bank is in two weeks, and our name has to be number one in the market.
[alarm ringing.]
[faucet running.]
I want to establish a friendly relationship with the client with an advertisement idea that can be summed up in two words, that's all.
Wajih? I have an idea that might save you another meeting with us.
What's this? This is a one-dollar bill, so it could be in the hands of any person in the country.
We'll release it to the public, and it will pass from one hand to another and go from one pocket to the next.
And the owner of the bill with the right number wins a valuable prize from the bank.
One million dollars.
Leave him, honey.
Don't waste another second with him.
Girl, we are your family.
We care about you.
We're here for you.
Roro, honey, if you think that anything will change in your life, it won't.
Think about your peace of mind.
Nobody's worth it.
No Yes Roro! Roro, honey, you're way too good for him.
Come on.
When it comes to us, we can do anything on our own.
No one can stop us.
Roro, I'm telling you, dear.
Get him out of your life.
Get a divorce.
Roro, cut it out! As soon as he comes home, throw everything in his face.
And if he dares to complain, I swear to you, I'll kill him.
Cut it out.
Just wait for him.
She's such a headache.
I don't know why she's even with him.
Why doesn't she go and live her life? [clicks tongue.]
But you have to admit, her husband is such a nice guy.
Plus he's not bad-looking.
He's cute.
"Not bad looking"? "Cute"? Don't disappoint me, Moni, okay? If you're thinking about it, or if you miss your ex-husband and you're trying to prepare us, just tell us.
Tonight, I'm throwing a party to celebrate you joining the club, okay? So? Do you have something else in mind? No, I don't.
That's not what I meant.
Because, seriously, I'd be very disappointed in you.
I've invited everyone to the party tonight, and I've planned everything.
I can't stand nostalgia! Crying over the past! That's really pathetic! [Dima.]
I'll kill you if you do that.
I'll stop talking to you.
Hey! Why are you both attacking me all of a sudden? I didn't say anything! Besides, my ex has moved on.
He's getting married soon.
Moni, honey, I didn't mean to upset you.
Look, love, what you're going through is difficult.
We've all been there, but I promise you, once you get over him [chuckles.]
you'll know what it means to be free, in control and independent.
Men are evil.
They're evil! They eat lies, drink lies, breathe lies, sleep lies.
Their whole life is nothing but lies, lies, lies.
Are you upset, honey? Are you upset because he's getting married? If I were you, I would dance and sing and celebrate at his wedding till dawn.
Oh, sweetheart! Well said! Well said.
Now we're talking.
Let's hear it girls.
[both ululating.]
I, for one, had never felt that life was this good until I got divorced.
Look, she said it! Should I fill out a membership application for her? Wait, Damdoum.
Let's learn a bit more.
Sweetheart, the minute I saw you, I really liked you.
Tell us.
Not much to tell, really.
After I got a divorce, I started feeling that life [cell phone ringing.]
is good.
Life is sweet and fun MR.
TAREK Divorce is great.
Seriously, it's really great.
Honey, get her the papers, and let's fill out an application for her.
Go on, dear.
Go on.
Your words are music to our ears.
So, in the end, your ex-husband just wanted your money.
Like my ex.
Damdoum? Are you saying that your ex was using you? I thought he gave you the factory he inherited from his parents.
What does that have to do with anything? And, anyway, you should listen to me, not other people.
What people? You told me [whispering.]
Hey, what's the matter with you? [shushing.]
Stop it! So, tell us.
I was never fooled.
I had him figured out from day one.
But what could I do? I was so in love with him, head over heels.
" Don't tell me he ripped you off.
Of course not! Never! So what? [chuckles.]
It was only half a million dollars.
Nothing really.
But I consider it to be a valuable life lesson.
But I'm telling you, girls, I'm telling you, I humiliated him, I dragged him through the dirt.
Well done! Half a million? Lulu! Lulu! Come here.
Come here.
Come here, naughty boy! Come here! Come here.
Come, come, come.
What did I say, baby? Never ever leave your mommy.
[in English.]
You are a good boy.
You are a good boy.
- Good, good, good - [Rita.]
Lilly? Lilly? Lilly, I messed up, and we destroyed the house, my husband and I, and things got out of control, more than I ever imagined.
Lilly, I didn't know that this is what usually happens.
I never Okay.
Calm down, honey.
Calm down.
Just tell us what happened.
Tell us what he said, what you said.
Sit down.
Go get her a glass of water.
Go! Sit down, honey.
Sit down.
- Get down, baby.
Get down.
Come here.
- [sighs.]
- I waited until he came back home - [Lilianne.]
and I stood in the middle of the hallway, just like you girls told me to do - [Lilianne.]
- and I lashed out on him.
That's great! Yeah, right! Calm down, honey.
