Dorohedoro (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

In The Bag / Eat Quietly During Meals / My Neighbor the Sorcerer

Senpai! Shin Senpai. I got us lunch.
Were you asleep?
Nah. I was just resting my eyes.
Did you get the garbage bags I asked for?
Uh, actually, I couldn't find the brand
of garbage bags you normally use.
I should've known
we wouldn't find any out here.
So, what were you thinking about
while your eyes were resting?
About En.
Who his enemy is.
Why there's always more,
no matter how much we clean up.
All we know is that En is a crapface.
Let's bet on
who can clean up the most garbage.
By the way, what was in that nasty food?
Damn this rain!
Hey, Nikaido.
Not feeling well? Nikaido!
Nikaido, it's me. What's wrong?
Don't worry, I'm fine.
It's cold and rainy today.
Did you know it doesn't rain
in the Sorcerers' world?
And the rain that falls in the Hole comes
from clouds of the Magic gas they use.
It's true.
That's what the black soot in the rain is.
It's obviously harmful
since it's a kind of Magic.
But lucky you. You've got a girl
who makes your lunch for you.
Nah, she's not like, my girl or anything.
Yes! And I win!
Give me all your matches.
Damn it!
So that's a 30% raise for me
this month, just like you said.
I'm never playing cards
with a reptile again!
Let's clean you up, scrub scrub.
Wash your face too, scrub scrub.
It's about time for lunch.
Ohba Gyoza, two full boxes of them.
Time to dig in!
Caiman, burn that garbage for me.
I'm just about to eat here.
Don't throw garbage at me.
It moved.
There ya go.
One, two, three, four
Seven, huh?
I wonder how many senpai has cleaned up.
None of you were supposed to die today.
But you risked your precious lives
for some idiot reason.
Fine, die then!
-Damn it.
I'm done over there.
Five, six You got seven too?
-Guess it's a tie then.
There's one left.
He's old, but he's the only
decent Sorcerer among them.
You're En's cleaners, eh?
You killed my boys.
But I didn't smell your smoke.
We don't use Magic
on those that aren't Sorcerers.
I don't like it. It's like bullying.
You punk. As if it matters.
It's all the same
to the ones being killed.
Come on, gramps.
What do you know about me, huh?
Fine then.
-Noi, a bag.
Bring it on, punk.
Watch carefully, old man.
I'll show you what real Magic is.
Who are you? Why are you in a garbage bag?
I'm a Sorcerer.
A man did this to me,
and threw me away into the Hole.
Can't you get out?
Why don't you take a look?
I've never seen Magic used like this
You're from the Hole, right?
You must hate us Sorcerers.
I beg you to kill me.
I'd been unconscious until now.
But his heartbeat woke me up.
His heartbeat?
The man that did this to you?
Tell me what he's like.
Please, just kill me
Yeah, sure.
Caiman, did you burn that garbage?
It was really stinking the place up.
I'm in a bad mood now.
Give me my money.
Say that again, you punk!
Why am I so irritated?
I just killed another Sorcerer,
same as usual.
But it really put me in a bad mood.
Nikaido, it's me.
I brought your lunch box back.
Are you feeling any better?
Uh, hey
Nah, never mind.
The gyoza were great.
I bet you're tired. Stay for dinner.
This bag worked fine enough, huh?
Yeah, I'm glad it didn't tear.
Oh yeah, I had a call from En
telling me to come back immediately.
He wants me to fix some girl's wounds.
Oh yeah, he wanted to see me too
about my next assignment.
I guess we should go then.
Yeah, right.
Gotta get some dinner first.
All right!
Help me!
Now look what you've done.
That's why I told you
not to buy cheap garbage bags.
Um, senpai
You did it. You clean it up.
Yeah, five for tonight. The usual table.
We have fresh calf's liver tonight.
We'll be waiting for you.
Calf's liver?
So they've infiltrated my restaurant, huh?
So, ready to talk?
Shin's Magic can tear anything apart
while keeping it alive.
Tell me what you know
if you want to be back in one piece.
Your body parts are still alive and well.
There are many out there after your head.
I'll make pâté out of your liver.
Come on, let's go, Ebisu.
I think she's a regular customer here.
Of course.
Ms. Ebisu is one of our best clients.
I need a new mask
and some clothes for her.
And could you find
some proper clothing for me too?
My pleasure. An item that
Ms. Ebisu had ordered has just come in.
I'm not used to wearing stuff like this.
What's wrong, Ebisu? Hurry up and get
dressed, we don't have much time.
What, you can't even
dress yourself anymore?
There is a big fitting room over there.
You may dress her in there.
What the heck?
It's like some kind of puzzle.
I can't tell the pieces apart.
That's not right,
it doesn't cover her butt.
And now her boob
I'm going to be late!
En will be on your case again
if you wear your mask backwards.
