Domino Day (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Why didn't you tell me I was
a lamia? All I wanted was to
protect you, even from yourself.
You should have told me! I have been
losing my mind for weeks!
We're going to sever Domino's
magick. You can't be serious?
If we don't,
the Elders will kill her.
So I justwanted
to check you were OK.
What happened when you disappeared?
Where did I send you?
Can't describe it.
Like being trapped in the same day.
I am always going to need to feed.
This is who I am.
If I was powerful,
you could feed off of me.
We need Esme's ring.
To get my powers back.
Domino, are you OK?
Kat, over here. Get away from her!
Oh, my God! Sammie!
It's OK. DD, it's OK, it's OK.
I can't breathe. I can't breathe.
Yes, you can.
Look at me. Look at me.
I can see all these emotions.
I think they're auras.
I can feel them. Look at me.
DD, focus on me.
Deep breaths, OK?
Are you good?
What happened?
I don't know, Cal was there.
Did he hurt you? No, but friend Sammie,
she's another witch,
I hurt her. She
I fed from her.
I tried to help her.
You fed off another witch?
I had to.
Everything happened so fast.
He tried to kill me.
I have to find him.
I can still sense his aura.
Open your eyes.
Just keep talking to her.
She can hear you.
We need to move - now.
Sammie, come on, open your eyes.
Stay strong.
This way.
DD, move!
Sammie could die because of you.
She's not responding.
You shouldn't have let her leave!
She'd made up her mind. I couldn't
stop her. Yes, you could.
You're supposed to be in charge.
What was I supposed to do, pin her
down with magick, force her to stay?
Yes. If that's what it takes.
I was after you! This is your fault.
If she dies, it's on you.
Nothing's working.
Why is nothing working?! Jules!
We need to know exactly
what we're dealing with.
Silas, help me.
Will this show us
what Domino did to her?
I hope so.
Her magick - it's barely there.
What do we do?
We rekindle her power by pulling
from ours. Sounds risky.
We have to do it.
She'd do it for any one of us.
All right! All right, don't hurt me.
Where are we?
Who is that?
This is all your fault!
I need to get out of here.
You've sent us to another dimension.
Those you can hear in
your head right now,
they're the banished lamia victims.
I know about your history.
I studied it.
Poison bleeding into poison.
I won't stop until
I've handed you in.
Let the elders deal with you.
I know things about you.
You shouldn't exist.
You can't control your magick!
You're a danger to everyone.
Ignem eius reaccende.
Redde quod quondam ei fuit.
Reignite her fire.
Return what once was hers.
ALL: Reignite her fire.
Return what once was hers.
Sorores sorori carissimae.
Vivifica et exsurge.
Sorores sorori carissimae.
ALL: Vivifica et exsurge.
Come on, keep going.
ALL: Sorores sorori carissimae.
Vivifica et exsurge.
ALL: Sorores sorori carissimae.
Vivifica et exsurge.
Sorores sorori carissimae.
Vivifica et exsurge.
Sorores sorori carissimae.
Vivifica et exsurge.
Sorores sorori carissimae.
Vivifica et exsurge.
What have I done?
It's OK.
What the fuck have I done? DD.
I only meant to hurt him. It's OK.
It's not OK.
I've killed him. He's dead.
OK, come on,
we need to get out of here.
Thank you. How are you feeling?
Pretty weak.
None of this would have happened
if I didn't try to warn her.
It's not your fault. It's Domino's.
Yeah, she took advantage of you.
Stop it! I let her feed off me.
She saved my life. I made you
my grandma's special soup.
Thank you.
An old obeah recipe -
to help you feel yourself again.
Well, I can feel my magick
coming back. Ahem
How do you know?
Because I can feel the conflict
and animosity between these two.
The coven's broken.
There's no trust. We're fine.
No, we're not fine.
You can't keep lying
and keeping secrets.
You fucked up, Kat.
What if we couldn't save Sammie?
That would be on you.
That's not fair. You think you've
got it all worked out.
Why don't you try being
coven leader? I chose to leave.
Yeah? We need to stick together
right now.
That's how we saved Sammie.
We're best when
we're working together.
I'm going to make some tea.
You need to get some rest.
I'm buzzing.
You've got my heart racing.
What you just did
was incredible. OK?
And you've only touched the surface
of what your power can do.
They're going to come for me.
Hey. If the elders find out.
Let's just get out of Manchester,
OK? Go back to London,
just me and you.
It's not my home any more.
It doesn't have to be there.
OK, as long as we're together, with
what you just did back there and
with my powers, we can do anything.
I just killed a witch, Si.
You saw what I did to him.
He deserved it.
Look, let's just go back to
your flat, OK? We'll pack a bag
and get out of here.
