Dorohedoro (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

A Good Day to Leave / Mr. Monster, La-la-la / A Good Day to Leave 2 / Gorgeous and Gorging / Blue Night Land

Come on, Kikurage. Bring Matsumura back.
He's basically mincemeat now.
It's impossible.
No, let go!
So, here's the latest we've learned.
It's about the nature of Ebisu's Magic.
Let me explain.
Why are you here?
Ebisu's Magic is transformational.
Her smoke changes people into lizards.
The smoke shop listed it as "Magic to
turn anybody into a lizard monster."
Depending on how we handle it,
it could come in pretty handy.
And Ebisu.
I heard you got some of your memory back.
Were you the one
that made the Hole's lizard man?
The man in the mouth said
got in my way!
I can't get that face out of my mind.
I got some of my memory back just by
spending a day in the Sorcerer's world.
If I spend more time over there
Caiman, want more gyoza?
Uh, yeah.
Coming right up.
I can't involve Nikaido anymore.
Off to work?
Uh, yeah. Thanks for the food.
Goodbye, Nikaido.
Take these twice a day, after meals.
I guess this makes me a Magic victim, too.
So, is Caiman here?
I brought him some more gyoza.
What, you don't know?
He quit yesterday.
Professor Kasukabe!
Hi Nikaido. I was expecting you.
Where's Caiman?
He came to me last night
saying he wanted to use that Door again.
So I gave him my housekeys.
By now, he's
Probably gone
Alone To the Sorcerer's world
My name is Caiman.
To recover my real face
and my lost memory,
I'm looking for the guy
who cast this spell on me.
-Here ya go.
My only lead is a man who goes by the name
of Risu and has crosses on his eyes.
Kesbeel Park, huh?
Hey, pay up.
-Hey, you thief!
-I ain't got a penny to my name!
I need to hurry up and find a job.
The city seems busy today.
Here it is.
No Cross-Eyes.
I heard there's a group of guys here
with crosses on their eyes.
What, you want some Black Powder too?
Can't find them anywhere nowadays.
I've been looking everywhere.
But I'm sure they'll show up again
once Blue Night is over.
If you want a reservation for the party,
come to us.
"Once every four years.
Choose your Partner
at the Blue Night Festival."
I'm starving
Guess I'll have to rob someone again
to get some food.
What are you going to do to me?
Just shut the hell up!
Okay, roll the rug up.
Take him to my pla--
You bastards.
Taking my staff away like that.
Who's going to get the work done, huh?
Don't move, you bastard!
Sorry, Boss.
Fukuyama, you worthless piece of crap.
Why can't you look after yourself, huh?
Who the hell are you?
One more to go!
I've used up the last of my strength.
Sorry for causing you trouble, Boss.
Yeah, you better be.
Hey, are you okay, man?
Yeah, don't mind me. I'm just starving.
Eat up. Our famous Meat Pie.
Whoa, that looks so good!
Hey, Kirion. Say hi to our customer.
Don't mind her. She's just the quiet type.
Have some red wine, too.
So hey, who were those guys?
They kidnap Sorcerers
who have potential for Blue Night.
Dang, this is good.
Why don't you take your mask off?
Is that another mask?
Uh, actually,
somebody cast a spell on me, and
Boss, it's, um what was it?
How some Sorcerers practice on others
because they can't go to Hole.
Yeah, I know right? What a mess.
Where do you live? Around here?
Actually, I don't have anywhere to live.
I'm looking for a job. Do you know of any?
Why didn't you say so?
You can work here and stay with us.
We're forever recruiting new workers.
That's because you're so violent.
Let me introduce myself.
I'm Tanba. You can call me Boss.
I'm Fukuyama, a waiter.
Oh, uh I'm Caiman.
Are you sure? You hardly even know me.
Yeah. You'll need to fill out a resume.
So, once you're done eating,
you can wash the dishes.
Uh, sure!
And so, my life began anew.
Home at last.
Look at all this dust.
My cactuses are dead!
Jeez, how long was I gone?
My omelet's a pile of mold!
I guess I died that day.
No, I was killed. By a Cross-Eyes.
That day, as always, I'd gotten work
from my Cross-Eyes boss, Tanabe.
There's a deal today at 4 p.m.
at the ruins of Salmanaza Plain.
Five kilos of Black Powder. Take it.
Can I take my Partner with me, as usual?
He's not on the team,
but you can trust him.
No can do. You have to go alone.
Sorry, I can't take you with me today.
I have to go to Salmanaza Plain by myself.
But be careful, Risu.
You can't trust those Cross-Eyes.
If anything happens, call me.
I'm your Partner, remember.
I went to the ruins of Salmanaza Plain
as ordered.
I died.
Why did they have to kill me?
To steal the Black Powder?
No, the killer was a Cross-Eyes.
That's highly unlikely.
if the Cross-Eyes finds out I'm alive,
they might come to kill me again.
I only have half my smoke left!
I've got to fill up
or I'm going to pass out.
What do I do?
I know. Aikawa. He'll help me out.
Whoo, fresh out of the oven!
Line them up on the shelves.
We open the restaurant in the evening.
During the day, we sell pies.
It's almost Blue Night.
I hope I can find a Partner this year.
Someone who can bring out the best
of my Magic.
