Dorohedoro (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

The All-Star * Dream Game

Ooh, a graveyard!
Matsumura, I brought you
your favorite hot dog.
Is his coffin filled with maggots?
Matsumura's body isn't here.
If it were,
Kikurage could have revived him.
Matsumura was torn to pieces
by the lizard guy
but he still managed to save me.
I will die protecting you!
Miss Ebisu, the boss wants to see you.
What does he want?
The owner of the smoke shop downtown
was killed the other day.
Please move, Miss Ebisu
I bought the shop
and found something quite interesting.
Here it is.
Ebisu's smoke?
Ebisu, your name
is also on the client list.
Seems like you sold your smoke
pretty often.
Yet no one would buy mine.
I'm going to have that smoke examined.
So we'll finally find out
what Ebisu's Magic is.
Fujita, about your new Partner
I tried to recruit one far and wide,
but not a single person applied.
Wow, nobody wants you.
Hey, cheer up.
There are lots of ways to find a Partner.
It doesn't matter to me anyway.
Nobody wants this guy!
Poor guy.
You two hurry up and find Risu.
But how?
There's a transmitter on him.
I'm so bored.
Oh, Mr. Fujita.
Open the Door.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to the Hole
to butcher that lizard guy.
See you, Ebisu.
You idiot, why did you follow me?
We're disguising ourselves as humans.
Masks off.
Disguising ourselves?
We'll get closer to them that way.
And then I'll bust that scaly head
with this.
The question is, how do we get close
to the lizard guy?
That's it!
Gyoza, gyoza. Ohba Gyoza!
I'm glad.
I'll keep them coming, so eat up.
Yeah, it's not like
you have any other customers.
You're not a customer if you don't pay.
Hi there.
Oh, hi Thirteen.
Ohba Gyoza, please.
My gyoza!
I was worried because
the restaurant was closed for a while.
I need Hungry Bug's gyoza
to get me through the day.
Gee, thanks.
I want to see your pretty face
every day, too.
What's up with that creep?
Hey Doc. What'll it be?
Beer and sausages.
What's eating you, Doc?
I can't find a ninth member
for tomorrow's baseball game.
You got Nikaido and me.
You don't need a full team.
You need nine people
to play baseball, okay?
We're going to lose to the Peace Sharks.
And I was dreaming of
crushing those cocky bastards.
I'll be your ninth.
Here it is.
You better keep your mouth shut.
I don't speak to humans.
Excuse me. I saw your poster
about recruiting new members.
Oh, come on in.
Coach, we got a new one.
No more old geezers.
Can you pitch?
Um, well, I guess.
And so, Fujita lies.
Then you're a Peace Shark now.
You're coming with me.
I sense danger.
Our coach is the director
of this hospital.
The doctors here make up the team.
We're up against Central Hospital's
Ward for Sorcery Victims tomorrow.
The doctor there and our coach
are old rivals.
Here's your uniform and gear.
The lizard guy
is going to be there, right?
Yeah, you know Caiman?
Yes, kind of.
Here's our new mascot.
Chow down on the skimpy bikini girls!
Why is Jonson here?
He's part of the team.
I'm controlling him with electromagnetic
waves that only bugs can detect.
He's learnt a word, too.
Hey Caiman.
Sup, long time no see.
Kink, Zus.
We're here to help out old Vaux.
Come on in, guys.
Here are your positions for tomorrow.
Where's our third?
I'll have him ready by tomorrow.
I can't wait to eat
Nikaido's packed lunch.
You're not getting a single bite.
You'll be able to locate Risu with that.
Currently heading north, huh?
We figured out
what's in Miss Ebisu's Magic!
What's in Ebisu's Magic?
Huh? Um, it's
Oh no, she's already transforming.
Where the hell is Ebisu?
Sorcerers burned on a pike?
That puddle between second and third base
is a bottomless swamp. Be careful.
Here come
the maggots of the medical world.
-Did you bring us packed lunches?
That bastard lizard
Still doing that unscientific rubbish
you call magic medicine?
Look who's talking, you swindling quack.
You and your team of old fogies.
Yeah? Like your team of invalids
is any better.
We will now begin the game between
the Peace Sharks and the Central Worms.
The ruthless triangle out at sea!
Black eyes shining
at the girls in bikinis!
Rip their flesh apart!
Dye the blue ocean red with blood!
Crush their bones!
Sharks! Sharks!
Peace Sharks!
All right, go for it.
First up at third base,
Magic-User Frankenstein.
Pretty neat, huh? I made him using
the meat left over from that Door.
Play ball!
Why is Matsumura here?
Hey, you all right, junior?
That crazy Kasukabe made him
using parts from a Sorcerer's corpse.
But it's not against the rules,
and it is a Sorcerer. Let them have it.
Hurry up and pitch.
How dare you Hole-dwellers
mess with my best friend's body!
Wait, that's it!
If I take that body home,
Kikurage can revive Matsumura!
Hurry it up!
Dang, I'm so smart.
All right, score!
Hurry, pull him out!
Be careful, jeez.
You're a great guy.
Second up, at second base: Kasukabe.
All righty.
So Mr. Caiman,
what's the deal with you and Nikaido?
The deal? We're friends.
That means I can have her, right?