Oh yeah, that's right.
You'd better be wearing
decent clothes today, Noi.
I don't feel the need to dress up
for that guy.
But I did it for you.
We made it.
I'm Fujita, I work for Mr. En.
Nice to meet you.
Huh? Uh, yeah.
Her boob is sticking out. Is that right?
I'm Fujita, nice to meet you.
Is that in right now?
Thank you for waiting.
Please come this way.
I will take your masks and coats.
I didn't need to fix it, then.
Sorry, senpai.
See, I told you I dressed nicely.
She's a girl?
You're late.
Ah, cut the crap.
Here is your aperitif.
It's been a while, Noi. How have you been?
What's this?
It's a Kir Martini.
Don't ignore your cousin.
You're cousins?
Is Noi being helpful, Shin?
I am, aren't I?
Braised? What does that mean?
So, about your new assignment.
En, I don't want to deal with any more
assignments with multiple targets.
It's messy and I'm fed up
with having to kill lots of weak guys.
Don't worry.
Your next target is just a team of two.
I hear they're pretty tough, too.
Right, Fujita?
Huh? You mean these two
are going to kill that lizard guy?
Is he strong?
Magic doesn't work on him,
so you must kill him with your bare hands.
With my bare hands
I'm in.
Hey, put that back, Ebisu! Stop!
Noi, I want you to fix Ebisu.
I'm interested in who cast the spell
on the lizard guy.
Ebisu uses lizard Magic,
so she might know something.
Senpai, let's have a kilo of steak!
It's En's restaurant anyways.
Let me tell you about the lizard guy
and his female friend.
Sit back, relax,
and enjoy our transformation show.
-And Maitake.
Nice to meet you.
Shape-shifting Sorcerers, huh?
Must be hard work, too.
Wow, they can turn into celebrities
and stuff, right?
Looks weak.
Do I look like him?
Hey, can we have a drink too?
Were you the one
that picked up my call today?
Yes. Did you like your calf's liver?
I only eat mushrooms, you fakes.
It's too late now!
You doofus, getting tricked like that!
Why did you use a fork?
Use a knife, for Christ's sake.
Don't get me wrong, Noi.
I was just having a little fun.
-Damn it.
Find the real Aitake and Maitake.
They should be somewhere.
If they're dead,
use their bodies to grow mushrooms.
Cook these as usual.
You mean the mushrooms we just ate
I hate wasting good mushrooms.
Let's take a break.
Hey, get me a beer.
What happened to your face?
Look who's talking!
I got practiced on three years ago.
You guys traveling?
We're looking for the Sorcerer
at Marumigi Hole.
Oh yeah, the acupuncturist.
I hear he can fix people's faces
with his needles.
I wish I could go
and get my face fixed too.
But that area is infested
with muggers and corpses.
Do something about your slobber first!
Dang, my face itches.
Maybe it's that bartender's slobber.
Just like the rumors said, huh.
I wonder if this place even has a hotel.
Use tent number six.
Dang, I'm starving.
I'm going to buy some food.
Keep an eye on our stuff.
Do you sell food here?
Yeah, we got food too.
This week it's pork soup and rice cakes.
I wanted to make curry, but never mind.
Hand over your clothes and all your stuff.
Didn't take you guys long.
I wouldn't if I were you.
I don't have much anyways.
Hurry up.
Fine, you asked for it.
I guess I'll get my game on then.
That's my eyeball.
My bad.
Oops, I did it again.
He got away. I wanted to ask him
where the acupuncturist was.
A club? With acupuncture?
Let's go to that club then.
It seems like it's in
the most dangerous part of Marumigi.
We finally made it.
How many muggers are there
in this town, anyway?
Okay, time to find the acupuncturist.
I'm gonna get me a beer first.
Get me a beer.
How's your Magic going?
Yeah, not bad.
Hey, Sorcerer.
Who's there?
You're not it.
What did the guy in my mouth say?
That I wasn't it.
-Then die.
You found him? How was it?
It wasn't him. I'm just about to kill him.
Hold on a sec, why do you want to kill me?
You came to see me, right?
I'll fix your poor face up with my Magic.
I don't need your pity!
Magic doesn't work on me.
I specialize in transforming faces.
Come on, give it a try.
Let it sit, and your face will go back
to being human.
Let me tell you your fortune
while you wait.
Here it is.
Something bad is going to happen
to your heart.
Heart? What do you mean?
You mean I gotta watch my health?
There's an implication of death.
Be careful, my divination is pretty good.
Something's wrong with my face.
Caiman, your face!
I'm molting. No wonder I was itching.
You molt?
I never knew that.
Let's go, Noi.
To the Hole!
Subtitle translation by Masumi Mizutani
What we learned in Episode Two.
Caiman is good at cards.
Sorcerers eat French food.
Caiman molts, and
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