Dominion (2014) s02e05 Episode Script

Son of the Fallen

Previously on Dominion We created the V-system so that everyone had a job to do, but they have no way out.
Zoe is a problem that I can't solve.
Now we have an enemy in our own walls? How many rebels do you have, a hundred? With my help, you will have thousands.
Alex, what is that? - A nuclear bomb.
- Oh, it's worse.
How do you have one of the Amphorae? I can use it to kill Gabriel and Michael and their whole family.
I can't save you, but there is someone I can.
Alex, the boy is like a son.
He needs me.
Maybe sparing Claire, Vega, your unborn baby was too much to offer.
New Delphi is a dangerous place for you to go alone, Michael.
You're strong, but Will you go with me? As my brother? Fighting on the same side? Hmm, be careful.
You might like it.
Oh, that'll be Gabriel.
He's come back for you, Alex, and after he kills you, he'll go on killing every other human alive, including the ones in Vega you've been fighting so hard to protect.
Is that what you want? - I'm not your enemy, Alex.
- Prove it.
Tell me how to trap Gabriel in New Delphi, so I can kill him.
I'll be glad to once you return the Amphora to me.
Or I could open this up.
Release God's wrath on all of us.
We don't even know who we're talking to the angel or the human.
Technically, as a dyad, you're talking to both.
We're fused, remember? Look, we all want Gabriel dead.
I don't see why we can't work together on this.
He does have an army, Alex.
Yeah, of eight-balls that we can't trust.
Fortunately, your Amphora will destroy every living thing in this city, including Gabriel.
See, Julian? We're willing to die to kill Gabriel to end this war between angels and humans.
Question is, are you? Go, go! Stop.
All right.
May I? At the far end of the trading floor, there's an old medical facility.
A caduceus marks the entrance.
Winged staff, snakes.
Oh, is that You mentioned a trap before.
Is this the trap? It's more of a secure space with the weapons necessary to capture Gabriel so that my men can go to work on him.
I call it "the inner sanctum," and it is our best shot.
Best shot? I'm afraid you're gonna have to do better than that.
Well, no one's killed an archangel before, so there are certain risks involved.
But history always needs a first, eh, Alex? Tell your men to be ready.
Alex, are you sure about this? No.
Hello, Alex.
You better run.
We're gonna get you.
We're gonna kick your ass.
Leave the boy alone! Come on, let's go.
Let's get out of here.
Let's go! Are you hurt? More rations for them if you're dead.
Who are you? Someone who wants you to live through the night.
Where have you been? I'm sorry, Alex.
Sorry? You just took off.
I had to leave.
To protect you.
Protect me from what? From me.
Well, a lot happened while you were away.
Noma and I survived the aerie.
Made it all the way to New Delphi.
Hell, we even captured a dyad.
- A dyad? - Yeah, Julian.
Alex, a dyad is far stronger than any eight-ball.
Julian will want the markings for himself.
Please, you must come with us.
Who is us? Gabriel.
You came here with Gabriel? He promised me he won't harm you, Alex.
Michael, you have no idea what he put me through in the aerie.
Julian is the one you need to worry about.
- Please come with me.
- No.
You want to help me? Just stay out of my way.
Get that thing out of here.
Where would I even hide it? You got wings, don't you? You call out to your guards, I'll put a bullet in your skull.
Have to say I'm flattered Edward Riesen, the once mighty general of Vega ordered to babysit me.
I don't take orders from anyone.
Well, take a seat.
You need the rest.
I prefer to stand.
Oh, come on, Edward.
The coughing, the sweating.
You're short of breath.
If I didn't know better, I'd say you were suffering from a serious medical condition.
What what is the number one killer of men? Oh, yes, heart disease.
After angels, of course.
Been a long time since I killed an angel.
The more you talk, the more I miss it.
Well, I'm only part angel, remember.
Part of me is just like you, Edward.
But unlike you, I'm not gonna die.
Though, uh, I do get thirsty.
What if I were to tell you I could make you a dyad like me? Once possessed, the body stops aging.
