Dominion (2014) s02e06 Episode Script

Reap the Whirlwind

Previously on Dominion Alex, what is that? - A nuclear bomb.
- Oh, it's worse.
How do you have one of the Amphorae? Get that thing out of here.
- Where would I even hide it? - You got wings, don't you? Oh, come on, Edward.
The coughing, the sweating You're short of breath.
If I didn't know better, I'd say you were suffering from a serious medical condition.
New Delphi is a dangerous place for you to go alone, Michael.
- You're strong, but - Will you go with me? As my brother.
I'm sorry.
Julian! He's gone! Find Michael! Always look for the highest perch, Alex.
High places keep you safe, allow you to see what's coming.
Holy shit.
He split the city in two.
David Whele just started a civil war.
You did good, son.
You're welcome oof! Bastard.
- That was no way to thank me.
- What did you do, huh? This wasn't the plan.
- Jasper.
- Zoe, just hear him out.
No, this was a better plan, trust me.
Blowing up Riesen Tower would've gained you nothing.
I did you a favor.
You dragged him down there.
No, I went on my own.
Congratulations, Zoe.
You now own half of the city and all of the food production.
You said you wanted a civil war? - I just gave you one.
- You destroyed the city.
No, I divided the haves and have-nots.
I told you to get them out of the tunnel.
Thanks to me, the V1s Are mostly on this side of Vega.
The decisions you make in the next 24 hours will determine whether you succeed or fail.
There is a tiny window for victory, and I know how to win.
How? What's the damage report? We're still assessing the injured.
We need to get those people out of the streets.
That foundation is not stable.
Yeah, no, I need emergency broadcast I am working on it.
It'll take time, okay? She doesn't have it.
It's critical that people hear from their leader.
I'm trying to keep these people alive, okay? There's a 30-foot trench in the middle of Vega.
There the ruptured water mains.
The power's out.
I mean, lucky for us the nuclear reactor's on our side and there's not a scratch on it.
David lost his mind.
No, that bastard used my failsafe.
It's a backup plan I designed into the city's infrastructure.
If we were overrun by eight-balls, we could detonate this dividing line and defend a smaller portion of Vega, and David, he used it against us.
He didn't just split our city, he split our resources.
Did you manage to shut down the Agri-towers? No, the V1s are already inside, but we have depots with weeks' worth of food, and That's not enough.
They're going to starve us out.
- Claire, send in your military.
- No, absolutely not.
Lady Riesen, you're at war.
Yes, with Gabriel, not my own people.
His angels are coming, and if they attacked now, Vega would fall.
I need to unite my city, but I am not going to use violence to do it.
And spilling innocent blood won't win me the love of my people.
It would make me no better than the angels.
"He who has great power should use it wisely.
" Seneca would be proud.
If Seneca was alive.
Two words: hearts and minds.
You get the love of the V1s, convince them to stand with you, you'll be bulletproof, but you have to become a leader.
I can make you one.
Call me your campaign leader.
You gotta be kidding me.
Quit being so stubborn and listen.
Yesterday you were just an angry kid with a gun.
Today, I made you a rebel, but power has its price.
I'm prepared to pay it.
If you're not, you're in the wrong game, sweetheart.
Zoe, we can't trust him.
He's a psychopath, but you know he's right.
- When do we start? - Right now.
Welcome to your revolution.
- So where's Michael? - Forget about Michael.
We have the archangel Gabriel.
- Just kill him already.
- Yes, yes, get on with it.
Your brother's hiding but the city's sealed.
He's not going anywhere.
Has he called to you with his wings? Tell us where he is.
I'd rather you work for it.
Well, why not ask Alex? He gave up Michael once.
I'm sure he'll do it again.
- Oh, shut up.
- You.
Where's my Amphora? He has an Amphora? Which one? It's safe, where you can't find it.
He'll never use it to possess anyone again.
Well, it's my city.
I'll find it.
You're not gonna kill Gabriel, are you, Julian? You never were.
