Dominion (2014) s02e08 Episode Script

The Longest Mile Home

Previously on "Dominion" I'm sending soldiers across the trench as soon as you drive out of here.
Surrender, Zoe, and everything changes.
Sniper! Claire.
The added stress of surgery caused a spontaneous miscarriage.
All you had to do was kill Claire Riesen you failed.
What if I were to tell you I could make you a dyad like me.
Once possessed, the body stops aging, stops dying.
Your life isn't over, General.
And neither was the angel that you loved.
You've spoiled me into almost believing I'm human.
Clementine? - I've missed you so much.
- I'm not leaving you again.
Then we'll both die and Vega will be lost.
I don't believe in Alex, Michael.
But you do.
Protect him.
I can't change what you did for me, Noma.
We need to get to Vega.
Weapons? Slim Jims, AA batteries.
We definitely should have holed up in a gun store.
Please tell me you have a plan.
I got nothing.
Then we fight.
_ _ You're late.
Your wounds are they - Alex sewed me up.
I'm okay.
- Is Gabriel dead? Gabriel's captive in New Delphi.
- He's alive? - Gabriel sacrificed himself so that I could escape and get to you.
Doesn't sound like Gabriel.
- Gabriel's full of surprises.
- And Julian? Soon he'll raise his army and attack Vega that's clear.
The city doesn't have much time.
We need to get going.
There's no entry.
For me, there is.
I'm William Whele.
Smell that? Did you sleep here? Yeah.
Eight-balls, destroyed before they reached the house.
It's like someone was protecting you.
They were burned from the inside out.
I've seen this before.
When? Recently.
Tell me, David.
How long before I'm the one who's dodging bullets? Now why would I kill a pretty girl like you? You know I like our little chats.
I don't want to be sinning more than you do.
But we agreed to let Claire and Zoe's negotiations play out.
Let the war end when it's just heating up? Not a chance.
An opportunity presented itself.
Do you expect to continue receiving my help? Arika, we're not partners, and I don't work for you, so let's be clear.
When this war is over, I'm going to control Vega.
Not today.
But soon, with or without your help.
Hello, David.
Hello, Zoe.
David? David? Are you still there? I can't hear you.
- Who's Arika? - Claire's right hand.
She wanted her identity kept secret but, uh, Arika is a valuable asset.
Pearson was your asset too, but I just watched him die.
Bringing us to the law of unintended consequences.
Meaning? Come on, boys.
Pearson's men weren't very happy with the way you terminated his services.
They work for me now.
They're not the only ones.
You've been at this for a couple of months.
I ran an underground for 20 years.
I know enough to know that trying to kill Claire Riesen wasn't just a mistake.
It destroyed any chance we have for peace.
Peace is not the answer.
The V-6s are too entrenched and too powerful, and they will use that power to stop you by any means necessary.
The only chance for revolution is to burn them down.
Now why don't we set our differences aside till the war is won? For now, Whele.
But when it's over, one of us is going to die.
Ladies first.
Make sure to get some rest now.
Claire, I'm so sorry.
Had I known about the meeting with Zoe if I'd been there the cowards responsible for this will pay.
Could you give us the room, please? Just for a moment.
If you need anything at all We need to give Zoe the war that she deserves.
Strike hard, strike fast.
Destroy this rebellion once and for all before it gets even more out of control.
I want the helicopter ready at a moment's notice.
What's wrong? Gates isn't as good a liar as he thinks.
He's up to something.
- Then go now.
- No.
Claire's loss is unfortunate, but it's also a stroke of good luck.
She'll fight back harder than ever, and we'll build a new Helena out of what's left of Vega.
But if Gates suspects us, he'll tell Claire.
You're right.
One way or another, Gates Foley is a problem that needs solving.
You're nothing but another of Julian's sick jokes.
Edward, it really is me.
You tell Julian that I will never reveal the location of the Amphora.
You shouldn't be so eager to die.
Leave me alone.
Alex killed me.
He evicted my soul, ripped it from my body.
And our daughter watched.
Julian brought me back.
Remember, Edward? I used to dream about a place where we could live in peace.
Tell Julian what he wants and we'll be husband and wife again.
You were never my wife.
