Dominion (2014) s02e07 Episode Script

Lay Thee Before Kings

Previously on Dominion - You're an eight-ball.
- No.
He's a Dyad.
Half human, half higher angel.
No! My whole life I've been invisible.
Just like all V-1s.
People of Vega, this is war.
Now, this is our city.
What aaah! Now you'll never point a gun at me again.
Come on.
We've got to keep moving.
We need a needle and thread.
There's a town nearby.
Once we get to Vega, you can rest.
Now's not the best time for sleep.
I wasn't sleeping.
If you hoped to frighten us, Julian, you must know it will take more than a homemade toaster to do it.
Oh, I want to do so much more than frighten, archangel.
You know, being a Dyad has advantages that no angel can imagine.
I get to tap into the very nature of the beast.
Human nature, the thing that separates us truly from them.
- And what is that? - Hatred.
Oh, they have the capacity to despise one another in a way that we angels just can't comprehend.
And they've honed that hatred through centuries of practice.
Torture being one of its crowning achievements.
Seems Julian was more human than angel.
Even at Sodom.
Oh, I see you, Michael.
You think I am the greatest of all archangels.
This is all beneath me.
And I was.
Always, below you.
Your life, your rank, the great gifts you were given freely through no work of your own.
I've earned everything I am this day.
Can you say the same? Last I heard, madness has always been free.
Well, it's true.
As Lyrae I was exploring that darker side of man's nature.
I carried out Father's justice, and you didn't approve because you wanted all the blood, all the vengeance for yourself.
I held a sword.
You, a sadist's grin.
Oh, please.
If I am to die, I'd prefer not to hear Julian pontificate about how events didn't favor him.
Right you are, Gabriel.
Why banter when it will soon be over anyway? So, this torture is beautifully simple and given that electricity is one of an archangel's few weaknesses besides Empyrean steel, it is perfect for my purposes.
You know, ironically, it was first used in Stalin's Russia to force traitors to confess as they sat across from a loved one.
Above each of you are two live wires I've connected to the power grid of this facility.
Each has enough volts of electricity to destroy even your powerful bodies.
That metal pipe between you controls whether or not the live wires descend or stay in place.
And to stop from being killed, each of you will have to take turns grasping it.
The pipe delivers an electrical charge that will wear you down.
Seems like a lot of work to kill us.
You have Empyrean steel in New Delphi.
I don't want to kill you, Gabriel.
I want to break you.
And then I'll take one of your bodies and make it my own.
Any questions? Have fun.
Is he really the Chosen One? He wears the markings? East.
Bring him East.
Shh! We're running out of time.
- I'm sorry.
- We're going.
Come on! Aah! Aaaaah! Admittedly, I don't know everything, but how would he steal our bodies? I'm not interested in finding out.
You know why we're here, brother.
Because Alex is a wrecking ball.
Had you let me take him at the start, our family wouldn't be in shambles, and Father maybe I could have reached him.
I know you miss him.
We've all lost his presence.
Why does it torment you more than the rest of us? - It's warped you.
- Don't change the subject.
Alex, and your misplaced devotion to his kind, is the reason we're both here.
About to die.
Is this situation finally enough for you to realize that the boy's not who or what you think he is? Because of what I've experienced these last months, I'm more convinced than ever.
You were in my position once.
Watching over a child that had been chosen.
Do you remember him? It's not the same.
What did this? Soldiers.
On their way to Allah.
But you don't need to worry about that.
Perfect! I missed.
Why is that funny? Losing is part of winning.
Every time you fail, you're better for it.
Besides you've won enough, hmm? We feast tonight.
Can I have the fat one, Papa? Fat one it is.
Go inside.
Security clearance checkpoint now in effect.
Sorry, Lady Riesen, we have a situation.
The rebels are sending you a message.
There are sympathizers everywhere, even your servants.
Those you trust the most.
Message received.
Whatever we do, we better do it fast.
They have the Agri-towers.
While they feast like kings, we have about three weeks left of food.
We're all gonna die if this bloodshed doesn't end.
I need to speak to Zoe face to face without David Whele as the go between.
I think we could make a deal.
