Doona! (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Getting to Know Each Other

See the daylight ♪
Covering the sky ♪
Hear the wind say ♪
No matter what you do, my friend ♪
You know the world
Still needs your light ♪
Let it just shine ♪
You'll be free
From all the things you used to be ♪
[distant bell clanging]
You can't see anything now ♪
[in Korean] Both your eyes are blinded ♪
[in English] And you got no choices ♪
[in Korean] I hypnotize you ♪
[in English] Screaming out so loud ♪
[in Korean] Screaming in my heart
Is the spell, love ♪
[in English] I got this fire, fire ♪
- [music fades]
- [cameras clicking]
[somber music playing]
[indistinct background chatter]
[man] Doona.
Lee Doona.
Wake up.
Lee Doona!
[curious music playing]
[Won-jun] Jeong-hun consumes
150 grams of protein a day.
His sole concern is
the peace and well-being of his body.
[woman] Straighten your elbows out,
make them taut. That's it. Now breathe in.
[Won-jun] His dating views
are pretty rigid.
Our population is out of control.
It's not like propagation
is really needed.
Our reproductive function in the future
should go through a degenerative process.
That could be our next evolution.
Don't you think?
Uh [chuckles]
Don't take any notice of him, babe.
He's an idiot.
Say "ah."
[Won-jun] Yun-taek's nickname
is the Hundred-Day Prince.
- Right?
- [phone chimes]
[Won-jun] He dreams of a fated love,
but he can't ever go
more than 100 days without getting dumped.
Of course, you won't always
know everyone's story entirely
[somber music playing]
because we all have
a version of ourselves
that we want to hide from the world.
[Doona sighs]
[bystanders laughing]
[phone clicking]
[register beeping]
[mysterious music playing]
[man] Hey there.
I sent a screenshot of the message
the boss sent me yesterday.
That's it, right?
- Yeah, okay.
- [bell jangles]
[bus approaching]
[man] So you'll go by Edward here.
We all go by English names.
We really lucked out
you were available for hire so soon.
Oh, look, there's Alice.
[Jin-ju] No way!
- Seriously, you're the new guy?
- [man] Do you two know each other?
Uh, yeah! [laughs]
What a coincidence.
Welcome aboard.
[Jin-ju laughs]
[gentle music playing]
- [woman] Morning!
- [Won-jun] Hello, welcome.
- Can I have one iced Americano, please?
- [Won-ju] Certainly.
Mister, your iced hazelnut latte is ready.
One moment.
Enjoy your latte.
[woman] Thank you so much.
[register beeping]
[gentle music continues]
- Oh!
- [laughs]
[footsteps approaching]
Ah, that's cold!
[Jin-ju chuckles]
- Here you go.
- Oh, thanks so much.
[Jin-ju sighs] Ah, this is nice.
[Jin-ju sighs]
[Won-jun] You make good coffee.
- [Jin-ju] It's good, right?
- [Won-jun] Mm-hmm.
[Jin-ju] Hmm.
[sentimental music playing]
[Kooksu] Oh? There's Kim Jin-ju.
Do you know her?
Uh, our restaurant's
in her family's building.
They are super-duper rich.
- Ah.
- Oh! Yu-i is there. [chuckles]
Hey, I'll go say hi. I'll be back.
[Kooksu chuckles]
[girl] Oh, got it!
[girls laughing]
[Jin-ju] Okay, got it.
- [laughing]
- [girl] Yeah!
[game beeping]
[rain pattering]
[Jin-ju] Excuse me.
- Oh!
- So I heard you're good with math.
- Is that right?
- [Won-jun] Mm-hmm.
[Jin-ju] Do you think
you could help me with this?
[Won-jun] Mmm
[Jin-ju sighs] Oh.
- Oh.
- [Jin-ju] Here.
Thank you.
So, um, this triangle here
- [horn honks]
- cosine
Are you going home now?
Uh, no. I'm heading to a tutoring gig.
[Jin-ju] I work a lot, huh?
You're not going through
any troubles now, are you?
Why? You worried my family's going broke?
