Dorohedoro (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Lonely Caiman/The Nightmare Before/Manju of Terror

-You monster!
Clatter, clatter.
What the
Upstairs, hurry!
Come on, Jonson!
It's the best I can do
Thanks, Thirteen.
It's here!
Where are you going?
I'll be right back.
Huh? But, wait
Come here.
I made this especially for you,
because danger will always follow you.
This mask has the power
to enhance your Magic.
It will help you one day.
If I wear this, I may be able to beat it.
But that would also mean
I must go back to being a Sorcerer.
This ends now!
Is it dead?
I'm not sure.
We shouldn't let our guard down.
Welcome, Nikaido.
I'm bored.
Blue Night will be over in a few hours.
Did you find who you were looking for?
Nope, no such luck.
Maybe he's not here.
So, where are Boss and Kirion?
They went to see En
to try and sell him their pies.
That's strange.
The Devils are leaving the house.
Let's wave to them.
Uh, yeah.
So, Nikaido.
There are many things I must ask you.
But first
I'll need you to stay put.
You roosterhead!
What are you going to do to her?
Oh dear, did he just say "roosterhead"?
Now, I need answers.
Nikaido, are you the Sorcerer
that can control time--
What's up, En? Long time no see.
Why didn't you tell me before, eh?
Shouldn't you be in the house?
Wake up.
It's polite to give your card
to great Sorcerers.
So she's the Sorcerer
who can control time, huh?
So that card was the Devil's calling card.
And Nikaido's Magic
So you are the Sorcerer
that can control time!
All right.
Let's get started with these contracts.
Let me introduce you.
This is my Partner, Nikaido.
Where did you find her?
Well, she's obviously been
brought here by force.
Okay guys and girls, split up
and go purify your bodies.
Noi, take good care of her.
Nice to meet you, Nikaido.
Have we met before?
We use this water for washing.
I'm getting a tummy ache
I told you not to eat things
you find lying around.
You're injured. I'll fix it for you.
I'll hold her. You wash.
Accept your fate.
I mainly feed Kikurage
Dang, that was tough.
Hey, where's Ebisu?
In the bathroom.
Let's get this over with.
Stay still.
Here, En. Sign her contract with my pen.
Now you do the same with En's contract.
Come on, sign it.
And are you two done signing?
Now, exchange contracts
and put them back in your bodies.
-Great being your Partner, senpai.
-Same here.
Okay, you too.
Blue Night is now officially over.
See you again in four years.
Goodbye and goodnight.
Gosh, Ebisu, Blue Night is over!
My tummy
In the news this morning,
Mr. En finds a new Partner.
Aw, damn it.
He had long been searching for
a time-controlling Sorcerer.
Speak up. Where's the lizard guy?
Tough little punk, are you?
Come on, let me hear a scream.
It's my motto to stay calm at all times.
But anyway, I'm really hungry now.
Shut up!
Clatter, clatter.
I can't see anything What's going on?
Ugh, they're treating us
as unfairly as it gets.
But why are they so intent
on finding Caiman?
Not that I know
where he is right now anyway.
Prof. Kasukabe.
How's Nikaido doing?
Professor! Look at you, what happened?
Don't worry about us.
But you look really pale.
I just hurt myself a bit
trying to get out.
I guess there's no way of escaping.
We'll figure something out.
But tell me, Nikaido.
What went on between you and them?
This place
I know this room.
What's this? Whose blood is this?
It's still fresh.
I've got to wash my hands.
Strange. I feel like I know this room.
More blood.
I mustn't open it. Or rather
I feel like I've opened it before
and regretted doing so.
A corpse?
Who are you? What did you say?
I can't breathe
Just a dream.
Was that dream something from my memory?
Or was it just a dream?
I feel like that phone call
was trying to tell me something important.
But I can't remember what.
Risu. Cross-Eyes.
The headless corpse Nikaido found.
And the man in my mouth.
Who the hell am I?
If I ever do get my memory back,
will I be able to live
with everyone in Hole?
-With Nikaido
-Hey, Caiman.
You come here every night, huh.
It's no big deal.
I just can't get to sleep.
Sorry for waking you.
You're lying.
There must be a reason.
For coming to Blue Night, too.
It's none of your business, Boss.
What did you just say?
I'm your boss, you hear me?
Fine, I'll tell you!
Darn it.
I've lost my memory.
I don't know who made me like this.
So I'm looking for the guy
who cast this spell on me.
My only clue is the gang of Cross-Eyes
that come to this park.
So that's why
you were penniless and homeless.
All right, I'll help you out.
No, you don't have to.
I said I'll help you, so I'm helping you.
All right, fine, okay!
But why? What's in it for you?
Fool. If somebody needs help, you give it.
Besides, you saved Fukuyama
when there was nothing in it for you.
But only when there are no customers
at the restaurant.
All right, let's get back to sleep.
Come to think of it, I know of one.
A guy with crosses over his eyes.
What is this place?