I can't just run away.
That's exactly what we need to do.
What about Sammie? What about her?
I need to know that she's OK. No,
we need to get you somewhere safe.
We can figure the rest out later.
Her coven will be after you.
Well, I think Esme
should be at the house.
She always has the ring on her.
If we hurry,
we might even make the last train.
I'm staying.
You do realise everyone here
wants you dead?
Right? Apart from me.
Sammie doesn't.
Well, considering you fed off her,
I would not bet on that.
Oh, fuck.
So, what is your grand plan, DD?
I just killed someone!
And you did it with style.
OK, he was a prick. Fuck him.
How can you be excited about this?
How can you not?
You have this incredible gift
and all you do is moan about it.
A gift? A fucking gift?
Yeah. A gift, DD.
You have power.
Power most of us
can only dream about.
But instead of enjoying that fact,
you act like it is a curse.
Silas, I-I
I don't want to be the person
that you want me to be.
Well, then, you're a fucking idiot.
Can you just go? Just go!
I'm not going with you to Esme's.
You know what?
You're right.
You are a fucking leech.
You don't give a shit about
anyone else, do you?
Me?! I did everything for you.
Sucking the life
out of everyone around you.
It's in your nature.
Your lineage.
What are you talking about?
Your mum.
My mum?
What do you know about my mum?
I know she killed your dad.
You're lying.
You would have told me.
She couldn't handle
her power, either
..and she fed on your dad.
I learnt it at Cal's.
She killed him.
And here was me, offering myself
to you like a fucking mug.
Get out.
I never want to see you again.
Every day
..that you look in the mirror,
every time your nose bleeds,
every night you have to whore
yourself out just to stay alive,
just remember this one thing.
It is all you fucking deserve.
Come in.
Um, visitor for you, Mrs Reade.
But it's so late.
He's very insistent.
OK. Show him in.
I'm afraid this isn't
a social visit, Esme.
Thank you, Gloria.
Please, have a seat.
I've taken a huge risk,
coming to you first with this.
A witch has been murdered in your
jurisdiction - by another witch.
That's impossible.
Magick was definitely used.
Cal Hallard
..was burnt to death.
Are you here officially? Not yet.
By tomorrow, I'll be forced to be.
I haven't gone to
the Elders Council yet,
to give you time to find
the witch responsible.
I'm going to need more time. Is
there anything you can do to help?
I've told you everything I know.
Ivan, I'm not asking you
as an elder,
I'm asking you as my friend.
We ARE elders, Esme. The final
line between magick and chaos.
Whatever's happening,
it's most unusual.
It's dangerous.
I've gifted you a head start.
It's up to you to bring them in.
If you can't enforce
witch law in Manchester,
then maybe
you shouldn't be an elder.
You know the way out.
ESME: Silas, you know Cal Hallard,
don't you?
He's been killed - by a witch.
May he rest in peace.
Silas, where are you?
Manchester. What?!
Do you know what happened,
were you involved?
There you go.
Always assuming the worst.
Well, we both know
what you're capable of.
What I'm capable of? You saw to it
that I'm not capable of anything.
Yeah, I'm on my way home now.
Yeah. Well, tell him to wait,
I'll read him a bedtime story.
I won't be long. OK.
Er I'll call you back.
You all right there?
Oh, shit! Your nose is
bleeding. She's wasted!
It's probably not a good idea
for you to be out here by yourself.
I don't want help. I'm fine.
Hey, talk to me.
Is there someone you need to call?
Can you go away, please?
It's really not a problem.
Please, just go!
It's OK.
I know a hostel you can go to
where it's safe and dry.
They'll give you something to eat.
I'm sorry.
I swear this is going to be
the last time I ever do this.
You'll forget ever meeting me.
You will forget what happened here.
MAN: See about that!
Hey, look at him.
Come on. No, no, no, no,
he's not moving.
Wait, hang on, he's still breathing.
We need to call an ambulance.
Quick. Call 'em.
Hello? Yeah, I need an ambulance,
please. Fast as you can.
You are a fucking leech.
Sucking the life out of
everyone around you.
It's in your nature.
Just remember,
it is all you fucking deserve!
Hi, this is Kat,
leave a message after the tone.
Katrina, that new witch we spoke
about, I need to know more.
Call me back as soon as you get
this message.
I'm going to have to tell Esme
about Domino.
No shit!
After what she did to Sammie?
What if she's out there
hurting humans? Cal attacked them.
Why was he even there? I can't just
sit here and do nothing.
We can't do this on our own.
The coven must be protected.
I'm calling Esme.
Do you really think
the elders will kill her?
Oh, my God!
What the fuck?!
