Domino Day (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

I have done things tonight that
I never knew that I was capable of.
She's breaking the rules and she
needs to be punished accordingly.
What do you know about my mum?
I know she killed your dad.
I never want to see you again.
I just wanted to check you were OK.
I want to give up my magic.
I consent.
I just wanted to say thank you
Are you sure you're all right?
I'm sure.
So we're going to catch her
and we're going to kill her.
We're going to kill Domino Day.
I love it!
And do you know when the pastry's
proper flaky, like Mm! Aww!
A good Jamaican patty is I can't
remember the last time I had one.
What?! Oh, my God.
That's so sad!
There's actually this really good
Caribbean place
in the Northern Quarter. You been?
Yeah, but I haven't been able
to get one in ages.
Domino, are you OK?
Yeah. I'm fine.
You sure I can't walk you home?
I'm not ready to go to bed.
Yeah, you don't seem sleepy.
But, if you're tired
Me tired? Yeah, YOU tired!
Nah! I've got my some sugar in me
now, so I'm good!
I want to show you something.
Come with me.
Why do you look so suspicious?!
Just up here.
Perks of a mate who likes to travel
a lot andpet fish to feed.
I like to come up here
when I need to think.
When it all gets a bit too much,
you know, sometimes you just need
to be still and just
You got any special places
you go to?
I haven't even started exploring
this city yet.
What's stopping you?
I don't know.
Do you th you think we inherit all
this shit from our parents? Like
..we don't have a choice
in who we are?
Yeah, I think
I got my patience from my dad.
I mean, he would say dance moves,
but, yeah, he can't even two-step,
so I don't listen to him!
What about your mum?
Yeah, erm
Yeah, she, um
..died while having me.
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
Yeah, erm, it's OK.
My dad, erm
..told me when I was older.
It's like,
she gave her life for mine.
You know, that kind of shit can
just fuck you up for years.
And I was all kinds of messed up
and, bless my dad, you know,
he tried to support me,
and I love him,
but depression ain't a thing
we talk about in my family. Mm.
I never knew my mum either.
She left meas a baby,
with only a domino piece.
Domino. Right.
I've actually kept hold of it
..this whole time,
you know, hoping that it would give
me some sort of clue as to who I am.
But now I just want to throw it
off this rooftop.
I found out some things about her
Awful things.
I don't know what to believe.
I'm just really scared
that I'm like her.
And you know what? I do feel
like we can choose who we are.
I also feel like you can choose
how you carry that domino piece.
Yeah, I mean,
we have our bad stuff,
but that's just being human.
Yeah. I think I'm still trying
to work out this human thing!
Thanks for bringing me up here.
It's my pleasure.
Find me.
Come and find me. Find me, Domino.
by Greentea Peng
# Searching for balance
Praying for clarity
# Ma stripped me naked
Take this identity
# Tell me it's unity
# In Lak'ech Ala K'in
I am you, you are me
# I wear clothes
I like to hide
# So no-one knows
What I'm made from
# Deep in my soul
# Taken from home so far we stroll
# Deep in these roads
# Think we control this shit
We don't
# But fuck we could
I wish we would
# Throw away these phones
Get a bit more holy
See the world more slowly
Ten test my roses ♪
Oh, Esme. Oh, you surprised me.
Seems like surprises
are order of the day, no?
I'm sorry?
Are you?
What for?
There now.
That really wasn't so difficult,
was it?
I wanted to prove I could handle it.
And how would you say that's going?
I didn't know she was
A Lamia?
And a murderer?
So you've been keeping that from me
as well?
You discovered a Lamia,
and it didn't occur to you
to let me know?
I'm sorry.
I thought I could deal with it.
Looks like we both
overestimated you.
What else are you not telling me?
I I don't
Don't lie to me!
All I'm asking from you is
Esme, there's nothing more.
You know everything I know.
You have no idea how serious this
For the sake of your coven,
you need to bring her to me.
Leon! Yo.
Hello. Find it all right?
Hey. Hello.
This place is really cool!
Yeah? Yeah.
Found us the perfect spot.
OK. So I
..brought you something exciting
for breakfast.
Is that what I think it is?
ErmI think it is.
Oh, my gosh. I think it is!
Thank you!
I hope I got the right pastry.
Esme knows Domino's a Lamia!
