Doom Patrol (2019) s04e12 Episode Script

Done Patrol

(dramatic music playing)
(roaring in demonic voice)
(laughing maniacally)
- (electricity buzzing)
- (roars angrily)
(all grunting)
(Immortus roaring)
(Butts snarling)
So, what's first? Immortus or Butts?
No, no, no, no, no, no!
- (wings flapping)
- (Cliff) Hey!
Fleeing isn't one of
the options. God damn it!
You're back? How?
Might as well start with
the screaming time god.
Ooh, you guys are so annoying.
(Cliff) Whoa, Flit's back.
That wasn't Flit.
That was me.
Uh, what?
(Kay in Jane's head) We're all here now.
All together as one.
- (whooshing)
- (gasping)
Holy fucking shit!
Lady, you just picked the wrong fight.
- (grunts)
- (screams)
(Cliff) Holy shit!
(Larry) Keeg, go. (grunts)
Hey, Zuul!
(straining) Have a seat!
(machinery winding down)
- Uh, oh, shit!
- (creaking)
- No, no, no!
- (Larry gasping)
- (crashes)
- (Cliff grunts) Fuck!
If anybody hasn't noticed,
we're aging more than ever.
Oh, thanks, bud.
(Immortus laughing)
(Immortus cackling)
(Cliff) Hey, you got a
knockoff Willoughby sword.
This is no knockoff.
Rita. Rita, please. I need to talk.
It's happening again.
No matter how hard I
try, no matter what I do,
I can't escape this fucking fate.
Here I am,
about to be the sole survivor
of yet another super team,
and it's all my fault.
Slow down. What's going on?
They're They're fighting Immortus.
The Butts are about to
break into the theater,
and they don't stand a fucking chance.
Wait, so, you just left them?
Yeah, just ran away.
Just like the future said I would.
Because I survive at all costs.
That's what I have always fucking done.
No, I refuse to accept that.
(sighs) As long as we're
alive, we can change.
You're a shape shifter,
for crying out loud.
You of all people should know that.
I'm a selfish coward.
That seems to be the one
thing I can't shape shift away.
So, why did you come here?
Why did you wake me up?
I don't know.
Having a bit of a freak out, I suppose.
You came here because you knew
I would hold you accountable.
You are part of the Doom Patrol now.
As long as we're a team,
we will never stop
fighting for each other.
So, go get my wheelchair.
- You're the boss.
- Hmm.
(objects clattering)
(Cliff) Rip her face off, Jane.
- (Butts growling)
- (Immortus laughing)
You dum-dums should have
stayed in the time stream.
(whispers) Fuck off.
- (door crashes)
- (Butts snarling)
What the fuck?
Kill them all!
Oh, my God, are those butts?
(Immortus) Go!
(male voice singing)
Wait, what is that?
(Dr. Yu and Nicholas singing "Shipoopi")
She's your Shipoopi ♪
Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi ♪
That girl is hard to get ♪
Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi ♪
Uh, what the fuck's happening right now?
(Nicholas) If you get a squeeze
back that's fancy cookin' ♪
Once more In the flower garden ♪
She will never get sore
on her way to supper ♪
- (big band music playing)
- (all singing)
Do re mi fa so la ti do si do ♪
- Now little ole sall's a no-gal ♪
- (Immortus) No!
- Anyone can see ♪
- No!
This isn't your show, this is my show!
(Larry) What the hell?
(piano music playing)
(singing in normal voice)
Possibilities ♪
That's right I said possibilities ♪
Life's filled with
these opportunities ♪
And so is our town ♪
Wait. Is this song from
that musical about us?
Statistical probabilities ♪
(Butts singing) All
sorts of potentialities ♪
Lift you up when you're down ♪
(Cliff) They say our story is ending ♪
Now we're all pretending ♪
- Ugh.
- That our future is bright ♪
(Cliff) Just go with it. Whatever
the fuck's happening, it's working.