Sammie, you're OK. Thank God, I
Don't you fucking come near her!
I'm not going to hurt you.
I understand that you're scared.
It's OK.
What happened to Cal?
He's dead. I killed him.
I know, I know.
I have done things tonight that I
I never even knew that
I was capable of.
Things that I am ashamed of and
..I am never going
to forgive myself.
And I amterrified
..of what is going to happen
if I don't end this.
Sammie told me about your spell.
I want to give up my magick.
Are you sure you want to do this?
You'll be denying who you are.
Who I am nearly killed you.
But you didn't. Sammie, please.
I want this to be over.
By standing on the mark,
you consent to
the severing of your powers.
I consent.
Once I complete the circle of salt,
you can't leave the space
until the severance is over.
No matter how much you feel
the urge, you can't leave.
We only have the power
to do this once.
Do you understand?
Yeah, I understand.
I am an obeah woman, and asking
my ancestors to guide me.
Let the blood of the wise
wet the lips
and rid the body of the evil
that lies here within.
You need to drink this.
I need to talk to you.
Oh, my God, Silas.
I know who killed Cal.
Do you have any idea what I will do
to you if you are fucking with me?
I can tell you
..who she is.
I can take you to her,
or bring her here, if you'd prefer.
Silas, I do not have time
for your childish games today.
Yeah, I know.
Witch-on-witch crime - that is not
a good look for you, Esme.
If you know who she is,
you have to tell me.
Of course
..but it's going to cost you, Esme.
What do you want?
Unclip my powers.
That's not going to happen.
Well, let's just hope that
she hasn't developed a taste
for burning witches.
Sit down.
If you want to stop her know what you have to do.
You need to drink it all.
Remember, I clipped your powers
for a reason.
Don't make me regret this.
Mothers past, hear this cry.
To call forth my blooded right,
I summon the witch's fire.
Bring my power into sight.
Mothers past, hear this cry.
To call forth my blooded right,
I summon the witch's fire.
Bring my power into sight.
No, Sammie.
It's Domino's choice
ALL: Mothers past, hear this cry.
To call forth my blooded right,
I summon the witch's fire,
Bring my power into sight.
Mothers past, hear this cry.
To call forth my blooded right,
I summon the witch's fire.
Animus tactus solvatur.
Fluat libere potestas eorum.
Animus tactus solvatur.
Fluat libere potestas eorum.
Animus tactus solvatur.
Fluat libere potestas eorum.
COVEN: I summon the witch's fire.
Bring my power into sight.
Mothers past, hear this cry.
To call forth my blooded right,
I summon the witch's fire.
Bring my power into sight.
Mothers past, hear this cry.
To call forth my blooded right,
I summon the witch's fire.
Bring my power into sight.
Animus tactus solvatur.
Fluat libere potestas eorum.
Animus tactus solvatur.
Fluat libere potestas eorum.
Are you OK?
Oh! She's freezing.
Did it work?
Yeah, it worked.
How do you feel?
Er, honestly, I don't know.
You should take it easy for a bit,
let your body adjust to
the loss of magick.
Your life will be different now.
Thank you.
Are you hurt?
No, I feel free.
I have never met
another witch before.
All of our power
We could do anything.
Have some tea, Master Reade.
It'll help. We don't have time
for this, Silas, who's the witch?
I feel like shit.
I've made it nice and sweet,
just the way you like it.
Ah! Gloria, what the
hell are you doing?!
Master Reade, please!
Silas, enough!
It's like my magick never left me.
Fuck! Shit!
Agh, shit!
Vulnas capia.
LEON: Hey, how's the rest of
your evening going?
I had a lot of fun earlier.
Let me know when you're free.
Are you OK? Um
I just wanted to say thank you
again for helping out earlier.
So, something for your sweet tooth.
Sure you're all right? I'm sure.
Walk you home? Yeah. Mm.
Mm! This tastes good.
You had a good night?
Oh, it's been a long one.
Couldn't shake off
them speed daters, eh?
Something like that!
How about you? Have a good shift?
Yeah. So-so.
Someone else ordered an
old fashioned earlier.
It wasn't your guy.
Oh, he wasn't my guy.
Nah, he ghosted me in the end.
What?! No way!
So now you've got that out of your
system, Silas, please grow up!
Tell me who this witch is.
It's Domino.
And that's not all.
She's a lamia.
Esme. Quiet. I'm thinking.
You're absolutely certain
she's a lamia? 100%.
I have first-hand experience.
Well, let's see how the elders
react when I bring them a lamia.
What are you talking about?
The elders won't care about Cal
if I bring them Domino.
So we're going to catch her
and we're going to kill her.
We're going to kill Domino Day.
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