She's ordered us to turn her in.
She said what?! She attacked you?!
And she knows Domino killed Cal.
Fuck. And we've been covering
for her! She was vicious.
So, what did you say? Did you tell
her about the severance? No!
No, no, I didn't say anything.
How did she find out
that Domino was a Lamia?
But she isn't a Lamia now? Right?
No! It doesn't matter.
At this point,
we're all on the chopping block.
When you say chopping block,
what do you mean exactly?
Esme isn't who you think she is.
My Ancestors were right
about the Elders.
They fear what they can't control.
Theythey lash out at difference.
Unless we bring her Domino
..she'll destroy us.
Erm, guess what I brought with me.
Oh, my God, what?! Oh, my God!
Is that it? Yeah.
Let me see.
OK, so it's my choice
how I carry it, right?
So, now it is my good-luck charm.
It's nice.
Thank you.
What would your dream be,
if you could do anything
or go anywhere?
I really want to open
my own tattoo studio.
Yeah? Yeah.
Like, with lots of, um, plants
and sketches and art on the wall.
There'll be cool vibes
playing all day.
Hey, listen, book me in!
OK, what about you?
What do you want to do?
Erm, I'd love to run
my own restaurant.
Yeah? Yeah.
Like, not just cocktails,
but good food. OK.
Yeah, started learning
about my mum's heritage recently.
And, um, she's Haitian Mm-hm.
..and that food just packs
so much flavour.
And then I'd have like a
a stage in the corner
so my musicians and poets
can do their thing,
while people yam their joumou soup.
Yeah, and then, um,
yeah, I might even have a little
place out back
for you to tat people.
Soup and tattoos?
Yeah. Is that athing?
I'm serious!
I'm serious!
Like, what's stopping us?
Um, yeah
Hey, listen, we could even, um
We could set up right here
in the Northern Quarter.
Um, yeah. Wait. Wait, better still -
MUSIC: Love Me Forever
by Carlton & The Shoes
Are you ready? Oh, my God, no!
I'm coming over.
I'm coming to get you! That's
Argh! No!
Why am I? Because we can.
It's a nice day.
# Love me forever
And I'll be true to you, girl
# You are an angel
And you're so divine
# Yes, you are an angel
And you're mine all mine
Love me forever ♪
Do you need to get that?
Yeah, it's Vedita, actually.
I actually I do need to get that.
ON PHONE: Hi, Domino. I know you're
not meant to be working today,
but I've had a family emergency.
Can you open up?
Yeah, sure. Is everything OK?
I've just spent all night
in hospital - total nightmare.
Oh, my God, what happened?
I'll tell you when I get there.
I need to speak to my mum
and then go home and get changed.
I'll come and take over as soon as
I can.
Yeah, OK. I'm so sorry, erm
Yeah, OK, I'll Do you know what?
I'll leave right now
and you just take as much time
as you need, OK?
Thanks, Domino. No worries. Bye.
Is she OK?
ErmI don't know,
but she needs me to open BYOM.
Oh Yeah, no, of course.
Erm, no, leave everything to me,
I'll pack it up.
Er, I mean, we could make it lunch?
At mine, this time?
Actually, to be honest,
I don't really know,
like, how long I'll be. No, that's
cool. Yeah. I'll sort the food.
No rush. Are you sure? Yeah.
Yeah? I mean,
I need some set-up time anyway.
Erm, OK. If you take these.
Oh Do you want to take this?
You're giving me keys?
Oh, is it too soon?
Nah, I mean,
I might sell all your things.
Well, I don't actually have
that many things to sell,
and I haven't been there very long,
so I haven't really made the place
my own yet. It's OK. It's OK.
It's the company that counts. OK.
Um, I will text you my address.
Yeah. And I'll see you later.
Yes. Yes. Bye. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh, my God. Don't forget this.
Thank you. Yeah. Thank you.
It's OK.
Bye! Bye! Bye!
And that is absolutely everything?
There's nothing you're holding back
out some kind of
..twisted sense of loyalty?
I owe her nothing.
You were in a relationship with her.
Didn't you pay attention
to anything she did or said?!
Why don't you go ask
your Elder mates?
How many times do I have to tell
you? We're doing this ourselves.
To be the witch that kills a Lamia,
it will make me untouchable.