No, no, no, that's not why.
Well, I'm glad everything's good.
[Won-jun] Oh.
[woman on TV] Whenever I have tuna,
I always kind of feel like
I've made it in life, you know?
So I'm gonna lay down a bed of rice,
and then I'll put this
in a fermented tuna chopsticks
Wait, what did I say?
- Now I have to warn you
- [phone ringing]
So salty that you
really only have to add a tiny amount.
[woman on TV]
Next, you're gonna take some of this.
[phone clatters]
Kind of like making sushi.
Well, that's what it feels like.
Use a little
of the sesame-oil-and-salt mixture too.
I was really craving this today.
I wanted to have it
with warm, cooked rice.
[TV beeps]
[emotional music playing]
[line ringing]
[phone vibrating]
[automated voice] Sorry, the number you're
trying to reach is currently unavailable.
Please leave a message after the tone.
[man] Didn't we agree
you wouldn't keep a personal cell phone?
Sometimes I just wanna hear your voice,
you know?
[man] Don't cause any trouble.
- [door beeps]
- [Won-jun chuckles]
[clicking tongue]
[Won-jun] Aw, you're so cute.
You like me, don't you?
[cat meows]
Just be careful with people.
You're better off
staying out of their way.
Lots of bad people out there.
- Hmm?
- [cat snarls]
Ah! [winces]
Ah. Wow, you're a genius.
You understood me right away.
I'm sorry I scared you.
- I'm sorry.
- [cat meows]
- [Doona] Are you hurt?
- [Won-jun] Hmm?
- [Doona] You're bleeding.
- It doesn't hurt at all. I'm all right.
Where were you?
I called you earlier.
At my new job.
So you were tutoring?
No, at a café.
I haven't gotten a tutoring job yet.
Do you know the thing
that I really hate the most? Take a guess.
- Uh, horrible singing?
- Ding!
Ignoring my phone calls.
So how can I say it?
It makes me feel abandoned.
- It really sucks.
- Oh, uh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.
[Doona chuckles]
I wasn't talking about you, actually.
You should rest.
Um, your phone call
So, uh, why exactly did you call?
Was there something wrong earlier?
Well, I was just hoping
to hear your voice.
- So next time, you should answer my call.
- Hmm.
[emotional music playing]
[keypad beeping]
[door beeps]
[door closes, beeps]
[phone vibrates]
[woman] Hello, and welcome to the 44th
Civil Engineering Student Association.
To kick off the new semester,
the Civil Engineering
[Won-jun] Due to a study group
meeting, I will not be
[woman] 20,000 won to attend,
50,000 won to decline.
[Won-jun] I will attend.
- What's our school?
- Minsong!
- Our department?
- Engineering!
[girl] What's our class?
- Civil!
- We are civil!
- Hey! Hey! Hey!
- [girl] Civil! Engineering! Civil!
- Let me hear it!
- Hey!
- We are number one!
- [cheering]
This quarter's results overseas
depend entirely on
the 2022 KCON JAPAN performance.
The single showcase after KCON JAPAN
will be our largest showcase ever.
[man] We plan to expand the media showcase
to the scale of a full concert.
- [woman] Of the international artists
- [man] Doona. Lee Doona.
[woman vocalizing]
[boy] Hey, take some of this
chaser with your shot, okay?
[phone vibrating]
[boy] What's with your expression?
That's not good enough! Let go!
Hey, if you're sorry, then drink this.
Yeah? You were wrong? You're sorry?
All right. Hey, sit down.
Um, hello?
[Doona] Hell-low or hell-high?
Wow. That was a bad dad joke!
[Doona laughs]
Where are you? Right now I'm in the area.
[boy] Hey there, how are you?
You're the pretty chick I saw
at school the other day, right?
- Come on. Give it back.
- Stop it.
Come on. Stop ignoring me
and say something.
- [Won-jun] Please give it back.
- [boy] Hello? Anybody there?
[Won-jun] Hey, cut it out
and give me back my phone!
- What the hell are you looking at, huh?
- [Doona] Hey, you!