End this rebellion once and for all.
I might know a way that we can get Zoe's attention.
We split everything east of the trench in thirds, and go our separate ways.
Not gonna happen.
- What are you looking at? - Nothing.
Is he your pet? What the hell is he doing here? He's the one who gave us the codes to the Agri-towers.
The same ones you're using for extortion now.
I'm not extorting anyone.
I'm taking advantage of a resource that I control.
But I have the support of the people and Ramirez has armed us.
We're an army now.
You can either join us, or I'll remove you and take back the towers.
The food belongs to the V-1s.
What the hell is going on? Claire just said hello.
Now death's sweet embrace is close, is it not? Not close enough.
Oh, come on, Edward, you know what I want my Amphora.
I'd torture you for its location, but it's clear you wouldn't last.
And you're just stubborn enough to let it die with you.
My wife used to say I was stubborn as a junkyard dog.
You're wasting your breath and what little time I have left.
You're never going to see that Amphora again.
You know, you think I'm going to use it to destroy Vega, but I've had that Amphora for over 20 years.
If that were true, then you wouldn't be sitting here now, would you? I have other purposes for it.
Every great man has his weakness.
What's yours? Dying men don't have weaknesses.
They got nothing to lose.
One thing I'd love to know, and I-I don't think it steps on your vow of silence, what brought you to New Delphi? And who's Clementine? I overheard you say her name to Alex.
Clementine was my wife's name.
When the angels fell, she was possessed.
The angel, the one that took her body, also took her name.
I captured her.
Over time, we became close.
Coming to this hellhole was her idea, not mine.
She had heard that eight-balls and humans could live together.
It's a beautiful story.
Don't wish for darkness, Edward.
You have so much life in you.
You've always found humor at the strangest times.
Because there's always something to laugh about, Michael.
Most of all, death.
And that said, I haven't felt this weak since Since you were a man? When you were your best self.
My worst.
You've done well here.
No, he's a good boy.
So kind.
He has the heart of an artist.
It's time.
It's too soon.
The invading army is massing, and has put forward the same beast of a warrior every day for 40 nights.
Every sun up and sundown he waits.
Every able-bodied soldier is needed.
So too, your son.
But what of the King? His army? The coward hides in his castle.
Only the farmers are left to face his enemies now.
Papa? Who are you speaking to? Nobody, little one.
Back to sleep with you.
War is coming, poppet.
Tomorrow, you need to be brave.
Alex, medical supplies were one of the first things looted in the War.
That, and booze.
No way anything's left here.
There better be.
Either that or you bleed to death.
And that's not happening.
Come on.
We're getting what we need.
Let's go.
- Holy shit.
- Beep.
Cleanup on aisle three.
- What are they doing? - Beep.
- Clean-up on aisle three.
- Beep.
- Clean-up on aisle three.
- Beep.
Lower angels aren't that different from humans.
Each one has a personality.
Some are smart, evolved, some primal, dumb as a box of rocks, - but all of them - Beep.
Are obsessed with the lives they took.
Maybe this is where they were happy.
Hello, sunshine! You came to the right place.
Everything's on sale.
Prices are plummeting.
Let me know if you need any help, okay? We should go.
There's too many of 'em.
But they're not attacking.
I don't think they're going to.
I mean, look at this place.
It's stocked.
I bet there's first aid, maybe guns.
We're gonna need some with that crew out there.
What should we do? Get a cart.
What? Where? The message came about an hour ago.
Zoe wants to meet behind the back of Harrah's.
That is a terrible location.
There's too many ways in.
The buildings are close and high.
Which is why my soldiers are sweeping the area now, securing the location, and I'm going with Arika.
- Arika? - Yes.
She's one of the people from that room that knows that I was in those tunnels.
All of them have security clearance.
Guess who doesn't.
I know you, Michael.
You don't do anything without intent.
Why bring him up to me now? Because it's good to remember where we come from, and the moments that shape us.
Who will fight me? Days I've waited.
No one? Today you must be brave, David.
Where is the king? Hiding behind the skirts of his many wives? Today will be your last.
