Dorohedoro (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Caiman in Wonderland

Are you ready, Caiman?
Yes. I'm taking all the knives I have.
You look good with those bunny ears.
Is this outfit really necessary?
-This is my book. Use it as a guide book.
Anyway, I'm surprised you're going too.
I just want to see Caiman's real face
as soon as possible.
Don't leave me if I turn out to be ugly.
I can't guarantee you that.
Think of it as a vacation.
Try not to jump in at the deep end.
Well, we're off to kill
every last Sorcerer.
These are all Sorcerers?
Someone in this world cast a spell on me.
All right.
I guess I'll start here.
I'll bite them one by one.
Then what would be the point
of your disguise?
Kill them bit by bit, in obscure places.
What should I do now, then?
Let me think
I guess we'll go downtown
to gather information.
Hello, guys.
How about a ride on a magic carpet?
Surgery to increase
your smoke output, huh?
Implant of three platinum pieces
for five million Nicks.
Two million for titanium pieces.
Surgery sure is expensive.
What the hell are you doing here?
What do you want?
I'm busy right--
What the hell?
A guy from the Hole killed Matsumura,
and you're not doing
anything about it, I hear.
That's not true!
I asked Mr. En to take care of it.
You can't even wreak revenge,
but you've got a new Partner?
Stop it.
Leave her out of this.
Karate chop.
She's funny.
Mr. En's not going to like this.
You think mentioning En
is going to scare us?
Can't you take care of yourself?
Nobody's going to want to be
your Partner anymore.
Shut up.
Ebisu. Run.
You. That's the last time
you're going to use smoke.
-This is what you call
a real chop.
Split in half.
Is it fun to bully the weak?
Your bully sandwich is ready.
Here's your ice cream.
Thank you very much.
Don't mention it, wimp.
Eat your ice cream.
Shin. Noi. I want you to train me.
I want to get strong and wreak revenge.
No way. That would be such a drag.
Don't be like that. Please.
Your ice cream is melting. Don't waste it.
This is comfortable, and fun.
First, we'll look for the guy you saw
in the alley before you passed out.
All right.
I'm not going back to the Hole
until I get my face back.
You make it sound so simple.
Where will we stay
when we run out of money?
You're right.
We have no money of this world.
How are we going to pay for the taxi?
We're in trouble.
Should we jump?
No, that's not necessary.
We're not in the Hole anymore.
Now, answer me.
What did the guy in my mouth tell you?
"You're not the guy--"
That's what I thought.
Now we don't have to pay.
Yeah, but who's going to drive?
No. I forgot about that.
Look. I got the driver's money
and the key to his house.
Give me a break.
The severed head's been trying to speak
since he was resuscitated.
Isn't he just choking?
What a drag.
May I?
I found
Shin. Noi.
Let's get to work.
We've found their new nest.
What was that?
Probably a new type of Sorcerer.
Anyway, I can't find
the cab driver's house.
The doctor's map must be inaccurate.
Let's get something to eat here.
I'm starving.
We'll ask for directions, too.
This original cocktail is on the house.
That's one grotesque drink.
Our original restroom has a flame toilet.
It's connected to hell.
Flame toilet?
What the heck?
Should you use the restroom,
please read the instructions carefully--
Enough about the restroom.
Give us the menu.
Let's get some nibbles.
Where are you going?
I'm asking for directions.
Keep your mask on.
Thanks for your help.
What do you want from me?
This is for you.
Thanks for waiting. Woodblock-shaped pies
seasoned with Japanese pepper.
It's nothing like an Ohba Gyoza,
but it's pretty good.
How about the drink?
What is this restroom?
Oh, no I can't
The Hole.
-We found him.
Nikaido is a Sorcerer.
I'll call you Caiman.
My name is
It looks like this guy is dreaming.
My name is
Did I get drunk and pass out?
The toilet just spouted fire!
Let's see here
"This is a flame toilet that uses flames
from hell to vaporize excrement.
Its specialty, the Scream of the Dead,
activates one minute after flushing."
Crazy Sorcerers
Where were you, Caiman?
What happened, Nikaido?
Check it out.
He's got the same marks on his eyes as me.
He's leaving.
Why do we have to follow him so carefully?
Don't get hasty. We can kill him any time.
He turned the corner.
What? Where did he go?
This is where the target is?
You can watch, but stay still.
Let's kill them all.
Damn it. He's gone.
We lost him.
They followed you? Who are they?
I don't know.
They probably want some powder.
Take off your masks, guys.
We don't want to get killed for nothing.
Roger that.
But there probably will be some killing.
I see.
So, you are all his acquaintances.
We need to see your boss.
Tell us where he is.
I see. I see.
Tell you where he is, huh?
I can't do that.
You're all En's cleaners.
So, they knew all along.
What did I tell you?
You can't do this peacefully.
Listen up, scumbags.
Start talking if you don't want
to lose any more of your friends.
