Dorohedoro (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

The Mushrooms Are Ready / The First Smoke / Manhole Elegy

All right.
Our dinner is ready.
Now, I just need to wait
for Nikaido to get home.
Where the heck is she?
Calm down.
I don't need to win this battle.
What's wrong?
Let's have some more fun.
My eyes. Damn it.
Come on. I can still fight.
Huh? What?
Where did she go?
Someone made a Door to this mansion.
It was made by the Devil.
They were obviously looking for Risu.
What? That can't be
The Cross-Eyes' boss?
All the doors are locked. Damn it.
Don't ever talk about that person.
That person, huh?
By the way,
I need to ask you something.
Who killed me?
I managed to get away from that big guy,
but this place is huge.
There's not a single person around.
Cross marks on his eyes
I've finally found him.
Risu. Are you okay?
Welcome back, Mr. En.
Who are you?
Mr. En, are you okay?
I will not
I will not accept this!
-Don't, Mr. En
It looks like I came out unharmed as I had
already soaked up some of En's smoke.
Help me.
It was one of the Cross-Eyes
that killed me, right?
I saw it right before I was murdered.
Well that's
Now turn into a mushroom, gracefully.
Wait, wait. Risu
Isn't that?
Stop Mr. En's rampage.
Otherwise, we'll all turn into mushrooms.
Stop that, you idiot!
For goodness' sake.
What took you so long?
Use a knife to cut off this mushroom,
before the spell spreads through my body.
He's turning into a mushroom.
If you'll excuse me.
-Where is that woman?
-Who knows?
She's probably one of these mushrooms.
Where's Kikurage?
Did he turn into a mushroom, too?
I'm so pleased you're okay.
I miss the damp.
I'm glad that's over with.
We did what we could.
Excellent work.
-Have some tea and daifuku.
The surgery went well,
but it was a close call.
Good job for bringing her
to the hospital so quickly.
When I stabbed the mushroom,
blood started gushing out,
so I rushed to use the spray you gave me.
That spray contains smoke
that makes any magical Door visible.
By the way, I heard that patchwork kid
came back to the Hole.
That's right.
He chopped off the lizard's head
the other day.
He was wearing a wacky heart mask.
What the hell was he doing in the Hole?
That man and this hospital
have quite a history.
It was about ten years ago.
Until that incident,
the residents of the Hole
weren't mere passive lab rats.
They resisted the Sorcerers.
The neighborhood association
led the movement.
The Sorcerer hunt was pretty brutal.
Until that guy showed up.
His name is Shin.
His father was human.
His mother was a Sorcerer.
She was killed by the local association
right after his birth.
Shin hid his mixed parentage.
He lived quietly with his father.
His blood contained black particles,
which proved that he was a Sorcerer.
The factory manager didn't let it slide.
He reported him right away.
A reward was paid
for reporting a Sorcerer.
The neighborhood association arrived
in less than ten minutes.
That's the kid. Kill him.
Shin. Run.
-You're finished!
You snitch.
Get him!
Out back, hurry!
Circulate his "Wanted" posters!
My son's not a Sorcerer.
His mother certainly was,
but Shin can't use Magic.
His mother was a Sorcerer?
What will
Clean the neighborhood.
That pig. He sold me out.
I'll leave town tonight, with Dad.
I knew you'd come back.
Kids are so predictable.
We took out the trash for you.
Now it's just you, Sorcerer.
All right. We'll have a barbecue
at the department store plaza tonight.
We'll need a lot of beer.
We'll take his family's money.
Take the kid away.
Move it.
I'll kill you.
You wish, chump.
I'm beginning to enjoy this.
Shin killed three association members
and fled.
The neighborhood association
went after Shin,
but the death toll rose
as its members were slaughtered.
The situation continued for three months.
One evening,
the doctor and I were on night duty.
What the heck? Whose voice is that?
It's coming from the operating theater.
I'm using your tools.
You've cut off your arms
to look for smoke pipes?
Sorcerers with low smoke output
do that a lot.
Notify the neighborhood association
for a reward.
I don't want to call
those disgusting people.
I'm rather interested in your Magic.
I do research on Sorcerers.
Let me find your Magic pipe.
Stay still.
