Dororo (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

The Story of the Blank-faced Buddha

1 Forgive me.
I cannot save you.
Can't sleep again, huh bro? The demons Not now, you gotta get some sleep or you'll go crazy.
Hey, where are you going? Hold up.
Hey, bro! But why didn't you get any body parts back after you beat that creepy fox? I'll search and kill till I get it all back.
Well yeah, but You've been pushing yourself too hard since we left the land of Daigo.
You haven't gotten any rest, beating monsters left and right.
You won't last for long like this.
You, who threatens the peace of this land, are a demon to us now.
I cannot save you.
Bro You don't need a papa or a mama to live.
You got me, bro.
Bro! Betrayed this world And it simmers within Rupturing my innards Swelling a reddish black Until the sun burnt skin ruptures There is a light in the depths of the seething darkness Confirming each other's voices in the distance As if to stroke with wet fingertips I'd like to touch you one day There is a light in the depths of the darkness Confirming each other's voices in the distance As if to stroke with wet fingertips I'd like to touch you one day #13 The story of the Blank-faced Buddha Yeah? Where's that at? Past those mountains.
Thanks! Bro! There's a hot spring.
Ever been to one? It's a natural hot bath! You could get some rest there.
Hot springs ease fatigue and make you feel better.
Mama said I mean Anyways, let's go.
He said a monster was seen near it.
The Asakura army has retreated, and our land is blessed with rain.
The deal with the demons still stands.
But for how much longer? Hey, stop! Let go of me.
You're not my wife, let me go! Hey, let go! What are you going to do? So this isn't the right face either.
This is the perfect place to spend the night.
You rest up here.
I'm going to gather some firewood and berries.
This might be a bad guy's hideout so be careful.
But don't kill anyone! Just kind of beat 'em up.
That should be about enough.
A waterfall? Wow.
What the! Oh, it's just a huge Buddha.
Little boy? I don't taste good so you don't want to eat me.
Besides, my bro will Mama? Me? Your mama? Mama, it's me, Dororo.
Dororo? Bro! Don't pull so hard now.
Bro, look at her! -Is she a ghoul? -No.
A human then.
-I can't tell.
-Huh? My name is Okaka.
Okaka? And this is my house.
You live here alone? Yes.
The pilgrims who come to the waterfall give me food.
So I get by.
That waterfall, huh.
By the way, why doesn't that Buddha have a face? Well, it goes a long way back.
A Buddha statue carver came to the waterfall one day.
He found an eroded boulder in the shape of Fudo, a wise but fearsome deity.
That carver was originally famed for making kind-faced Buddha statues.
But as wars raged on, people began to want statues with the fierce face of Fudo.
And so they forgot about that carver.
He wanted to get back at everyone and began carving a Fudo statue into the boulder.
He carved the body, hands, and legs.
But as he started on the face, a thought struck him.
He wanted to carve a magnificent face like none other.
Yet All he could carve were faces he'd seen before.
For years and years, he carved and destroyed over and over.
The carver grew old, still unable to carve a satisfactory face.
He died in his chagrin.
I don't really get it.
I guess you're too young to understand.
That looks so good! Here, eat up.
Thanks! Dororo? This rice porridge reminded me of my mama.
You called me your mama, didn't you? Do I look like her that much? Yeah, exactly like her.
You're just like her twin.
Even your voice Oops.
Oh dear, he's fallen asleep.
He hasn't been sleeping well these days.
Could you let him sleep? It gets cold at night around here.
Gosh dang it, I've never had such good food before.
Oh my.
I'm glad you like it.
Hey What is it? Can I Um, well Can I call you Mama? It's just, I thought it'd be easier to say than Okaka-chan.
You sweet little child, Dororo.
Call me whatever you like.
Mama! Yes, dear.
I feel safe now, and it's making me sleepy Really? I was worried the drug wasn't working.
What drug? About that carver.
That wasn't the end of the story.
After that carver died, a vengeful spirit began to live in that Fudo statue.
To settle the carver's old scores.
It wanted a face ever so badly.
The Fudo revived the carver and ordered him to bring live humans.
So it could take their faces for itself.
I am that carver.
I can look into people's souls and change my face and voice to suit them.
A child's face wouldn't do for the Fudo.
But that man's face Dororo.
Mama! You sweet little child, Dororo.
Yeah, but Why don't I give your face to the Fudo then! Bro? I'm coming, bro.
I'll save you.
Bro! Bro! Dororo! Why have you come? Mama! Give him back I didn't tie you up, so why didn't you just run away? Stop that! I won't ever let you take him.
Step away from him.
Never! I promised I'd stay by his side.
You You little brat! Dororo You slept pretty soundly, bro.
Stop that, Hyakkimaru.
You've done enough.
There's no need to destroy it.
That voice, it's bro's mama.
Now, come to me.
No You are Okaka.
Why isn't my face changing? You've never seen your mother's face? Your face Give me your face I've been waiting forever for a face like yours.
Stop it, Mama.
Shut up! I must have his face.
The most magnificent I've ever seen! Why does it have to be so magnificent? Isn't it enough to have eyes, a nose, and a mouth? But you had to be so selfish.
You became a monster that tricks people and tears off their faces.
A monster? Why? How could you do such a thing? Think about how those people who've had their faces torn off feel.
Their pain, their frustration, their sorrow.
A face, more magnificent than any other Fudo statue.
Why? Why have I? I don't know Since when? Since when have I? I can't.
I can't anymore Dororo Let me feel your face Smile for me.
What a kind child you are, Dororo.
Your smiling face.
It's like the face of Buddha.
Mama I'm sorry, bro.
I should've been more careful.
I got you mixed up in trouble and reminded you of your mama.
You're always the one saving me.
But I'll save you whenever you need me Ouch.
I got clumsy again.
I'm fine.
Hot spring.
Let's go.
What Hey, hold up! Hey, about that monster near the hot spring.
It was a lie.
-I just -Let's go.
Bro, here it is! Wow, I've never been in one before.
Don't look! I mean, I know you can't see, but I said, don't look! Ouch, all my cuts sting but it feels great.
This might be what heaven's like, huh? You could be right.
So it may not be a bad idea to just hurry up and die, eh? A monster! It's you, Priest.
Where did you rise up from? You speak as if I just rose up from hell.
I was here before you two.
We must be destined to meet.
Yay, bath time! -Bath time! -Yeah! Hey Watch it, damn you! Sorry about that.
They're more like monkeys than humans.
Forgive them, will you? -Where you from? -Yeah? -Haven't seen you around.
We're traveling.
Traveling? Where to? You're going somewhere, right? Well We haven't decided.
Is he your brother? Bro is just bro.
Hey, what's that? There's something on your back.
What are you talking about, stop looking.
-Isn't this a map? -A map? Yeah, it's a map! It's definitely a map.
-A map! -Let me see it.
Shut up! Stop staring at my back! Aww, come on.
Let us see it.
-Stop it! -Come on, let me see.
Born into this world There is no salvation The distorted shape of the heart Yet it beats courageously There is no turning back Even from the path of evil Witnessing the withering seasons We search for the truth In our ugliness We don't even recognize the pain As we peel back the skin We are forever tormented by our stupidity But if the dawn never comes Through the painful night You who distrusts nothing You will be able to love this accursed world Now that we carry the world on our shoulders It's time to take it back "Hakumenfudo"