If no one will fight me, we will take Saul's pride and his wives! Yeah! Raaaaah! Yaaaaaah! Retreat! Run! Hello again.
Welcome back.
This is bat-shit.
We need to hurry.
What about guns? The case back there was empty.
In back.
Maybe there's more.
She's here.
The perimeter is secure.
We swept a five-block radius.
There are eyes on you from every vantage point.
I'm ready.
I'm watchin' you.
She's clean.
Nice move with the electricity.
Did you really think that would stop us? No, that's why I restored the power.
I just wanted to get your attention.
When I decide to stop you, you'll know.
Well, I'm here.
You got something to say? Neither of us wanted this war.
We've both lost so we could fight for other people's happiness, but I can't remember the last time I felt any.
Can you? You do that to David's hand? Next time, shoot him in the head.
Don't make the same mistake I did.
Thanks, but I got this.
Or is that all you dragged me out here to say? I'm sending soldiers across the trench as soon as you drive out of here.
That's what I came here to say.
No bluffing.
You wouldn't kill your own people.
I would to unite this city.
Surrender, Zoe, and everything changes.
You and me, we change it together.
Just like I promised when you were in my prison.
You're a leader now.
It is your job to protect your people.
You wouldn't have come here unless you wanted the same thing I do, so let's find it together as equals.
Sniper! Claire, get down! Claire! Come on! Get us out of here.
Drive! Drive, drive, drive.
Go now.
Claire? Claire.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
- Gabriel, enough! - Ah! Rest.
My turn.
And then, back and forth again? How long can we endure this pain? For eternity, I hope.
Oh, on and on you both went about your great strength, so superior to a higher angel.
I thought we'd never hear the end of it.
Now let's see how powerful archangels really are.
We won't disappoint.
Love that attitude.
But eternity won't be enough.
Your device is broken.
I don't feel a thing.
It's worthless.
No surprise really, considering its maker.
I mean, you're a failure.
Oh, the old girl is set at her lowest strength, but I'd be happy to show you what she's capable of.
Do your worst.
We can handle it.
Show him, Gabriel.
It's almost over.
All you had to do was kill Claire Riesen.
You failed as you always fail me.
Why am I surprised? That shooter was my best man.
Oh, I'd hate to see the others.
You botched this, Pearson.
I did good work for you when you were Consul.
Three times out of five, and even then I'm being generous.
Can this be tracked back to us? - No.
My guy died.
- Good.
You better hope Claire does too.
If Zoe finds out what we did I will take care of Zoe.
You just finish what you started.
I want my money! You stop.
I paid you half already, and I gave you the codes to all the Agri-towers.
Until Claire is dead, you won't see another chip.
But do keep the watch.
Alex, don't tell me you're actually pretending to shop.
It's a really interesting article here on guns.
Maybe if we keep acting like we're shoppers they'll let us check out.
Some of those corpses were fresh.
You really believe they'll let us waltz right out of here? You got a better idea? You find everything okay? We did, thank you.
You're not forgetting anything? We'll take this too.
For my hair.
Sometimes it takes a few tries.
Paper or plastic? Plastic? Excellent choice.
Plastic it is.
- Price check on potato chips.
- Cash or credit? - Everything's on sale.
- Price check on price checks.
Let me see if I can help you with anything.
Cash or credit? - Price check on potato chips.
- Cash or credit? - Everything's on sale.
- Attention, shoppers.
The store is closing.
Price check on oven mitts.
Thank you for shopping with us.
Maybe we should speak to a manager.
I'm gonna find whoever did this to you, Claire.
I swear it.
Claire, I just heard.
Are you okay? My baby My doctors are on their way.
The bullet entered near the femoral artery.
- We need to operate now.
- He's right.
We can't wait.
She's lost too much blood already.
We'll handle it from here, sir.
Zoe lied.
She never wanted peace.
No, you didn't see her when the shot was fired.
She was just as surprised as we were.
Zoe didn't set us up.
Someone else did.
It must have been David.
Most likely candidate.
You know, we gave peace a chance.
Now it's time to try something else.
Oh, good.
You're still alive.
You need to learn to take no for an answer.
There's someone here who'd like to meet you who I think would do your heart a lot of good.