What about your husband? What did he say? And that was it.
He just stayed silent, then he said, "Okay, if that's what you want.
But don't you ever blame me or say that I did you wrong.
" [Manal.]
Then what happened? Nothing.
He just left.
He said, "If that's what you want.
" But what do you want? - What? - I mean, what did you say that you want? I mean, I don't even know how I said it.
I said I wanted to break up.
Yes! Right! Good riddance! Congratulations, honey.
Let's hear it, girls! [ululating.]
Yes, but I didn't want to I mean, I never thought Honey, you don't need to think.
Let us do the thinking for you.
As of tonight, consider yourself a member of our sorority, On Our Own.
And I want you to fix yourself up because, tonight, I'm throwing a great party.
Some special things are going to happen that will cheer you up.
Because, like you are soon to be, Moni has been divorced for three days.
And tonight, she will become an official member of the club.
- [sobbing quietly.]
- Roro? Roro! Roro! Look at me, honey.
Look at me.
Just leave it to me, and I promise you, I promise you, I'll make you forget everything about your husband.
Not just that; I'll make you forget that he ever existed! [both laughing.]
What a lovely smile! What a lovely smile! You're coming over tonight as well.
First, we'll get to know each other better, and second, you might want to join the club.
We really like you.
Hopefully, you will like us, too.
I'm Lilianne El Hout.
- I'm Zeina Nehme.
- A pleasure! Thank you.
Of course I would never turn down Mrs.
Lilianne's invitation.
[in English.]
By the way, by the way [in Arabic.]
I really like this beauty salon.
- I'll definitely come back.
- [Lilianne chuckles.]
You're always welcome.
Dima Darwish.
[in French.]
A pleasure.
- Moni Bilal.
- [in French.]
A pleasure.
[Lilianne in Arabic.]
Let's take a selfie.
Okay? Then we'll post it on Instagram, and it will set the world on fire.
Come on.
Come here, you.
Why are you sitting over there? Come, sit here.
Now you take it.
Press here.
That's it.
Come on.
- Selfie.
Come closer.
- Yes.
Smile! Come on.
Okay, okay Yes! [claps.]
I'll see you girls tonight.
Okay, my lovelies.
I'll wait for you, okay? Let's go.
Roro, smile! Come on, Lulu, my love.
Let's go home and eat.
Lulu! - Lulu! - Lulu! - Where did he go? - Lulu! - Lulu! - Listen, maybe he went outside.
Outside? That's impossible.
He never leaves me.
Lulu! Listen, maybe Maybe he saw a cute female and ran after her.
A cute female? He's neutered, honey.
Lulu! - Lulu! - Lulu! [Manal.]
Lulu! Neutered? Poor thing.
"He's neutered," she says.
Lulu! [sighs.]
TAREK - [Manal.]
Lulu! - [Dima.]
Lulu! I don't understand.
Why aren't you answering me, miss? I've been calling you for the past hour, and you've ignored my calls.
What's going on? I'm not ignoring your calls, but there's a problem that we're trying to solve in here.
A problem? What problem? Do you think I can help? - [Dima.]
- [Lilianne.]
Lulu! Fuck off.
You want to help? Who needs your help? You're better off out there.
"He's neutered," she says.
- Where is she? - [Lilianne.]
Lulu! - Just what we needed.
- [Lilianne.]
Lulu! Lulu, I'm going to have a heart attack.
Where are you, my baby? Honey, relax.
He couldn't have gotten far.
We'll surely find him.
- What's your name again? - Zeina.
Zeina, honey, I'll die.
I'll die if Lulu is lost! Calm down, Lilly, we'll find him soon.
Lilly, I'll send the guys and girls to look for him.
As soon as they find him, they'll bring him home.
Just calm down.
Did you hear what she said? Hopefully, they'll find him.
I'll see you girls tonight, then.
Okay? Bye-bye.
- What? - What? You need to understand, Ms.
Big Plans, that there are two of us.
You're not on your own.
And you need to understand, Mr.
Precious Time, that you're the one wasting time right now.
Where are you going? You didn't get the dollar, did you? I didn't.
Can we go? I won't go anywhere until you tell me what happened.
Tarek, will you please get your hand off me? Okay.
That nutcase in there is throwing a party at her place tonight, and she has invited me.
I'll try to snatch the dollar then.
Okay? Can we go? I'll tell you everything on our way.
What? Whatever you plan to do, you need to tell me first, miss.
It wasn't nice of you.
You were in there, and I was sitting outside with no clue about what's going on.
It's called a beauty salon, which means they're all women.
How would you go in there? At least tell me what's going on.
I mean I was sitting outside, worried and anxious, while you were chilling inside.
I told you I couldn't answer your calls.
