Dorohedoro (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Oh, 'Flowersmoke' / The Wonderful Meat Pie / The Strange Mushroom Appears!!

Blue Night will now commence.
We hope you find a wonderful Partner.
The Blue Night venue, huh.
It's been a while.
I quit!
This disguise gets me stuck
doing lousy chores.
Yup. This is much better.
I've got to hurry up and find Risu.
My thorns are bent
That son of a gun is going down!
Yaku, is that you? Show yourself!
Just as I expected.
Mr. En, how did Mr. Shin and Miss Noi
become Partners?
Why do you want to know?
I'm just curious.
They're gone!
Fine, I'll tell you.
Where are they?
Back then, I used to own a chain
of ramen shops called Hanakemuri.
It made quite a profit.
"Boss's Specialty Soba"
was our biggest hit.
A rich soy sauce-based dish.
Our thick slices of broiled pork and
fried mushrooms soaked in soup for days--
Yeah So about Miss Noi and Mr. Shin?
It all happened one day at the shop.
Pay for your food, you thief!
Good, the coast is clear.
Hey, you little crook! You better pay up!
You don't even work there.
Mind your own business.
My cousin owns that shop, you bum.
Then let's have a Magic duel.
If you win, I'll pay.
A Magic duel? Huh? No way!
What, are you scared?
No, it's not that
Hey, your arm looks awful.
Who cares? I can still use Magic.
But it's rotten. Gross.
Let me see that.
What, you want a piece of me?
My arm, it's cured!
You see? I can't fight with my Magic.
If you want to fight,
we fight with our muscles.
I didn't say "go"
Too bad, I win.
But I'll repay you for my arm someday.
You coward!
You jerk! Idiot! Moron!
So that's how they met, huh?
How romantic that they started out
hostile towards each other.
Don't sit next to me.
Some time passed,
and I hired a new cleaner.
So your name is Shin.
Your Magic is the destructive type.
Why do you want to work for me?
Gotta work to eat.
And there's someone I want to meet.
Who is it?
Anyway, why does a ramen shop
need a hit man?
This ramen shop is just a side business.
Are you some kind of big shot?
You better watch your mouth.
I know a lot of Devils, you know.
My cousin is training to become one too,
and is wearing armor that weighs 150kg.
Where is this cousin of yours now?
At the church, going through training
by feeding the Devils' bats.
Almost there
Come on
Here you go.
En, tell Noi for me.
Her training is about to reach
the final stage.
What a crowd. People love this place.
Would you be willing to share your table?
Hey, long time no see.
You're becoming a Devil, huh?
The dine-and-dasher!
What the hell are you doing here?
-I've been hired as En's cleaner.
Here you are, Boss's Specialty.
You've got guts, coming back here.
You've really got a nerve.
You're a girl?
Didn't En tell you?
So, how long does this training last?
I think until around Blue Night,
a year from now.
Whoever finishes their ramen last
has to pay.
Sure, I'm in!
Great, thanks for the ramen.
And Noi's final evaluation began.
Noi, your training has reached
its final stage.
You must not use your Magic
for a whole year.
Yes, sir!
But one day, not long before Blue Night
Hey, you're beginning to look like
a real Devil.
Amazing, huh?
They poked holes through my mask.
Your training is going to be over
in three days, huh.
Yeah, it was a tough year.
I won't be able to see you again
once you become a Devil.
What's with this song, anyway?
It's this. The ramen song that En sings.
What was he thinking?
By the way, the song was quite a hit.
You're going to Blue Night, aren't you?
Nah, I don't need a Partner.
You must be Shin and Noi.
Who the hell are you?
Are you okay, Noi?
I'm fine.
Noi, you get away from here.
Your training will be over in three days.
Never in a thousand years!
They're targeting us for Blue Night.
They want to knock us out
and force us into a contract.
Let's fight them together.
Okay, let's take one each.
Yaku, you think they died?
No way, keep looking.
Baku, look up!
Damn you!
All right!
But the ramen shop is a mess.
Noi Are you hurt?
I told you I'd repay you someday
for healing my arm.
So what happened?
Noi used her Magic.
The Devil came soon after
and she was disqualified.
Shin, are you still depressed?
It's my fault
that Noi couldn't become a Devil.
I should've died on the spot.
You're going to be too busy
for self-hatred.
I need you to train a new cleaner.
You're a senpai now.
Hi, Shin-senpai!
Blue Night ends tonight.
Why don't you two go sign a contract?
What are these round flabby things?
So that's how they became Partners!
Yeah. I was pleased
that Noi had joined the family.
So what happened to Hanakemuri?
I haven't seen that ramen shop anywhere.
Some mushrooms gave people food poisoning,
and they had to close down.
The meds are working great.
Good boy, sleep tight.
Where did that jerk go?
Who the hell are you?
