Dororo (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

The story of the cursed sword

1 Party is over But I still wanna dance I can't even sleep Someday, one day my passion's fire will From the beginning I knew One day the flames would die out Hey, I thought I didn't need anything But even now, I'm so serious Ah I still have time to make it Ah but I'm gonna burn it up, baby Sorry darling, it's not that easy But surely it's not that bad either Give me fire Light it up, baby.
I'm gonna burn it up, yeah Party is over Sorry darling Hurry up Ah I still have time to make it Sorry darling Hurry up Ah I still have time to make it Give me fire Light it up, baby.
I'm gonna burn it up, yeah #4 The story of the cursed sword You there.
Give it up.
He can't hear a word you're saying.
He's deaf up here.
Been standing there for half an hour now.
He's as wet as a drowned rat.
He can catch a cold for all I care.
The rain.
I think he's listening to the rain.
Huh? I told you, he can't hear.
I just have a feeling.
You're from a rich family, aren't ya? Pretty words and a ladylike face.
You're not some country girl.
I'm right, aren't I? Well.
The past is the past.
I'm just another peddler now.
Hey, what were you praying so hard about just now? Good business? I was praying that my brother would come home soon.
Where'd he go? To fight a war.
It's been 5 years now.
5 years? If it's been that long, he's probably already Help me Oh no.
Where are you going? Boys? Why'd you run off like that? What the heck? How could anyone do such a thing? Where'd you come from? Did you do this? Dammit, why the hell did you do this? This sword was thirsty for blood.
And so I killed them.
A thirsty sword? Give me a break! This is no ordinary sword.
It's alive, a cursed sword that drinks human blood.
Once you have it in your hands, it controls your body to kill anyone alive.
So you're blaming that sword for all this? Then what about that? That smirk on your face.
You are like me.
There is a demon in that blade.
But it's not as quick as mine.
Hey, Hyakkimaru.
Did you get him? He fell from here? I guess he's Hey.
Your leg, huh.
Hold on.
Where is it? There it is.
That sword, too.
It's so creepy.
I'm throwing it away.
Boys? Where are you? Brother! Brother! I'm so glad, you've come to.
Yes, it is I.
I prayed so hard for so long.
That you would come home safely.
So having you here What is it? Are you looking for something? It's nothing.
It'll come back to me anyway.
Dang it, I don't want to go that way.
Let go of me, geez! You stupid sword Whacha doin there, boy? Head on back to town.
There's danger in these woods It's the phantom killer! I won't let you! Forgive me, Osushi.
To fight is a samurai's duty.
Please understand.
Father and Mother will look over us.
I won't be gone long.
My dear brother Brother.
They were selling this out on the street.
Chestnut rice.
You've always liked it, haven't you? Remember how when I was a child, I'd never stop crying once I got started? No matter how much Mother tried, I'd keep crying and crying.
And when that happened, you'd come to me.
And fold a paper crane.
I'd stop crying just like that.
And I'd sit there and gaze at the crane.
I'm here.
Right here.
He's here! The phantom killer! Hyakkimaru.
Brother, let us go home.
Come home with me.
Please, say something.
What happened to you? What made you like this? Kill him.
Kill him now.
Slice his head off, Tanosuke.
He has built quite a magnificent castle for me.
Not even a great army could conquer it easily.
But if he double crosses us, he could expose its weaknesses.
It'd be less secure than a sandcastle.
We must kill him before that happens.
Please reconsider, my lord! Do you disobey me? Then take your own life with this sword.
That's an old sword that had been stored away.
It's rusty and dull.
Just right for you, don't you think? Now kill him.
Kill him! That sword is said to become sharper as it soaks in more blood.
Of course, it's only a rumor.
But there's enough blood here to find out.
That is your name.
My lord.
It wants more blood.
Nihiru says so.
Do you want more blood? Leave it to me.
I'll give you more.
As much as you wish.
It's here.
Don't go! Brother Osushi.
You dummy, stop! It's me, can't you tell? Damn it.
Let go of me, Osushi.
Please, Brother.
Don't go, please.
-Let go.
-Brother! Out of my way.
Everything has changed.
I couldn't defend the house nor the land on my own.
It's long gone.
But with you here with me, we could live again like before Please Stay here with me.
I don't care if you're not the same anymore.
Brother? Nihiru is calling for me.
Brother! Hyakkimaru, you Thanks, Hyakkimaru.
Thanks This sword is mine.
Mine and only mine.
Why did you let me live? You should have killed me, before I got Nihiru back in my hands.
Brother? Wait, please! Don't kill my brother! Brother Brother What? We searched everywhere, but couldn't find the midwife.
Nothing about the baby, either.
Sorrow scatters in the wind, piling up to form shadows Our footsteps admonish indifference in such verbose ways As I peek into your fathomless eyes, I lose my composure Is there any hope in the place I am heading to? I feign amusement and laugh because this road is so dark I will be there to shine the light I'm used to playing at saying goodbye, but I cried when I waved to you Our fiery woes fade and fade until night falls upon us If I knew tomorrow would be so mundane, I wouldn't have said that I wanted to live I know it's futile but can't help dreaming of a future a future you are to blame "Nihiru"