Here, in the town of Cloverton ♪
Things are never ♪
(fumbling for lyrics) over-ton ♪
(Cliff) Keep moving. Keep moving.
(Immortus) Because our
story's just beginning ♪
We're not losers we're still winning ♪
We're the heroes ♪
And our future's up to us ♪
(Cliff) Go, go, go!
(Larry) Is that the end of it?
(Cliff) I don't know
what the fuck that was.
(triumphant music playing)
(Cliff) Oh, shit!
(Madame Rouge) Whoo!
Reinforcements have arrived!
(whimsical electronic music playing)
(Cliff) Holy fuck-a-doodle-doo.
I guess we can add vanquished
an interdimensional time god
to our list of achievements.
To us, the Doom Patrol!
Mother fucking god slayers! Yeah!
- (chuckles)
- (Larry) Hey, hey!
(Larry) Well
I don't mean to be a
wet blanket, but, uh
"But it's basically
my entire personality."
- (laughing)
- (all exclaiming)
- Ooh, nice.
- Nice one.
- (softly) Sorry.
- (Cliff) Rouge with the burn.
(Larry) Okay, fine, fine.
But as the resident
wet blanket of truth,
I feel like it's my job to point out,
wasn't it actually the
Butts who saved the day?
Oh, yeah.
I mean, I took a couple
of blows to the head,
but the Butts were singing, right?
(Cliff) Yes, they were.
- And what were they singing?
- Remind me.
A musical number that wouldn't
have existed without us.
Boom. Proverbial mic drop.
(Larry) Sure, sure.
- Although
- (all groan)
I'm sorry, but you realize
we could say the same
about Immortus, right?
Isabel wouldn't have become
an interdimensional time god
if it wasn't for us crashing
into her in the first place.
And the Butts wouldn't have
gotten out of the Ant Farm
if it wasn't for us either.
- Ergo
- Why did I teach you that word?
We saved the day.
(Larry) But we didn't even
get our longevity back.
- So what's the
- A win is a win, dude.
Let it go.
(Larry sighs)
- Here, here.
- (Cliff) Yeah!
(Madame Rouge) With our glasses raised
- let's give Rita Farr a toast.
- (Rita) Mmm.
(Madame Rouge) It's
good to have you back.
Ah, it's good to be back. (chuckles)
I hope I didn't worry you all too much.
(inhales and sighs)
This feels nice.
Just us here, hmm?
You know what?
I'm going to go see if I can
squeeze into my old uniform,
while we're celebrating.
(Vic clears throat)
Rita, shall I give you a hand?
Oh, stop it. (chuckles)
This old girl can still dress herself,
uh, and drink, all of you
- under the table. Hmm?
- (all chuckling)
But if you would like to be
of assistance, dear Laura,
you can crack open
some of the good stuff
and pour me a double.
Copy that.
All right.
Here I go.
(Cliff) Speaking of comebacks
Looks like someone sold
a fuckload of Thin Mints.
- (Jane chuckles)
- Hmm.
They're reminders.
Of what?
Come on. Tell us about your
adorable bionic tattoos.
I just felt like
if I was gonna put the
suit back on again
then it just had to be a
better reflection of me.
Everything I've been through,
all the things I've learned,
all the people I've learned from.
So that's what these are.
The people that made this new
version of Cyborg possible.
Mom and dad.
The Detroiticons.
And you guys.
- (both) Aw!
- (Cliff) Wow, that's, uh
(snickers) That's so
goddamn corny, my dude.
You're around us all day.
What do you need a reminder of us for?
All right. Right, whatever. Uh
What about you, Jane?
What's with, uh, everything?
Actually, I'm not sure.
I'm still figuring things out.
When you started flitting
and throwing balls of fire
Whoo! Girl boss alert!
Man, that wasn't me.
I mean, it wasn't just me.
Right, this is hard to explain, but
It's all of us up here now.
