Dorohedoro (2020) s01e01 Episode Script


Damn it, let go of me!
There's someone in here! In his mouth!
You're not it.
It's not working?
What the heck did you just say, Caiman?
What did the guy inside say?
That I wasn't it.
I see.
So you're useless.
Damn it, he got away!
I shouldn't have let my guard down.
You idiot, you moron!
Hey, take it easy. Here.
But we finally got to see them
generating that Door.
Beyond that Door
is the world of the Sorcerers.
They use their Magic to generate Doors.
They connect their world with ours,
down in the Hole.
Today was such a crappy day.
Cheer up.
I'll make you your favorite
Ohba Gyoza at my diner.
They come to the Hole to "practice."
Seems like there's more people
that have been practiced on.
The entire Hole is distorted
because of all the Magic.
What is it, Caiman?
Looking at this alley again?
Yeah. This is the last thing I saw
before losing my memory.
Who was the man in this alley that day?
Is he the Sorcerer that I'm looking for?
The guy that made me look like this?
Is the man in my mouth, me?
Is he my true form?
Let's eat, huh?
Looks pretty good.
I'm starving.
But I can't go home
until I finish another one.
I can't stand it.
Nikaido, hurry up and gimme some food.
Here you are.
That's the stuff!
Just you wait, Sorcerer!
I'll find you tomorrow!
Please put the egg in
and pray for his regeneration.
Forgive me, Matsumura.
Excuse me.
Mr. En, can I have a minute?
Fujita. I heard Matsumura was killed.
And that it was someone from the Hole
that did it.
Don't tell me it's true.
I-It is true.
I've just been to his funeral.
And where are you going
in your funeral shoes?
There were two killers.
One was a girl. The other was
a huge guy with a lizard head.
For some reason,
our Magic didn't work on him.
He must be under some other spell.
Anyway, you can't work your Magic
with a broken finger.
Without your Magic,
they could kill you too.
I have an idea.
The Hole, huh? What a disgusting place.
-Hey, Nikaido!
Caiman! What are you doing up there?
Got a part-time job.
This is the practice victims' ward.
I figured the patients might be able
to tell me about the Sorcerers.
But nobody's here now.
You think they've quit practicing?
We've killed a few,
so they're probably being more careful.
If they stop coming, I'll have
a lizard head for the rest of my life!
Caiman, you idiot.
Get to work, we got an emergency patient!
Seeing the way he's been mutated,
I bet it was the same Sorcerer.
Damn, that's some shitty Magic.
Can't be the same one that got me, huh?
What a letdown.
This is their excuse for a bug? Poor guy.
The blood is clotting
where the mutated parts start.
Damn it, a spasm. Hey, Caiman!
What are you going to make with that meat?
Roast pork.
Get to work!
I'll come to your place
when I get off work.
Leave some of that pork for me.
Yeah, sure.
Hey, over here.
The Hungry Bug, Nikaido's diner,
was on the outskirts of the Hole.
Near that alley.
The area was known for
its frequent appearances of Sorcerers,
so she didn't get many customers.
Hey, you okay?
I'm starving I need food
More please!
I like the name of your diner.
Great place.
Dang, you've got an appetite
almost as big as Caiman's.
It's dangerous around here, you know.
Where do you live? I'll take you home.
There are Sorcerers that
transform humans into insects these days.
I just saw one of the victims.
But it was such a joke!
A joke?
Yeah, the clumsiest one I've ever seen.
I'd like to see the guy
that did such shitty Magic.
It was me.
What do you mean, "no trespassing"?
The passage to the Hole
has been temporarily blocked off.
-You can't enter or leave the Hole.
I have a message for you from the Boss,
Mr. Fujita.
From Mr. En?
What you need to do now is
find a new Partner to replace Matsumura.
But I've got that covered for you.
Our Magic doesn't work on the enemy.
I've looked into it, and about a dozen of
our people have gone missing in the Hole.
I'm guessing it was him that did it.
Find the one that put the spell
on the lizard guy and bring him to me.
It's no ordinary Magic
that's been cast on him.
Use my name if you must, but find him.
You said you had an idea.
It better not be to use a gun.
Don't look at me.
If you do such a shameful thing
for a Sorcerer,
I'll kill you myself, got it?
That's all.
If Mr. En is on the case,
I know I'll be able to avenge Matsumura.
We're coming, you damn lizard!
That doctor, pushing me around
on such a stingy wage.
Who does he think he is?
I need some gyoza, pork, and beer
to cheer me up.
Hey, give me the usual. And some beer.
Hey there, come on in.
You came at just the right time.
She'll turn into a bug any minute now.
Look at you, Nikaido.
Hey, you ate my gyoza!
Don't worry, I'm leaving now.
I've finished my practice quota.
Hey, you amateur!
You did the three in the hospital,
didn't you?
Did you just call me an amateur?
I know. I'll kill you, break the spell
on the three others, and get a bonus.
Shut up! I'll turn you into one too!
Huh? Why?
What? My Magic doesn't work on him?
I gotta get out of here!
Huh? What was that scream?
So, what did the guy inside say?
Guess it's too late for that.
Jeez, I thought he was just a hungry boy.
I gotta be more careful.
Yeah, you screwed that one up.
I saved your butt,
so tonight's on you, eh?
As if you ever pay me.
Data concerning most of the Sorcerers
is in there.
Bring anybody suspicious to me.
Got it?
Yes, thank you!
Oh yeah, the pictures will be ready today.
'Sup, Nikaido?
Want some steamed buns?
I wonder if the pictures show
the man inside my mouth.
I couldn't see anything with my own eyes.
Yeah, but pictures show ghosts sometimes.
It's a Magic spell, not a ghost.
What if he's really handsome
and you fall in love with him?
I look forward to it.
Reptilian mutations!
The name is Ebisu.
I know this guy.
Yeah, we passed him
the other day in the Hole!
Let's take a look then.
I'm so excited.
Hey, Caiman.
Look at that.
It's their Door.
-It's disappearing.
There's someone behind it.
The Door still won't open.
I don't see any of my people
down here in the Hole either.
Has something happened?
Hey there, Sorcerer.
Can I have a bite
of that little skull head?
Show me your face.
A little girl?
What now, Caiman?
But What?
Who cares, damn it!
Is somebody there?
I've closed it!
Dang, that hurt.
That was a close one.
Mr. Fujita
You couldn't ask her the question.
Oh yeah, let's look at the picture.
You've got a cavity.
Damn it! Get me a drink!
Are you okay, Caiman?
You never throw up from drinking.
Something doesn't feel right.
Hey, Caiman!
Who are you?
Dang it, the same old dream again.
One gets used to seeing
the same nightmare every night.
Is that man in my dream the real me?
Or is it the man who cast the spell on me?
Or someone else entirely?
Aww man, my pillow!
I wonder how many senpai has cleaned up.
None of you were supposed to die today.
But you risked your precious lives
for some idiot reason.
Fine, die then!
Subtitle translation by Masumi Mizutani
What we learned in Episode One.
Caiman loves gyoza.
There's a printing shop in the Hole.
Caiman has nightmares.
What we'll learn in Episode Two
is still hidden in chaos.
And that, is Dorohedoro.
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