She was your wife for nine years.
I loved you for 25.
I remember the day we met.
The world was crumbling, but you weren't afraid of anything.
My brave general.
I'm not the man you think I am.
I never was.
The books are for show, right? You civilians don't really read that crap.
Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.
Those who think that fancy quotes make them smarter are often due to get punched in the mouth.
Numbers don't lie, and if I can read them, anyone can.
For God's sake, Foster, if you're going to sell tri-tip out the back door at least be clever about it.
You're not only a thief, you're a bad one.
I don't like civilians.
One more word about tri-tip will result in me shoving this inventory file so far up your ass, it'll part you hair.
What is this? Much as I do enjoy torturing you, I think it's time that we tried a more targeted approach.
Who are your friends, Gabriel? I don't think you have a single human or angel as your friend.
Certainly not Michael.
He's your twin.
Any of your angelic underlings? I think not.
Where's your vaunted army and your herald Janeck? Weren't they supposed to be here by now? On the flip side, your enemies multiply.
Claire Riesen dropped a bomb on your aerie using the Queen of Helena's plane.
We know how the Chosen One feels, and his poor angel sidekick would rather rip off her wings than spend another minute in your presence.
I believe that was your company she found most disagreeable.
You're alone, Gabriel.
In all the universe, totally alone.
This is worse than torture.
May we please return to the electroshock therapy? Oh, we're just getting started.
Sweet dreams.
You should be in bed.
I'm fine.
Arika, thank you for coming.
Foley, I was surprised to hear you wanted me.
- Hmm.
- Claire, shouldn't you be resting? I am exactly where I should be.
Understood? We have five Archangel Corps soldiers on the other side of the trench, and another strike team's preparing to join them.
Any luck tracking Zoe or David? No, but from our soldiers' intel we believe that we know the locations of a number of Zoe's warlords.
And if we take them out, it will be a major blow to her support base.
What do you think? If you want to stop a dog from biting, take out its teeth.
The armory.
We go after the weapons, not the people.
We're gonna need those weapons if Gabriel attacks when Gabriel attacks.
The decision is yours, Claire.
Sanders, prepare your men.
We're going to raid the armory.
Everything's ready.
We can be back in Helena by nightfall.
Just say the word.
Bring Kat in here.
I need to send a message to David.
You don't trust the radios? With Gates running hot and cold, we need to take every precaution.
See that our friend David gets this.
We have chips.
I'm a little low on cash, but if you give me a beer, I can pay you back in a couple of days.
This is a bar, son, not a bank.
What if I told you I used to be William Whele? William Whele's dead.
Not dead.
Exiled by my father.
Where'd he send you, to hell and back? Close.
William Whele, huh? Back from the dead.
First angels and now ghosts.
Well, I don't believe in ghosts and, uh, I don't like liars.
Well, like I was saying, I was exiled out to the desert, given a death sentence, but I made it back.
Boy, stop bullshitting us.
I met William Whele.
I shook his hand after a sermon.
They were like a little girl's hands.
You ain't no William Whele.
Excuse me.
Let me ask you No use struggling.
You're not in danger.
I just need your help.
Claire Riesen? What are you doing in New Delphi? Shh.
Julian will hear you.
He did this to you? But you escaped.
Clever boy.
Gabriel, let me help you.
Claire, wait.
Be careful.
He's an Archangel.
What are you doing here? He could be dangerous if we unpin his wings.
And you I know you.
You're the Queen of Helena, aren't you? Julian's tortured him.
He needs our help.
By all means, Claire, help me.
Gabriel's mankind's greatest enemy.
He's more dangerous than ever.
Even now.
But why would I harm you? Three beautiful women, kind enough to help me in my hour of need? You honestly believe that I'd waste an ounce of energy on anything other than placing Julian's head on a pike? You're amused.
You can't defeat Julian.
- No one can.
- He's invincible.
Julian will break you.
He's already breaking you.
Resistance is impossible.
Take these damn pins out, and I'll show you what I can do.
- He means well.
- He's hopeless.
So? Should we take the pins out? Yes.
Now the other one, please.
Better? Yes, yes.
I need time to recover heal.