The entire Underground
breathing, existing,
all at once.
I don't feel like just Jane anymore.
(Larry) Well, if you're not just Jane,
what should we call you?
There's one word I keep
hearing in the back of my mind.
Our minds.
But I guess it's kind
of a mouthful. (chuckles)
What about K?
I like that.
(doorbell rings)
(in normal voice) Hey, besties.
(Cliff) What the fuck?
Come, come. Lots to tell, lots to tell.
Let's see. Let's see.
Just completed a very successful tour,
debuted my 10th platinum record.
Ooh, guess what?
Possibilities had an
incredible 1,000-year run.
Weren't you gone for an hour?
(scoffs) Keep up Robo-hottie.
Time works a little
differently in the time stream.
Duh. (giggles)
Anyway, I could not go another decade
without thanking you all for
introducing me to the Butts.
The monologues they've
written for me, the songs. Oh!
So (vocalizes trumpet)
Come on.
(laughs hysterically)
No, silly. Toenails.
- Oh, great.
- (Immortus chuckles)
There's one for each of you.
Just eat one,
and you'll be sad little
bags of old no more.
- Eat?
- Mmm-hmm.
- A toenail?
- Mmm-hmm.
To restore our youth?
Fuck, yes! Gimme.
- Gimme, gimme.
- (Larry) Hey, hey!
All right, okay.
- (clicks tongue) Aw.
- (Cliff) This is gonna be amazing.
I can go see Rory again.
Everything'll be back
to normal. Holy shit!
Get in my fucking feed hole!
(Immortus) Oh. Almost forgot.
I have one more thing
just for you, Cliffie.
What is it?
It'll make sense later.
When the time is right.
(in sing-song voice) Okay, bye.
(door closes)
(Cliff) Holy shit!
- Jane!
- Oh, shit.
Yeah, okay. I'm gonna take one for Rita.
How does it feel?
(Jane) Pretty good, I think.
- (metal creaking)
- (Cliff) Ooh!
I'm back, baby.
Fucking tiger blood.
(Madame Rouge screaming) No!
(somber music playing)
(Larry) Rita?
- She's
- Oh, God.
Rita. Hey. Hey.
Oh, shit.
(voice breaking) Shit, shit, shit.
- Rita.
- Fuck.
What do we do?
(Cliff) We go get her.
Screw it! We just got our shit back.
We're the fucking Doom Patrol again.
Let's go crush some
ugly fish headed fucks,
flip off my dad,
and pull Rita out of Satan's ass crack.
Who's with me?
I'm in. I'm in.
Satan's ass crack, right.
But how do we do all of that, exactly?
We need something of hers, a tether.
Something Rita had a
strong connection to.
I'll be right back.
Oh, come on. Come on.
What do you think, bud?
Can you feel her on any of these?
Vodka. Maybe the rum?
(Rita in ghostly voice)
Is that what you think
I have the strongest connection to?
- Was there something else?
- (scoffs)
Uh, don't worry, okay?
We're gonna come get you.
Everything will be back to normal.
See, Immortus just
gave us these toenails
that made us all young
again, which sounds gross,
- I know, but it really wasn't that bad.
- Larry.
All this will just be a distant
(breathes shakily)
(inhales deeply and exhales)
We can't give up.
Don't make me give up.
I'm so sorry, Larry.
- It's not fair.
- I know.
You're the only person who saw me.
Right from the beginning, you
You saw the shitty
fucked up pieces of me,
and you
You still loved me.
Like I wasn't even broken at all.
If you go
- If you
- As someone
who has loved and lost,
I can tell you one thing for certain.
There is always more love out there.
Especially for you.
I promise.
(clicks tongue)
I think it's time for
one last team meeting.
(Larry sighs)
Thank you all for gathering here today.
(Cliff) Uh, Rita, what are we
doing sitting around talking?
Let's go to the afterlife and save you.
- Yes. Fuck, yes!
- (Vic) I'm game.
