Dorohedoro (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

The Night of the Living Dead--Bloody Battle in the Central Department Store Square!--

Once a year,
a night of fear befalls the Hole.
On that night, people must fight
terrors that are out of this world.
It is now 11 p.m. Civilians should
lock their doors and stay inside.
Today is the Night of the Living Dead.
Those registered as Stealth Terminators,
please gather at the Central Graveyard.
This year's slogan is "Don't Stop, Kill."
The monks are on the move.
Let's get going too, Doc.
I hate having to do this.
This year, most of them
are former patients of mine.
You should be
worrying about staying alive.
On this night of horror, the dark sky
of the Hole was thirsting for more blood.
You lose. You're paying the bill.
You eat too fast, senpai.
Old habits die hard.
You mean, from when you were
a normal human and lived in the Hole?
Yeah, life was more tense
and exciting back then.
People found out you had Magic blood,
and the whole city beat you up, right?
One should experience something like that.
It makes you stronger inside.
Is the heart guy here?
You think you can fool around with me?
Why are you so uptight about the time?
All you do is wait for mushrooms to grow.
My watch is cheap,
so it doesn't work very well.
All right, fine.
Wow, her face has grown back perfectly.
It'll still take some time
for her memory to start working again.
Mr. En, can we get started
on our next assignment?
And it's nothing to be happy about, Shin.
It's your job. Don't you forget it.
Let's go, Noi. To the Hole!
The merchandise stalls
will be closing soon!
If there's anything you want
Let me explain tonight's mission.
Listen well if you don't want to die.
Hey, look at the monks' feet, Nikaido.
Can't run in kimonos and zori sandals.
Hey guys. Want some of these?
What are they?
Poison balls. Just one bite,
and they're goners.
Let's go check the stalls
before they close.
It's intelligent fighting!
Here are this year's prizes.
Nothing I want, though.
I want that one.
I can grind meat with it for gyoza.
A hundred and eighty plates, huh?
I bet we could manage it together.
Do you mean it?
Yeah, those gyoza are mine, anyway.
The plates are implanted in their necks
when they're buried.
Good luck to you.
Please protect us.
We will do our best,
patrolling and spraying salt.
It's midnight!
On this night, the Sorcerers' smoke
trapped in the Hole becomes thicker.
This causes the people who were killed
by them to rise from their graves.
It's the night when they attack
living humans.
There ya go!
Salt, over here!
Rest in peace!
Over here.
Want some of these? Come and get it.
Oh damn.
12:05 A.M.
This place is as filthy as ever.
Just like when I used to live here.
I remember dining and dashing
from that place.
Who cares?
We have to find that lizard guy.
Ebisu's memory will recover before long.
Can't we just wait--
Hey, what's that?
Looks like a zombie.
Are there always zombies in the Hole?
No But it's possible.
Stuff happens here because of our Magic.
It's like a fantasy land.
More like a horror land!
Look, the guy that was being eaten
is a zombie now too.
We're surrounded!
Senpai, let's bet on
who can kill the most zombies.
Okay. If I win
You guys!
2:30 A.M.
This way, Caiman!
There are a lot this year.
I know, right?
Rest in peace.
Rest in peace.
We've got quite a lot of plates.
Just need a few more for the grinder.
Hey, where's Doc?
Hey, Caiman!
Damn it, I've lost them.
Oh damn
4:30 A.M.
Almost sunrise.
Not quite yet. Take a break,
and then get back out there.
Caiman, did you guys
clear out the West, too?
Nah, we stayed in the East.
Yeah? Then somebody as tough as you guys
did the West.
Hey, that looks tasty.
Give us some, too.
A heart?
Mr. Shin, it's them. That's the lizard.
Ebisu, look
Ebisu's being eaten by a zombie!
Come on, I just fixed her.
Hey, Nikaido. Aren't those two Sorcerers?
You're right.
All right. Time to exterminate them.
We can't use Magic on them,
but we probably wouldn't need to anyways.
I'll take care of the chick.
Ebisu's become a zombie!
-Let's go.
-Wait, Caiman.
The big pair are probably cleaners
sent to kill us.
They're not like the others.
We should be careful Hey, Caiman!
I'm immune to Magic.
Sorcerers can't do anything to me.
Out of my way.
So, how should I deal with you?
I told you to wait.
Guess I'll get down to work.
I don't like being rough with girls.
Whoa, that was nice.
My intestines are shaking inside me.
Oh well.
Seems like you need a couple more blows.
I like you. Let's be friends.
Oh no, wait. I have to kill you.
Too bad!
Go to sleep.
What a waste to kill you.
It's my job.
Hey, Nikaido. Are you all right?
What? You're crying?
Damn you!
What a boring assignment that was.
