Dororo (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

The story of the Moriki Song, part 1

1 Party is over But I still wanna dance I can't even sleep Someday, one day my passion's fire will From the beginning I knew One day the flames would die out Hey, I thought I didn't need anything But even now, I'm so serious Ah I still have time to make it Ah but I'm gonna burn it up, baby Sorry darling, it's not that easy But surely it's not that bad either Give me fire Light it up, baby.
I'm gonna burn it up, yeah Party is over Sorry darling Hurry up Ah I still have time to make it Sorry darling Hurry up Ah I still have time to make it Give me fire Light it up, baby.
I'm gonna burn it up, yeah #5 The story of the Moriko Song, part 1 Hey! Hyakkimaru.
You okay? Still too noisy for you, huh? But it's so quiet here it creeps me out.
It was the most shocking sense that Hyakkimaru had so far recovered.
It reverberated relentlessly in his head.
He knew not how to select which of the innumerable sounds to listen to.
Hyakkimaru drowned in the flood of sound.
Hey, maybe we should give up on going after the next monster.
The reward is handsome, but you're just not fit for it.
Is something there? The bird monster! It's huge! Hyakkimaru, don't worry about the sound! Your left! Watch out! Priest! Oh, it was you two? What a coincidence.
Hey, hey.
Come on, snap out of it.
What's wrong with you? Hey I see, his ears eh? Good for him.
It's not good.
He's gotten weaker now that he can hear.
How so? I mean, he got beat up by that ghoul that even you could kill.
Well, thank you.
He'll be all right, won't he? He's gotten past the worst of it.
We could use some medicine, if only we had any.
I'll go run and find some.
There's a big town across the river.
You better not.
I heard there's a war brewing.
It's dangerous.
Seems like the Sakai clan, who rules this area, betrayed an ally.
The 2 armies have their swords drawn.
For strangers like us to go near them now would be suicidal.
That's why I turned back and came across you two.
Dang it, why do samurai like to fight so much? Sorry, that was too loud, huh.
Don't move, now.
Your wounds will open up.
Dear, dear.
You're like a wounded beast hiding in his cave.
Hear this? This is a human's voice.
The other sounds are the creatures in the woods, the fire, and the wind.
You have to get used to it.
To come out of your cave and live in this world.
He's hurt.
Don't force him like that.
He needs time to get used to it.
What a gentle voice.
You shouldn't get up yet.
Dear, dear.
I can't eat this tough meat.
Oh, the red flower In her hair It blooms and sways Like the sun Are you hurt? Are you okay? Oh, you can't see.
See? I'm right here.
What's wrong? You must have a fever.
You shouldn't be in the water.
Oh no, hang on there.
Hey! I've never seen him so weak before.
It must be because of his wounds.
But he's also regained many things from the demons.
Maybe he's having trouble adjusting.
Here are some old rags, but they're clean.
-Mio, was it? Forgive us for causing you so much trouble.
Not at all.
Please stay until he's better.
Can we? Of course.
There are lots of people here like your big brother.
We're all used to it.
Don't be shy, say hello kids.
There was a terrible war.
We lost our houses and everything we had.
So we all live together here.
So none of them have dads or moms? Right.
But they're all wonderful children.
We make do somehow, even though they're all young.
Sis Mio, you're still up? Come out, out you guys.
Sis Mio, you better get some sleep while you can.
I'll watch over the hurt guy, so you go to sleep.
Okay, okay.
If you need anything, ask Takebo here.
Hurry up.
I made breakfast so eat it before you sleep.
I will, I will.
There's some for you guys, too.
Potato gruel.
Eat up.
You need help? Nah, you watch over your guy.
I can't just sit here and do nothing in return.
At least let me work for how much you feed us.
You're a good guy, huh.
Even though you cried like a baby over your guy.
I did not! Not even a drop.
Shh, you'll wake Sis Mio.
Sorry, but why is she sleeping now? Because she works during the night.
The Sakai army can't say when the war might start up.
So somebody has to serve them all through the night.
Besides, the pay is better during the night.
Sis Mio works hard, so she even gets food.
So we have to let her sleep during the day.
You're a pretty good guy too, huh.
Where are you off to, Priest? I'm going to look for a path where we can avoid the battlefield.