[dramatic rock music playing]
[Doona] Did he hit you?
[Won-jun] Not yet.
How dare you put your hands on my Won-jun?
So what year are you?
Get your dirty hands off me, kid.
You think 'cause you're pretty
you can do what the fuck you want?
You're starting to piss me off.
Is that right, you total dipshit?
So what are you gonna do about it, huh?
You should worry more
about what I'm gonna do to you.
- [Won-jun] Hey, hey, wait.
- [boy] Go for it.
Do it, then. [laughs]
Huh? Huh? Go for it, chick.
Go right on ahead.
[tense rock music playing]
[man] Don't cause any more trouble.
[boy] I thought you were pissed,
so just hit me already, huh?
If you can't do it,
stop waving that thing around.
- You think that I can't?
- [boy] Just do it!
[glass shatters]
[boy breathing shakily]
[Won-jun panting]
[Won-jun] Ah.
Ah! [winces]
- Ah.
- [bell jangles]
I don't need to drink that.
I should drink it.
I'm the one who really needs it.
Hmm. Take it.
You can't go around hitting people
over the head with glass bottles.
You'll get arrested immediately.
All right?
He said to do it, didn't he?
Look, I don't know
what your life story might be,
um, but if you need to go
to anger management, uh
There are resources available for you
if you need treatment.
Why? Do you think I've been through a lot?
- Uh uh, well
- Uh-huh?
Normally girls don't walk around the city
with glass bottles
to smash people's heads in.
I wanted to have a drink with you.
I bought it from the beverage store.
Let's grab a drink, Doona.
What's stopping us?
[indistinct chatter]
- Oh, yay!
- [indistinct chatter]
- [Jin-ju] Ah, how about fried chicken?
- Okay, fried chicken for you.
- [laughs]
- [girl] This is gonna be so fun.
Fried chicken and beer sounds delicious.
- Wait, how many are we?
- [girl 2] I'm literally starving now.
I can't wait.
[girl 3] I wasn't hungry before.
- Wait here. I'm just gonna go say hi.
- Oh, sure.
Won-jun! [chuckles]
- Were you here for the party?
- Uh-huh. You too?
- [Jin-ju] Oh, you're with someone.
- Uh, yeah.
We, uh we live in the same co-ed house.
- She, uh
- Oh!
Lee Doona?! Is that you?
Hey, Kook Su-jin is a superfan, isn't he?
I'm a fan too.
- Let's get going. I'm pretty tired.
- [gasps]
Oh! Um, I'm sorry,
but by any chance, do you drink at all?
- You can join us.
- How about another time?
And why would I let
a complete stranger drink with me, again?
- [Jin-ju and Doona] Cheers!
- [Won-jun] Cheers!
[curious music playing]
- [Doona] I'm
- [Jin-ju sighs]
Well, I'm
I'm honestly
just a shy girl.
- Really shy, actually.
- Hmm.
You're so lucky though, you know that?
I'm serious! You're lucky!
That's right!
And, yeah, like, um
Well, I I'm the kind of girl
everyone likes, huh?
Hey, I bet he does too!
Hey, Won-jun.
Uh, you still do, right?
- Um well, um
- [Doona] Who cares if he does or doesn't?
It's not really important.
Hey, Jin-ju.
We should just get married, right?
[Jin-ju] Okay, Doona, yeah,
I do wanna marry you.
- [Doona] Yeah, let's get married!
- [Jin-ju] Let's get married!
Hey, Jin-ju, I think you might
have already missed the subway train.
No, we're tying the knot!
Yeah, quiet, we have to tie the knot!
[Won-jun] I think
you missed the last train.
[Doona] Hey.
- Jin-ju, crash at my house tonight, huh?
- [gasps]
- Actually, you should just live here.
- [gasps]
You get all of this.
- I will give you everything
- I really needed a place to stay, Doona!
- Thank you!
- [Doona laughs]
Jin-ju, you're crazy for real.
Hey. [laughs]
Wait, are you crazy?
Yeah, you must be crazy!
Hey, wake up, Jin-ju.
- [phone vibrating]
- Are you asleep now?