Wow. I'm actually working on
a living Sorcerer.
Try anything funny, and I'll punch you.
Doctor. If the association finds out,
they'll kill you.
Let's get you some antibiotics.
-You're sure you don't need an anesthetic?
-It's too late now.
I understand how you feel,
but you need to stop killing people.
Your father must be heartbroken,
up in heaven.
You thought you could
talk me out of killing people?
Our family motto is "An eye for an eye."
There it is. I found it.
I found a pipe in each arm.
Now you can use Magic.
Kid. What will you do
with these amputated arms?
Sew them back on.
They'll never return
to their original state, you know that?
They'll just rot away slowly.
In the world of Sorcerers, there are some
that can heal injuries and illnesses.
I'll ask them.
Who wants gyoza?
What are you going to do now?
I'll finish my business,
and go to the world of Sorcerers.
I see.
I'd love to see
what kind of Magic you use.
All right.
That's a deal.
See you.
Who wants gyoza--
Hey. Thief.
A few hours later,
46 neighborhood association members
were rushed to the hospital.
What? They are completely mutilated,
but still alive.
This is Magic.
That kid did this.
So, this was his "business"?
Well, he kept his promise.
An emergency ward for Sorcery victims
was hastily set up
to treat those mutilated humans.
The association broke up
after that incident.
People stopped resisting the Sorcerers.
Anyway, it looks like
the kid didn't come to anything.
It's understandable, considering
what he's gone through.
You know what, Caiman?
Sorcerers don't like the rain in the Hole.
It's raining
Asu didn't know the Sorcerer
that gave Caiman a lizard's head.
So, looking for the guy that cast
the spell on Caiman isn't enough
I don't understand a thing.
Why worry?
Using your Magic is the best shortcut.
If that is the only way
What the?
Miss Nikaido. It's time to eat.
Don't kick the door.
What is it?
Someone was outside the window
Don't worry about that,
just eat the gyoza I made.
The skin is overcooked.
There's hardly any filling.
The minced meat is tasteless and raw.
Are you saying it's bad?
I thought the hospital food was delivered.
When did you start making it?
Patient numbers
suddenly started decreasing last month.
One large deluxe mixed pizza
You're the only patient for the moment.
So we stopped ordering food.
Hello. That will be 3,500 yen.
A lot of our practice victims
are disappearing recently.
Disappearing? Does Magic
have something to do with it?
It means the hospital is
struggling to make ends meet.
Shut up.
Here you go.
-Oh, yes. Caiman.
Have you seen this before?
Huh? No. What is it?
It seems to be a kind of pass that
high-level Sorcerers get from the Devil.
Why would Nikaido have this?
Are you trying to tell me
that Nikaido is a Sorcerer?
She really is, Caiman.
We operated on her with our own hands.
A Sorcerer's body is different
than that of a human.
What is it, Caiman?
I just heard a scream.
Damn it.
This is
that alley.
This is a dead end.
Stop, I said.
Why isn't Nikaido fighting back?
Even if she's still sick, she could
Sorcerers don't like the rain in the Hole.
Clatter, clatter.
You freak!
Are you a product of the magical smoke
trapped in the rain?
It's rock solid!
Are they the missing practice victims?
What? She doesn't have any?
My black gems--
I'm going to kill you.
Hold him still, Jonson.
What are you going to do to Nikaido?
I want her black gems.
These gems taken from the practice victims
will make me a Sorcerer.
Black gems?
Those are just bodily waste.
But this woman didn't have any.
So, I'll take them from you, lizard man.
Not going to happen.
Fetch, Jonson.
I saw it.
That day, I came out of the manhole
and you were there.
You had a human face.
You saw me?
My face, before it changed into this?
That woman was there, too.
Nikaido was there?
I wanted to be a Sorcerer.
I wanted to leave this dirty town--
Hey. What happened?
Did you see the guy
that cast the spell on me?
An increasing number of youths
are believing false rumors
and wanting to become Sorcerers.
One could say he's a victim of
the distortion that exists in the Hole.
Do you need an umbrella?
Subtitle translation by Kozo Komori
What we learned in Episode Six.
Shin has mixed parentage.
The Hole once had
a neighborhood association.
The Hole's currency is the yen.
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