I was sitting with them! You could've sent me a message.
You could've texted me on WhatsApp.
Why didn't you text me on WhatsApp? What if something happened to you? You actually want me to believe that you were worried about me? - I was worried about the dollar.
- You were worried about the dollar? It figures.
You're obsessed with money.
Look who's talking.
As if you aren't.
- Anyway, did she tell you where she lives? - We're not going to her place.
We're not going to the party? Of course we're going to the party.
But I need to change.
Do you want the dollar to end up with someone else? You look great.
You actually look gorgeous.
I'm Zeina! And you want me to go to Mrs.
Lilianne's party without changing? No way! Take me home.
Do you want us to lose them? Why are you nagging so much? You keep nagging! I have her damn number.
How could I possibly lose her? Take me home.
Make a right, come on.
You always have a way out.
What was that? [sighs.]
What? [indicator ticking.]
Miss? There's a young woman called Zeina.
Did you happen to see her? She's kept me waiting out here for an hour.
You're not funny, by the way.
You're all dressed up, as if you're going to see someone you care about, or your friends, or as if it was a once in a lifetime party.
We'll go to the party, take that dollar bill and leave.
You mean I'll go to the party, and you'll wait for me outside.
- Are you going to start this now? - I'm not starting anything.
That so-called Lilianne has some kind of a society or club or I don't know what.
Today, there was a poor woman who had gotten a divorce.
Her name is Moni, and they're throwing a party for her.
So men are not allowed.
Do you understand now, Mr.
Tarek, why you can't get into the party? Why do I get the feeling that you're happy I can't be there with you? No, you will be there with me, but you'll be waiting outside.
As soon as I'm done, I'll let you know what happened, okay? Now, open the door for me.
Good evening.
Today, we're stronger than before.
And our club, On Our Own, has a social base that's growing more and more every day.
And, hopefully, in the near future, we will grow and expand even more, until our club, On Our Own, has at least one seat in the parliament! [Lilianne.]
And we Don't feel like a stranger.
The atmosphere here is really nice.
We're one big family and very informal.
Once people start mingling, the atmosphere will lighten up.
We're working to expand internationally! We're gathered here tonight to celebrate the new membership of a beautiful young woman, Manal Ibrahim.
Moni, please.
Moni happily got a divorce.
We wish the same for everyone.
Moni will kneel down as Moni Ibrahim and she will rise as Moni Bilal.
Moni Congratulations for getting back your maiden name.
Moni is now a member of our family On Our Own! Let's hear it for Moni! [women ululating.]
Oh! Lulu! Lulu, baby! Lulu, my baby, how I've missed you! Lulu! My dear love! My dear love! Thank you so much.
Are you from the beauty center? No, I dropped off my sister Zeina here earlier, and then I ran into Lulu.
So I thought he might be yours.
Hi Welcome.
Welcome, Mr - Tarek.
Thank you.
That's nice of you.
- Tarek, hello.
- Come in, if you like - [in French.]
Thank you.
Thank you.
Who's that? This is my brother Tarek.
He's my brother.
What are you doing here? You're here to ruin my plan, right? I told you it was a girls' party.
Look, see for yourself if you don't believe me.
Hmm? And the problem is that no one wants you in here.
- Do you know where the dollar is or not? - No.
That's why I came.
I told you the dollar is in her purse, and her purse is in the house, but I can't find it.
Listen, I'll distract them, and you look for it, okay? How? [Dima.]
Dima! Let me introduce you to my brother Tarek.
Tarek, Dima.
Dima, Tarek, my brother.
Nice to meet you.
Well, Tarek has many talents, and he just loves surprising people.
I mean, he just loves surprises.
Let me introduce myself.
Maybe I'll manage to improve my image in those beautiful eyes.
Go ahead, let's see what you got.
Really, I don't know how this happened.
I was surprised when I saw Lulu with him, and I was thrilled, so my tongue slipped and I asked him to come in.
And before I even finished asking, he was inside.
But to tell you the truth, his being here is so disrespectful, especially to the club members.
What are you going to say to them? You're right.
I'll think of something to scare him away.
This is unbelievable.
Ratrout, you can't stay like that.
Come on, smile! I want you to be happy.
[cell phone ringing.]
It's my husband! She's so stupid.
I mean she's just dumb! I don't know what to do with her.
Why don't you talk to her? Come here, Salwa.
Dress him up in the tuxedo.
[music playing on piano.]
- [women clapping.]
- [Lilianne.]
Psst! Psst! I'm sure it's in the bedroom.
This is a disaster.
How do we find her bedroom? That's if the purse is actually in her bedroom.
Okay, so? Look, I'll pretend to faint, and I'll fall down.
That way, I'll distract them, and you can go look for the purse.
