Doona! (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

An Unexpected Twist

See the daylight ♪
Covering the sky ♪
Hear the wind say ♪
No matter what you do, my friend ♪
You know the world
Still needs your light ♪
Let it just shine ♪
You'll be free
From all the things you used to be ♪
[bell clanging]
[cheering and applause]
[somber music playing]
[crowd cheering]
[somber music continues]
[pop music playing]
So I, um, made business cards.
- [chuckles]
- Ooh.
I'm super jealous.
Twenty-one and a CEO already.
Now that you're the boss,
you can pick your hours, huh?
Maybe you could help my mom.
Her back is pretty bad.
If you're so worried about your mother,
then why you moving all the way to Seoul?
The drive to school from here
has been a lot.
Now that my sister isn't in the hospital,
I can live closer to school
and utilize that time better.
Hey, Kooksu.
Thank you.
Take care of my mom, you hear?
Don't worry about it, okay?
If, by any chance, while you're in Seoul,
you happen to see Doona,
dude, you gotta call me, all right?
[boy] Yeah, right.
Like that would ever happen.
Verbs are in the middle.
Nouns are in front.
[suitcase clatters]
Oh, sorry about that.
[upbeat music playing]
Hello there.
[clears throat]
[keypad beeping]
[fast beeping]
[keypad beeping]
[fast beeping]
[boy exhales]
[keypad beeping]
- Oh.
- [door beeps]
It worked.
Hey, uh, you look familiar.
Do we know each other at all?
[curious music playing]
Oh, uh, I guess not.
I think I had you confused
with someone I once knew.
I'm sorry about that.
Ah, just so you know,
I'm the new tenant on the second floor.
I hope we become great neighbors.
This is actually the first time
that I have left home.
Hi, I'm Lee Won-jun.
I'm the new tenant upstairs.
[boy] Here. Please review the house rules.
Specifically, number seven,
the laundry guidelines.
Since you're upstairs,
you do your laundry on the rooftop, okay?
[upbeat music playing]
- Is that clear?
- Yes, it is. It's very clear, sir.
[door closes]
[Won-jun] Oh.
- Newbie?
- Uh, yes.
- It's really nice to meet
- I'm a senior and a psych major.
Taek, Taek, I'm Yun-taek.
Seo Yun-taek.
Okay, cool. So I'm Lee Won-jun,
second year, civil engineering.
You have nothing to worry about here,
so let's just say
you can just be yourself, freely.
Live free, Won-jun.
- [urinating]
- Huh?
Oh jeez.
- [Won-jun grunts]
- [stairs creaking]
[vacuum whirring]
Whoa! Ah! No, wait!
Don't fall. Don't fall.
Where are you going, huh?
[books clatter]
- Oh jeez.
- [Won-jun] Ah!
Ay! Oh! Oh!
Ow! Ow! What the heck?
- Oh! Ah! Ah!
- [stomping on floor]
["Love Actually" by Daybreak
playing in Korean]
[Won-jun] This goes here.
There we go.
This looks great.
Organic pumpkin, huh?
- [snips]
- [Won-jun] Ah!
[girl] Look, there's still some left.
[girl 2] Oh, that's great.
- Here you go.
- [girl 2] Thank you.
Hey, do you see that boy's hoodie?
He must be a superfan, huh?
Why would he wear that outside?
- It's kind of cute, right?
- Obviously, cute.
[line ringing]
[gentle music playing]
[ringing continues]
[keyboard clicking]
[phone vibrates]
Kooksu, what is it?
[Kooksu] Hey, bro!
Get ready to bow and kiss my feet, bro!
Kiss your feet?
Someone's willing to pay
800,000 won for tutoring?
Yeah, isn't that great?
Every month and that's just for math.
Isn't this freaking sweet?
Uh, yeah. Can't believe it at all.
That amount will cover
all of my rent and living expenses.
CEO Kooksu, I don't know how to thank you.
Can you please thank your mom for me
for the referral?
