Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989) s02e02 Episode Script

Guess Who's Coming to Doogie's

I've been here 15 minutes.
Will I ever see a doctor? See if you can pull one off the golf course.
Hey, you guys Excuse me, doctors.
Sullivan is back.
Uh, two out of three? No way.
Sullivan, welcome back.
Oh, please.
Not the kid again.
You still playing doctor? Just until i get it right.
Says here you vomited blood earlier today.
You're old enough to read.
I bet you help with the big words.
You've obviously aggravated your gastritis.
My guess is it's developed into a bleeding ulcer, and you may require surgery.
We'll have to admit you.
I get to sleep over in Mr.
Rogers' neighborhood? He'll need to be endoscoped and have an upper g.
Oh, goody.
So how's Mr.
personality? Can you say meat whistle, boys and girls? Dr.
Doug, you have a visitor.
Hey, how's it going? Good.
How's it going with you? Yo, it's me, Raymond.
All right, wait.
Z-man? Not anymore.
I gave all that up.
I'm just ray now.
Well, that's great.
You look you look, look different.
I'm sorry.
Curly spaulding, Ron Welch, Jack mcguire, this is Raymond Alexander.
Nice to meet you.
We're, uh, we're old friends.
We go way back.
Really? Where from? Um, w-we were, uh Ray? I held him hostage in a convenience store.
I know you're busy.
I just thought I'd cruise by.
I'm glad you did, ray.
I'm through gang-banging.
I'm into clean living these days, and I was hoping we could get together and talk.
Uh, sure.
Maybe you could come over sometime.
How about tonight? Uh, tonight? As in this evening? Um Why not? Let me call i need to make a call.
Um Allow me.
Pardon me, madam, but I was engaged in an important business call, and I was disconnected.
Thank you so much.
Hello, mom? Guess who's coming to dinner.
This is some crib, Dr.
As cribs go, it's a comfy one.
Smells great.
Oh, yeah.
Will this be enough to go around? No.
That one's just for you.
We each get our own chicken? Actually, they're cornish game hens, Raymond.
Cook a good hen, Mrs.
You know this didn't come out of a bucket.
So, Raymond, what's your plans now that you're, uh, free At last? Hallelujah.
I've been thinking a lot about what doogie said in that store.
I was hoping your offer was still good.
What offer? About helping me out, maybe getting me a job.
Uh, that offer.
Um Well, i i don't know.
I i could check.
What? Wait a minute.
I can't believe I'm hearing this.
Uh, Katherine I thought i could handle this.
I didn't realize I'd still be this angry.
I'm sorry, but when you walked in, every terrible memory came flooding back.
Mom, it's o.
No, it's not o.
, doogie.
I still have nightmares of him putting that gun to your head, of you dying in that store.
I refuse to sit here and pretend that nothing's wrong.
howser? Can I say one thing? I know how you feel about me.
You've got every right to.
When I was sent away, I had time to think about who I was and the people i hurt.
I don't want to be that person anymore.
I am real sorry about pulling a gun on your son.
I'm not proud of it, and I promise you I'll never do it again.
Well, there you go.
Let me get this straight.
You want me to hire an orderly with no high school diploma, who's never worked, and up until last month, was incarcerated for holding you up? Look, Dr.
canfield, he's changed.
And if he hasn't? The safety and welfare of this hospital is my responsibility, Dr.
What about our responsibility to this community? We can't turn our backs on guys like Raymond.
We're only one hospital, Douglas.
We can't save the world.
We can at least try to help one kid.
You took a chance with me, and that turned out great.
All right, bad example.
Two weeks' probation.
If he slips up for any reason, he's gone.
You're on.
Yes! Ladies, if you need anything, you just ask for ray.
Oh, ray.
What did I tell you? Meet Alvin Davis.
He's going to be your supervisor.
What's up, man? All right.
Any questions, I'm your man.
Where do we start? I don't have any extra blood.
Relax, Raymond.
I'm not ready yet! Just give me a minute.
I got to get myself in the mood to bleed.
, but I'm off in six hours.
I can't thank you enough for inviting me here.
No problem.
Hey, nurse spaulding, I hoped you'd be here to do the honors.
I'm impressed.
I've never seen anyone quite so excited about giving blood.
What? Howser, you slime.
You said this was a sperm drive.
Sperm, blood.
What's the difference? I wouldn't have dressed up to give blood.
Hey, Vinnie, how you doing? Doog, is this who I think it is? That was my other surprise.
You can forget about getting any blood from me.
It just drained out of my body along with another primary fluid.
What are you doing here? Doogie got me an orderly job.
I hope the employment world works for you.
The last job I had, i got robbed.
I guess you know that.
, Raymond.
No more stalling.
He's a little nervous about giving blood.
There's nothing to be nervous about.
You'll feel a prick, then it'll all be over.
What's the matter, afraid of a little blood, blood? Ha ha! Just chill out, man.
It's nothing.
Be tough.
Be a man.
- Ohh.
- Yeah.
Be a Blam.
Is he looking up my skirt again? No.
This time he's really out.
That was fun.
What's next? Baby, you know what it mean to work this will do it work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this, work this well, it started off smooth, I must admit an uptown babe with a downtown twist she had me goin', oh, yeah she said come into my world I'll show you the best lover and, friend, to get to the good part we got to begin you want me, well, I insist we take it to a funk and, baby, you work this work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this work this feelin' so fine, and why not lookin' like that, girl, you won't pop I know, I see it with your pumps and that skirt uh, just doin' me and your hair, yours or not I like the way you wear, baby, what you got you want me, well, I insist we take it to the funk and, baby, work this work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this work this, work this Hey, ray, how's it going? Fine.