(Madame Rouge)
Abso-fucking-lutely, yes.
(clears throat)
I have to admit, my life didn't pan out
quite the way young
Gertrude Cramp dreamed.
But because of all of
you, I have done things
that little Gertrude
never could have imagined.
Why does this sound like the
beginning of a farewell speech?
Dying has a way
of clarifying things.
I've realized now what
my life's purpose was.
It was to lead you
to the first step of
the rest of your lives.
Mission accomplished.
Mission accomplished?
The mission hasn't even started yet.
Well, I thought I had it in me
to rally one more time, but, um
I think it's enough.
Hmm? I'm ready to rest now.
Are you saying you
wanna stay dead, Rita?
(Cliff) B But
Mojo! Beating up fish guys and
Satan's ass crack.
We didn't always bring out the
best in one another, did we?
- (sniffs)
- (Rita) Having each other
meant we never had to
spread our own wings.
I'm doing this to set us all free.
(Cliff) That's easy for you to say.
You get all the sex
ghost sex you want now.
What about the Doom Patrol?
I don't think this was ever
meant to be our final stop.
We're all on our own
extraordinary journeys
and we all have so far to go.
If we stop here,
we'll just keep falling
into the same cycle,
making the same bad decisions
and feeling the same pain.
- We're screw ups.
- (chuckles)
(Rita) But this doesn't
make us bad people.
Just means that we need
to work on ourselves
before we can really help others.
We have spent so much time
trying to save the Doom Patrol.
We're destroying ourselves.
Moving on is one of the
scariest things in the world,
but we have squared up against
the most treacherous villains
in the known universe.
(whispering) Is she talking
about the testicle monster?
(whispering) Maybe the
roller skating dude.
(Rita) We have all
grown more than capable
of facing our own demons.
(Cliff) Oh, come on!
Now we're breaking up?
This is fucked, Rita.
(Larry) Deep down,
we all know it's true.
Every crisis we solved,
we created in the first place.
Rita's right.
Until we're better as individuals,
we'll continue to cause harm.
To the world,
- each other.
- Wha Okay, so
We just give up?
You're supposed to be our leader.
I am.
And as team leader
I'm calling it.
It's time to disband.
The Doom Patrol is no longer.
But first, we have one last assignment.
Finally! Fuck, yeah! Let's go!
(Rita) I would like you
to burn my body.
(Cliff) No! Nope!
I refuse.
I didn't burn that fuck Niles' body,
and I won't burn yours.
Except you're not a fuck.
If this is what you really want, Rita
then you have my support.
(Cliff) Hang on.
Wait! Wait!
(crickets chirping)
Because she was always so
worried about her looks.
(Rita) Uh-huh.
Well, that's just
Because she loved bees.
I think.
Okay. Yeah, sure. (scoffs)
A martini.
(Madame Rouge) Dry with a pinch of salt.
Her favorite thing in the whole world.
- (Larry) Oh, good choice.
- It wasn't my favorite thing.
- Oh, so I can take it
- (glass clinks)
(gasps) Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Okay. Well, let's
just move on, shall we?
I know you two took this seriously.
What did you bring?
(sighs in annoyance)
Right. Okay. Let's just, um
Let's just get this over with, hmm?
I can't believe this
is really happening.
This isn't just the end for Rita.
You know that, right?
(Larry) We know.
My! I didn't realize I was so flammable.
Probably all the alcohol.
(singing) Ave Maria ♪
Gratia plena ♪
- Maria ♪
- (sobbing loudly)
It's just so fucking beautiful.
gratia plena ♪
- (body squirting)
- (Cliff sobbing)
This is so embarrassing.
(Larry) It's okay. Death
isn't supposed to be pretty.
(Jane continues singing)
Oh, my God. Can somebody do something?
- (pops)
- (farting)
(gasps) Oh.
- (groans)
- (all coughing)
Just smells like
burning (coughs) rubber.