So what do you want with him? Michael and Gabriel stole everything from me: my body, my wings, my connection to our father.
They damned me to the darkness, and you can't comprehend what that means.
But I'm going to make them suffer Michael most of all.
How? - You lied to me.
- Oh.
Truth, lies.
God's gone.
What use is morality when there's no piper to be paid? Alex, if he lays a hand on Michael because of what you did, every hurt inflicted on my brother I'll visit tenfold on Claire.
You will reap what you have We're leaving New Delphi, Julian.
There's nothing left here for us.
Not before you bring back my Amphora.
Show me where you hid it, Nomes.
Wouldn't do that, Alex.
Follow them.
They're going to lead us to Michael.
Now Where were we? Alex.
Are you insane? We're not giving Julian that Amphora.
It's a way to buy time.
Gabriel's captured.
He's neutralized.
At least for now.
We need to save Michael and get out of here.
I have an idea where he is, but - Pete.
I'll take care of him.
- Yeah.
Hey! You got some nerve, buddy.
That's not your body.
Where's Pete? He still in there? By now, Claire should've given a statement, but she can't, because I set a bomb under the only radio tower on that side of the city.
Ours is still up.
The studio's tapped in.
You're going to talk to the people instead.
Beat Claire to the punch.
It's a PR move she'll never recover from.
- What's this? - It's your speech.
I used to write Riesen's, not that you'd care.
That man could turn a rallying cry into a funeral dirge.
What he never understood was that the angels destroyed everything, but they could not touch our words, which are strong as marble and rich as sweet cream.
Zoe, you gotta do this.
It's now or never.
Jasper, don't be scared.
Okay? I'm not, 'cause you're here.
When we were kids, I'd get lost in the tunnels a lot.
She would always find me.
When I heard your voice, I knew I was safe.
Zoe Let them hear your voice.
Michael? Pete? If you can hear me, we haven't forgotten about you.
Higher angels aren't welcome here.
You had a pass.
I'm revoking it.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's all good.
Come here, come here.
Let me take this off.
How did you find me? "Always look for the highest perch.
" That's what you told me when you gave me this.
Why are you doing this? Because you'd have done the same for me.
Back then, at least.
Now, I'm not so sure.
I would die for you.
I would've then, I would now.
Nothing's changed.
I sold you out.
Gabriel was right there, and It blinded me to anything else.
I screwed up.
You're not the only one.
Julian's looking for you.
The city is sealed.
We're trapped.
We need to get out before he kills us.
I know how.
But first, I need fire.
Thank you! They've got water! Wait right here.
- You ready? - I just my whole life, I've been invisible, just like all V1s.
I tried to speak but no one listened.
I Even tried to pray but He wasn't there.
Make them listen.
People of Vega We have lived in fear.
My name is Zoe, and I've given you a new city, the city we were promised, a promise broken by the Riesen dynasty, dictators who made themselves into new gods.
I lost my family.
I lost everything.
We all did.
But in Vega, I found a friend.
And now, he's dying because of the V6s, because of their cruelty.
These walls aren't a sanctuary.
They're a tomb.
Help me.
Help me make it right.
Now this is our city.
People of Vega We have lived in fear.
- Thanks.
- Ma'am.
Come on.
Do I really need a guard? Without you, the city would fall.
David knows it.
He'll come for you.
Yeah, well, let him try.
I need you sober.
Please tell me you've fixed it.
What, the broadcast? This city is being torn apart.
You know what? It has been for years.
Your dad created the damn V-System.
Now you're just cleaning up his mess.
But I could've prevented it.
My dad would have executed David and Zoe in a heartbeat.
I let them live.
Well, that's not who you are.
Maybe it's who I should be.
If I send soldiers in, I can Oh, and slaughter innocent people, Claire? You're not a killer, okay? I've sent people to their death.
Yeah, traitors.
That's different.
You're not a killer.
Don't become one.
You can't un-ring that bell.
I'm starting to think about how much stronger I would be if I hadn't grown up inside these walls.
But you are.