Stops dying.
And your human spirit can live in beautiful symbiosis with an angel who'll provide the strength and vitality that you sorely lack.
Oh, come on, Edward.
Just think about it, yeah? I mean, I'd hate to see a great warrior like you die of a broken heart.
There is nothing beautiful about what you are.
You are a monster.
Oh, you old flatterer, you.
- Still no word on Zoe? - No.
Our rebel friends have gone quiet.
Not even yours truly can find them.
And Zoe made off with a crate, and we have no idea what was in it.
What if we took a page out of Gabriel's playbook? Stop chasing Zoe ourselves and let someone closer to her do the job for us.
Yeah, we plaster her face all over the Vega and offer a reward to anyone who brings her in.
A bounty on Zoe's head.
Dead or alive.
One, two, three.
Sweet ride.
How long before Claire notices it's missing? Only 24 hours.
She's been keeping a close eye on the barracks since Mills got snatched up.
Hey, if we're gonna die, we might as well go out with a bang and a four-wheel drive, right? Blowing up buildings, really? That's the plan? Actually, my plan was to shoot you but I'm not the boss.
In case you didn't notice, they aren't building mega casinos anymore.
What're you trying to do, turn Vega into a refugee camp? For some of us, it already is.
Zoe, get down! Jasper! Gotcha.
Stay there.
Sit down.
He's one of ours.
- Zoe? - Hold pressure right there.
I think you better see this.
_ "Vega is offering a lifetime of food and shelter "to the family of anyone who captures or ki kills Zoe Holloway.
" What happened? Where's Julian? Well, I don't know whether it was the angel or the human part, but I think one of them just kicked my ass.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Now, the Amphora is it safe? Yeah, but Alex won't be.
Not with Julian free.
I've got to find him before Julian does.
- Sure you're okay? - Yeah.
That bad, huh? We got to get you help fast.
We can't go out there.
Everyone'll be looking for you.
It's my face on that paper, not yours.
Zoe people die outside V-1 clinics every day just trying to get in.
Even if I did, there'd be no doctors and no medicine.
No, I'm better off here with you.
Look, I'll negotiate a cease-fire with Claire, use our weapons as leverage.
Get you a doctor.
You're crazy.
They'll take you hostage.
You want us both to die? I'll go.
Come on, what's the worst Claire can do? Shoot me again? Look, just try to stay calm, okay? I'll find someone to send, don't worry.
Who? For a bounty like that, hell, I'd turn you in myself.
I'm available.
Nice try.
Negotiating's what I do.
You said it yourself you got no one else to send.
How do I know you won't bolt? And go where? Everyone in the city thinks I have a predilection for eight-ball sex.
I'm a pariah, down here, up there doesn't matter.
The fact is, I'm probably safer with you than anywhere else in Vega.
Come on, Zoe, look around.
I've already given you food, a place to hide.
Frankly, I think I'm the only one who's keeping this little operation going.
I just saved your life, didn't I? Now, let me save his.
We just got a message from Zoe.
She wants to negotiate.
Any conditions? She wants to sit down at a mutually agreed upon place and a few basic medical supplies.
Someone must have been hurt.
Zoe will send an emissary.
So should you.
I'm willing to go on your behalf.
No, it's too dangerous.
Arika, you just got here.
To help Claire in any way possible.
I put down two rebellions in Helena.
These radicals usually send whichever lackey draws the shortest straw.
I'll hear their demands and report back to you.
Alex! You bring this kind of carnage with you wherever you go? Where's Noma and Riesen? I needed to talk to you.
Don't worry, they're fine.
Now, my guards inform me that not one but two archangels have found their way into my city.
That's a 25-year record broken.
Have you ever wondered why Michael hasn't just killed Gabriel yet, hmm? Michael could end this war right now if he wanted.
But he won't.
What are you talking about? They're brothers, Alex.
They're twins.
God created them out of darkness in the exact same moment.
Can you imagine? Even a dyad's bond is nothing compared to theirs.
Now, look, I know you and Michael are close, and loyalty is an admirable quality in a foot soldier.