Come on, darling.
I loved your story.
Only I hate the ending, so why don't we give it a new one? I don't follow.
Once evicted from from a human body, a lower angel doesn't cease to exist.
They return to the outer sphere, waiting in darkness for their next chance to possess.
Your life isn't over, General.
And neither was the angel that you loved.
I've missed you so much.
Clementine? Do you have any idea what you've done? We could have had peace.
If Claire dies because of you Zoe.
Not very smart wearing David's watch around.
Zoe, you gotta listen.
I didn't You know who I hate the most? People without conviction.
How could we kill the scum on the other side of the trench if we don't first deal with our own? Aah! No! We were able to repair the artery, but the blood loss was severe.
And with the added stress of surgery, it caused a spontaneous miscarriage.
It wasn't something we could prevent, but you will make a full recovery.
I wish I had better news.
I am sorry.
David? David? Where is he? Where's my boy? The crowd swept him away.
I-I couldn't find him.
- Michael? - Brother, you raised a hero.
Your David protected Father's flock.
A mere boy felled a giant and proved to all the strength of our Lord.
But King Saul, he was jealous.
If a peasant boy was the only one who could best a giant, what good then is a king? He threw your son from the palace ramparts.
I I was not swift enough to catch him.
And do you hear them? They still cheer for him because they don't know.
They don't know they carry another child on their shoulders and they dance in the streets.
Saul put an impostor in his place.
One he can control.
Gabriel, I'm so sorry.
You did all you could do.
You played your part.
Not well enough.
The loss of him, his life Is a stain on my soul.
I-I can't bear it.
Father has a plan.
We must trust in that, Gabriel.
His plan is perfection, but they will pervert it.
Destroy it.
Father thinks too much of them.
Careful, brother.
You must stay your hand in all ways.
We cannot judge these humans by their flaws, their mistakes.
We can't lose hope.
Time will heal you.
Time will never heal this.
Alex won't survive in this world without you.
There are too many monsters.
Including me.
It the angels don't kill your Chosen One, the humans will.
We need to move this thing along before it's too late for him.
"All perfect gifts come from above.
" What are you doing? I'm giving you what I never had with David a chance to save your Chosen One.
I don't believe in Alex, Michael, but you do.
Protect him.
And if you can, bring our Father back.
There's no point to anything without Him.
Aaah! You must go to him.
Alex awaits.
I won't leave you.
Brother, don't do this! I can't leave anyway.
I still have to kill Julian.
No, no, no, no, no.
I'm not done with you yet, Gabriel.
Stay with me.
Gabriel? Who in God's name are you? Shh.
Do you know me? No.
Well, I know you.
You have children, do you not? - Five boys and three daughters? - I do.
Lucius, Rona, Tebald, Corinth, Jessiah, Tusla, Winow, and Getrin.
You're very blessed.
Such a large family.
- Yes, but I - I too, had a son once, many years ago.
He was a beautiful boy, so good.
I raised him, loved him more than life itself.
He died, fallen from a high place.
I buried his body in a dirt field.
My child was destined for great things, but an imposter stole his destiny, but didn't fulfill it; tarnished it.
My boy, the boy God chose to be King of Jerusalem, and the boy Saul murdered by throwing from a window was named David.
The same name you bear with gluttony and dishonor.
Saul is long dead, but I can stay the hand of revenge no more.
Tonight, all your children will die, as will all their children.
The streets of this city will flow with your blood.
The name of David may live on, but your line ends this day forever, and there's nothing you can do about it.
You can't fix me, Alex.
No one can.
I can't change what you did for me, Noma.
I wish I could.
I don't.
I'm prepared to die in this war.
I don't know how to live like this.
I mean, look at me.
I'm not an angel.
I'm not human.
So what am I? I don't know.
I'm nothing.
Well, I still know who you are even if you don't.
Oh, yeah? Who's that? You're Nomes.
There's a plan.
I don't know what it is yet, but you, me, Michael, we're all part of it.
- When we get to Vega - Yeah.
We're gonna figure out what it is.
Three of us against the world, huh? World doesn't stand a chance.
They must've tracked us from the house.