I don't need you to describe
my burning corpse's scent.
- Thank you very much.
- (gasps) Sorry.
It's fine.
It's totally fine.
(melancholy music playing)
(opening film music playing)
I made enough for everybody.
(film announcer on
TV) Secret Rendezvous.
There's something wrong with you, dude.
- (film announcer on TV) Carl
- What? I had a craving.
(film announcer on TV)
And introducing Rita Farr.
In this stately Boston mansion,
the wedding of the year
is about to commence.
(closing film music playing)
(Cliff) I can't believe
Oliver went out like that.
What a tool.
Polly deserved so much better.
So, what do we do now?
Call it a night?
(Larry) Anybody wanna watch it again?
- (gasps)
- (Cliff) Yeah.
Smashing idea, Larry. Yes.
(opening film music playing)
(Jane) Seriously?
You're just gonna leave
without saying goodbye.
Ah. I didn't wanna
steal Rita's spotlight.
Besides, this isn't goodbye.
It's just a new chapter.
Are you okay?
(grunts) Yeah. Yeah,
yeah, yeah, it's nothing.
I'm 35 again, remember?
(chuckles nervously)
God, I can't wait to see
the look on Rory's face.
I hope he hasn't forgotten me.
How could he?
You're like the best grandpa ever.
And a ginormous robot.
Ha! Fucking A.
Well, what about you?
What are you gonna do now?
I don't know. Um
Maybe get a sublet. Paint?
(Cliff) That is so fucking lame.
I'm serious.
- You're, like, unstoppable now.
- (chuckles)
You could be a superhero
- or some shit.
- All right.
Take over the Justice
League. Pants Superman.
(clicks tongue) I don't
think that's what we want.
As As lame as it sounds,
a sublet and painting feels
like the right move, for now.
And who knows? Maybe
something else will come along
that will feel even righter.
Whatever I do,
it's not just up to me anymore.
It's up to all of us.
(Cliff) Weird, getting to choose, huh?
No mission, no life or death ultimatum.
It's almost like we get
to be regular people again.
(chuckles softly)
You think we can?
I guess it's worth a shot.
We may all be fractured,
but doesn't mean we can't be whole.
You're a whole.
(car engine revving)
Fuck you too, tin man.
Can't remember when we last ♪
Took the time to see a sunset ♪
What now, little guy?
I guess we can do whatever we want.
We have time now.
I know, buddy.
I know.
I wanna see him, too.
But 104 is gone.
As the waves come and go ♪
Fads vanish while
underneath the snow ♪
Lies the grass ready to grow ♪
After all is said and done ♪
After all is said and done ♪
(mouse chittering)
After all is said and done ♪
After all is said and done ♪
(Madame Rouge) You know,
when we went into that future
and I saw I wasn't there
I can't say it really surprised me much.
That's the story of my life.
I come, I do damage,
and I run.
That's what I do.
You might get lonely in this
big old place by yourself.
Well, there's always the sex ghosts.
Can I tell you a secret?
(sighs) Yeah.
When I was in the time stream,
I saw my future.
My new future.
What was it like?
(chuckles) Everything I
could've ever wanted. More.
I know that it's gonna
be an uphill journey.
But for the first time in my life,
I feel like I'm finally on the
path that I carved for myself.
(softly) Wow. (clicks tongue)
positively envious.
But you know what?
A drop more vodka will fix that.
You could carve a
path for yourself, too.
Oh, yeah. 'Course. 'Course
I could. You know what?
- (bottle smacks table)
- (snaps fingers)
I'm gonna get right onto that. (scoffs)
- (Vic) I'm serious.
- Mmm-hmm.
(Vic) Just think.
What feels right to you?
(Madame Rouge sighs)
What feels right or
wrong to someone like me?
- Hmm.
- (Madame Rouge) I've, um
had a few thoughts.
Since Rita.