You know, your dad, he wasn't perfect, but he took charge when the people needed a leader.
I had to follow him, but I want to follow you, Claire.
- Are you hearing this? - What? That's Zoe, speaking to your people.
Now this is our city.
Get in here! He used an angel to possess my friend.
And you saw him do it? He has an army of eight-balls.
An army? But for what? Julian or Lyrae or whatever, he's got a bone to pick.
Well, he has good reason.
I demoted him, made him into a lower angel.
Now he's found another body, he'll want revenge, and he'll get it at all costs.
_ _ That's it.
That's his revenge.
You took his body.
Now he wants to give bodies to all the lower angels.
New Delphi doesn't have enough human vessels, but you know what does? Vega.
He's gonna attack, and we have to stop him.
Alex, you're no match for a dyad.
I'm not going to fight him.
I'm going to evict him.
It's never been done.
I don't even know if it would work.
Why would the markings let me evict unless I was meant to use them to save humanity? Riesen can help me distract him.
Yeah, there's a Command Office nearby.
I saw an evacuation hatch inside.
That could be our escape.
I'll meet you there.
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
But what's going on out there? I'm going to perform an eviction on Julian.
When he comes in here, just keep him talking.
I need his attention off me.
We have one shot at this.
I have misjudged you, Alex.
There's something you should know.
We tried to save Clementine.
My wife? Claire and I performed an eviction, but it didn't work.
She never made it through.
I'm sorry.
Claire said she'd gone.
I just didn't know how.
You were trying to set her free.
I couldn't bring myself to let her go.
She was my Clementine.
Hey, Alex.
- You brought my Amphora? - Noma has it.
It's on its way, but I just came to say good-bye, and to thank you.
You were right.
With Gabriel in chains, Vega is safe.
Well, ah, why don't you have a drink before you go? Some of the special stuff.
These walls aren't a sanctuary.
They're a tomb.
Help me.
Help me make it right.
I gotta admit, she's persuasive.
She's persuading people to overthrow my government, and it's playing on loop.
Shut it down.
I can't, not from here.
Okay, they're broadcasting it from a relay station on their side of the city, ten blocks behind the trench.
But this propaganda is being heard on both sides, and the longer it plays, the weaker your authority looks.
There is another way.
Get me across the trench.
I can manually override the broadcast from the tunnels under the station.
I can cut off her speech, and play one that you record.
- That's very brave, Mr.
- No! It's a war zone.
You're not going over there.
Vega couldn't operate without you.
I am the only one who knows how to do it.
They won't even see me coming.
Just send some soldiers with me.
No, that would attract too much attention.
- Claire, I can go alone - Forget it.
Just find another way.
Nothing here.
I'm gonna need you here for a couple minutes.
All right, very good.
Find Gates.
You were right.
I'm sending soldiers in to destroy the tower.
Lady Riesen? Mr.
Foley is gone, and he left this for you.
Gates? Hello, Claire? Where are you? I'm defying orders.
It's been a while, so I'm a little out of practice.
- How am I doing? - You went under the trench? You're going to the relay station to stop the signal yourself.
Are you insane? Get back here.
No, I'm halfway there.
I'm just about to pass the Venetian.
Or I was.
It's sealed off.
- Good.
Turn around.
- No.
We have to stop that speech.
Gates, I am serious.
I don't care who you are.
You'll be punished for this.
Okay, there's a tunnel up ahead that'll get me there, but it's close to the trench.
It's not exactly safe.
Here goes nothing.
I know another way.
You passed some graffiti about a mile back, right? - How'd you know about that? - Go back to it.
There's a secret passage there, a stairwell to a lower level.
It's a shortcut to your relay station.
There's no passage there.
Not one that you know about.
Okay, I like a woman with a little mystery, so All right, game on.
Lead the way, Lady Riesen.
Stop changing the bandages.
There's no point.
I'm not going to let my best friend die.
Zoe Promise me you'll finish what we started.
Double back.
Check the tunnels.
He's still in the city.
Don't come back until you find him.