Hey, why are you sleeping?
- [Won-jun] Oh.
- [Jin-ju] You're crazy.
Jin-ju, wake up.
Your father's calling you right now.
- Jin-ju?
- What's going on?
Oh, what should we do?
We can't just let it ring.
Well, answer the phone.
It'd be really bad if a man answered.
[Doona laughs]
You're a man, huh? [laughs]
- Oh, he's a man!
- Ah, what do I do?
Huh? Oh, no, you really shouldn't answer.
- Um, yes? Hello?
Oh, yes, hello, Mr. Kim?
Why yes, you're so intuitive.
I'm Lee Se-na,
a friend of your daughter's.
We're in literature together.
The start-of-term party
finished a little late tonight,
so she made the decision to stay here.
Oh, Jin-ju is
She's, um, just in the shower now.
Should I have her call you?
Oh, yes, everything's fine.
Don't worry about her.
Oh, yes, of course. Both my parents
are here in the house. Yes, sir.
I sure will. You have a great night, sir.
Wow, you were so perfect,
like a total natural.
- That was awesome to see.
- Cool.
[chuckles] You should've been
an actor instead, not a pop star.
I'm going for a cigarette now.
You should go home, all right?
[grunts quietly]
Go home, I said.
Uh, Yun-taek told me
not to come home before 2:00.
So I will in a little.
[Doona sighs]
[Won-jun] Hmm.
What's with your hand?
It's looking pretty rough now.
Ah. It's weird, but I seem
to get injured every time I'm around you.
Maybe we're not meant to hang out.
[Doona sighs]
She's pretty, and you know it.
Hmm. She really is.
[sighs] I'm jealous of that.
Wait. Her being pretty
makes you feel jealous?
No, I'm jealous of you.
You have
this really great relationship with her,
'cause you've known her so long.
That's why I'm jealous of you.
It's so not fair, you know.
I have yet to know
a true friend like that.
Oh! Hey, Doona, be careful.
You've had a lot to drink, remember? Ah.
I sometimes wonder
how I ended up like this in life.
[Won-jun] Oh!
You're adorable, you know that?
I almost messed up and did it.
Almost did what?
So if you can manage it,
next time you should turn away.
[Won-jun] Hey, Doona, be careful.
You've had a lot to drink, remember?
[faucet running]
I, uh I promised washed it.
That's strange.
It still has your smell on it.
I guess it's your fabric softener.
So, did you get home all right yesterday?
Doona said she didn't know
when you had left this morning.
- So when did you head out?
- Oh man, that's right.
I forgot to thank Doona
for letting me sleep over last night,
because somebody had me in shock.
Won-jun, hey, it's me.
You don't need to hide it.
I saw you guys.
You and Doona kissed. I saw it all.
[spluttering] Kiss? Uh, you did?
Uh-huh! [chuckles]
Oh, Se-hun's here. I'm over here!
- I should go. I'll see you at work, okay?
- [Won-jun] Oh.
Uh, I didn't kiss her
But I [sighs]
I didn't kiss her.
[glass clinking]
This is a milk container.
Cosmetics are general waste.
I guess your manager did this for you.
You obviously haven't had to do it before.
[items clatter]
You sound irritated.
Is it because you're hangry?
Or is because Jin-ju rejected you?
Huh? What has she got to do
with any of this? Jeez, come on.
And this is plastic.
You got rejected. Bingo.
I wasn't rejected, okay?
She thinks you and I
have something going on right now.
Hmm? She does?
[chuckles] Why?
Because she saw us that night that, um,
on the roof,
well, uh yeah.
You should've set her straight.
Okay, whatever. It's not like
we're together or anything, right?
Trying to explain it
would just make it more awkward.
So what do we do now?
Should we just date for real, then?
Just so you know, it's very clear to me
now why you don't have friends.
[Won-jun sighs]
And what makes you say that?
Well, you have no filter when you speak.
You say whatever you're thinking.
There aren't many people like that.
From what I'm seeing, you don't care
what anyone thinks about you.
And you don't feel the need to hold back.
