Dorohedoro (2020) s01e11 Episode Script

The Boss/See You at the Food Stall

I'll let you choose what gets busted.
Your brains? Your heart?
Get him, Mr. Shin!
He's with the lizard guy.
You're dead, Worms!
Hey, are you that doctor from the Hole?
It's me, remember?
Oh, you.
It's been so long.
What are you doing here?
Come on, Mr. Shin! Hurry up and--
No can do, Fujita.
He saved my life.
-He saved your life?
Today is just too much.
What's taking that broad so long?
I'm here.
Did you call for me, Mr. Chota?
Here, have some tea.
Thank you.
Do you like my poisoned tea?
Why are you so mean to me?
As En's Partner, you'll always come
face-to-face with danger.
You don't know anything
about En or the family, right?
So I asked you over today
to show you this movie.
It's an autobiographical non-fiction movie
produced by, written by, directed by,
and starring En.
The Boss, Death Mushrooms.
When I awoke,
I was surrounded by mushrooms.
It seems I'd turned my own parents
into mushrooms.
I survived on the mushrooms
growing around me.
Before long, a stranger came to my house.
Probably a thief.
The man found me and took me away.
I was sold to a filthy rundown factory.
This is your home now.
Life there was hell.
The factory was run
by low-ranking Sorcerers.
They kidnapped mid-ranking and
high-ranking Sorcerers.
They forced them to release smoke,
which they sold for a profit.
In those days,
lots of people were doing that.
I was forced to work there for nine years,
until I ran out of smoke
and was thrown into a river.
A Devil found me and thought I was dead.
It threw me down into hell.
But I didn't die, even amid the hellfire.
My anger kept my soul alive,
impervious to those eternal flames.
Chidaruma, that's him.
What? Unbelievable.
A Sorcerer, alive in hell.
I'm Chidaruma. Who are you?
They named me En.
I returned to that rundown factory.
Come on, make more smoke!
I destroyed the factory and welcomed
the enslaved Sorcerers as my brethren.
I'm Tenjin. Thank you for saving me.
Let me repay you.
I'm En.
I want to rid the world
of filth like them.
Will you help me?
That was how the family was born.
Our numbers grew,
and those scumbags began to fear us
as their number diminished.
Twenty years or so passed.
En, have you heard?
About those strange murders
happening recently?
Yeah. They're killing people
and taking their heads.
I heard they've only been targeting
powerful Sorcerers.
Let's crush those guys, Boss.
Leave that to us. Right, senpai?
It's disgusting,
taking the head like that.
They got three of our guys!
Boss I saw him
The guy had crosses over his eyes
Crosses over his eyes
I did what I could, but my men fell victim
to the Cross-Eyes one after another.
Damn it!
I'll act as bait and lure him out!
Calm down, Noi.
That's how all the others got killed.
Mr. Tenjin will track down
where the Cross-Eyes lives.
Let's lay low till then.
It's me. Tenjin?
I found him, En.
He lives in an apartment in Mastema.
Send Shin and Noi over.
So, here it is.
Let's go, senpai!
Don't let your guard down.
Another headless corpse.
It's not Mr. Tenjin, is it?
Mr. Tenjin! I'm glad you're okay.
I was making my own way to Mastema.
I trusted that Shin and Noi
would dispose of him.
But my instinct, that had lead me
through many tough situations,
whispered in my heart
that something awful might happen.
These masks.
They're definitely Shin and Noi's.
They told me later that they'd felt
a strangeness they'd never felt before
when they laid eyes on the Cross-Eyes.
I suppose it's our destiny
to die here together.
Shin, take this Broom
and get Noi away from here.
Mr. En!
I felt it the moment I saw the man.
That he was the enemy.
That I would have no future
unless I defeated him.
The next thing I knew,
I was surrounded by countless mushrooms.
There was nobody in sight,
nothing but a chilling silence.
The man had destroyed my mask
with his knife.
I had a slight cut on my throat
to prove it.
