Dorohedoro (2020) s01e12 Episode Script

Omoide School Days/Boy Meets Girl... And Fights!/Yubikiri genman

Aikawa, you bastard!
Give that food back,
it's for the school lunches!
Yeah, and I pay for them.
You've got to be quicker than that.
You little
Hey Aikawa, help us practice.
Stealing an early lunch again?
'Sup guys. Have you seen Risu anywhere?
Risu? I saw him head over
to the sorcery classroom.
He was with some shady-looking guys again.
Here it is.
I heard it was pretty tough again.
Are you okay, Risu?
Yeah, anything for Boss.
Anyway, good work.
I'm sure Boss will appreciate it.
Who the hell are you?
Stop it, Aikawa!
the effectiveness
of the Magic smoke is
I told you to stop
dealing with those Cross-Eyes.
I know what they're up to.
And I know what's in that bag, too.
You can use a bit of Magic.
But I can't make an ounce of smoke,
even after enrolling here.
The Cross-Eyes are
a group of guys like me.
It's the only way
for useless guys like us to survive.
Quit acting so sorry for yourself.
There's rumors that in Berith,
40 km north of here,
there's a Cross-Eyes research facility.
I bet what's in that bag
will be used for research there.
The Cross-Eyes boss
will lead us to freedom.
You sucker,
believing such fanciful stories.
Another headache
I'm taking the day off.
Hey, Aikawa
Aikawa was always like that.
Getting headaches and disappearing.
I guess it would be impossible
for me to find him.
The Cross-Eyes headquarters
are supposed to be here.
Boss will be here, too.
I'll find out who killed me.
Caiman, I'm going to stay here
as En's partner.
I can't go with you.
What? Are you out of your mind?
I know, that En guy is controlling you
with his Magic, right?
I'm going to kill that guy.
Don't laugh!
I even dressed up like this for you--
Stop it! I don't want to fight you.
Stop, stop!
You little
What's wrong?
Can't fight for real against a girl?
I've never considered you a girl
even once!
-Stop it!
-Use your knife, Caiman.
You're more impressive with a knife!
Why, Nikaido?
En's enemies are my enemies.
That's enough bullshit from you.
Wake the hell up!
Hey, let's call it quits.
Oh, great Satan! Hear my plea.
Please, please, let Nikaido die!
Here, take this.
Hooray for the great Satan!
That should do the trick.
Oh, that whore.
Caiman? That's the lizard guy?
Damn it, my legs
Nikaido, we're friends, aren't we?
Let's stop all this!
I'm a Sorcerer.
You're right. Let's put an end to this.
Nikaido, don't--
Where am I?
Oh yeah, I fell through the floor.
Damn it
My damned legs
God damn it!
My head! It hurts!
Who's there?
It's just a mirror.
You're going to kill again?
You're going to kill again?
A comrade.
A friend.
Where are you?
It's all gone quiet.
Could it mean?
Yay, she's dead!
Thank you, oh great Satan!
She's not dead yet.
A Devil!
She is alive - barely.
How are you going to kill her?
By strangling her?
I'm not going to kill her. I'm saving her.
What? Then give me back
the money I offered you.
What the hell are you talking about?
What a deep cut.
her contract with En.
Can I have that?
If you swear not to tell En
what you just saw.
I swear I won't.
Oh, great Satan!
Don't worry Nikaido,
I've removed the contract.
I feel like this was all a long dream.
Nikaido, who stabbed you?
Was it Caiman?
No, it was some stranger.
It wasn't Caiman.
It was someone else.
He's still here, somewhere in the dark.
Where are you, Nikaido?
Where have you gone?
Answer me!
Where has that Nikaido--
Boss is down!
Mr. En!
This contract is a part of En's body.
Now that I've taken it out,
it must have affected him in some way.
If I put this in my body,
will that make me En's partner?
It doesn't work that way.
You need to exchange contracts with En
using Chidaruma's powers.
Nikaido, you're only back
to your normal self temporarily.
En must die or
Chidaruma must nullify the contract.
Alternatively, you can annul it
at the next Blue Night.
For how long will I keep a clear mind?
En's contract has already become
a part of your body.
If you see him now, the contract
will be regenerated in your body.
You must run far from here,
somewhere En can't reach you.
Are you okay, Mr. En?
Yeah, it's nothing.
I just felt a bit faint.
Nikaido's in the church.
She shouldn't wander off like that
on her own.
Punish her!
No sign of Caiman or that other guy.
He's dangerous. Be careful.
Nobody else came down here. I saw.
What was the man that stabbed you like?
It was too dark to tell,
but it wasn't Caiman.
-I'm positive about that.
What happened to me?
It's all going according to plan.
Why am I in such a hurry?
Don't come to my house. Got it?
It's there.
That's right.
Something evil grew larger and larger
inside of me, and then
Are you okay?
This is a specialized hospital
for sorcery victims.
I'm sorry to have to tell you
that Magic was cast at your head.
Magic? At my head?
So, what's your name?
Where do you live?
Any contacts?
I don't know. I can't remember anything.