In some ways, I envy you.
Huh? What the heck?
This is also general waste.
I do whatever the fuck I want
regardless of what anyone says. So what?
Is that bad? Huh?
Uh uh
Ah, I get it now.
I'm alone because of my attitude,
is that it?
It's all on Doona!
I can't possibly fix my career now.
So what? So what?
I should just stick to selling
weight-loss pills on social media?
- Is that what you think, huh?
- Doona, I never said that.
I'm gonna sort the recycling
however the fuck I want, okay?
Don't tell me
where the fuck to put stuff, you hear?
[man] You couldn't just keep it together.
[man] Has it occurred to you
that you brought this upon yourself?
[Won-jun] Hey, Kooksu.
You know that girl Doona you love
from Dream Sweet
or whatever they're called?
[Kooksu] Yes! The goddess Doona!
Yeah, why?
[Won-jun] Is she
going through a hard time?
I hear a lot of celebrities deal with
mental illness and stuff like that.
Maybe she struggled with cyberbullying?
[Kooksu] Oh, no way, dude!
Doona just does
whatever the hell she wants to,
and that's how she is.
Yeah, she just left the band to focus on
her studies for now, so I hear.
Please only pay attention to facts
from now on.
- But is that a fact?
- [Kooksu] Dude, trust me.
But, hey, why you asking about my girl?
- [Won-jun] But it's not a fact?
- Wait, are you a fan?
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
I just thought about her randomly.
Yeah. I, too,
have thought about her a whole lot.
In fact, I think about her all the time.
Yeah, how much is that?
[gentle piano music playing]
What? Got something to say?
Uh, mm-mm
Wait, have you eaten yet?
Actually, I cooked way too much food
for dinner just now.
If you haven't eaten,
give me a minute, okay?
- Wait here. I'll bring it down to you.
- Wait, don't.
[Won-jun grunts]
- Hey.
- [Won-jun] Hmm?
Don't you know it's a rule to give notice
before you bring a guest over?
I didn't exactly bring her over just now.
- So, she actually lives right below us.
- [Yun-taek] Exactly!
Instead, why don't you give notice
about how antisocial you are
so the poor girl can dodge you?
[Yun-taek chuckles]
Pay no attention
to this heartless jerk, okay?
And, uh, come visit us
anytime you want to, hmm? Okay?
Can I, um
can I ask you a personal question?
Uh and don't feel like
you have to answer me.
Mm-hmm. Fire away.
Why did you quit Dream Sweet?
Maybe I haven't accomplished
enough in life to get it, hmm,
but I can't imagine someone
who's worked as hard as you
just giving up on it.
Sorry. You must get
these kinds of questions all the time.
Actually, you're the first one to ask me.
Oh, really?
In my experience, I find that people
will believe what they want to.
They don't care to know the actual truth.
But if I had to be honest
there wasn't a reason why I quit.
I just unexpectedly
couldn't sing at all anymore.
The end, hmm?
[cat meows]
Do you have any change?
[Won-jun] All right. Good luck.
[Doona] Here I go
- [machine beeping]
- [Doona] Ah!
- Oh! [laughs]
- [Won-jun] Oh! Oh!
- [squeals]
- Ah.
[machine beeps]
- [Doona] Ah! Oh.
- [Won-jun] Oh. Oh.
- Ah.
- Ah, seriously?! No!
- [Won-jun] Oh! Oh!
- [Doona squeals]
- Really? All of this?
- [Doona] Mm-hmm.
Hurry up. I need it!
Here you go.
[machine beeps, whirs]
[machine beeping]
[Doona] Oh! Oh!
Oh! [squeals]
[crowd cheering]
You should've kept it together.
Now go back out there and sing.
We'll talk after.
[woman in Japanese] Dream Sweet,
you're on in three minutes!
We're starting now!
[in English]
I don't think I can sing tonight.
What do you mean you can't sing?
My anxiety is through the roof.
You're going on stage no matter what.
Enough of your nonsense.
Now, get out there.
[man in Japanese] Ten seconds!
Five seconds!
Four. Three.