My smoke had engulfed the entire city,
turning everything into mushrooms.
That's the truth behind
the Mushrooms of Death incident.
I was sure that I'd turned
the Cross-Eyes into a mushroom.
I saw it.
A headless man,
disappearing through a doorway.
What a good movie.
Do you understand the family history now?
But according to Noi, this movie
has been dramatized quite a bit.
A masterpiece, isn't it?
-En, when did you get here?
-This movie is unfinished and unreleased,
because I still need to add
that I defeated the Cross-Eyes.
The reason I was searching for
a Sorcerer who can control time
is to go back to that day six years ago.
I want to determine if
the Cross-Eyes is dead or alive,
and discover the truth behind all this.
Cross-Eyes Headless
That's just like how I first met Caiman.
What's with the hood, Mr. Caiman?
It's nothing.
Nikaido, it's probably my fault
that that En guy got you.
So I'll save you, no matter what.
Restaurant Tanba, right?
That's right.
We're going to make some big money here.
You said you had three staff members.
He's a new part-timer--
I'm Tanba's wife.
We got married three days ago.
Why, congratulations. What's your name?
My name is Pieman.
Pie "man"? But you're a girl.
Fine, whatever. Go on in.
-Wear these passes where we can see them.
Wow, there's a whole town
in the castle grounds!
This is it, huh? Not too shabby!
What's with that van?
It's in the way. Move it, beast.
Did you just call me a beast?
Stop right there.
That's my van.
Great to see you again, Mr. Tanba.
What?! You!
Who's that?
She used to work with us
before you started.
What are you doing here, Asuka?
I started a new shop. A pie shop.
You stole Restaurant Tanba's recipe?
Come on, Fukuyama. I'm no thief.
I just referred to it.
Who are you?
I'm his newly-wed wife.
His wife!?
She had feelings for Mr. Tanba,
but he didn't care for her, so she quit.
My, how pathetic!
Shut up!
You're huge
Are you really a woman?
Anyway, you're our rival now.
But you're not going to get much business
as long as I'm around.
Haven't you heard?
Whoever sells most at lunch tomorrow
gets to keep this spot.
Then victory is ours.
You seem confident. What if I win?
I'll close up my shop
and come work for you.
Game on.
We must be careful.
-Come on, you know she can't cook.
May I go take a look around the grounds?
Yeah, right! Get to work.
Go get the food that's been delivered
to the South Gate.
You're such a controlling husband!
Whoa! Where am I?
Good for you, Jonson.
So, what are you guys going to do?
I want to save Nikaido.
No, you'd better return to the Hole
right away.
I really owe you one.
But if you're with the lizard,
we're enemies.
-Yeah, I get what you're saying.
I'm saying that
I'm letting you off the hook.
Stay away from the lizard guy.
You're telling me
to mind my own business, right?
But look.
Thanks to me not doing that ten years ago,
you and I are both alive right now.
Don't you agree?
Right, Vaux?
Uh, um Maybe?
Is saving people
a hobby of yours or something?
Saving people?
Nah, I'm only interested in research.
You haven't changed a bit.
Mr. Caiman.
Look at this.
It's the En family newsletter.
What? The Boss's top five
favorite mushrooms?
No, up here!
Huh? Why?
Why is Nikaido in the newsletter?
Maybe she's being held here
against her will.
What's going on, Mr. Caiman? Mr. Caiman?
All right, we're ready to go.
Mr. Caiman is looking miserable.
Over a woman? The fool. Get to work!
Good morning, Mr. Tanba.
You two are such an adorable couple.
I already knew
Nikaido was a Sorcerer.
I just didn't want to accept it.
That Nikaido was lying to me
about being human.
Maybe there's no need for me
to save her anymore.
This is where she really belongs.
Maybe I should just keep quiet
and leave this place.
Yeah, that's what I'll do.
And I'll think it over alone and
Come to the main square for lunch!
There'll be a pie showdown
between two shops.
