Dorohedoro (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Roast Duck à la Sorcerer / Formal Attire Requested / Another Year in the Hole

A lizard that can survive decapitation?
Do you remember
the guy's face that was in its mouth?
Yes, I do.
Both the guy and the lizard had
crosses over their eyes.
Crosses, you say?
And the woman is a Sorcerer?
Yes. Her name is Nikaido.
I'll have someone look into it.
I've a Sorcerer friend named Turkey.
His doll might work
against the lizard man.
I am Turkey.
I'm a Sorcerer that makes living dolls.
Living dolls?
Do you not trust me?
I'll make one to show you.
Think of someone you know,
and put some smoke inside this jar.
I guess she'll do.
Now, please give me some time.
Turkey's doll will come alive,
and imitate that person's habits.
What's interesting about the doll,
is that it heads to where its original is.
I see.
If we make a doll of the guy
in the lizard's mouth and follow it,
we might find out who this lizard man is.
It's ready.
Well? Doesn't she resemble
your Partner in every way?
Yes. Impressive, Turkey.
It's Noi herself.
Right, Shin?
I've never looked at her like this.
Senpai. Where are you?
-Shin Senpai?
-Get rid of it. Now.
Hi, senpai.
Sorry I'm late.
Did you bring my mask?
Oh, yes.
Hey, something smells delicious.
So, let me explain how to make a doll.
Here are the ingredients.
Finely chop onions and celery,
and toss them in a blender.
Add some cognac, port wine,
salt and pepper, then mix well.
Tenderize the duck, tie it up
with string, and put it in the oven.
Pour Shin's smoke and fond de veau
over it every ten minutes,
and roast well.
That sounds delicious.
It's ready.
Recognize him, Mr. En?
No, I don't.
Just keep an eye on the doll,
and find out who this guy is.
We'll certainly find out something
about the lizard guy.
It's fun playing detectives.
An easy job like this
isn't bad from time to time.
Hey, he's going into the shop.
Does he want to change into
some more comfortable clothes?
What a cheap store. Is he poor?
Do you know that guy?
No. I only started working here last week.
enter the Hole
Hey, Ebisu.
You smell like a Zombie.
Buy some new clothes and change.
It looks great on you.
What do you think?
Madam. That's underwear.
Now a restaurant?
This is an expensive restaurant, senpai.
Do you know him?
I believe he's a regular here.
Actually, I don't.
I've been working here for 30 years,
but I've never seen him.
The terrine de fraise en gelée, please.
Now he's getting the train.
This guy wears cheap clothes
and eats at a members-only restaurant.
What kind of person is he?
My guess is that
Nobody's asking for your guess.
What is this place?
This is where pathetic Sorcerers
console one another.
People that can't emit a lot of smoke,
or those that have useless powers.
I think I'm rather like them.
Does he live in this apartment?
His original isn't here.
Let's talk to the landlord.
You guys look for clues.
Roger that.
I haven't seen the guy in room eight
for about a year now.
For a year?
-What's his name?
-I don't know his name or his face.
An unidentified person
is common in this world.
I'm going to find something
and contribute to the team.
Did you find something?
Hey. Are you alive?
The doll suddenly reacted
to the box that Ebisu found.
I see
All right, duck meat doll.
Hand me the box.
If you resist, I'll break you.
Is this a safe?
I wasn't expecting
to get hit by a duck steak.
Senpai. They're both okay.
I did break the doll,
but this box will tell me
something about the original.
-All right.
This is
Well, well. The guy inside the mouth
was already dead?
Ultimately, we haven't found out anything.
This is ridiculous.
Could you put this head in your bag?
Put these on before we go in.
What kind of party is this?
You'll find out.
Is that a dead body?
It reeks all right.
Hence the noseclips?
I was looking forward to a free meal.
Don't worry.
There's food.
Eat all you want.
This is an annual party.
Each participant brings a corpse.
Jeez. A party for necrophiliacs?
What is this strange background music?
It's coming from that black ceiling.
It's the flies.
A Sorcerer that gives life
will arrive soon,
and resuscitate the corpses.
The box attached to the corpse
is a gift to the Sorcerer.
That Sorcerer could resuscitate the head.
-Is that it, senpai?
Isn't that Ebisu?
The guy she's with is En?
You've been to this party before, Ebisu?
I found Ebisu's name
on an old invitation list.
I thought it might be handy to--
Look. The stars of the evening.
That shabby couple?
It's beginning.
The Sorcerer has
a small tumor in her head.
It's in the shape of the Devil,
and represents our lives.
White smoke
A little Devil.
The corpse has come back to life.
Get to work, you two.
What? Work?
What's the real reason we came here?
I'm going to make her my Partner.
I've been searching for a Sorcerer
fit to be my Partner for many years.
And you finally found the one?
This guy exaggerates so much.
I was actually looking for a Sorcerer
who could control time
What is it, Ebisu?
What is it?
Just go alone.
Shin. Noi.
I want you both to take that guy out.
Kill him and chuck his body somewhere.