But you came here to lead an army, win a war, and sacrifices must be made, my friend.
Now, Michael trusts you.
If you lure him into the trap, Gabriel will follow.
You can save Vega, Alex, but it comes at a price.
You trap Michael, you kill Gabriel, and you end this war.
Or I could just kill you right now.
But you won't because you know I'm right.
I've waited thousands of years for this moment, and I can't live with myself if Gabriel gets away.
Can you? I've seen men go to great lengths to get my attention before, David, but this is extreme.
Even for you.
The boy is dying, Arika.
He needs a doctor, not a fistful of vitamins.
Antibiotics and painkillers are in short supply.
A doctor can be arranged quickly when Zoe and her rebels turn themselves in.
Zoe sent me to arrange a cease-fire, not a surrender.
Excuse me, who are you? Zoe sent me to keep an eye on him.
A one-on-one negotiation.
Those were the terms we agreed upon.
Let me know when your people get serious.
She won't talk with you here.
Do you want Jasper to die because of you? I'll be right outside.
Now, where were we? You have to get me out of here.
Tell Claire I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get back to Whele Tower.
David, you slept with an eight-ball.
We both know that's bullshit.
Claire just has to release a statement exonerating David, shut up.
Tell me about Zoe.
The crate, what's inside? C-4.
Maybe a few hundred pounds.
They stole a truck this morning.
Plan is to blow up Caesars Palace and Claire with it.
- When? - Tomorrow morning.
Convince Zoe to turn herself in.
There's not a lot of reasoning with an anarchist.
They want everything to go bad.
That's the whole point.
Then you're going to have to bring us the explosives yourself.
You can't be serious.
Claire needs this little situation resolved, so she can focus on the real war, the one outside Vega.
Bring us that truck in three hours, and we'll return the favor.
What does that mean? A comfortable life.
V-3 or above.
Your reputation restored.
How do I know Claire will keep her end of the deal? You have three hours.
Have you found the boy? Julian's not a human.
He's a dyad.
Only disembodied higher angels are powerful enough to form a dyad with a human soul.
All the more reason to bring this city to its knees.
Do it now.
Once in a while, humans come up with something quite clever.
Military defense protocol designed to keep the enemies out or our enemies in.
Lockdown activated in ten minutes.
Gabriel, no.
We need to get Alex out of here.
I'll help you with Alex once I lay waste to this city.
Julian's been killing our brothers and sisters for decades, Michael, while we looked the other way.
- Not anymore.
- It's too dangerous.
Protect yourself.
Let me finish this.
I ran from this city once.
I won't do it again.
Your recklessness has got us into trouble before.
I can't take that chance now.
You'll heal in time, but this is the only way to protect you from Julian and Alex from you.
I can't let either of you be harmed.
If you can't walk or run, you can't be part of this.
You can only fly, away from here.
Michael, don't do this alone! I purged him to the V-1s two days ago, and now he's speaking on behalf of a V-1 rebellion? Gotta admit, I'm kinda impressed.
We all know David has certain underhanded tendencies, but in this case, he's right where we want him.
Yeah, but he's a politician, not a secret agent.
Do you really think he can steal the explosives on his own? David's a man who gets what he wants.
And right now, there's nothing he wants more than to be back up here with us.
Oh, damn it.
Our tail just lost David in part of the northwest quad where the surveillance cameras are down.
They must have known.
I mean, it narrows the search, but If Zoe detonates that much C-4, how much damage are we talking? Four or five city blocks or more.
We need to evacuate right now.
No, evacuation sends the wrong message.
Yes, "we want to live," which is a message I am perfectly okay with.
I am not running away.
Create a perimeter ten blocks wide.
I don't want any military trucks near this hotel.
If David delivers for us, making him a V-1 could actually turn out to be the smartest move I ever made.
This is it? Claire won't send a doctor unless you turn yourself in.
She put a soldier on us too.
We had to take the crowded alley behind Circus Circus to shake him.
I thought we had an understanding.
Yeah, and I thought you could get Jasper help.