I won't be gone long.
But if I don't return, it means I've found some little path to sneak out of.
Huh? He's not with you guys? We just meet sometimes.
He's weird.
I wonder if there's going to be another war.
Who knows? I guess we can't stay here either.
Sakai's army at the border hasn't made a move.
It's a deadlock.
If this lasts any longer, we'll have to send more provisions.
We must have enough for that.
Yes, but It hasn't rained for almost a month now.
It's uncommon to be so dry during this season.
We should store up, just in case.
There will be no bad harvests on my land.
Sir How can you be so sure? My lady.
Trouble with Lord Sakai, and now this drought.
We had a landslide this year, too.
It's like we've gone back to the past.
What are you saying? You, I, this domain.
We all sit atop a small cornerstone.
Please do not forget that.
It could crumble and fall any day.
The hell with Sakai.
-Take care of matters quickly.
-Yes, my lord.
Go, go, go! Swish, swish! Kids.
Stop giggling and help out.
Hyakkimaru, how are you feeling? You still have a fever.
I'll get you some medicine tonight.
I'm sure Lord Sakai's army has some.
I'll be going to work then.
Supper will be ready in a bit.
Pick a red flower To give to her In her hair You You creatures know the safe paths better than us humans.
This way, then.
This is quite a nice place.
What are you doing out here? Medicine? Don't worry, here.
I'll brew it for you.
How strange.
It feels like you can see.
Down deep inside of me.
He can.
He sees the color of your soul.
Don't you leave like that.
You scared me.
Color of the soul? Yeah, I don't get it very much either.
But he can see the colors of the souls of living things.
Not just people.
Grass, trees, animals.
He can find ghouls easily, too.
I bet they've got a really gross color.
I see What? Maybe he wants to hear you sing.
Sing? Seems like your song doesn't bother him.
Hey! If he listens to you sing, he'll get used to sound.
He's like a hurt beast in a cave right now.
Draw him out of it with your song.
My song isn't that great Okay then.
Pick a red flower To give to her In her hair I will put the flower Oh, the priest.
No paths out? Nah, I have some good news and some bad news.
Sound like a great place! You'll be safe there even if a war starts.
I licked the soil, and it seemed good.
Let's go, Sis Mio.
Let's live there.
Yes But not so fast.
Something already owns that land.
But you said it was a vacant lot.
A demon.
It's not something we want to mess with lightly.
Aww, man.
You mean, a ghoul? It's way stronger than just any old ghoul.
I see.
Hey, you're not going out there to get it, are you? Wait, you can't with that injury.
Priest! Though I told you knowing you'd go there, I didn't think you'd go before your wounds are healed.
You just can't wait, huh? Priest, take care of him for me! I'll try harder, too.
We really must watch over him.
You're going to work for the enemy, too? You mean, you're going to work for both sides? Yes, starting tonight.
That's too dangerous.
Yeah, it's hard enough on you already.
But we need to get ready to move to the new place.
We can't live on an empty lot.
Yeah, but Don't worry.
War took a lot from us, so let's get it back.
Sis Mio I should rest up while I can.
Goodnight, then.
Sis Mio's really stubborn when she wants to be.
But I heard the enemy is pretty rough.
Okay, I'll go with her.
You? Then I'll go too.
No, you must stay with the other kids.
Don't worry, if things get too tough, I'll make her quit.
Okay, thanks.
Take them back from war, huh.
I like that.
We'll take from the samurai, too.
How long are we going to sit here? I can't make a name for myself.
Yeah, nothing to do here but take a dump.
I'm looking for a job.
Huh? Where'd Mio go? You see? You sure about this? You should wait until you've healed.
That must be it.
Now! Hyakkimaru! Hyakkimaru, your voice! Sorrow scatters in the wind, piling up to form shadows Our footsteps admonish indifference in such verbose ways As I peek into your fathomless eyes, I lose my composure Is there any hope in the place I am heading to? I feign amusement and laugh because this road is so dark I will be there to shine the light I'm used to playing at saying goodbye, but I cried when I waved to you Our fiery woes fade and fade until night falls upon us If I knew tomorrow would be so mundane, I wouldn't have said that I wanted to live I know it's futile but can't help dreaming of a future a future you are to blame "Yocho"