First of all, it's your boss we're after.
We don't want to kill any of you
weak Sorcerers--
Her head got a new tunnel.
We'll kill you all--
You guys wish to die that badly?
As expected, guns don't work on them.
The man is dead.
One more to go.
You've already recovered?
Nobody in this world can kill you anymore.
Should we pack the last guy
in a bag, senpai?
He's not in here.
Look, Caiman.
What is this about?
Could this be a warning of some sort?
Who killed these guys?
Who are these guys
with the cross marks anyway?
What did you say?
Nikaido. I think
my memory might be coming back.
We need to look for a guy named Risu.
This guy might stay silent
even after En tortures him.
That's because he's not a good torturer.
Is the Cross-Eyes boss really alive?
En simply claims that he saw him.
Can I see?
Sure, but make sure you don't spill it.
The guy's still alive.
Be careful, Ebisu.
She barfed into the bag.
Just great.
I've once again returned to this world.
We'll get Caiman's face back to normal
and get out of here.
I'll need to take a bit of risk.
We're going to split up?
A Cross-Eyes named Risu
is a big lead already.
Let's split up and look for him.
This system runs on smoke
just like Brooms.
The meter on the back shows
the amount of smoke remaining.
We'll use my smoke.
How is it, Risu?
Does your body move well?
I'd assume even a scumbag like you
could produce a bit of smoke.
En, right?
Well So, you know me?
That makes everything easier.
Just please don't kill me.
I'll do anything.
What's his problem?
Hey, Mr. En. We're back.
We're late thanks to you.
Any news?
I've brought a gift.
Good work.
Let's have some tea.
Tell me everything you know, Risu.
First of all,
any idea who might have killed you?
I've no idea.
I joined the Cross-Eyes team
just recently. I don't know much.
Do you remember anything
from when you were killed?
Of course not, not a thing.
I died instantly.
Did you rent this apartment?
I've never even seen it before.
Have you ever met
the boss of the Cross-Eyes?
Of course not.
Only a few Cross-Eyes members
know his face.
Stop laughing. It ticks me off.
So, what's your relationship
with the lizard man from the Hole?
The lizard man from the Hole?
What's that?
We're still not open.
Come back in the evening.
Did you hear me?
Get to work now, or you'll regret it.
What's your best price for this smoke?
I'll regret what?
If it's second-rate,
I'm going to charge you an analysis fee.
What? This is very pure.
Where did you get this?
Don't tell me that you're--
Don't ask questions.
How much?
I could get in trouble for having this.
Anyway, I'll bring all the money I've got.
Wait here.
Would this be enough?
All right.
So, I'll take this
What are you doing, you bitch?
I can't leave evidence
that this Magic exists.
I'm sorry.
So, next is
I'm coming in.
I want to meet the Devil.
Please call Asu.
I hope this will suffice.
You have just 30 minutes.
It's great to see you again.
I see.
Unfortunately, I don't know the person
that cast a spell on your friend.
I see.
I thought you might know.
Then do you know a man named Risu?
That I can answer.
Risu is currently with En.
He's hard to deal with.
By the way, who are the people
with cross marks on their eyes?
The Cross-Eyes are a group of
low-level Sorcerers.
They're always plotting something.
They're useless people.
Those people and Caiman
What's their relationship?
Why worry about that?
Using your Magic is the best shortcut.
I'm not going to use Magic.
No matter what.
Are you going to see En, Nikaido?
Stealing En's property
isn't going to be easy.
I know.
It might kill me.
Why go that far for Caiman?
Do you love him?
No, that's not it. Don't say that.
Caiman is a friend.
An important friend.
At any rate, I'll show you the Door
that will get you to En's mansion.
That's practically all I can do for you.
Man, that was embarrassing.
His name is Risu.
He's got cross marks around his eyes.
Do you know him?
Which Magic do you use?
I don't know.
First of all, I can't produce any smoke.
So, you know nothing
about the lizard man or the Cross-Eyes.
Ouch. Stop.
-My head's going to come off.
-Let me tear it off.
We'll ask your friend to speak.
Say hello to your friend.
What? It's Mr. Miyamoto.
Long time no see.
What are you doing in there?
-This guy
-Boss. We've got a problem.
Someone has broken into the mansion,
and is coming here.
Someone's here to kill me again?
All right.
I'll go take care of this person.
Hey, where's Risu? Tell me.
I don't know.
Wow. That was cool.
I saw him the other day.
Hey, I like you already.
Let's enjoy this fight to the fullest.
What's taking Nikaido so long?
Did she get lost or something?
She is kind of an airhead.
Subtitle translation by Kozo Komori
What we learned in Episode Five.
The food is good
in the world of the Sorcerers.
The Cross-Eyes are En's enemy.
The guy inside the mouth is Risu.
What we'll learn in Episode Six
is still hidden in chaos.
And that, is Dorohedoro.
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