We did it, senpai!
Let's get out of here before it rains.
Is this some kind of Magic spell?
Or a hallucination?
You're not it
It seems like I've got to make sure
this lizard dude is dead.
Hurry up and die!
I wasn't ever going to use this again
That girl was a Sorcerer?
So she played dead
to wait for her chance to escape.
Sorry, senpai.
The lizard too.
He's probably still alive.
We'll come back later.
To kill the lizard guy, we need to find
the Sorcerer that cast the spell on him.
And solve the mystery
The knife is still stuck in his heart!
I'm hungry!
No, don't eat him!
I'm so glad the poison balls worked
6:30 A.M.
Phew, it's finally time
for the zombies to die.
Caiman? Nikaido!
Disgusting. Don't you have any gyoza?
Shut up and eat, you beast.
Not even lizards
can grow their tail bones back.
What the heck is up with you?
I wish a human head would've grown back.
So hey, where's Nikaido?
She was discharged two days ago.
Hey, Caiman?
Nikaido is a Sorcerer.
Has your stomach fat
finally reached your brains?
You fool, you don't believe me?
Fine, have it your way.
Take care.
What will Caiman do
if he finds out I'm a Sorcerer?
One thing is for sure.
We won't be able to stay friends.
I came to drop this off.
Remember our promise?
Never break a friend's promise, eh?
So uh, I think I'll have some gyoza.
Discharging yourself like that.
You forgot this.
Your head.
Let's dissect it and see what's in there.
Are you crazy? This is my head.
Ms. Noi!
I've been looking everywhere for you.
Will you please hurry up?
Ebisu is beginning to rot.
Give me raw meat!
I've never fixed a zombie before.
I was looking it up.
There are many ways to kill them, but
No, I'm not food!
Oh well, let's wing it.
Dissect it, huh?
Jeez, it sure is creepy carrying
your own head down dark streets.
Seems like I've come back
to this alley again.
Dang, looking at this
really makes me want to throw up.
That's my head you're talking about.
You look a bit down, Caiman.
With all that's been going on,
I've lost my appetite.
Wow, that's a first.
Nikaido, who am I? What am I?
There's something I haven't told you yet.
I thought I was simply mistaken,
until this happened.
It's about the day I first met you.
Back then,
I had a job cleaning up Magic victims
that had been left lying around.
That day, I found the headless body
of a huge man lying in that alley.
I put the corpse in a body bag
and went to call my colleagues.
But when I came back, there was no corpse.
Just the footsteps of someone
walking around in the blood.
And then
a man wearing a body bag
came walking towards us from the alley.
And that was me?
I thought I'd just been lying there
I used to think that
somebody just took the headless corpse.
But now I see that you were the corpse,
and you grew a head.
All right then.
Let's dissect my head.
It might help solve the mystery.
Current time, 11:34 p.m.
The victim, male.
Age, unknown.
Human or other, unknown.
Let's begin.
1,523 grams. Seems normal.
Looks and weighs the same as
a healthy human brain.
There's a right brain, too. Reptiles
only have left brains, so I was wondering.
Shut up.
Next, the mouth. Open up the throat.
Here I go.
Huh? Another power outage?
Doesn't this hospital
have emergency power?
Could you check the circuit breakers?
They're down the hall.
Here, take the flashlight.
The whole hospital is pitch black.
This way?
Hey, wait up.
It's darkness.
It's the alley
Hey, the power's back.
Guys, get back here!
It's gone!
Somebody really was here.
How else would it disappear?
Calm down, Caiman. It should be on tape.
Could you check the circuit breakers?
They're down the hall.
That's the light of the flashlight.
It's darkness.
Who said that?
Not me.
There's a shadow.
The light's back on.
So it was you, you jerk!
Give me my head back!
Who'd want to steal your filthy head?
Calm down,
let's search the hospital, okay?
We never recovered my head.
My memory. My real face. My name.
I know nothing so far.
Everything is hidden in this black smoke.
But the smoke will clear with time.
That's what I believe.
There's no need to fill the tank up
with smoke before riding it.
You just put in 50cc of smoke every hour
through the mask or the gloves.
It's also an exceptional Broom.
Each sweep can clear
over three square meters.
It also comes with a hard disk
and a navigational system.
We already have some advance orders--
Boss! Mr. Shin is here.
Sup, Mr. En.
What is it, Shin?
Take a look at this Broom.
It's my own brand,
and will go on sale next month--
Mr. En, we need to talk. In private.
There's no need for that.
Subtitle translation by Masumi Mizutani
What we learned in Episode Three.
Zombies hate salt.
Nikaido has a secret past.
Formalin is best for preserving samples.
What we'll learn in Episode Four
is still hidden in chaos.
And that, is Dorohedoro.
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