Domino Day (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

There's a new witch in Manchester.
I'm here to see Domino.
Do you suspect her of performing
outlawed magic?
We don't know enough about her yet.
Bring her here. We need to get
a good look at this witch.
I want answers.
So, what is she?
She's not just a witch.
You're a Lamia, love.
A Lamia? A fucking monster.
If she's breaking the rules, she
needs to be punished accordingly.
Them Elders will kill her.
You said Lamias are dangerous.
But there's another way!
Stay away from me.
Nothing can fix this.
I just need to be alone right now.
What's this other way?
H How How are you here?
Domino! Silas, wait.
Domino, are you OK?!
Is this your ex? We never broke up.
I'm OK, Leon. You don't look OK.
We just have to talk.
If you need me, you holler me, yeah?
I'm just here. Mm-hm.
Yeah? Mm-hm.
How did you even find me?
I'll tell you everything
..but not here.
Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!
I saw you in the library earlier.
Oh, did you?
Why are you acting like
you didn't see me?
I've caught you checking me out
a couple of times,
including just now.
I was staring you down.
Ah, so you do remember me.
But, yeah
Yeah, I was looking first.
I couldn't help it.
Oh, wow. What a line.
Erm, look, I'm wearing a red tee,
so, obviously, I'm taken.
And you're wearing one too, so
Yeah, yeah, I am wearing red,
cos, like you, I'm holding out
for something real.
Oh, so you've been watching me
THAT closely, then?
I mean, I know
..that you're a witch.
Don't worry, your secret's safe.
I'm a witch, too.
Prove it.
WHISPERS: Firidis.
Look down.
What the fuck?
How how did you do that?
It's OK. No-one saw.
Can you make this green, too?
I'm guessing you don't
get out much, magically?
I have never met another
I have never met
another witch before.
Are there any others here?
It's just us.
I still can't believe you thought
you were the only witch
in the world.
I just hid my magic.
Blended in.
I don't know. No-one really got me.
I get you.
You need to stop looking at me
like that.
Have you ever tried
the Silentium spell?
What is that?
How did you do that?!
What's wrong? Nothing.
Your turn.
Visualise your intent.
Imagine it's pouring out
of your fingers
..reaching every person here
..and then say
On your first try.
What can I say? I've got skills.
How are you holding it so long?
You've bought us a lot of time, DD.
I can't believe this is happening.
I thought Lamias were extinct.
Well, apparently not.
There's one walking 'round Manny
right now. Oh, my God. At the club.
She must have fed off that guy.
She did more than feed
off the other guy.
It was like she made him disappear.
What's What's going on?
Domino's a Lamia.
So, you know.
Cal knows, too.
MUFFLED: Aaargh!
We need to help her.
But there's something else.
She's not alone.
This is beyond us now.
Yeah. We need to catch her and
..hand her over to the Elders.
No! We need to protect her
from them.
Or they'll destroy our coven
if we don't.
Sammie's right.
My ancestors have found another way.
We're going to sever
Domino's magic.
You can't be serious?!
But it's the only way.
If we don't,
the Elders will kill her.
So this is where you've been hiding.
..I stayed in our flat for days
..waiting for you to come back.
I didn't know what I'd done.
I didn't know what
was happening to me.
I tried everything to get you back.
To work out what I did,
to find out some kind of clue.
I was so scared.
I am always going to need to feed.
This is who I am now.
This is who I'll always be.
A monster, so
Why aren't you afraid of me?
You can't even begin imagine
what you're capable of.
You're not a monster.
DD, you're exceptional.
You're beautiful.
And I only want you
to be who you are.
# I can feel your heartbeat
# Heartbeat, heartbeat
# You hate it that you love me
# Love me, love me
# We don't talk about it
but we know that you're mine
# It's OK, you're nervous,
it's obvious and you can't hide
# We're too close, I should go
# Don't let me drive home
# Take my soul, need control
now that we're alone
# I can feel your heartbeat
# Heartbeat, heartbeat
# You hate it that you love me
# Love me, love me
Love me ♪
'You can trust me.'
Make it stop.
Make it stop.
'You must know a way
to make it stop.'
We're not seriously considering
doing this, are we?
We know it's not the only way.
Yeahthat way is even worse.
This way, we're saving her life.
What are we supposed to do?
At this point we have to trust Kat.
So, what did your ancestors say?
Is that blood?
It's everything we need
for the Severance spell.
That's oleander. It's poisonous.
This is your specialism.
You know how to handle it.
This is going to take a while.
Can I speak to you first,
in private?
What happened when you disappeared?
Where did I send you?
I can't describe it.
It seemed to go on forever.
Like being trapped in the same day.
It was like time stood still.
How did you get back? No idea.
Last night, I just found myself
..back in our flat in London.
Things where so great between us.
Where did it go wrong?
I can't believe you've
literally branded me.
Does it hurt?
No? No.
What are you looking for?
Vulnus? The Wound spell.
No. Oh No, way. Please?
Come on. No. It's too much.
At least let me try it.
You'll just hurt yourself.
It could be today's lesson.
Vulnus capiendum
Oh, shit.