-Let go of me
-It's me. I ain't letting go, Caiman.
Oh crap, Mr. Tanba!
What the hell do you think you're doing,
leaving the restaurant?
You blockhead!
Ouch I'm sorry!
Shut up!
Why don't you just quit, you dolt!
I'm sure he's learned his lesson, Boss.
What are you doing here, Mr. Caiman?
Looking for someone
Looking for someone?
Did you find a Partner, Fukuyama?
No, it didn't work out.
So what kind of Magic do you use?
Well, I make food with my Magic.
That's great!
I'm starving, make me something.
I'm a bit too tired now.
Why don't I give you some money,
so you can go buy something?
Thanks, Fukuyama!
Stop being soft on him.
Ooh, they've got gyoza. One please!
All right. Here you go.
It's huge.
I wonder how she's doing.
Where's your load, Baku?
Don't worry.
I've hidden her away.
In a special box that can
suppress her healing Magic.
You bastards!
Look what you did to my gyoza!
You've done it now. You're going down!
What the hell?
Shut up.
Let's go.
Stop right there.
Nobody messes with my staff.
And who the hell are you?
-Can I borrow a knife or something?
Boss! Kirion!
Baku! Damn you.
Watch out, Mr. Caiman!
He's turned into a pie!
That's what Fukuyama's Magic can do.
What's with the riot?
I'm pretty sure it's in here.
I'll fill up on smoke here
and find Aikawa at Blue Night.
Two birds with one stone.
What's in that box?
Must be some kind of rare smoke
or something.
This smoke!
All right!
Noi is back!
Must've been that damned Baku.
I'm going to kill him!
I wonder if Shin-senpai is okay
Lucky bags!
Sorcerer's clothes, on sale by the bag!
It's cheap!
The guy who applied to be my Partner
still hasn't shown up.
Maybe they can't find me here.
What's that?
A plastic necklace made out of
Matsumura's remaining flesh.
Ew, gross.
I know, they can't come up to me
because you're always around.
-Go away.
Huh, not too bad considering the price.
I bet the Cross-Eyes are here tonight.
I better watch out.
Where are you, Aikawa?
Anybody want pies?
Damn it, I've got to go find Risu.
Come on, louder!
Who wants pies?
Good yummy pies!
-Come on.
It's the third day already.
But still nobody!
Maybe they were just teasing me.
I guess nobody wants to be my Partner.
Hey, you two.
Is this your dog?
No, he's my senpai's.
His name is Guragura.
Dumb Guragura. Bad boy.
You see, my senpai's been missing
for two whole days.
So I brought Guragura to find him.
Oh no, really? Mr. Shin is missing?
I'll help you find him.
But aren't you waiting for someone?
Nah, forget it.
Come on, Guragura.
Go sniff out our senpai.
Let's go, Ebisu. Come on.
I'm worn out
What, did you find something?
A huge pie!
Don't eat things you find lying around.
You'll get diarrhea.
Come on, Guragura.
We have to find our senpai.
I have to hurry up and find him,
or Blue Night will be over.
Senpai, wake up!
I'm so glad you're alive!
Hey, I was looking for you.
Yeah, Baku had me locked up.
I guess Yaku got you.
But where did they go?
Anyway, let's go sign that contract.
You're right.
How about you?
I've given up.
To tell you the truth,
one of the two applicants was me.
Why did you do such a stupid thing?
Because it'd be embarrassing
if nobody applied.
So only one person
actually applied to be my Partner.
And I was waiting for that guy, but
And the guy came.
A copy of the application form?
You don't mean it was you?
No way, seriously?
Do you mean it, Ebisu?
Or are you just messing with me?
Oh dear, look at her blushing.
Looks like she means it.
Stop it!
Okay, let's hurry up
and go sign the contract.
This woman
Mr. En, be my Partner
She's the one who was seen
in the smoke shop's security camera.
The shop owner's killer.
She's the one who came for Risu.
Could she be the Sorcerer
who can control time?
If she was in the same room then
Is there no way for you to escape?
Happy Birthday, Doc!
Uh, thanks.
Jonson made a cake for you.
It's been a week since Caiman left.
I wonder if he's still alive and well.
I'm thinking of going to find him.
I could help him find Risu. Besides
You're a Sorcerer.
No need to hide it anymore.
It's not like we're on a witch hunt.
Thanks, Doc.
Don't worry, I won't practice on you.
What the heck!
Better stand back.
I can see now.
I can see her.
This woman. She's the one
that was with the lizard guy in the Hole.
Her name is
Subtitle translation by Masumi Mizutani
What we learned in Episode Nine.
Noi once trained to be a Devil.
Shin and Noi met over a dine-and-dash.
Lucky bags are the best.
What we'll learn in Episode Ten
is still hidden in chaos.
And that, is Dorohedoro.
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