[machine whirs]
[crowd cheering]
[rock music playing]
[cheering continues]
[pop music playing]
[in English] Stop this game ♪
Wait for it ♪
[in Korean]
I now appear before your eyes ♪
[in English] Whisper spell ♪
You can't escape ♪
I got you ♪
[in Korean] Come to me ♪
[in English]
You can't see anything now ♪
[in Korean] Your eyes are blinded ♪
[in English] And you got no choices ♪
[in Korean] I hypnotize you ♪
[in English] Screaming out so loud ♪
[man] Hey, Lee Doona!
You really let yourself go!
[man] Can you bite on this
just once for me?
Fire! ♪
You make it burning, burning, burning ♪
[woman] You have to make a point?
Ugh! Seriously?!
You wanna be a diva?
Leave it for your solo career.
[cameras clicking]
[Doona] This is plagiarism!
They're obviously identical
down to the composition!
Hey, you!
You're gonna lose everything and end up
selling weight loss pills on social media!
- [indistinct chatter]
- [woman 3] Did something happen?
[woman 4] What's wrong with her?
What's happening on stage?
[dramatic music playing]
[man] Doona.
Lee Doona!
Wake up.
[echoes] Lee Doona!
Whoo! I did it! Oh! [squeals]
- Let's go!
- [Won-jun] Okay.
[Won-jun claps]
- Today was my birthday, you know.
- Ah, seriously?
And I happened to make
birthday seaweed soup? Wow.
You should eat better, you know?
Food makes everything better
in my opinion.
Although I don't have
much going on in my life,
I find that eating well can really,
uh, um, boost my morale these days.
So what's the deal?
What's the story between Jin-ju and you?
Well, I think that's
how things go with high-school crushes.
Like a fool, you begin to read
way too much into every little detail.
First it's despair. Then you're floating
in the clouds sometimes no reason.
[sighs] Then you overdo it,
and things end up falling apart, right?
- You're sure she doesn't have feelings?
- Yes, I'm sure, Doona.
I think you're wrong.
How do you know?
- Never mind that. You could court her.
- And how would I do that?
You make her heart race.
Girls like Jin-ju wanna feel like that.
You should put her against the wall.
Just think about it.
Push her up against any wall.
Then look at her
and don't even say a single word to her
for ten seconds.
No, you won't need ten. Five is plenty.
And then
What? And then what?
You come up with the next part.
I can't do everything for you, huh?
Won-Jun, you're so demanding.
You could always practice with me.
And I'll tell you
if my heart starts racing.
Happy birthday to you.
[chuckles] See?
I'm not good at that this at all, right?
Let's get going.
It's late, and your birthday is over, hmm?
[gentle emotional music playing]
[door closes]
[line ringing]
Uh, it's me. Were you already sleeping?
[Jin-ju] No.
Why? You have something to say?
Um, yeah, well, um, just so you know,
there's nothing between Doona and I, okay?
I think you had the wrong idea earlier,
um, and well, I hope
that makes things more clear.
[Jin-ju] Oh yeah?
All right.
[Jin-ju] I'm glad.
[emotional music playing]
[man] Happy birthday. I'll be in touch.
[dramatic music playing]
[Doona gasps]
[car horn honks]
[car horn honks]
[vehicles passing]
[Doona breathing shakily]
[somber music playing]
Today is done ♪
And the darkness falls again ♪
There's no love left ♪
At all ♪
You only see ♪
I'm gonna press this doubt on you ♪
Nobody could ♪
Ever ♪
Oh, I ♪
Wanted to laugh ♪
If I could be where that light is ♪
Just for one day ♪
Oh, I ♪
Wanted to say ♪
Only if you come to me and lie ♪
Down next to me ♪
Only if you give ♪
Only if you give ♪
Oh, I ♪
Wanted to laugh ♪
If I could be where that light is ♪
Just for one day ♪
Oh, I ♪
Wanted to say ♪
Only if you come to me and lie ♪
Down next to me ♪
Don't wanna hear ♪
Go on and see ♪
Do you think I have forgotten? ♪
Do you think? ♪
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