Hm. That's none of my business.
Nice bunt!
That guy sure is quick on his feet.
Third up, shortstop, Thirteen.
A hit to the right!
What a useless pitcher. Time for Plan A.
Plan A?
Fourth up, catcher. Caiman.
We meet again, lizard guy.
I was going to destroy him, but I'd better
focus on taking Matsumura back instead.
Thirteen, that little prick.
At least
I don't know why
I'll strike you out!
but he annoys the crap out of me!
All right, three runs!
Look at their long faces.
Atta boy!
I'm such a loser.
What, you came to make fun of me?
Just use your Magic.
-Fifth, at first base: Vaux.
-Let's keep it coming.
Strike! You're out!
What the heck was that?
It was at least 160 km per hour.
My Magic spurts smoke like a bullet.
It's weak and limited,
so it's hardly ever useful.
But I can throw really fast balls
using my smoke.
Here, have some drinks.
Here you go.
Sixth at center field. Jonson.
Ball four!
Damn it. I lost control.
Jonson made it to first.
Can I let him steal?
Huh? Okay.
I'm so sleepy
Are you sure about this?
Let's go all the way to third base.
We made it.
Strike, batter out.
Three outs, change!
What was in those drinks?
Just some sleeping pills.
I think these two have been drugged.
That old meddler!
Ebisu, be ready to leave, okay?
I'm going to grab Matsumura
when I get the chance.
I want some too.
This is an expensive energy drink
that boosts your smoke.
You can't even use your Magic now.
Yum, yum.
How are you feeling?
I'm fine now.
Nikaido, leave shortstop to me.
Nobody's going to get a hit, jerk.
All right, let's go with this.
Strike, you're out!
Strike, you're out!
All right, two outs.
Got it!
Three outs, change!
Nice pitching.
Nice signs, Caiman.
Time for Plan B.
Go kill that bug using this insecticide.
I have to charge you every 30 minutes
to keep you from going crazy.
Open the lid,
and pour water up to the dotted line
What are you doing?
You dirty little spy!
She's trying to exterminate the bug!
Ninth, pitcher. Nikaido.
She's that Sorcerer girl.
You traitor.
Take this!
That was a bean ball! Watch it!
It won't hit her.
You're so cold.
Aren't you worried for her?
I bet she's scared now,
because of that pitching.
You know nothing about Nikaido.
You little bitch. You asked for it!
I got it!
Come on
Stop the game!
See? I told you so.
Now's our chance.
Come on, Matsumura's corpse.
Bring a stretcher!
And we could've won
if the game wasn't called off.
Hey, where's Frankenstein?
Hurry up. Where did Ebisu go?
Ebisu! Hurry!
Clatter, clatter.
We're back.
That's funny. Where did everybody go?
The doorman wasn't there, either.
He's dead!
What the heck is going on?
Anyway, we have to take Matsumura
to Kikurage.
What's wrong?
My head hurts
The veins in my brain are swelling
Noi, it's okay. It's me.
Be careful.
There was Black Powder in Ebisu's smoke.
That's why Noi is out of control.
What a mess.
Senpai, run
I can't stop myself
All right, come on!
See what senpai can do?
Oh jeez.
You okay, Shin?
She's a bit heavy.
What is this elevator, anyway?
It's a secret elevator only I know about.
It's connected to a certain man's room.
I'd rather have nothing to do with him,
but he can break the spell on Noi.
I thought the only way to do that
was for the one who cast it to undo it,
or for that Sorcerer to die.
In this world
there are Sorcerers who have
the Magic to undo others' Magic.
En! Oh, it's you!
I missed you so much.
Leaving your Partner
locked up in here like this.
Uh, yeah. Sorry Chota.
-He's your Partner?
-As if.
Oh dear, Noi was turned into a lizard man?
That's okay, leave it to me.
This Magic is Transformational, Level C.
We'll need dirt from Hell,
the horns of a Devil,
and 666 types of flower seeds.
And most importantly, the entrails
of the person dearest to Noi.
How romantic is that?
Dearest to Noi?
Must be either you or me.
Your entrails are hanging out,
so you do it.
Excuse me.
Mix them all up and put them in a mold.
Fit them together.
Et voilà! A magic doll.
Now eat up, Noi.
Shin, put your hand on Noi's chest
and think about your dearest memory.
Dearest memory?
My dearest memory with Noi
One time when we first started,
we got beaten up really bad,
and we fell from a cliff together
on the way home.
And finally, a bit of Magic.
Huh? Senpai?
What happened to you?
Let me fix that right away!
Wait, Noi! Put this on first.
Your eyes are bloodshot, Ebisu.
Shut up, Matsumura! What's wrong
It's been thirty minutes now.
I hope Frankenstein
hasn't gone crazy somewhere.
This Magic That must mean the Sorcerer
who cast the spell on the lizard guy is
-I'll finish him.
I remember now.
There was a man in his mouth.
Wait, you remember?
What did the man in the mouth say?
You can have this back.
Subtitle translation by Masumi Mizutani
What we learned in Episode Seven.
Ebisu is a good shark mascot.
Ebisu's Magic is "lizard transformation."
Guys love Nikaido.
What we'll learn in Episode Eight
is still hidden in chaos.
And that, is Dorohedoro.
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