I told you it was dangerous.
You can't just take the wound,
you have to heal it, too.
Vulnus capiendum
You areamazing.
Let's Let's keep going.
In a minute. Come on. If I had
your power, I'd never stop
Yeah, well, you don't, do you?
I am so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
You know you never actually told me
why your mum clipped your powers.
I did.
It was cos of a stupid
teenage prank.
But why?
Like, why would she do that?
Cos she's an Elder.
It's what she does.
I can barely make
a fucking T-shirt green now.
That's why we don't talk.
I bet if you talked now,
that she would see reason.
You don't know Esme.
My bitch of a mother
loves holding my powers.
Don't let her intimidate you.
So, Domino is such an usual name.
Erm, I was left outside
a church as a baby
with just a domino in my basket.
So you have no idea who
your parents are? Mm-mm.
And what's your magical specialism?
You'll have to forgive Esme.
She confuses lunch
with an interrogation.
Well, I assume getting to
know Domino was the reason
that you requested
this extremely rare visit.
It was me that pushed for this,
actually, not him.
DD, don't waste your breath It
took him a lot to come here today.
He's really lost without his full
power. He told me what you did.
I mean, he does something silly
and you clip his powers?
Don't you think it's time to forgive
him and give him his magic back?
I think torturing
your history teacher
goes well beyond the realms
of "silly".
You told me it was a prank.
It was a prank.
I was 15.
Your teacher had a breakdown.
You broke the rules
and harmed the human.
Just because you're an Elder's son
does not mean that you receive
special treatment. Define "special"!
Why did you play it down?
It was a pleasure to meet you.
Silas Silas! This was a mistake!
I am really sorry. I came here to
ask your mum for your powers back.
I'm on your side here.
You can never understand
what it's like without your
full powers. That is not fair.
Trying to make us play happy
families because you don't have one!
What was that? What did you?
I didn't Did I?
I didn't
Wait. Where are you going?!
Why didn't you tell me
I was a Lamia?
I was just trying to understand it.
I, erm
..went to Cal's.
He opened your Grimoire.
Made for a very interesting read.
Could have fucking killed me,
by the way!
You knew enough to tell me,
even back then.
You found out what I was
and wrote it all in your Grimoire.
Yes, and I still came back to you.
Where the fuck have you been?!
I've been calling.
Talk to me.
Are you scared of me now?
I'm not scared, DD.
I've found a spell
..that you can do
to get my powers back.
Oh, you're
Are you locking your Grimoire now?
It's just a precaution.
I'll unlock it later.
How do you know I can do this spell?
Is it because of what happened
back at Esme's house?
Think about it.
..and me. Mm-hm.
All of our powertogether.
We could do anything.
I'm sorry.
Look, I I know how obsessed
I was with getting my magic back.
Look, I was missing
a part of myself.
You said you understood.
Wanted to help.
'Animus tactus'
..mihi solvatur,
potestas eius libere fluat.
Animus tactus mihi solvatur
..potestas eius libere fluat
Why isn't it working?
We must be missing something.
Just try again.
Silas, look!
I don't think I can keep on
doing this any longer.
We just need to keep going.
Silas, it hurts.
It's like you only care
about my magic.
DD, you're being ridiculous.
What are you doing?
Just looking for the Vulnus spell
for my burnt as fuck fingers!
What don't you want me to see?
Where are you going?!
Why are you making this about you?!
Just fucking try again!
Let me go!
All I wanted was to protect you,
even from yourself.
You should've told me!
I have been losing
my mind for weeks!
I've been having to feed off of
random guys because I didn't know!
But you did!
What you did to me,
I know you didn't mean it!
I know you didn't mean it.
What now?
And then we go back
to how things were.
Back to London?
But first
..we need to visit Esme.
I still need my powers back.
I know what we did wrong.
We need Esme's ring.
And we're back to that.
Don't you think you owe me this
after sending me away?
Where are you going?
I've got work.
..I've had a lot of time to think.
If I was powerful could feed off of me.
If I'm unclipped won't have to feed
off of anyone else ever again.
You don't have to run, DD.
We can make this work.
Silas, I need time to think.
Some space.
You can't stay here.
Silaslet me go.
..I mean it.
I know that.
She doesn't want to be a Lamia.
She told me.
Yeah, but she is.
But what if she could own
her power, though?
You know, use it for good?
What if she can't?
Think of the carnage.
Does Jules seem a bit off to you?
Her aura is really scared.
Jules, you OK?
How much longer?
The blood's next.
So, what kind of music do you want?
Erm I don't know.
Romantic stuff.
Just make sure you get
some Kehlani on there. Yeah.
Mm. Not bad.
Is that him? The ex?
No. That's the guy
I went on a date with.
Bloody hell, I can't keep up
with you. Sorry.
You'd better take five, then.
Thank you. But remember you're meant
to be kissing my arse, yeah? Yes.
For disappearing on me yesterday?
Hey. Hey.
Speed-dating event, yeah?
Yeah. It's something
different to the apps.
Have you got a minute? Can we talk?
Yeah. Yeah.
I'm really sorry about last night.