Yo, hoss, been looking for you.
I believe this is yours.
Yes! My first paycheck ever.
I'm legit.
Come to mama.
What? This has to be wrong.
I make 348, and I'm taking home 235? Welcome to the wonderful world of the IRS.
And they put me in jail for robbery.
I asked you to bring those x-rays from cardiology an hour ago.
I'm having lunch, babe.
I'll get them when I'm finished.
Wrong answer.
Do everything when I say, not when it's convenient.
And I'm not your babe.
You'll refer to me as nurse spaulding, understood? Understood.
Doogie! You were the only one in here! Who else could have taken it? I didn't take it.
What's going on? That thief.
Came in to change sheets, stole my watch.
You got a big mouth, pal! Mr.
Sullivan, it's probably just misplaced.
We'll find it.
I know where you'll find it.
These people, it's in their blood.
Ray, let's take it outside.
Ray, you can't treat a patient like that.
You kidding? You heard that racist pig.
That's not the point.
This isn't the streets.
In here, the patient is always right.
And I'm always wrong.
I didn't say that.
Come on.
You're on probation.
I don't believe this.
You think i took that watch.
I don't know.
Hey, that's no way to treat the father of quantum physics.
Tell uncle Vinnie.
What's the problem? You fight with Wanda? Your folks ground you? Upset about acid rain? Do I have to stand here guessing all night? A patient accused Raymond of stealing his watch.
He said he didn't.
I don't know if I believe him.
So there's no proof that he did.
It's unfair for me to suspect him.
It's racist.
I feel lousy about it.
Doog, let me tell you something.
Janine's dad won't let me in the house alone with her.
He thinks I'll jump her bones first chance I'll get.
He should.
You're a horn dog.
He's got every reason to feel that way.
I got a reputation, of which I'm very proud.
Does this have a point? It doesn't matter what color Raymond is.
Given his former standing in the community, it's not totally impossible that he stole that watch.
So that's it, huh? Any time this happens again, it's o.
To blame Raymond.
How will be overcome a reputation like that when even his friend can't trust him? Got me.
If you come up with an answer, do me a favor and call Janine's old man.
Ow! I'll need another Try and keep that elevated, and no skateboarding for two weeks.
- Ah! - Whoa.
Doogie, Sullivan found his watch.
It was in his bathrobe pocket.
The guy's a jerk.
Does Raymond know? Yeah, I told him.
I found out about the watch.
I'm sorry i suspected you.
Sorry ain't going to cut it.
Raymond, we're low on I.
Run down to central supply.
Get somebody else.
I'm busy.
I asked you.
We can't afford to run out.
Do it.
I'm tired of being the boy here.
All I do is clean toilets and mop floors! That's the orderly's job.
You can have your damn job.
Get your hands off! What's your problem? I ain't going to be the nigger.
This isn't about race.
It's about work.
Whites get treated the same way.
You don't understand nothing.
I understand you're blaming everybody for your problems.
Quit, and there's no one to blame but yourself.
Got a red blanket! Gunshot wound to the right chest.
Get the chest surgeon.
Notify X-ray stat.
Get a bolus of epi ready.
Let's get him over.
Put two lines in him and draw blood for crossing.
Lost a lot of blood.
Vitals? That guy's a crip.
His trachea's off to one side.
Let's get a chest tube in him.
I can't hold him.
Raymond! Come here.
I'll start another line.
Pressure's dropping.
Two units of plasmanate.
Call the blood bank for o-negative.
Life or death.
Put another line in.
Come on.
Start a dopamine drip stat.
No pulse.
We're losing him.
He's fibrillating! Clear.
Stand back! Flat line.
Draw some blood gases.
of bretylium, stat.
He's fibrillating again! Clear.
Oh, no, no.
Fixed and dilated.
Heart's not responding.
That's it.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
That's it.
What's the time? Damn! You guys tried so hard to save a gang-banger.
He wasn't a gang-banger.
Not in here.
He was another kid who died for no reason.
I'm scared, doogie.
I never told anybody i was scared before.
This is the first time i ever worked for anything instead of just taking it.
I never had to take orders.
Yes, sir.
No, ma'am.
It should have been enough that I knew I didn't take that watch.
I just couldn't stand people immediately thinking that I did.
Don't burn this bridge, ray.
I don't want you to end up like this.
I got to get him in a drawer.
I'll do it.
It's my job.
Sullivan, feeling o.
? I had an operation.
How should I feel? Your procedure went smoothly, although you did have an unusual cross-match problem.
Tell me in English, Einstein.
You have a very rare blood type.
We could only find one donor.
What will that cost? Nothing.
We thought you would want to meet him.
I'll give him a plaque.
You can come in.
Sullivan, my man.
Looks like you're getting color already, if you catch my drift.
Him? I got his blood? Hey, I got you something.
The new Janet Jackson cassette.
You'll groove to the sister in no time.
Rest up, homeboy.
Soul train'son at 9:00.
Doogie, what's with the sunglasses? Oh, Raymond gave them to me.
Canfield made him permanent today.
Well, that's great.
Good night, honey.
Night, mom.
Um If you want to ask him over for dinner again sometime, it's all right with me.
Thanks, mom.