Michael's always been clever, but we'll find him, sooner or later.
Tell me, what exactly do you have in mind for the archangels? It's complicated, but I've got all the time in the world.
It's one of the perks of immortality, you see Sanctify this vessel! Come into the light.
Protect us, body and soul.
Sanctify this vessel! Come into the light! An eviction? Well, would you look at that? But it's not that easy, Alex, because a human has to want to be free, and we are very comfortable in here.
General! Not exactly the face I wanted to wake up to.
You should've left when you had the chance.
- Alex? - Noma.
Julian's men have been torturing her for hours.
He wants to know where she hid the Amphora.
She's a warrior, that one.
She'll never break.
Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that.
- I'm not done yet.
- You son of a bitch.
Your markings are potent.
I mean, they didn't work on me, but they did work on someone, didn't they? Little Petey! So familiar, and now I know why.
He was born an angel right here in New Delphi by my hand.
But now I know that you evicted him, and undid all of my good work.
And I won't allow that to happen again.
- Where is it, Noma? - Don't tell him.
Don't you dare touch him.
Your speech is working.
I'm sorry, Zoe.
Claire took my son from me.
She ordered his execution, and I left him outside the walls to die.
The pain never fades.
But there's something liberating You've nothing to lose now.
You can make her pay.
A friend wants to speak to you.
Who are you? How did you find me? I'm part of the rebellion, David.
Hello, David.
Well, there are many words I would use to describe you, but "friend" would not be one of them.
Oh, but I come bearing gifts.
I'm sorry, how exactly is it that your little tentacles have reached as far as my rebellion? Your rebellion? Civil unrest has been brewing for years, David.
I sent a friend to join and take a closer look.
Gates Foley is going to the tunnel under the relay station to shut down your protégée's rousing speech.
Nice move, by the way.
Now, be a dear and stop Gates, won't you? But take care not to hurt him.
- Why are you telling me this? - Well Contrary to what you may believe, I like you, David.
You always seem to land on your feet, and war is good for us both.
Uh We have a problem.
Claire, I found the graffiti.
Turn right.
His name is Gates, brown hair, and about 180 pounds.
They're looking for me by name.
What the hell, Claire? What? No one outside this room knows you're there.
Someone must have talked.
Okay, look, just Careful, don't start the witch hunt just yet, okay? You spook them and you'll never find them.
Okay, listen to me.
There should be some wood pallets up ahead.
They're covered by a tarp.
Get to it now.
- I'm gonna send backup.
- On the other side.
Where's that end go to? He must've gone this way.
I think I lost them.
Good, stay there.
My soldiers are coming.
- This way.
- It's coming from down there.
Too late.
This is it.
I'm right under the relay station.
You did it, Claire! I gotta do this fast.
They're right behind me.
I'm hacking the transmission.
Gates, get out of there! No, I'm not done yet! We've located Gates, Lady Riesen.
Engaging rebels.
Stop! Stop! Don't hit him! We need him! Protect Gates! All right.
Here, hold your fire! There are too many of them! Let's go! - Ahh! - Gates.
Julian, please.
Those are Father's words.
They'll bring him home.
Why would I want that? He was no father to us.
The humans were his children, but we were his slaves, and now those children are mine.
My slaves.
My bodies.
I've heard the story, Alex.
If I kill you, your markings might find their way onto another vessel, so I'm going to destroy them, one by one, until she talks, and then I'll kill you.
No! Aah! No! Hey, you stay with me now, 'cause you can't die until all of these are gone.
Alex! No, Pete.
No! Pete, no! Get off me! Get off me! No, no! Noma! Voila! Pretty as a picture.
Do you feel like talking now? Noma Noma! People of Vega, we have lived in fear.
My name is Zoe, and I've given you a new city, the city we were promised, a promise broken by the Riesen Claire.
We have Gates.
- Gates? - Claire, I'm here.
I'm fine.
I don't think my earpiece is going to make it, though.
I broke the damn thing.
- You stopped Zoe's speech.
- I did you one better.
I'm jacked into the emergency broadcast right now.