Memory loss, huh? Darn.
Doc, how's he doing?
Hey, Nikaido. He's just woken up.
-This girl carried you all the way here.
Can you believe it? He's lost his memory.
-Huh? Then what do you want?
-What's up?
We can't decide on a name for him.
He doesn't like the name I came up with.
What is it?
I brought you some gyoza
from my restaurant.
I love it!
Actually, I was thinking of
a name for you too.
Anything as long as it's not Scaly.
I saw a reptile in a field guide
that looks like you.
It was a caiman.
So how about "Caiman"?
Yeah, actually that kind of rings a bell.
Maybe it's similar to my real name.
-Do you like it?
Then, "Caiman" it is.
Caiman Caiman!
Caiman, are you okay?
If you're a Sorcerer
You're not it.
What did the man in my mouth say, Nikaido?
That I wasn't it.
Really? I can't trust you.
I'm not lying!
Prove it, you damned Sorcerer!
Listen, Caiman.
The man in your mouth was Risu.
Eat up. There's plenty more meat.
You snuck out of the room again
while I was gone,
didn't you, Mr. Kasukabe?
Yeah, I took a look around.
I've always been curious
about this huge castle.
I'm protecting you from En,
don't you forget it.
Yeah, sorry.
Anyway, you're all
going back to Hole tomorrow.
Phew, finally.
Yeah, but Nikaido--
Forget her, punk.
You too, Doc.
Give it up, Thirteen.
The guy's a billionaire.
I doubt it's about the money.
Okay, we'll go back tomorrow.
Sorry. Don't cry now. There's a good boy.
I'm fine, I'm not a kid anymore.
If the man in my mouth really is Risu
was it Risu that cast the spell on me?
Risu is in a village called Berith.
Who the hell are you?
If you know something, spill it!
Watch your mouth.
I can send you to Hell, you know.
Devils are really powerful,
and they know everything.
Didn't you know that?
-And who the hell are you?
-Shh, be quiet!
Nikaido, I know you're in here.
Come out,
or there'll be no dinner for you.
Come on out.
Oh no, he'll find us in no time.
She's not here. She must have run away.
A huge Devil!
You must both go far away.
-But Asu--
-Not with this big fat liar!
It's moldy.
What happened?
I was feeling a bit upset
and kind of wrecked the church.
Don't worry about it.
As long as you're safe.
Let's go, then.
It worked.
-Not with this liar!
Asu, wait! Hold on a second.
Nikaido, I've always wanted to
do something for you.
Asu, wait!
Dear, dear.
If you're so worried about the girl,
why didn't you go with her?
I must go see Chidaruma.
He is calling for me. I cannot ignore him.
But En will go looking for Nikaido
as soon as he finds out she's gone.
That's given me an idea.
Take your mask off, Chota.
I mean, Nikaido.
No, you didn't
Not that whore!
No way! My voice, too?
I used all my powers
to turn you into Nikaido.
Not only En, but Chidaruma too,
will be tricked for now.
How dare you turn me into Nikaido!
You damned little
Little what? Want to go to Hell?
Forgive me for being so rude.
Glad you understand.
Wait, if I make En hate me,
that means En will hate Nikaido.
Fine, I'm a pretty good actor.
Leave it to me.
I know what you're thinking.
Don't blow this.
Don't do anything weird either. Got it?
But where did the man
that stabbed Nikaido go?
Maybe no such man even existed.
I'm overthinking it.
Who is Caiman?
Was I right to let him go with Nikaido?
Where are we?
No idea.
It's no regular city. It's all in ruins.
It's really far away from En's castle.
This way, Caiman.
What? Hey, wait!
It's a Devil.
If any Devil other than Asu finds us,
they'll report us to En.
This way.
There are lots of Devils around
when night is falling.
We should stay hidden here.
So you're some great Sorcerer, huh?
Nah. Just a rare one.
Why were you pretending
to be human in Hole?
Because of my Magic
I lost a friend.
A friend?
My Magic is really dangerous.
So I'm never using it again.
And I wanted to get away from guys like En
who were after my Magic.
That's why I went to Hole.
I wanted to be human.
Then why did you help me out? Tell me!
If I fought Sorcerers
who practiced Magic on humans,
I thought I'd be able to become
one of Hole's humans.
I also thought
you could really be my friend.
I've lost all my memory.
And my face is hideous.
You don't even know who I am.
And you're fine with that?
What about you?
Do you hate me now because I'm a Sorcerer?
You're not a Sorcerer
if you don't use Magic.
That is, if you can promise
never to use Magic again.
I promise.
All right, then we're buddies forever.
No matter who you really are,
no matter what happens,
we'll always be friends.
My name is Caiman.
To recover my face and my memory,
I'm searching for the guy
that worked Magic on me.
I know nothing yet.
Everything is still hidden in chaos.
But there will be an end to this chaos.
I know there will.
Subtitle translation by Masumi Mizutani
What we learned in Episode 12.
There's a mysterious man in the dark.
Nikaido is the one who named Caiman.
Those two are just friends.
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