Blue Night is near.
Don't get in the way, Kikurage.
Good morning, Boss.
Here's today's schedule.
A fitting for our opening party outfits.
Please come to the Grand Hall.
I'm going to create your outfits today.
Tell me what you're looking for so
I can design the perfect outfit for you.
A striped suit.
I want some mushroom accessories
to go with it.
Make a matching suit for Kikurage.
As long as it's black, I don't care.
I want to look strong!
I want the trendy slim look.
With a herringbone pattern on a thick
Lots of jewels! A tiara! Fur!
Something angelic, I think.
Why are you here?
I have to go to try and renew
my partnership with you!
Four years ago, you kept me locked up
and didn't let me go.
There's no way you'd be able
to be my Partner.
Are you still looking for
a Sorcerer who can control time?
He doesn't even exist.
No, I know he does.
And I'm going to find him.
Next, let me take your measurements.
Bust, 62 cm.
Bust, 104 cm!
Boss, a word.
I'm busy now. It can wait.
It's about the smoke shop
you acquired the other day.
And signs of a Sorcerer
who can control time
Those looking for a partnership
with a Sorcerer in the En family,
please submit an application form
and a sample of your Magic.
-Here's an invitation to the party.
Try again in four years.
This is the tasting for the opening party.
For the appetizer, we have
sautéed guinea fowl and porcini mushrooms.
And our dear Boss, made from candy.
My lucky color is yellow,
and my lucky items are leather shoes.
We will decorate the path
with these flowers.
Here's the rehearsal for
the traditional play, Blue Night Miracle.
"The sky shined blue with bugs."
This again?
"The two Devils decided to work together."
I'm getting sleepy.
"And so, the two reigned over Hell.
The end!"
What a busy day.
The Sorcerer that can control time.
They said he didn't exist.
But if he actually does
This year's Blue Night.
Something that's never happened before
just might happen.
Your dress is here.
Just how I imagined it!
My dress
All right, let's go!
Gotta hurry.
I hate these shoes
You look the same as usual.
You think?
Look at me!
Aren't these wings lovely?
What are you doing, you dolt?
These shoes
Sorry we're late.
-Hey, Noi!
-What is it, Ebisu?
Boing! I win.
Wow, what's in those?
Lots of boing.
For shame
Blue Night is about to begin.
Good work, Mr. Caiman.
Wow, Fukuyama! Going somewhere?
Blue Night, duh.
Lots of Sorcerers are gathering
to find Partners.
You know about that, don't you?
Oh yeah, sure.
Yeah, that's right. Blue Night.
Are you ready? Let's go.
What? You're all going? What about me?
You're staying home!
Don't hit me!
Boss and Kirion are going to accompany me.
The shop will be closed for the three days
of Blue Night, but keep it clean.
Have fun!
Lots of Sorcerers are gathering, huh?
Risu might be there.
Line up in twos!
The accommodation is down there
on your right.
Those with invitations for the En family
opening party, come this way!
It must be amazing
to be invited to En's party.
Lucky them.
They're on a whole different level
than us.
Where's the ticket?
Okay now.
How do I sneak in?
I'll try the back.
The perfect disguise!
Hey there. Your shift's over.
Go on in.
Where's the other guy?
In the bathroom!
That was easy.
A long time ago,
long before we Sorcerers came to be
Enough with the lame speeches.
Get off me.
You must be melting because I'm so sexy.
Your brain is what's melting!
By the way, how did you and Shin
become Partners?
It's a long story.
A wonderful, um
-Sexy dance!
-A wonderful future.
Shut up!
I'm practicing my speech over here.
I'm listening.
Excuse me.
Here are the applications.
Here are yours.
Here are Miss Noi's.
Mr. Shin's.
Where are mine?
We didn't recruit anyone for you.
And Kikurage's.
Kikurage is mine!
I bet there are none for me again.
Yes there are. Two people applied.
Huh? Really?
It seems he's still alive.
Yeah, same here.
This is bad.
We might be allotted new Partners.
Wow, it's like a festival.
What's that?
Hey, we're short-staffed at the party.
Come help.
What, huh?
Collect the empty glasses.
Why do I have to do that, huh?
Welcome to the Blue Night opening party.
Those two!
The ones who came to Hole to kill me.
And the long-nosed boy
and skull girl that got away, too.
Those who are here today have come
hoping to become my comrades' Partners.
You can use any means available to you
once the clock strikes midnight.
Go to the house with
the Sorcerer of your choice
and sign the Devil's contract.
You have three days.
Some of you may die,
but I wish you all luck.
And one last thing.
Those who are after Kikurage,
I will kill myself.
And so, cheers.
I've got to hide from that heart guy.
Go clean the toilets next.
Damn it.
My feet are killing me.
If that guy is here,
I can't be dressed like this.
I have to be completely ready by midnight.
I couldn't wait till midnight.
Is something wrong?
They dragged the shop owner from over here
and killed him.
The person who did this
is brutally powerful.
Phew, it's been so busy.
Seems like Caiman was the reason
I didn't have any customers.
I wonder how he's doing.
Subtitle translation by Masumi Mizutani
What we learned in Episode Eight.
Noi cares a great deal about Shin.
Risu was killed by a friend.
Sorcerers find Partners at Blue Night.
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