The core members of the family
will be there as special judges.
Come join the battle
as one of the customers!
This way, Boss.
Okay. Let's go, Nikaido.
Hey, isn't that the girl--
Darling! We're going to beat
that Asuka woman, right? Come on.
Are you sure?
I'm positive.
Nikaido's looking better than I thought.
Maybe I didn't need
to come save her after all.
Boss, 30 pies are out of the oven.
All right. Get ready for a long queue.
Look, here they come.
Come on, we're ready for you!
-There it is.
-Give me Asuka's apple pie!
-I want three!
Don't push now.
There's plenty for everyone.
It's just gone noon, but it seems
we already know the winner.
Give me pie!
Have some tasty apple pie.
What a sweet, yummy smell.
Come have some of Asuka's pie.
I'm going to buy some.
-Bring me an apple pie.
-Me too.
You want something sweet
instead of a Meat Pie?
Mr. En wants something with no mushrooms?
Get me one too!
What should we do? Darling?
Shut up.
I'm going to go spy on her.
It's shaped like a heart.
I'd say it's so-so.
Nothing worth queueing for.
-Isn't Miss Asuka amazing?
Yeah, what a great girl.
I was just thinking the same thing.
I want to eat some more of her pies.
Wouldn't it make her happy
if we bought a lot?
Yeah? Think you can compete with me?
Let's go.
-I'm going for the meat instead!
-What's so great about that hussy?
What's taking Fukuyama so long?
-What is it?
Miss Asuka! Hire me!
If you buy more pies, I'll consider it.
-That traitor!
-I get it now. It's her Magic.
Miss Asuka, we need to prepare more pies.
Sure, okay.
Don't let anybody in here, okay?
Angel, I need more pies.
Asuka's Magic summons
a monster named Angel.
She uses it to charm men.
She lures men in with the smoke
and then feeds them the pie.
Wow. So why aren't you affected?
She used her Magic so much on me,
I became immune.
But what about you?
I um
-Miss Asuka!
-Give me your pies!
Nikaido's alone.
This is your only chance.
But I can't leave the shop now
It's not like you're helping in any way.
What did you just say?!
Are you sure about this?
Sorry I couldn't be of much help.
Don't worry.
I haven't paid you a penny yet.
Oh yeah.
Caiman? What are you doing here?
Come on, let's go.
Boss, I'll be back
to get my wages someday!
Yeah, if my restaurant is still open.
Pretty quiet over here, huh?
Give us two Meat Pies.
We're the judges.
Coming right up, ladies.
Fresh out of the oven.
Looks delicious!
The filling is venison and minced veal
marinated overnight
in wine and vegetables.
There's even
some diced foie gras in there!
Give me another! No, give me ten!
Miss Asuka, you're using too much Magic.
I'm fine. Angel, make more
Miss Asuka!
What were we doing?
Ugh, heartburn
I'm sorry
Fukuyama! That means
Her Magic has run out, huh.
All right, we still have 15 minutes.
Yes, Boss!
Let me try some of yours.
I wish to try both
to give a fair judgment.
Mr. En. Coming right up.
I heard you only like mushrooms,
so I prepared
a special chanterelle pie for you.
Really? A chanterelle pie?
You win, Tanba.
Keep up the good work.
It was that easy?
I didn't know
you'd prepared that special pie.
Of course!
Damn you, Tanba. You'll pay for this!
But for now, let's get out of here.
They'll kill us if they find out
we used Magic on En.
Wait Caiman, where are you taking me?
Where? We're getting out of here.
I'm not going.
I want to stay with En.
Okay then.
I don't know what's happened,
but if you won't come with me,
I'll have to force you to.
Try me.
Subtitle translation by Masumi Mizutani
What we learned in Episode 11.
En wasn't a cute baby.
En's castle is humongous.
Tanba's pies are delicious.
What we'll learn in Episode 12
is still hidden in chaos.
And that, is Dorohedoro.
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