How's your place, huh? Is it nice?
Screaming out so loud! ♪
- It's so loud, so loud, baby ♪
- What? Wait, what?
Screaming in my heart ♪
Ah, Dream Sweet, Lee Doona! ♪
You're my love forever, girl! ♪
That's how much I love you, Doona!
I'm in love with you, okay? Yeah!
- Jeez. What the hell?
- [Kooksu] Whoo!
Didn't you say you threw their albums out
because you were done with them.
It's not easy giving up
on something you love so much.
Oh, Won-jun, hey.
For your information,
I lent you that hoodie, remember?
And I want it back, you hear?
It was a limited-edition item.
Doona won't have
new merch now for a while.
Wait a second. What hoodie?
You mean my birthday present for you?
Uh, seriously?
I was wearing this all day yesterday.
What? You wore it out? Bro!
- [sighs]
- [door beeps]
[Won-jun] I'm gonna make
Some money, money ♪
Per subject, more money, money ♪
I'll sneak into your dreams ♪
I step, I ♪
What's your deal?
[Won-jun thinking] Now I remember!
You're Lee Doona! Dream Sweet!
I just figured out who you were.
- You really expect me to believe that?
- What?
Sorry, but what did you mean by that?
Would you stop the acting?
Seriously! You're a joke!
Oh! Are you insane?
That could've really hurt!
Wow, you act like a child.
What's that?
- So how did you know I live here, huh?
- Well, I didn't.
Where's your spy cam?
It's around here, right?
What are you hoping to see?
You're here 'cause you're stalking me,
isn't that right?
Listen, I'm not a stalker. I swear.
I have a friend who's a superfan.
That's why I recognize you. I promise.
Look, I'm sorry. I'll stop talking.
And just so you know,
TWICE is my favorite band. TWICE.
[curious music playing]
[phone vibrates]
In terms of math, I'm certain
you won't find a tutor that's better.
And my expertise
is a result of my experience as a tutor.
I'm truly confident.
[teacup gently clatters]
I think you're quite earnest, hmm?
I appreciate that.
Then, um, can I start
the tutoring lessons next week?
[door opens]
- [woman] Oh, Mr. Lee!
- Yes?
[sighs] You, uh you forgot this.
Oh. Thank you very much.
[Won-jun whistling]
[bicycle bell jingles]
Excuse me. Are you looking for a
Oh, Won-jun, hey.
It's been a while, hasn't it, Jin-ju?
[pop music plays]
Ah. Mmm.
I almost didn't recognize you
because your hair is much shorter.
Oh, really?
It's been like this for over a year.
- Exactly.
- Ah.
Um, uh, I know
we haven't seen each other for a while.
Uh, for the record,
short hair suits you well.
[chuckles] So where are you staying?
Are you still commuting here?
I was until last year.
Now I share a co-ed house nearby.
Oh, that's too bad.
I thought we could ride here together.
Round trip, it's five hours.
I'll probably go crazy commuting alone.
What do you mean?
I got into Minsong too.
Hey! [chuckles]
I finally got in. Where's the congrats?
Oh, right. Uh
Cheers! [chuckles]
[heartfelt music playing]
[sighs] It's snowing.
- It's so chilly.
- Uh
- [Jin-ju] Mmm.
- [bag unzips]
- [Won-jun] Here.
- Oh, uh, are you sure?
Take it. It's cold. And it's snowing too.
All right. Thank you.
- Nice to know you're still a sweet guy.
- [chuckles]
Mmm, that's mine.
And that's mine.
Oh, so you're the competition then.
We've always been competitors, haven't we?
Even though I've never won yet.
[Jin-ju chuckles]
Anyway, how about we
get together more often
since we're at the same school?
Mmm, I'd like that.
- [vehicle approaching]
- Hmm.
Oh, that's my bus.
- I'll see you later.
- [brakes squeak]
[machine beeps]
[door closes]
[emotional music playing]
Is she okay in this cold?