Lady Riesen, your people need you now more than ever.
Would you like to talk to them? Yes.
Yes, I'm ready.
You are live.
Citizens of Vega.
This is Claire Riesen.
It's time to reunite our city and end this violence now together.
You can stop all of this, Noma, you know it.
Tell him, Noma.
Noma, don't you dare! I'll get help.
Run, Alex, run! He won't stop until he kills you! I can't! Noma, no! No! What did you do? What I had to! Oh.
Alex! Go! Run! Find Michael and get him out.
Did you hear that cheering? What you said was incredible.
I mean, everybody heard it.
They loved it.
Zoe has nothing on you.
Claire, I'm sorry.
I mean, I had to do it.
I mean, th-these people needed to hear you.
I needed to hear you.
Come on, s You could've been killed, Gates! And if you're that stupid, maybe you should've been.
How can I win over their hearts and minds if the damn speech only played a few hours? It doesn't matter.
It did the job.
How do you know? New recruits.
Here, hold it.
And there's ten times more than this outside.
I know a born leader when I hear one.
It's only the beginning.
Michael! Please help! What happened? I'm okay! - Noma, who did this to you? - She did, to save me.
Can you save her wings? Michael Don't worry about me.
We have to go.
Get out of here.
Your marking.
Father's words.
They're gone.
Gone forever.
Not this one.
It fought back.
These are stars in the sky.
It's a constellation called Lyrae.
- What are you talking about? - And this star.
It's called Vega.
Vega? The markings.
They were trying to warn me Julian would attack Vega.
It was right there all along.
- Maybe if I'd just listened - No, no, no, no.
You couldn't have known.
Not on your own.
We were meant to work together, but I left you.
What's done is done.
Now all that matters is saving Noma and getting back to Vega.
Come on.
I need you to climb for me, okay? - Keep moving.
- Alex! Keep climbing.
Noma, go! Move, move! Alex, go now! Get Noma out! Noma, go, go, go, go! Go with her! Julian has an endless army.
- You'll die here.
- I'm not leaving you again.
Then we'll both die, and Vega will be lost.
This isn't the end.
Our fates are tied.
Come on.
Come on! Don't let go of me.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Come here.
Quick, hide.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
We've got to keep moving.
Once we get to Vega, you can rest.
_ _ Come on.
You lost Gates.
Whose fault is that? You might've warned me about Claire's soldiers.
I'm starting to fear I've bet on the wrong horse.
No, this stallion's got plenty of kick in him.
How do you know I won't tell Claire what you're doing? Because you need me.
Oh, I seem to be managing just fine.
I think it's you who needs me.
- Why? - You'll see.
I said it would work, didn't I? You say a lot of things.
Are any of them true? You said you want to heal Vega, to make a difference, but you know what I think? I think what you really want is to be king.
- Zoe - No, I see what you're doing.
You manipulated Claire and you think you can do the same to me, and you did.
Jasper's gone because you made me choose, but I won't be your puppet anymore.
You didn't help me for me.
You did it for you, and one day you were gonna put a bullet in my head and take over.
That's what you think, right? No.
I wait! But that day's never going to come.
When the V1s stole food, you would chop off our hands.
This is for Jasper.
You stole him from me.
And now you'll never point a gun at me again.
Because I'll put a bullet in your head if you do.
We should never have left that Amphora back in New Delphi.
It was a mistake.
It was either save the Amphora or save you.
Wasn't a choice.
That choice could destroy my kind.
We need to get inside that house.
- Buy some time.
- We both know I don't have any.
I'm not healing, Alex.
Something's changed.
I'm dead weight now.
Nothing's changed.
We'll figure it out.
You're not listening to me.
I'm dying.
I can feel it.
You're the one not listening.
What? N-nothing.
Nothing, nothing.
Come on.
Aah! We need a needle and thread, matches.
There's a town nearby.
We'll rest an hour, and then we'll head out.
You're gonna be okay, Nomes.
Julian! Get your rest.
You're gonna need it.