If you're going to catch a Lamia
without the Elders, you'll need me.
You have no idea
the sort of power
you are dealing with.
I've seen her at her most powerful.
Trust me,
you do not want to get her angry.
Domino trusts me.
I can just walk into her flat
and get her to come with me.
She loves me.
She could have given you
your powers back at any time,
but she didn't.
I did that for you.
Yeah, and now I've got them back,
I can do this.
Absolutely not!
You are not to go near her.
Do you understand?
We need to set a trap.
That's how you kill a Lamia -
not by going in all guns blazing.
I wouldn't go
Listen to me!
We need to be meticulous.
We're using Kat's coven
to lure her in. Yeah.
You're the boss.
Black Americano. Thank you.
..I have been thinking
about the past few days and
..really, I I'm so sorry.
I almost killed you. And, er
I don't know how I'm going to
make that up to you.
Well, you could start by bringing me
one of these every day.
Seriously, though,
you saved me,
and we're both here now.
We're good.
I know what it's like
to feel like an outsider.
So, um, what's it like, then,
not being a witch?
It'smostly a relief.
Something just feels
a little bit off. Mm-hm.
Mm, yeah.
I suppose you need some time
to adjust.
So, what about you and Vedita?
Look, they're going to be here
later. You should stick around.
OhI I'm not convinced
that humans and witches can
ever make it work, so
Yeah, butyou never know
if you don't give it a chance.
Well, you don't have that problem
any more, do you?
Hi. Hello. Sorry, can I help you?
Can I get a flat white? Thanks.
Silas, where the fuck are you?!
Er, I'm in a bar,
getting wasted, taking drugs.
Silas How's it going?
Kat any use to you?
Has she set your trap?
She was a disappointment.
Of course she was.
Should have listened to me.
So, we go to Plan B, then.
I round her up.
No. I told you to stay away.
Silas? Yeah. I've got to run.
I never realised
how heavy these things were!
Ooh! Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Hey, no need to thank me.
What happened? Er
Um, it was my brother.
He was attacked. Oh, my God.
Oh. Hi. Hi. Your poor brother.
That is awful.
Is he OK? Er
He's still in the hospital.
He can't remember much,
but whatever's happened,
it's triggered his epilepsy.
The police found him unconscious,
so they thought he was drunk,
but he doesn't drink.
Where was he?
They found him on the street.
I mean, who the fuck does
something like that?
ReallyI'm really sorry.
It's not your fault, is it?
Been trying to explain it
to his little fella all morning.
I mean, who the fuck does
something like that?
Er, er, probably a, a mugger.
Yeah, but they didn't take anything.
And what are the police saying?
Fuck all.
Looking through CCTV, apparently.
What are you doing?!
Put some cold water on it!
You OK?
Yeah, I'm fine.
If you say so.
Look, do you want to head?
It is your day off, after all.
My mum will call if anything
changes. Sure?
As long as you're going to stay.
Er, yeah. Yeah.
Let me know if there's anything else
I can do to help.
Cheers, love, you've done enough.
I hope Krish is OK.
Mrs Reade?
Not now.
I'm sorry to bother you,
but yourvisitor has returned.
I'm assuming you've had a change
of heart and now wish to help me.
I'm so sorry, Esme.
By order of the Elder Council
..I hereby brand you on trial
for gross negligence,
leading to the death of Cal Hallard.
How could you? How could you?!
I tried to give you more time,
but they already knew.
Did they? Did they now?
So now I look guilty by association.
Yeah, of course,
you're the real victim here!
You'll be stripped of your position
and your powers permanently severed.
You look like you could use a break.
This stuff with Krish
kept me up most of the night.
You know, me and my mum thought
that was it.
Hey, beautiful.
What do you need?
Hmm? How can I help?
I think, er, that's a bit above
and beyond for a one-night stand.
Sure you've got better things to do.
What can I say? I've got
a thing for damsels in distress.
how about a damsel
who needs a drink?
Yeah. OK.
You and Domino are close, right?
She's just a mate.
I like her.
But it's like she's hiding
keeping me at arm's length.
Oh? Yeah.
She keeps, erm, running away
I swear something's off.
I'm sure your brother
is going to be OK.
What the fuck?
I see it didn't take you very long
to make yourself at home.
How did you get in?
How did YOU get in?