Young lady.
Young lady.
I'm a balloon.
Come on. Hurry, hurry.
Well, I guess we'll let you
mix and mingle for a while.
Let's follow them.
Long time no see, Ebisu.
I'm so surprised to see you with En.
What are you guys up to?
Oh, yes. I've got some good powder.
It's been a while right? Go for it.
-Just between you and me,
the hosts are our customers, too.
My Magic isn't enough to control him.
Did the Cross Eyes man
bring a lot of Black Powder?
Yes. Swallow the powder already.
You haven't even resuscitated
half of them.
That woman shall be Mr. En's Partner.
Give her up.
Damn it. En was after her, too.
Damn it.
We could definitely show off
our combination moves against this guy.
Ready when you are.
Take this!
Is he dead?
Oh, yeah.
Are you En?
You'll be my Partner, starting today.
Black Powder
She was using the powder, too?
A disgrace to the Sorcerers.
What the?
The Black Powder that the guy was using
temporarily enhances your magical powers.
It's addictive.
I see.
Why bother using something like that?
Losers need that kind of thing.
Hey, Mr. En. How did it go with the girl?
What the hell is that animal?
This is the Sorcerer that gives life.
The woman was hiding it under her dress.
Wow. So, this is going to be your Partner?
No. That's not exactly the case
Senpai, let's give it a name.
Ebisu. Where were you?
The bathroom is that way,
and that's your bowl.
Quite a kennel you've made here.
Boss, you're really rich.
The Devil made its mask.
I'm jealous.
Fujita is seriously jealous.
Mr. En
Any update on Nikaido?
I did some research.
She moved to the Hole when she was little.
Boss is cleaning up shit.
But I couldn't find out
what Magic she uses.
There's not much information
since she was a kid.
That reeks.
So, it was possibly Nikaido
that put a spell on the lizard man.
If this thing can resuscitate the head,
we might be able to find out more.
It can also revive my precious mushroom,
that rotted due to my recklessness.
The head is clearly more important.
Boss. Ebisu came up with
a name for the animal.
I give list. Boss appreciates.
These are all names of evil spirits.
I'm sorry,
but I've already given it a name.
It's Kikurage.
-I got it from those flappy ears.
-Flappy flappy
It's getting quite cold.
Sorry to bother you on New Year's Eve.
So, who is this professor
that we're going to meet?
He's a friend of Vaux
and a pioneer in the study of Sorcerers.
I see.
A stubborn old man, I'd imagine?
Nobody's answering.
The door is unlocked.
I've brought a Sorcerer's corpse
for your experiments.
It's so dark in here.
Could the doctor have dropped dead?
I was hoping to learn
a lot about Sorcerers.
The number of Sorcerers
has dramatically decreased lately.
The Hole is peaceful,
but it's bad news for me.
I wish I could go
to the world of the Sorcerers.
What would you do,
if you could go to their world?
You'd go with me of course, right?
Don't tell me you're scared.
Yes. I really am scared.
Don't worry. I've got your back.
Nikaido. That room.
A Sorcerer specimen.
This sure is the blood-smeared lab
of a mad scientist.
Look. The masks of the Sorcerers
that we killed.
Is somebody there?
It came from the next room.
But there is no adjacent room.
I see.
Magic has distorted the entire mansion.
The smoke that was stored inside
the Sorcerers' corpses
It's filling up the mansion like dust.
This place is like a maze.
This isn't good.
The doctor isn't here, and I'm hungry.
We're going to starve to death in here.
This is the kitchen.
All right.
Let's eat something.
What do you want?
I know.
Happy New Year.
We're actually eating osechi.
Take your time.
The herring roe is delicious.
I've always wanted to tell you something.
Thanks for being my friend.
Don't be stupid.
Why tell me this now?
Keep being my friend, no matter what.
What do you mean?
That goes without saying.
Caiman, listen.
I need to tell you something--
It's snowing.
It's so pretty.
Can I have this datemaki?
Help yourself.
It's delicious.
Who are you?
I'm Doctor Kasukabe.
I'm doing research
on Sorcerers in this mansion.
Vaux told me about you guys.
The doctor is a child
The Sorcerers turned me into a kid
while practicing Magic on me.
I'm really about 60 years old.
I guess I got lucky.
Have you been lost
in this maze-mansion all this time?
Of course not.
How could I get lost in my own home?
I was thoroughly cleaning the house.
See? Thorough cleaning made
the mansion normal again.
You're right.
Mr. Caiman.
Let me show you something.
It's the one thing that connects
this Hole and their world.
I've scientifically analyzed it,
and successfully reproduced it.
I don't know if you're ready to try it.
This Door is made of
the flesh and bones of Sorcerers.
Their world is on
the other side of this Door.
Subtitle translation by Kozo Komori
What we learned in Episode Four.
The guy in the mouth is already dead.
En is looking for a Partner.
It's New Year's Eve in the Hole.
What we'll learn in Episode Five
is still hidden in chaos.
And that, is Dorohedoro.
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