[Doona whimpers]
- Hey!
- Uh, yes?
Don't ever sing my song again.
Just so you know,
you're a horrible singer.
If you so much as hum a lyric
of my song ever again, I'll
I'm gonna have to smash your head in.
You got it?
Hmm, smash my head?
[Doona sighs]
[Won-jun] Whoa! Oh!
Uh, hey.
Can you hear me? Are you okay?
[suspenseful music playing]
[Won-jun] Uh, hi.
I'm at 21 Minsongdae Road.
Someone passed out here.
She's unconscious.
Please get here as soon as you can.
Please hurry. Get here quickly.
Yes, thank you. Yes.
[siren blaring in distance]
[people passing in hall]
[indistinct background chatter]
[Won-jun thinking]
Is this applicable only to seniors?
- [Doona] Hey.
- Oh!
Oh! You're awake.
You're at the hospital right now.
Oh, the, uh the nurse
asked for you emergency contact earlier.
I've got nobody.
you really should call your family, then.
There's nobody, dude.
Uh, how about your manager, or
There's fucking nobody, okay?
How come you're swearing?
People are around.
Yeah, what's your point?
- You don't swear at all?
- No, I don't at all.
I'm also not a celebrity, unlike someone.
Yeah, well, I'm not now either.
Miss Lee Doona, is your next of kin here?
Miss Lee Doona.
Uh, so so I'm her sibling, actually.
You can speak to me about everything.
Could you please come with me, then?
Thanks to your quick action,
there are no complications at this time.
However, her body temperature
is a bit on the low side,
so please make sure her head,
hands, and feet always stay warm.
Have her use a dry blanket,
and most importantly,
make sure she always
has socks on her feet.
Having her drink warm beverages
will also help the recovery process.
[Won-jun] Okay, got it.
Oh, also, could she be having
any internal problems at all?
Do you know
if she'll need other prognostic testing?
[nurse] No, no further tests
are required at this time.
Oh, sorry, do you have
a phone charger I maybe could borrow?
- [nurse] Uh, just a moment.
- [Won-jun] Thank you.
They said you needed socks.
- I'd prefer if you put them on for me.
- I should?
You're my sibling.
Um, right.
- [unwrapping socks]
- [beeping in hall]
Okay, just bear with me.
It'll be just a little longer. Sorry.
[curious music playing]
[Doona] They didn't have
any normal sleeping socks?
What's that?
You couldn't find proper bed socks
that were more plain?
- I prefer my belongings to look ordinary.
- [chuckles]
What's funny?
Um, oh, nothing.
You claim you prefer ordinary things,
but it's strange
because you're not
an ordinary girl at all.
Did you know sleeping socks sometimes
make you sweat more during the night?
That can make you feel colder.
So these will be better for you.
Anyway, the other socks were
old-men socks,
so pink was the best option.
So, by the way, what's your name,
my fake sibling?
Who, me?
Uh, that's personal information.
[phone ringing]
Hey, Kooksu.
Hey, when did you begin smoking?
I don't smoke, okay?
Why do you ask?
My mom's friend said to tell you
to forget about the tutoring gig.
- What?
- [Kooksu] You jackass!
She asked me to confirm
that you're not a smoker three times,
I told her you don't over and over.
But then, she told me
she had picked up your scarf,
and it reeked of cigarettes.
I can't believe this happened.
All that money just gone.
[phone chimes]
[door beeps]
[door beeps]
[Doona] Hi, Won-jun.
[curious music playing]
Did you have breakfast yet?
If not,
why don't we share a meal together?
Wait, uh
Hey, is that my package by any chance?
What did you buy, huh?
It's something super cushy, right?
No, but why would you sit
on someone else's package?
Oh, I'm starving right now.
So what should we get?
I'm going inside now.
[Won-jun] And that was the day
she started waiting for me.
[door beeps]
[door beeps]
- [Won-jun] Oh!
- Hi, Won-jun. Have you had breakfast yet?