Actually, never mind.
You need to get the fuck out.
Look, man
Look, we,
we don't have to do this.
You shouldn't be here.
Look, I don't know what the
hell's going on,
but this is pretty fucked up,
you turning up in her flat like
this, yeah? She broke up with you.
Did she tell you that we fucked
the other night,
when we left your place?
There's a lot of things you don't
know about Domino Day.
You need to leave now.
Never been a bit sus?
All of her excuses?
You ever had any weird headaches?
Memory loss?
MAN: Don't think
I didn't see you with him.
If I fucking ever see you doing that
again, do you hear me?
You are fucking gone.
She's a witch, mate.
And so am I.
What the fuck are you talking about?
Come on,
you need you to leave now.
You're pathetic!
She's left you,
so just leave her alone!
I didn't do anything.
Don't you fucking lie to me.
I'm not lying!
Don't fucking lie!
I'm telling the truth.
I'm going to show you
just how pathetic you really are.
Do you hear me?! Oi!
Don't fucking make me do that again!
Leave her alone!
Back off, you bitch!
What are you doing, you freak?!
Come on. What the fuck?!
Fuck off!
Come on.
Go on!
Leave us alone!
It isn't your business.
I'm sorry. You better had be sorry.
Ah, ah, ah.
Who's pathetic now?
Fuck you!
Silas. DD.
What are you doing here?!
Why are you bleeding?
What's going on?
Er, I came to find you.
DD, Esme's looking for you.
OK, you've got to come with me.
I got my powers back.
I can protect you.
What? How did you
get your powers unclipped?
Silas, did you tell your mum
that I killed Cal?
What the fuck have you done to him?
I just
You can just heal him.
OK, just
Just do what you do.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
No, you can just fix him!
I can't fix him.
I don't have my magic any more.
I asked the coven to
sever my powers.
The coven did what?
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Silas. Silas!
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, no.
Oh, no!
Vulnus capiendum abstergeo.
Vulnus capiendum abstergeo.
I'm coming.
Yeah, yes.
Hey, sorry, I've got to go.
Er, there's been an emergency.
Is Domino all right? Er
No, but, erm
I've just I've got to go.
Wait. I'll, er
I'll come with you.
Er, no. She'll be fine.
I just need to go.
Seriously, the caff's shut anyway.
You can't!
I'm sorry.
I'll see you later.
It, it
It wasn't my fault.
What happened?
He's dead, Sammie.
He is, isn't he?
II can't see his aura.
I should never have let him
into my life.
It's not your fault, OK?
He's dead.
If I can reverse
the severance spell,
I might be able to bring him back.
Domino, the severance spell,
you can't reverse it.
No, no, we need to go
to your coven.
I need my magic.
There has to be a way.
I'm so sorry.
Who did this to him?
Silas. He has his powers back.
I need to fix it.
This is exactly why
I clipped you in the first place.
You've had your powers
back for less than a day.
No-one can prove that it was me.
He could've just fallen.
30 years of my life
I've dedicated to this ward.
If the Elders think they're going
to charge me with this as well
I can't protect you this time,
It's not my fault that that arsehole
got aggressive with me!
If Domino hadn't got herself
she could've brought him back.
She didn't even try.
What did you say?
Exactly. If you think about it,
Domino is the one that
messed it all up No.
You said that she's been severed?
So, the Lamia is effectively
Please, Kat.
You consented to severance.
Powers aren't like a coat you can
just take on and off.
I know I asked for severance.
I know I tried to run
away from everything.
But I feel so helpless.
Without my magic,
I can't protect myself.
I couldn't protect Leon.
Silas is dangerous.
He told Esme I killed Cal.
I can protect us all.
I just, I have to get my powers
OK. But I can't promise anything.
We take her powers.
A syphon? Isn't that illegal?
Domino's powers,
combined with my own,
I could write my own laws.
Domino doesn't have her powers.
Severance doesn't remove the powers.
It just arranges things
so the witch can't access them.
Is that going to be enough?
Not on its own.
But with the help of the
Dark spirits,
trapped in the Endless,
banished by the Lamia.
They'll be only too happy to help me
relieve the last
Lamia of her magic.
I am an Obeah woman
..guided by my ancestors.
I call on you.
I invite you to this realm.
I give you gifts for comfort.
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