I really, like, didn't expect
my ex to turn up like that.
Yeah, I know.
I could tell you were shocked.
Me and Silas, we have a
Complicated history?
Yeah. Yeah, no, I get it.
I get it.
I mean, his vibe was off, though I just wanted to check
you were OK.
I really, really do not want you
to get caught up in my bullshit.
See, that's the thing,
Domino, erm
..I mean, you say you're fucked up
and no good to be around,
but I don't get that vibe from you.
I mean, you did come
to mine yesterday
with the worst-tasting drink ever.
Because, well, I was hungover.
If you want, we can just hang out,
get to know each other a bit more,
and, erm, yeah, you know,
put the brakes on,
no rush, no pressure.
Thank you, actually. Yeah, that
would actually be really nice.
I'm ready.
Are you sure about this?
What are you doing?
Sammie The potion calls
for the fingernails
of the witch who brews it.
Jules agreed to help.
What happened to discussing things?
It's OK. I wanted to help.
The Ancestors were clear.
I'm doing this to keep the coven
safe. Even if that were true,
you can't even see what
a hypocrite you're being!
You're embracing your Obeah again,
yeah? Reconnecting to your magic.
But you're forcing Domino
to disconnect from hers!
Witches and humans have to be
protected from her.
We have to protect her from herself.
But you're giving her no choice!
What are we going to do, Kat, hmm?
What? Shove that potion
down her throat?!
We're talking about severing
a witch from her power.
She'd lose a piece of herself.
She wouldn't be Domino any more.
You said so yourself -
she doesn't want to be a Lamia.
Look, Sammie
..sometimes a coven leader
has to make choices.
This is the only one where everyone
gets to walk away alive!
Do you remember when I met you?
I hated my aura magic.
I felt like a freak.
I was so alone.
But I came here.
You gave me a family.
And you told me that, erm,
reading auras was a gift.
That it's my purpose in this life.
Maybe being a Lamia is hers.
But you won't
You won't even give her a
..a chance.
I don't want to be a part
..of a coven
..that treats witches like that.
Three, two, one
ALL: B.Y.O.M.!
Fantastic. Oh, my God,
What are you? 12-years-old?
I just Literally a 12-year-old.
Yes, I am.
Right, we're one down.
All the men are here, but one of
the women hasn't showed. Oh, shit.
No. No way.
You did walk out on me yesterday.
Ooh, I don't think
you can say no to that.
If you'd like to take a seat, madam.
Here you go, madam.
My non-alcoholic beverage.
So glad you're helping bartend.
All right, everybody, welcome to
B.Y.O.M.'s speed-dating night!
Can I get a round
of applause, please?
Thank you so much for coming.
All right ladies, I trust
you're all comfortable, yes?
So, gents, you've got five minutes
to talk the pants off your ladies.
But remember, when I ring
this bell
BELL RINGS have to move on.
Ready? Let's go!
# Try not to lose me
# I want your face in my
Let me shoot, I like a
They're watching my moves ♪
Thank you! Come on, lads.
Next table, please.
Tell me about your ten-year plan.
No, you tell me about your
ten-year plan? How about that?
I want my first two kids
by the time I'm 35.
I want my third child
by the time I'm 37.
I think the bell is going to go
soon, so we should probably
Oh, the bell's going.
Did you find a deep connection? You
might have done but, unfortunately,
you have to move on to the next
table. Thank you very much.
Hey. What's your sign, babe?
I think I'm an Aquarius.
Proper gnarly.
Time flies when you're
having fun, gents.
Oh, my goodness.
The next table might be the one.
Ooh. Thank you. It's all right.
Thanks again. It's my pleasure.
Erm, is there anything else
I can do to help?
Nah, you're good. Head off.
See you later. See you later.
So, I guess I'll text you
after work?
Yeah. Yeah?
Thank you.
It's OK.
I like him.
Course, I've yet to see
the ex and compare.
Oh, but wait
Maybe you met someone tonight.
Definitely not.
Erm, look, why don't you go home?
I'll finish the cleaning
and lock up.
Still sucking up, I see. Good, good.
Don't forget the bins. Uh-huh.
'DD, I hate how we left things.
'But I meant what I said.
'You can feed on me.'
It's OK.
It's OK, you can come out.
Fuck! Fuck!
Whoa, whoa, whoa. OK
OK It's OK. It's OK.
'Vulnus capiendum abstergeo.'
Vulnus capiendum abstergeo.
Vulnus capiendum abstergeo,
vulnus capiendum abstergeo
Vulnus capiendum abstergeo.
Vulnus capiendum abstergeo
What the hell is going on?
What are you doing here?
I came here to warn you.
Kat's coming with a spell.
You wouldn't have to feed any more
but you'd have to give up
your magic.
You wouldn't be you any more.
Oh, fuck. Domino?
Oh, you need to feed.
Feed on me Feed on me.
I don't want to hurt you.
You won't.
You won't. I trust you.
I trust you. No.
You can feed on me.
MUFFLED: Kat, over here!
Sammie! Get away from her!
Oh, my God!
Sammie! Sammie?
What the hell has she done?!
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