Dororo (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

The Story of Banmon, Part 2

1 The father who fed his son to the demons to fulfill his ambitions.
The son who crawled from the ashes to regain the body snatched away from him.
Here, in Daigo's land that thrives upon the son's sacrifice, the two meet for the first time.
Hyakkimaru knows not what those flames mean.
Yet, he is drawn to them.
Who are you? Party is over But I still wanna dance I can't even sleep Someday, one day my passion's fire will From the beginning I knew One day the flames would die out Hey, I thought I didn't need anything But even now, I'm so serious Ah I still have time to make it Ah but I'm gonna burn it up, baby Sorry darling, it's not that easy But surely it's not that bad either Give me fire Light it up, baby.
I'm gonna burn it up, yeah Party is over Sorry darling Hurry up Ah I still have time to make it Sorry darling Hurry up Ah I still have time to make it Give me fire Light it up, baby.
I'm gonna burn it up, yeah #12 The story of Banmon, part 2 What are you? You imbecile! He is not one you are allowed to address! You do not know Lord Daigo Kagemitsu, the lord of our land? Where is he? What on earth are you? Why are you alive? You half-born demon child! Kill him.
-After him! -Go! Lord, let us return for now.
Why are you alive? There he is! This way, get him! Why are you alive? You half-born demon child! I was only half born? A demon child? You jerks, let go of me! Sukeroku! Dororo You've given us enough trouble.
Let Sukeroku go.
He just came to find his mama.
He just wants to go home.
Shut up! All who come from behind Banmon are from the land of monsters.
Land of monsters? Sukeroku! You okay? Are you hurt? Couldn't make it home? It was gone.
The whole village They were all killed I bet Mama was too Sukeroku, you'll be okay.
Look, you got me.
I know Hyakkimaru will come save us, too.
And we can travel together, how about it? Don't cry.
Yeah, don't cry.
Don't worry, Daigo's people are protected by the Goddess of Mercy.
Goddess of Mercy? Yeah, that's why the Asakura clan can't get past that single slab that is Banmon.
Banmon's protected by demons.
The Asakura soldiers said so.
Those who try to attack Daigo's land are the real demons and monsters.
They will be punished by the heavens.
That family crest It is the family crest of the Daigo clan! There's a hole! It leads outside.
It's too small to go through.
We're small enough to fit.
Let's make a run for it, Sukeroku.
We'll be killed if we stay.
I don't care.
I can meet Mama then.
You idiot, don't give up yet! Come on, get up.
No, I'm scared.
It's too high.
Give it up.
I'll make it.
I'm not dying here.
I'm not going to lose to samurai and wars.
Wait for me, Sukeroku.
I'll come save you with Hyakkimaru.
Dororo Young Master, please calm down! Let go of me! -Mother.
-What is the matter, Tahomaru? Mother.
Do you remember a baby whose limbs, eyes, nose, and ears were eaten by demons? Your child, who you and Father mercilessly fed to the demons 16 years ago? Mother! Not for a single second have I forgotten.
That punk.
-An escapee! -Hurry! Don't let him get away.
Get off of me Go, Dororo! I won't give up, I'll be waiting for you! -Sukeroku -Go! I won't lose, either! Be careful! A baby, down the river? An innocent baby For the domain? And you call yourselves parents? It was "because" we are parents.
Tahomaru, you do not understand.
The hellish days this land has seen.
Repeated famines, epidemics, disasters And neighboring domains trying to take over.
This land was all but dead.
And my deal with the demons saved it.
All who live here enjoy its riches now.
You didn't do it for the people.
You only did it to fulfill your own ambitions! A lord's ambitions are his people's ambitions! And for them, I sacrificed none other than my own child.
I am not ashamed as a samurai.
Yet Intruder! Hyakkimaru! Why are you alive? You half-born demon child.
Come, my men! Shoot! Son! Mutsu, Hyogo, stop! Lord, are you hurt? I'm fine.
Don't let him go.
Kill him! -My Lord! -Father, that is my brother! Tahomaru, will you sacrifice this land for that brother? Will you throw our people back into hell just so you can stay innocent? If you are prepared to do so, go to the Hall of Hell.
Go and break my deal with the demons.
And your brother will have his body back.
Although our land will perish.
Son! You half-born demon child.
-Bro -Dororo.
I'm so glad.
Bro, we gotta go save Sukeroku.
You're outta luck.
You all are going to be hung up on Banmon to declare war.
Seems like the ghouls on Banmon have been driven away.
So our lord is getting ready to attack now.
Now get going.
Why are even the elders and the injured being called to arms? Is the Asakura army that huge? Nah, seems like some strange intruder had entered the castle and the army's busy.