An hour, maybe two, and then I'll summon my angels and we'll slaughter that dyad and everyone else in this cursed pit.
Of course you will.
You don't believe me.
Even with your wings.
It's a losing proposition.
But I'm an Archangel.
One of the greatest warriors the heavens have ever seen.
Julian is far more powerful than that.
You don't stand a chance.
What do you suggest? Stay here.
With us.
Why, exactly? Because we will protect you.
Because we want you.
Surrender, Gabriel.
It's easy if you try.
I did have buttery hands, didn't I? I take it as a compliment, but I don't think you meant it that way.
Get out of my way.
It's amazing how our skin changes, isn't it? The worse we treat it, the stronger it gets.
Humans are the same, aren't they? These hands have done things I never thought I'd be capable of.
Hey, look man, I was joking around in there.
I'm not looking for trouble.
Neither am I.
Ah! Edward, Clementine.
I have news from Vega.
I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but Vega has fallen into civil war.
One side is led by a former colleague of yours, David Whele, and the other by your daughter Claire.
And unfortunately she's recently been shot.
- No.
- Edward, careful.
She's getting the very best care available from what I hear.
Why should I believe you? Well, how can you doubt it, Edward? You left an inexperienced girl in charge of a city.
Everything that you fought so hard to build is disintegrating while you're here dying unnecessarily a thousand miles away.
A dyad can help Claire to save the city, especially with a New Delphi army and me at his side.
Unlike the eight-balls your term, not mine the higher angel shares control of the body with the human soul.
Symbiosis, not destruction.
You will remain Edward Riesen in every way.
All it takes from you is the Amphora.
I'm not going to betray everything that I stand for, Julian.
What do you stand for, Edward, if not your wife? And your daughter? You rat me out? What you were doing was illegal I did my job.
I'm going to show you what we do to rats on this base.
Oh All warfare is based on deception.
Picked that up from Sun Tzu in one of my stupid books.
Clementine! Claire? Clementine.
None of that changes who you really are.
I'm an imposter.
A charlatan.
No, you're the man who defended humanity.
The man who founded and ran Vega.
All of that's the same.
Doesn't matter if those ribbons were pinned on your chest before the war or not.
You always know what to say to me, Clem.
Take the offer.
You'll be immortal, like me.
What if Julian uses the Amphora as a weapon and I can't I can't Are you okay? Edward? There's no time left.
You need to take his deal.
Julian! Do you love me, Edward? - Yes.
- Then save yourself.
For us.
Shh, shh, shh.
I know better than to ask.
I'll take another.
Ahh Now where was I? Cast out to the wastelands, that's right.
I was out there for over three months and I survived.
I thrived.
My first test came when I was captured.
They made the best companions, unless you're into insanity and an unending stream of sadism and cruelty.
Burning, cutting, biting torture.
They fight constantly.
More vicious than you can ever imagine.
Where is Julian? - Oh, no.
- Save him.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Where is the Amphora? This is your last chance.
He's running out of time.
Vega needs you.
She needs you.
Let me make you what they need.
Tell him, Edward! What you did for Alex was extremely brave.
And rare.
I realize the price was great.
I did what I had to.
Now I need to make sure he gets home to Vega.
- And what happens then? - I guess we'll see, won't we? Yesterday I went out to draw the eight-balls away from Alex and something strange happened.
- What? - A man appeared to me.
There was a presence about him, like he was something more.
I was delirious, but what sticks in my mind is, he said Bring him east.
Does it make any sense to you? No.
Ooh! Let's roll.
You think your brother's still alive? He is for now.
I can't imagine what he's going through.
Naughty, naughty.
Oh, you have no idea.
Who are you? Martin, you're with me at the armory.
Calderon, your team comes around the flank to cut off a retreat.
This is the first battle of the war, and we're going to send a message that the whole city'll hear.
- What do you think you're doing? - Assuring victory.
In order to ambush Claire's forces at the armory, you need me and my men.
Don't tell me Consul Whele wants to fight on the front lines.
Don't tell me you're so naive to think that I would let you alone reap the benefits of my intel from Arika.
Oh, I'm not.
I just didn't think you'd want to get your hands dirty.
Or rather, your hand.
That is wittier than I would have thought you were capable of.