I guess we were both wrong.
Radio me if you need to.
Zoe, what's going on? I need to talk to our rebels in the Corps.
I won't wait until morning.
We're bombing Riesen Tower tonight.
Vega will change, and I'm gonna make sure you live to see it.
Always look for the highest perch.
High places keep you safe, allow you to see what's coming.
I wonder where my dad is right now.
All he left me was a note.
My own father disappeared.
Did you leave you a note? In a way.
A message.
But I can't read it.
My dad has bad handwriting too.
Those boys are gonna kill me.
Only if you let them.
They're bigger than me.
I'd be dead if you hadn't stopped them.
This world is filled with monsters far worse than those boys, Alex.
The blade I gave you You must use it.
We can't wait for our fathers to return, Alex.
We must fight our battles on our own.
Dad never taught me how.
Mine did.
I'll teach you.
Michael, you were right about Julian.
I should have listened to you.
But I abandoned you, Alex.
I can't change that.
You did what you had to.
System lockdown begins in five minutes.
The tunnels will be sealed in minutes.
We need to get you out.
I'm not leaving Noma and Riesen here to die.
This way.
Follow me.
None of these chairs throne-like enough for the Lady of the City? Sit down.
You're making everyone nervous.
David is running out of time.
With no way of communicating with us.
Didn't Riesen ever teach you that patience is a virtue? It is entirely possible that Zoe killed David the moment he got back to them and we're standing around like idiots, waiting on a dead man.
Lady Riesen? Call a doctor.
- We need a medic in here.
- Medic to control room now.
What's wrong? Talk to me.
May I help you? Don't worry, Whele.
I'm gonna make sure you don't outlive me.
Well, that's a relief.
Where's Noma and Riesen? I'm sorry.
I meant what I said.
I forgive you, Michael.
Please forgive me.
Noma, get out of here! Guards, stand down! What are you doing? It has to stop.
Julian's right.
If we imprison Michael, Gabriel will come.
This is my chance.
Nomes, I gotta do this.
Alex, no! You saw what that dyad did to Pete.
Are you really gonna trust him? No! But I have enemies to defeat, from the biggest to the smallest.
Alex And they don't get any bigger than Gabriel.
I'm standing right here, Alex.
Why don't you come and get me? I want a word with Julian, Alex.
Where is your new friend? What has Alex done to you? You promised you wouldn't harm him.
Get Alex out of here while there's still time.
Is there anything this boy could do that could possibly turn you against him? No.
Our fates are tied.
Lockdown complete.
Remain at your stations.
Await further instructions.
How much of this must I endure? Look at us.
You, me, Father.
Our sister dead under a mountain.
He's tearing this family apart.
It's not my fault your father left.
I was a day old when you two started this war.
A coincidence? I don't think so! You choose him over us every time.
Well, Michael, I choose you.
I'm going to save you, brother, by doing the one thing you can't.
Your attention.
Curfew is now in effect If you come by the clinic, we can find out if it's a boy or a girl.
For now, best to get some rest.
None of us are getting any sleep tonight.
Not with David out there.
But I will take it easy.
Thank you.
Everything's going to be okay.
Thank you.
Uh, a baby? Congratulations.
Uh, If I'd known, I would never have Kissed me? It's okay.
People do strange things when they think they're about to die, right? I know it's not William's.
Claire, I saw a photograph of the two of you on your wedding day.
I think the bouquet had stronger feelings for William than you did.
The father was a soldier.
But he's gone now, and I want to believe he's still alive, but he can't be because if he were, he I'm sorry.
Claire, I Any man who loved you and loved your baby would be by your side right now if it were humanly possible.
He was human, right? All too human.
Lady Riesen.
A call just came in from the truck that went missing.
The man claims to be David Whele.
David? Whele, are you there? The explosives.
I got them.
Tell us where you are and we'll come get you.
Vega's a beautiful city, isn't it? We created something wonderful.
David, what's going on? If you think I won't honor our deal, you're wrong.
Just bring the C-4 to me, and you will never have to be a V-1 again.