Wrong! Don't you dare! If you do that, they'll call an ambulance.
Instead of solving one problem, we'll end up with two.
[indistinct chatter.]
I'm going to faint now.
- Hey, don't! - I'm feeling dizzy.
- Zeina.
- [inhales deeply.]
- One - I'll kill you.
two But this is not right! You can't do this! Even if I asked you to, you can't let me go that easily! I mean, what? Were you waiting for me to say it? Were you planning for it this whole time? Hello? Hello? - Hello? - Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Give her some room to breathe! Someone call an ambulance! We need a doctor! - Quick! Look at me - Please, get back, all of you.
I'm a doctor.
This way, please! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Here.
Yes, bring her in here! Here.
Please, step outside.
All of you.
Let me do my job.
Okay, come on, let's go outside.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, Lulu.
Come on.
Rita had a fight with her husband today.
And they may have split up.
Okay, listen.
Go outside and keep your eyes open.
[sighing heavily.]
[drawer opens and closes.]
Why is this happening? [coughing.]
Glad you're okay.
You got us worried.
I'm Dr.
Don't worry.
You just fainted a little, but now you're okay, thank God.
You're fine.
Forgive me for interfering, but I couldn't just watch you get hurt like that with your marriage falling apart.
I can't keep my mouth shut.
These women are ruining your life.
What do you mean? Who? Besides, I'm not a little girl that you can talk to like that.
But since you're an adult, you must see what's going on around you.
What do you mean? I don't understand.
I mean I wonder what's wrong with her.
your life won't change until you learn to say no.
And that's what you need to say to these women you're mixing with.
They are pretending to be your friends and that they care about you.
You need to say no to these people because they are nothing like you, and you are nothing like them.
These people don't know anything about love.
And you love your husband.
- Of course I love him, but - No buts.
You can't let anyone come between you two.
Love is It's the best thing in this world, Rita.
Besides, when two people love each other, it's perfectly normal for them to fight and to have arguments, because they love each other.
Plus, if you didn't love your husband, you wouldn't be crying right now.
Those people out there Those are people who failed at having a family.
That is why they turned into monsters and they want to stop whoever they can from having a family.
Men are bad! They are animals! See what he's done to her? [Tarek.]
And this On Our Own thing? Believe me, it will end up coming back to haunt you if you keep listening to them.
Nothing is better than love, Rita.
Of course.
You're right.
Come on, go wash your face and go home to your husband and your family.
Come on.
Uh Thank you so much.
[in French.]
I can't stand it anymore.
I can't stand it.
I'm going in! [in Arabic.]
What could it be.
[in French.]
I can't take it anymore! [in Arabic.]
Oh! Roro? Honey, sweetheart! It's not that big of a deal! Why are you doing this to yourself? So what if he's gone? He should die a thousand times over before you shed one tear over him! Oh, sweetheart! I'm leaving.
Once again, thanks a lot.
Rita! Rita! Stop her! Stop her! Stop her! What's wrong with her, doctor? Rita is a bit delicate.
I can't leave her on her own.
I must give her a ride, right? I'm coming! I'm coming! Okay, just tell me, why do you suddenly want to leave? The party is just starting.
Leaving now won't change anything.
I can't explain anything right now.
I can't! Honey, it's okay.
I'll give you a ride home, love.
- I'll give you a ride.
- No, I don't need a ride from anyone.
And I don't want to hear from any of you ever again! [Manal.]
Roro! I said no! Don't you get it? No! Wherever you go, this is where you'll come back to.
I'll be the one wiping your tears! Me! [sighs.]
Okay, let's not allow this to ruin our evening.
Let's all give a warm welcome to the great magician [whispering.]
What was his name? - [Manal.]
Rafi, Rafi.
- [in normal voice.]
Rafi! The show is about to begin, a warm round of applause! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Hello, everyone.
Does anyone of you have one dollar? I need one dollar.
One dollar.
One second.
- I have one dollar! - [Rafi.]
Do you mind? Look closely, everyone.
You see this dollar? Can you see the one-dollar bill? Can you see it properly? Some people spend their whole life chasing it.
They sweat in order to find it, and they don't know where to hide it.
And some people don't care.
They treat it like dirt, and they throw it away.
But the truth is, money comes up in so many life situations, and the dollar reappears.
[women clap and cheer.]
Well done! Bravo! And money in the hands of miserable people is spent on misery.
And money in the hands of happy people is spent on happiness, and the dollar turns into a rose! [women clap and cheer.]
A big applause! [in French.]
Thank you! [gasps.]
[in Arabic.]
Unbelievable! He disappeared! He disappeared! Applause! Well done! Bravo! Bravo! Unbelievable, isn't it? Unbelievable! [theme music playing.]
Subtitle translation by Adnan Rifai