Dororo (2019) s01e14 Episode Script

The Story of Sabame

1 Does it hurt? I hate how it's come down to this.
But I won't be able to fulfil my ambition.
That money I gathered up from those samurai I can't just waste it.
It's for the powerless peasants to take a stand.
To help them take the step.
I need you to make sure Dororo understands.
What it is we're fighting for.
I've hidden the money past the northern headland in Wait.
You better not tell me.
If you do, I might use it up.
Not for any great ambition, but for Dororo alone.
Engrave it here.
I won't be able to see it there.
I will carry half of your ambition.
And the other half Betrayed this world And it simmers within Rupturing my innards Swelling a reddish black Until the sun burnt skin ruptures There is a light in the depths of the seething darkness Confirming each other's voices in the distance As if to stroke with wet fingertips I'd like to touch you one day There is a light in the depths of the darkness Confirming each other's voices in the distance As if to stroke with wet fingertips I'd like to touch you one day #14 The story of Sabame I see.
So the map appears whenever your body is warmed up.
I'd never taken a warm bath before.
I had no idea I had that on my back.
I see, I see.
Your parents have made you bear quite a heavy burden.
A little bit before my mama died Listen now, Dororo.
Remember this well.
This is your papa's lifelong ambition.
Carry it on with you.
And protect it.
She said the other half would always be close to me.
And I'd figure it out when I met someone I could truly trust.
I see.
I didn't get what she meant, though.
I'd more or less forgotten about it.
But good for you.
You have a wider range of choices now.
Let's say you defeat all the demons and get his body back.
What's next? Money's a grand thing.
If you have a full belly, your heart will be calm and gentle.
You'll be able to see your surroundings.
And start to think about tomorrow.
Keeping true to your ambition when it could mean life or death that isn't something just anyone can do.
Even if you defeat a few demons here and there, it won't change the world at all.
But what you have on your back can move people and change the world.
It's a source of great power.
In other words, you have a lot more choices now.
You could find the money and live well on it.
Or use it to build your own domain.
You could even go traveling to some undiscovered land.
Hey, hold on.
Take some time to think about it.
That is, unless you want to destroy Daigo's land in exchange for your body.
Just saying.
Hey, bro isn't like that.
Hey, bro? What are you going to do from here on out? Kill demons.
I mean, about what the priest said.
After you defeat all the demons and get your body back.
After all that.
What do you think I should do? I just don't know.
Hey, bro? Hey, it wouldn't hurt to listen to me once in a while! Please, buy one Hey, don't leave me behind like that! Please, buy one I beg you She's gone.
What now? Bro, what are they? Not demons.
Num-num! Carry me.
Carry me! Ugh, you're crushing me! Carry me.
-Help me out, bro! -Carry me.
Not a demon.
But it's a monster.
Help me! Hey, bro! Carry, carry! Now you're the one carrying me, jeez! Give me a hand, bro.
Num-num! Give me a break, I'm the one that wants some num-num.
Hey, it's a temple.
It's all burnt inside.
But at least we'll be able to stay dry during the night.
What's wrong? Pee-pee.
Give me a break, I can't take care of you! Pee-pee! No, leave me out of this.
Pee-pee! Go pee-pee by yourself! Pee-pee! Stop it! Get off me! What's that, bro? I made it go pee outside in the bushes.
What? Oil? Why is there oil here? You mean, somebody burnt this place down? Num-num! -Num-num.
-You scared me to death, dang it! Now is not the time for this.
I don't even know what you eat.
We're hungry, too.
We don't have any food for monsters You don't mean Num-num No, don't eat me! I don't taste good! Num-num Help me, bro! Huh? Ouch To think I'd meet travelers here.
What a curiosity you are.
You must not have known, but it's dangerous here at night.
A ghoul haunts this place.
A ghoul Come to my house if you'd like.
I wouldn't like to hear of people being eaten in my mountain village.
Bro My name is Sabame.
I am the lord of this land.
I'd like to hear about your travels.
Hey, he isn't really a monster, is he? I'm not sure.
Good evening, Lord Sabame.
Out on watch? You are such a hard working man.
I'm just looking out for my village.
We live in peace thanks to you, my lord.
Come to think of it, where did that monster baby go? This is my residence.
Do come in.
It's an old country dance.
Do you not like it? More please, lots of it! Thanks.
You're a really great guy, feeding us strangers like this.
I enjoy listening to travelers' tales.
Since I've never left this land myself.
Yeah? But I bet you've got some interesting stories, too.
Like that ghoul in the burnt-out temple.
It's not a pretty story.
There used to be a nunnery up there.
The nun took in orphans from the surrounding villages.
They were forced to work like farm animals.
And if they disobeyed After working for a few years, they'd be sold off.
The heavens must've had enough of it.
One night, lightning struck the temple and set it alight.
It was all gone in a few minutes.
Nun, children, and all.
That's awful.
All the kids, too? We regretted not doing something earlier.
It's too late for regrets, but we pray for those poor souls.
-And the ghoul? -It's the ghost of the nun.
She couldn't go up to heaven, I suppose.
She appears nightly and eats those that happen to pass by.
I'm so glad we weren't one of them.
All thanks to you.
I'm glad to hear that.
It's late now.
Feel free to stay here and rest as long as you wish.
Hey, bro? Do you believe everything he said? About the ghoul, no.
And about how the temple was burnt down by lightning.
Those oil stains must mean somebody set it on fire.
We'll see in time.
You think a demon will come here? I-I'm not scared, you know.
But jeez, this house sure is cold.
I think there's a draft.
Bro, are you asleep? What you have on your back can move people and change the world.
It's a source of great power.
Listen now, Dororo.
This is your papa's lifelong ambition.
What am I supposed to do? I haven't the slightest clue.
Keeping true to your ambition when it could mean life or death that isn't something just anyone can do.
Don't blame me.
I've been on my own all this time.
Why'd you have to die, Mama? Bro, there's something there! Bro, wake up! Come on! -Bro! -Stand back.
It spat silk? Hey! You did it, bro! Huh? What the What is this? It took the caterpillar.
Phew, that scared me.
It must be some moth or butterfly monster.
This powder makes my skin tingle.
It's not poison, is it? Wash it off.
Let's use that pond in the garden.
Hey bro? Was that huge thing? A demon.
It took that caterpillar monster away.
You think it came to save its kid? Lord Sabame.
I finally got you some food.
Two of them, too.
The children must be happy today.
They could not eat.
It is too strong.
You were beaten? The one The Twelfth could not devour.
It has come for what was taken from it.
I will let nothing and nobody lay a finger on you or the children.
For my land and for my people.
Born into this world There is no salvation The distorted shape of the heart Yet it beats courageously There is no turning back Even from the path of evil Witnessing the withering seasons We search for the truth In our ugliness We don't even recognize the pain As we peel back the skin We are forever tormented by our stupidity But if the dawn never comes Through the painful night You who distrusts nothing You will be able to love this accursed world Now that we carry the world on our shoulders It's time to take it back "Maimai-onba"