There's a tteokbokki place.
Let's go, yeah?
[clears throat]
Hey, Won-jun!
Let's share a combo meal. [laughs]
- [door beeps]
- Won-jun! Come on! Let's eat!
[alarm clocking chiming]
She's driving me crazy.
Oh, crap, she's here.
[Doona] Good evening.
Uh, good evening.
If you're here to do some laundry,
go ahead. Don't mind me.
Oh! Uh, oh, this?
I had bought this for my friend
as his birthday present.
He let me borrow it,
but I need to return it.
And I only had it on that day
because it was super cold
and the fleece lining kept me warm.
Was I speaking?
- I don't want you to get the wrong idea.
- [Doona] I won't.
You said you're not a fan.
So you're not a fan.
You dress well
for a civil engineering major, you know?
Does your girlfriend
help you choose your outfits?
No, I don't have one yet.
I'm hungry. Should we grab something?
Um well, there's something
I wanna ask first.
Mmm so are you, um,
maybe falling for me?
Because it's starting
to feel like you are.
If so, please don't fall for me.
it's making me uncomfortable, okay?
What's so funny? Why are you laughing?
Won-jun, you're hilarious.
[whimsical music playing]
Ah, it's been a long time
since I've laughed.
- Hey.
- Yes?
I won't end up falling for you.
It's never happening, okay? [laughs]
Well, that was unnecessary to say.
Let's just hang out.
I wanna be your friend, okay?
Oh, you do? But why?
Because I don't have any here.
Well, uh
Oh, um, well,
the whole downstairs is all girls.
You can ask one of them to be your friend.
Downstairs? The entire floor is all mine.
Wow, you're pretty loaded.
Now I very much wanna be your best friend.
You mean it?
I can call you whenever I want?
Uh, you can't, no.
You're a tough nut to crack.
Yes, I suppose that's true.
I guess there's no hope then.
If a superfan or stalker attacks me
and I die, it'll be all your fault, hmm?
- Wait, but how would it be my fault?
- [Doona] The sun's coming up.
I have to make a wish now.
Stop bothering me.
Now hold on.
Who was bothering who first?
[birds chirping]
[emotional music playing]
[Doona sighs]
[grunts softly]
[thinking] I can't.
- [Doona] Hey.
- Huh?
You forgot your underwear.
Huh? Uh
[Doona chuckles]
I really wish I could move out.
[girl] Kim Jin-ju!
- [girl 2] Hey, Jin-ju!
- [girl] Sorry we're late.
- Let's eat.
- [girl 2] Is it good?
[girl] Uh, what does "meh" mean?
[Jin-ju] Lee Won-jun.
- Hey.
- Oh.
[chuckles] You didn't hear?
I was calling you.
- I forgot to give back your scarf.
- You can hold onto that.
No, it's okay. It smells like cigarettes.
- Ah.
- [Jin-ju] Oh.
Hey, let me take a look for you.
Mmm, you got it.
[Jin-ju chuckles]
See you later.
- [girl] Who was that? Who was that?
- What? Who?
- Who is he?
- Oh, stop. Just someone I know.
[girl] Too cute to just be someone.
It looked like you guys
definitely had chemistry.
[Won-jun thinking] "Just someone I know."
Can't you just tell her I don't smoke?
This friend I have
Ah! No! What am I saying?
This strange girl at my place
Ah, man, I don't smoke, okay?
She found a tutor?
[woman] Ten total.
That'll be 70,000 won, please.
- There you go. Thank you.
- [woman] Yes, thanks.
[calm upbeat music playing]
Hello, sir.
- [man] Take it down.
- What?
You better take it down.
Oh, can I not hang these flyers here?
Don't you know you need a little stamp
like this, and it's not free.
You think you can post stuff
without permission, huh?
[Kooksu] Tutoring? That's a piece of cake.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Yangjin's top brain! Our greatest tutor!
Lee Won-jun!
[exhales] So I'll come visit, okay?