A jail. The Cross-Eyes I told you about
was a regular customer.
Dang, it's hot.
I can't breathe with this mask on.
This jail is the closest place to Hell.
The heat comes from
the eternal flames of Hell.
This heat and humidity
are going to make these pies rot.
You made it just in time.
Shimizu's execution is today.
You've got visitors, Shimizu.
You came, Mr. Tanba.
Yeah, I couldn't ignore your letter.
How you wanted to taste my pies
one last time A real tearjerker.
A Cross-Eyes!
Quite a sight, huh?
I got burnt when I was arrested.
What did you do
to get yourself stuck in this fix?
I was stupid.
I had a mail order business
selling Devilish Sweet Buns.
You should have known better
Anyway, eat your heart out.
Baked crispier than my face.
Where am I?
Hey, Mr. Caiman!
What the heck, you idiot!
Who are you?
You're not it.
Risu No, you're
supposed to be dead!
What the heck are you doing?
Did the heat get to you? He's not a pie.
Hey, what did the guy in there say?
He His ghost said I wasn't it.
You know the guy in my mouth?
Your eyes Are you one of us?
Did Boss send you here?
Yeah, him
A face?
Hey, let me see!
It's time for your execution.
Don't be stupid, Caiman, let go!
You'll get dragged into Hell, too!
-Damn it!
-Lizard man, Caiman.
Another Devil?
Your friend Nikaido is locked up
in En's mansion and is in danger.
Please, go and save her.
Nikaido is? What's going on?
You'd better not be thinking
of going to En's mansion.
Boss, who is this En guy?
A big shot that owns a lot of businesses.
A dangerous guy that turns
anybody in his way into a mushroom.
He's the one behind that case.
One day, six years ago, a city named
Mastema was engulfed in black smoke.
A few minutes later,
the smoke lifted, and every living and
non-living thing had become a mushroom.
It's the Case of the Mushrooms of Death.
Everything is still shrouded in mystery.
It's still a legend amongst Sorcerers.
I see.
Sorry, but I'll be gone for a while.
-Mr. Caiman!
You can fire me if you want.
Aren't you being a bit overconfident?
Is it because
it's a girl you want to save?
It's nothing like that.
You'll die.
I'm going to save a friend.
It would be pointless if I died.
Oh yeah?
Actually, I'm going to En's place tomorrow
to set up a pie stall.
But if you want to quit, I won't stop you.
Too bad.
I'm getting bored of this.
I suppose our minds and bodies
will fade away in this filthy place.
You made a friend? Good for you, Jonson.
The little guy
unlocked your handcuffs for you?!
Can it open that door too?
Clatter, clatter.
Nikaido, we can make it out of here.
Uh oh, I guess we were too late.
I still can't believe it.
There really is
a Sorcerer who can control time.
It's strange that she wasn't known
to any of your informers.
Here's her mask.
This is Asu's doing.
I knew he was hiding something from me.
Anyway, I need you to transform it
into something suitable for my Partner.
Sure thing.
I'll make her something perfect.
Is everybody here?
Let me introduce her to you again.
This is my Partner, Nikaido.
A new mask!
She's calmed down a lot.
She really resisted signing the contract.
You and Shin both signed the contract
so you may not have noticed,
but the Devil's contract gives both of you
the power to control the other.
What, really?
-I disagree with this.
Mr. En, she killed Matsumura with the
lizard guy. She even tried to kill Ebisu.
She's dangerous!
She could try to kill you at any time.
-I told you, we have the contract.
Forget your grudges against Nikaido.
Focus your hate on the lizard guy instead.
She's my Partner, and don't you forget it.
Yes, sir
Hot potatoes!
-Give me one!
Lots of butter.
Mr. En told me to forget it,
but how can I get along with someone
who killed my best friend?
But I don't have the courage
to leave the family.
I'm such a coward.
I'm sorry, Matsumura. Damn it
Come cry in my arms.
Are you cheering me up? Thanks.
Hey, Ebisu? Do you--
Sorry, but I'm taking your food.
Hey, that's my gun!
I've seen them before.
Chuo Worms!
That's it! They must have been
brought here with Nikaido.
The triangle out at sea
The potato shop guy is in danger!
Ebisu, transform into the lizard monster
and kill them!
You can do it. We've got to save him!
You two!
Let the potato shop guy go, or die!
Come on, Ebisu!
Fujita, the worst there is
Penniless, luckless, friendless too
Always crying over Matsumura
Useless, worthless Fujita!
What happened, Ebisu?
I'm out of smoke
Sorry, but if you're going to
get in my way, I'll have to shoot you.
I wouldn't usually, but I have no choice.
Clatter, clatter.
I'll let you choose what gets busted.
Your brains? Your heart?
Subtitle translation by Masumi Mizutani
What we learned in Episode Ten.
En got Nikaido.
Caiman's nightmares are
hints about his past.
Devilish Sweet Buns are deadly.
What we'll learn in Episode 11
is still hidden in chaos.
And that, is Dorohedoro.
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