Some damningly altruistic,
some not so much. (snorts)
But, um, things that are probably
best left unshared with Cyborg.
Do you think someone
can be both good and bad?
I used to think that there
were no shades of gray.
Only black and white.
But, (chuckles)
being here has done a lot
to change my perspective.
I've learned that the
line between the two
can be razor thin.
Hard to spot sometimes.
Even harder to toe.
(whispers) But
How will I know where the line is?
I'll let you know when
you've gone too far.
(inhales deeply)
(John) You want a chance?
Take one.
(sighs) Keeg.
(sighs) Do you think
you could find Rama?
- (electricity buzzing)
- No, no, stop.
Hang on, pal.
I meant together.
Let's go find him together.
Five hundred square feet.
Shared kitchen.
Seriously? Neon green walls?
Come on.
Oh, hi. You wanna watch a movie with me?
(Larry) Sorry, I gotta go.
(Jane) Go where?
I don't know. (laughs)
(Jane) Doesn't sound like you, but okay.
- (Larry laughs)
- (door closes)
- Ugh.
- (alarm blaring)
Shit fuck.
(keyboard clacking)
(alarm continues blaring)
No one's here!
The Doom Patrol's over!
(clicks tongue)
(alarm stops)
Sorry. I think that was me.
I didn't scare you, did I?
Sorry, it's just that Dorothy
said the manor would be empty
and there was a spaceship here
that no one else was using, so
Where are you taking it?
(Casey) Um, I don't know yet.
Space just felt like
a good place to start.
What about you?
What are you going to do now
that the Doom Patrol is done?
I think I'll find a sublet.
Spend my days painting.
(softly) That sounds nice.
- (Casey) Peaceful.
- Thanks.
Actually, to be completely honest
when Dorothy said that
the manor would be empty
I was kind of hoping that she was wrong.
I just wanted you to know.
So how long are you going for?
(Casey) Oh, uh
A week, a month.
Maybe three.
- I'm not sure yet.
- What is that?
Like 500 square feet?
(chuckles nervously)
Uh Yeah, I think so.
Modern appliances,
large windows,
lots of natural light,
hell of a view.
What do you say, Captain?
You got room for one more?
(both chuckle)
(party horn blowing)
(Clara chuckles)
Blow out the candles.
- (Cliff) Go on, go, go.
- Can you blow the candles?
- (Cliff blowing)
- Come on.
(Cliff) Go on. I can I got it.
No, wait, you do it. (chuckles)
(all blowing)
- Yay, good job!
- Yay! (clapping)
- (gurgling)
- (all laughing)
Yay! (laughing)
Yeah! Good job!
Here you go, little bud.
- (crunches)
- Ow!
- Are you okay?
- (gasps)
I'm fantastic!
You got some chompers
on you, kid. Yes, you do.
Yes, you do.
I got an idea.
You wanna come see what
your Grandpa Cliff got you?
Um, she She still
needs a little love.
But we'll get her fixed up together.
Starting with this little doodad here.
You know, your mama Clara's
not too bad around an engine.
She'll be able to show
you a thing or two as well.
- (whirring and creaking)
- Oh, shit.
- (Clara) Dad?
- I'm fine.
I'm fine.
(Clara huffs)
- No, you're not.
- I'm fine. I'm fine. Just
Just give me a second.
- (crying)
- (Clara) Dad, what's going on?
Are you freezing up again?
- (Rory crying)
- Come here, baby.
(Cliff grunting)
(Cliff) I'm sorry, Clara.
I thought I was coming home to live.
I think I just came home to die.
(whirring and creaking)
("Love Chained" playing)
(Rory crying)
Tell me, baby ♪
Things will never change ♪
Yet I know the truth ♪
Honey, nothing stays the same ♪
- (birds chirping)
- I can feel you ♪
- (wings fluttering)
- Pulsing through my veins ♪
I know you.