The lord beat the demons? What rubbish.
This is the only one that's somewhat locked up.
But who knows for how long? Well, well.
This isn't something an old man like me can handle.
But how can he bear so many demons by himself? Hyakkimaru I know not who named him, but the name tells of how he has lived.
It's hard to believe a war is near.
To protect this means to kill my brother.
But that would be much too immoral.
Am I not right? Thankfully, we are not in a position to answer that.
You are always like that.
But my brother and I were taken hostage by the enemy when we were young.
Had Daigo's land not flourished, we would not be here.
Oh my, is he? -What is it? -Nothing.
Excuse me.
He looks very much like Hyakkimaru.
March! The way the demon statue has been broken it is no natural matter.
There are some still intact.
The deal between the demons and the lord may already be broken.
By my brother.
Daigo Kagemitsu is this land's lord, right? His family crest is the same as the one you have on your talisman.
So what did her ladyship call you? "Son.
" There's no doubt then! You found your papa and mama.
You've got a brother, too.
Wow, good for you bro.
-My? -Yeah, yours.
Mama Sukeroku's mama is already No, Sukeroku hasn't given up yet.
Come on, bro.
Before they hang him on Banmon.
Young Master, what now? Will you throw your people back into hell just so you can stay innocent? Banmon doesn't scare us anymore.
Here's a gift from the Asakura.
Take this! No! You bastards We can't wait for our lord anymore.
Charge! I hear fighting.
It's begun.
What should we do? Bro Seems like the wheels of destiny are beginning to turn.
It must be my destiny to watch it unfold.
Wait, my lady! For years, all I did was pray.
I lived upon a falsehood.
What's that? It's the ghouls of Banmon! Lord, who is It's the demon.
Lord? Then that's bro's papa.
I knew it, it's him! He's the one that took my arm! No, you're not a demon! It's not my fault, I was just following orders Bro Brother.
I am Tahomaru, your younger brother.
I knew it.
See, I told you so.
You're brothers.
My brother, I do not believe what Father did to you was right.
He fed you to the demons in exchange for prosperity.
Half-born No Then he's the one that did this to him? Yes, our father Daigo Kagemitsu! But that is the sacrifice one must make to protect one's domain.
No That's too cruel! Brother.
If we break the deal with the demons now, the land will perish.
You, who threatens the peace of this land, are a demon to us now.
Well said, Tahomaru.
So now, I must kill you.
-Young Master! -Stay back! No, this can't be -Dororo! -Sukeroku, are you there? It's tied so tight.
I can't undo it.
Bro's sword could slash it, but -Dororo.
The ghost fox It's coming back, Dororo.
I can't undo it.
You won't make it, run Dororo! No.
Bro! Bro.
Where's the ghost fox? It got sucked into Banmon.
-Huh? -I don't get it either.
My lady! Oku! Mother.
Hyakkimaru, how you must resent us.
Your mother, who couldn't protect you that day.
And your father, who fed you to the demons.
And the people of Daigo who thrive upon your sacrifice.
It's too cruel You don't know what he's been through.
It's just too cruel! Oku, even Tahomaru understands now.
How many times must I tell you? Hyakkimaru, please forgive me.
I I I cannot save you.
No matter how immoral No matter how much you've suffered Still, all our people can do is ask for your forgiveness.
We must continue to devour you like demons in order for us to live.
What fate Hyakkimaru I will not let you suffer alone.
Demons, if you wish for more human blood -Take mine! -No! Mama Mother! Retreat! Mutsu, Hyogo, take Oku and Tahomaru! -Bro, Sukeroku, run! -Yeah! You've brought great misfortune upon us now, Hyakkimaru.
I cannot save you! I cannot save you! Let's go, bro.
There's no need for us to stay here.
-You're coming, right? -Yeah.
Sukeroku! Sukeroku! Mama Mama! -Sukeroku! -Mama, you're alive.
Mama! We'd all run and hid.
We were waiting for them to stop guarding Banmon.
Oh, Sukeroku I'm glad for you, Sukeroku.
But they're only alive because the demons are eating bro's body.
Don't worry, bro.
You've got me.
Sorrow scatters in the wind, piling up to form shadows Our footsteps admonish indifference in such verbose ways As I peek into your fathomless eyes, I lose my composure Is there any hope in the place I am heading to? I feign amusement and laugh because this road is so dark I will be there to shine the light I'm used to playing at saying goodbye, but I cried when I waved to you Our fiery woes fade and fade until night falls upon us If I knew tomorrow would be so mundane, I wouldn't have said that I wanted to live I know it's futile but can't help dreaming of a future a future you are to blame "Kyubi"