Let's claim the armory victory together.
My mother taught me how to shoot.
You? Gifted amateur.
Rule number one, always keep your muzzle pointed - in a safe direction.
- I don't need instructions.
Be sure of your target and what's beyond it.
Damn it, Zoe.
But most important, you might want to take the safety off if you're planning to fire it.
Ah Heads up.
They should be attacking soon.
Gunfire at the Agri-tower.
- What? - It's the Archangel Corps.
That's impossible.
Our intel was good.
David Whele, master spy.
Claire plans to attack the armory.
She made a fool of you, Whele.
And me.
The Corps aren't coming here.
They're too busy taking our food supply.
Damn it.
This is your fault.
- That's not possible.
- No, it's true.
Claire's troops, they took the Agri-tower instead.
- No.
- And I really don't like the sound of that.
Gates knows.
It's a trap.
Help me.
You were right.
Only one of us is going to survive.
David! Oh.
That hurts.
What is the meaning of this? Who are you? Really? My, oh, my.
You are looking the worse for wear, Gabriel.
You did this.
Well, the drugs helped, and the power of suggestion, but uh-huh, it was me.
Did you enjoy yourself? Mmm, carpe diem has always been my motto.
But you also proved the point of our little adventure.
Do you know what it is? Oh, I wouldn't hazard a guess.
Well, while your body may be strong, your mind is malleable.
It can't take the same rigors as your physical form.
It will bend to my will.
So I'll break your mind first, and when that job's done, I'll take your body.
You won't succeed.
I've always liked your spirit, Gabriel.
Take what you need.
Destroy the rest.
The helicopter will be filled to capacity.
When Daria gets here, we leave.
Take your hand off her mouth or I'll cut it off.
Don't worry.
We'll be home soon.
- Claire.
- Is it done? The Agri-tower is ours, and the armory on that side of the trench is destroyed.
- Zoe? - Captured.
What about David? He's on the run.
But we'll find him.
It's only a matter of time.
And Arika is on her way to jail.
Leave us.
Lock the door.
Sure you want to be locked up in here with me? Even with my bare hands I Stop talking.
You and I, we shared the same dream.
A better life in Vega.
And I gave you so many chances to join me but you just lied and betrayed me.
You're going to put this on me? As if it's my fault? I didn't betray you My baby is gone.
And now I have to fight a war without mercy.
And innocent lives will be lost.
Because of you.
Look, Claire, you're not the only one to lose, okay? I'm sorry if you've And we feel we're alone.
Like God's left us.
I did after facing every horrifying thing you can imagine.
But I was wrong.
Because He's still here.
And anyone who tells you different's a liar.
I know because He revealed Himself to me.
Edward? Edward.
I was at my lowest point, blinded by the sun, skin peeling off my back.
I was approached by six horsemen.
They were thieves.
They wanted my canteen and a few strips of dried meat I had.
And there was nothing I could do to stop them.
But then as the first attacker came at me, this blinding flash of light filled the sky.
It was so bright it turned night into day.
It was as if a comet had hit the Earth, but it was even greater than that because this wasn't a comet.
This was the hand of God.
And He was reaching down from high up there, and He killed that attacker stone dead, right in front of me.
It was a miracle.
God was proving He was still here.
And that He was watching out for me.
The horses knew it.
Animals have that sense.
They threw their riders and took off for the hills.
The rest of the attackers ran off into the night and as I lay there, stunned, something started to occur to me.
I'd been chosen.
And these these are my markings.
Now some of you are innocent, and some of you are not.
But I am here to cleanse the evil within your troubled hearts.
You, boy.
Menathas, yes? Where's your boss? Did Julian instruct you not to talk to me? If you haven't the time for conversation, maybe I'll just take your body for a spin instead.
Nice try.
Ah, you're just an eight-ball.
Julian told us you might try to perform your little puppet show.
He taught us to resist possession.
But I've had eight-balls watching you for years.
I knew someday you'd be my guest.
"Be prepared" is pretty much my motto.
Among others.
Now where were we? Oh, yes.
You said that I couldn't break your mind and take your body, and as you're so very steadfast in your resolve, I've decided to ratchet things up a notch.
Let's seize the day.