(man) It's good to see you
It's true ♪
You know how to ♪
Tell all your lies to me ♪
Make me believe it was me ♪
I'm stuck in the blue ♪
Down on my knees for you ♪
Send all your love to me ♪
I dream a dream for me ♪
Say that you want me ♪
But I know that you need me ♪
I can feel you ♪
I can hear you ♪
- (whooshing)
- Calling out to me ♪
Say that you want me ♪
But I know that you need me ♪
I can feel you
- (whooshing)
- And it's only you I see ♪
Baby, it's true ♪
- What's going on?
- You know how to ♪
(breathing heavily)
Tell all your lies ♪
(Larry) It's okay, it's okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
(gasps) But you need to be safe.
I will be.
Keeg's got us.
We're gonna be fine.
And the world will be, too.
Thank you.
I dream a dream for me ♪
It's true ♪
Baby, it's true ♪
Baby, it's true ♪
Baby, it's true ♪
Send all your love to me ♪
I dream a dream ♪
I know you all might recognize
this young man standing next to me.
Victor Stone.
Or as you might know him
(both chuckling softly)
He's here to help me run this class,
so I'd like you all to think
of him as my second in command.
Kind of like my sidekick.
Man, this is corny.
What are you even doing here?
Shouldn't you be kicking butt?
- Saving the world?
- (sighs)
Trust me.
What you do here is
gonna save more lives
than I ever will out on
the streets on my own.
So I'm gonna need all of
you to listen extra hard.
'Cause we're all in this together.
And everything
that we do here in this classroom
is gonna make a difference.
(soft atmospheric music playing)
- (kitten meows)
- (gasps)
(Jane laughs)
- (kisses)
- (gasps)
(music slowly builds intensity)
(elevator dings)
(men screaming)
(wrench twisting)
(faint music playing on radio)
(metal tapping)
All right, there we go.
I'm ready for the PCV valve, Dad.
(Cliff) Um
Isn't that the cutest thing?
(Rory gurgles)
Ooh, but probably not the best
thing for you to be chewing on.
- So
- (whirrs and jams)
(softly) Argh!
Argh! (inhales sharply)
(sighs in exasperation) Oh, fuck.
(Rory coos)
(baby vocalizing)
- What the
- (child humming)
Holy shit.
Is that what Immortus was talking about?
(Clara) What did you say, Dad?
Nothing. I I
- (child vocalizing)
- Uh
("Breathe In" playing)
- (child singing)
- (man speaking indistinctly)
Right of way. Right
of way, right of way!
- I love you.
- I love you, too. (chuckles)
(gasps) Oh, my God, Mom!
(Rory) Stop.
I've seen the light
(chuckling nervously)
Holy shit!
(chuckles nervously) I'm gonna be a dad.
(breathing heavily)
Ahhh! Ahhh!
I've felt alive ♪
(engine revving)
(tires screeching)
I've seen the last day go ♪
(woman screaming) You're a
piece of shit, Rory Steele!
(Clara) Dad! Are you okay?
I'm scared, Rory.
I've seen the sun ♪
I won't let anything happen to you, Mom.
I've felt the night grow cold ♪
I've sold a lie ♪
(sobbing uncontrollably)
'I've bled for truth, I've told ♪
This is what it is ♪
(Cliff) Hi, baby Clara.
I'm your dad.
This is who we are ♪
(RJ) The road is long and twisty, son.
And in the end,
wherever you are or whoever you're with,
all's you got is your
self-respect. You understand me?
(Cliff) I know where I will be.
I'll be right here.
(car door opens)
- (woman breathing nervously)
- (baby cooing)
This is Rory.
(Rory gasps)
He's your grandpa.
(baby cooing)
(Clara) Dad.
(Cliff) It's okay.
- It's okay.
- (Rory gurgles)
I made it home.
(machinery powering down)
This is what it is ♪
This is who we are ♪
Don't know what you'll miss ♪
Till you've gone too far ♪
Breathe in ♪
Breathe out ♪
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