What for? Don't forget to take
the organic pumpkin juice with you.
It's in the refrigerator, okay?
Hey, Won-jun!
If you get a girlfriend, send pics, okay?
[Won-jun] Get back inside! It's freezing!
And make sure
you take your medicine on time!
[emotional music playing]
[phone vibrating]
Um, yes, hello?
Hello? Are you there?
[woman] Hello.
I got your phone number from your flier.
Yes. Yes. How can I help you?
[woman] By any chance, I was wondering
if you would be able to
go out for a meal with me sometime?
[knocking on glass]
[chuckles] Hey!
Are you still mad?
Not at all.
You're still mad. I can totally tell.
Hey, you can be mad at me.
I wanna see what you're like.
Although, I don't know why you're angry.
Didn't you put the fliers up
so people would give you a call?
Doona, listen.
Are you, like, crazy bored or what?
Is this some kind of joke or something?
You can do almost anything you want to
because you have all the money and time
and don't need to work like I do.
You don't have to care
about how you live your life.
Guess what, though. Not everyone
has the same luxury as you do.
I desperately need a job
and need to study hard for my career.
Don't you get it?
I have so much on my plate at the moment.
So if you have any ounce of decency,
can you just leave me alone and stop
following me around like a lost girl.
I don't find any of this
the slightest bit amusing.
That was disappointing. Seriously.
I expected more, Won-jun.
You're pretty terrible at
at getting mad, hmm?
But I understand everything.
- [keypad beeping]
- [door beeps]
[door opens]
- [door closes]
- [panting]
[door beeps]
[indistinct chatter on TV]
- [door squeaks]
- Oh.
[door squeaking]
Uh, hello?
Miss Doona, are you here?
Um how about we get a meal
sometime in the near future?
Like, um, whenever you feel like it.
And I'll treat you.
Well, when I get a tutoring gig.
- Oh jeez. My goodness.
- [crunching]
The presumed value of Vb
is pointing downwards,
so we calculate it as a negative value.
Under the condition
that the aggregate force equals zero,
Vb comes out to 75 newtons.
Now, we'll move on to the bending moment.
To calculate that, we need to calculate
the aggregate bending moment
that applies to point B under
the condition of the equilibrium equation,
The aggregate bending moment
at point B is zero.
A positive direction
means a clockwise direction.
Let's look at all the individual
bending moments being applied to point B.
The reaction force of 120 newtons
applying to point A
rotates clockwise in relations to point B.
we leave it as a positive direction.
Since the reaction force of
the triangle above is directed downward,
it rotates counterclockwise
- I'm hungry. Let's eat.
- Huh? Um, now?
Well, you said whenever, remember?
And I wanna eat now.
[professor]newtons on 120 times three
in relation to point B,
so we can write it like so.
As for the weight of the triangle above,
the area of the triangle translates to
Well, um, I think we might need to wait
until after class is done.
[professor]the distance between
the point of action and point B,
where, in the case of a triangle,
the point of action
So what are we gonna eat?
[curious music playing]
[Won-jun] Ever notice not everyone
recognizes you in public?
Dressed like I am now,
a lot of people don't recognize me at all.
Remember you didn't, huh?
Well, that's because, um,
it felt so divorced from reality.
[mellow music playing]
[Doona] From now on, I'll call you.
Is that all right?
[Won-jun] Well, actually,
sure, if it's urgent.
[Doona] So listen, just in case,
don't fall for me either, all right?
Who, me?
[inhales sharply]
I don't think
that's going to be an issue at all.
I guess we'll see. [chuckles]
[Doona] Life always has
its unexpected twists.
You once said to me
that you and I
come from two completely different worlds.
[emotional music playing]
That you never could've imagined
we would ever cross paths.
[theme song plays]
[Doona] So to find ourselves
sitting side by side was purely by chance.
Or maybe even an act of destiny.
[Doona] You may be right
that we met by chance.
[Doona] But I'm still happy
you were the one I met.
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