I promise.
No, no, I believe you.
So what's the problem? It takes so much to build something in this world, and so little to take it down.
Vega is not gonna fall tonight.
David, we can make sure of that.
We can do this together.
You could've killed me, Claire.
Why didn't you? Because you're a human being.
Claire Riesen Convinced she can save every person in this city all by herself.
The V-1s taught me something, Claire.
We've been dividing the people for years.
Up there and down here.
Vega's like two different cities now.
I'm starting to think that maybe it's the way it should be.
David? David? I want Vega on lockdown, the whole city on high alert, every guard armed and ready for when David comes for us.
Nice try.
Any last words? - Get in.
- What? I built this city when you were in diapers.
You want to bring it down, I'm the guy who knows how.
Come on, Jasper.
You got a gun.
Keep it on me, but get in the damn truck.
You seem like a nice kid, and frankly you don't have much time, so why don't we go see you off with a bang? Come on.
Okay, old man.
Where are we going? Oh, straight to the top.
What would Father say? I don't know.
Let's bring him back and find out.
The markings on Alex's body are Father's final message.
If you harm him, they'll disappear forever.
What good is a message if nobody can read it? Gabriel, please.
Killing the boy won't matter.
All we ever needed was his skin.
If you kill him, you may as well kill me.
I'll never forgive you.
Oh, yes, you will.
Put him down.
Alex, are you okay? Good work, Alex.
Looks like you and I make a pretty good team.
What are you waiting for? Kill him! Kill Gabriel now! Patience, Alex.
So what do you think of this body of mine? It's all right, isn't it? Think it suits me.
Much as I enjoy drifting in darkness, it is nice to be back on two feet again.
You don't recognize me, do you? Come on, Michael, think.
All right, I'll give you a clue.
Last time you saw me, we burned two cities to the ground, but you looked down on my methods.
Lyrae, you have broken the will of God and must be punished.
You banished me to the outer sphere for taking joy in delivering God's punishment.
But you were my inspiration, Michael.
I learned it all from you.
I was wrong.
I know that now.
It's too late.
You can't escape the sins of your past, and you, too, must be punished.
Use the Empyrean steel net! Come and get me.
Julian, he's gone! Find Michael! These are beautiful.
Who drew them? An old friend.
One foolishly obsessed with the Chosen One.
An old friend or a dead one? A friend who outlived her usefulness.
You know I hate it when you're cryptic.
Please don't treat me like I'm just another doctor of Helena.
I've always looked out for you, haven't I? I appreciate your protection, but I want your trust, too.
I know you didn't come back to Vega to play mentor.
I like Claire.
She's a strong and capable woman.
Just the kind of leader the Cradle needs.
Shame we have to take her city.
Then what are we waiting for? I should be cutting Claire's throat, not caring for Careful, Daria.
Even doctors can outlive their own usefulness.
You only spent a few days in Helena.
It's worse than you think.
I've heard the reports.
I know the storms have worsened Tiring our people Weakening our defenses Our city is running out of time.
Soon Helena's women will need a new home.
That's why we're here, but we must first make room.
I have to go.
Why? Wh Where are you going? You can't just leave me here.
Trust your instincts.
You will make the right choice.
I have faith in you, Alex.
What is it? What have I done, Nomes? Jasper! Jasper, are you there? Jasper, do you read me? Relax, Zoe.
I'm here.
Zoe, listen up.
You got to do exactly as I say.
Get the V-1s out of the tunnels, now.
Get them to run.
Understand? What Why? Because if there are any V-1s left in the tunnels in - How long do we have? - Ten minutes.
In ten minutes, they're going to be dead.
Jasper, tell me what's going on.
Do it, Zoe.
All right.
What can I do? I'm here to help.
Claire, I'm getting reports that V-1s are moving east out of the tunnels and they're in a hurry.
Those tunnels lead all the way across Vega.
That's thousands of people.
Oh, holy shit.
The agri-tower's on the other side.
I think David just stole our food.
He did more than that.
He split the city in two.
David Whele just started a civil war.