Dororo (2019) s01e15 Episode Script

The Story of the Scene from Hell

1 Thanks for treating us to breakfast, too.
We are country people so our food is not fancy.
But I'm glad to see you've rested well.
Yep, sure did.
I haven't slept so well through the night in a long time.
This is a great room.
Nice and quiet.
Stay as long as you wish.
Jeez, thanks but We have rooms to spare.
If you are not in a hurry, do stay with us for a while.
You're really generous in such hard times.
Can I have some more? I know not about other places, but our village has nothing but peace.
We are not rich, but we do not need for anything.
We are able to live thus all thanks to the blessings from above.
I'd been trying to think of a way to have him let us stay.
I never imagined he'd come out and invite us to.
I won't let the demons go free.
That huge one might come straight for you next time.
That would be good.
I'm going out to talk with the villagers.
I'm curious about the nun and the burnt-out temple.
How about you? I will watch Sabame.
Well don't do anything crazy.
That old guy might just be brainwashed.
He looks creepy, but don't judge a book by its cover.
Betrayed this world And it simmers within Rupturing my innards Swelling a reddish black Until the sun burnt skin ruptures There is a light in the depths of the seething darkness Confirming each other's voices in the distance As if to stroke with wet fingertips I'd like to touch you one day There is a light in the depths of the darkness Confirming each other's voices in the distance As if to stroke with wet fingertips I'd like to touch you one day #15 The story of the scene from hell Yeah, yeah.
Hah! Take that.
Hey, thanks for taking your time out to help me.
Nah, it's nothing.
What are neighbors for? Ow Whoa, watch it now.
I'm getting old.
We'll get through winter now.
What a blessing.
Just a bit more work to do.
All right.
You all must be tired.
Take a break and have some tea.
Hey, wait for me! Guess it's like any other village.
What a cool tower.
Grandma, who's that kid over there? Hey, want some rice cakes? -Me? -They're really tasty.
I see, you're Lord Sabame's guest then.
He's really nice for letting a stranger like me stay.
I'm really thankful.
Rice cakes! Here you go.
This looks so good.
Lord Sabame puts this village before everything.
We are able to live like this in peace.
All thanks to Lord Sabame.
He's a really great guy, huh.
How dare you address him like that! Uh, sorry.
By the way, I saw a burnt-out temple on my way here.
You know about it? Time to go now.
Must get some more work done while the sun is still high.
Aww, but Grandma Now, off we go.
But Grandma This is my favorite place.
I have a full view of the village from here.
Something's fishy.
A grand storehouse in the woods away from the village? So fishy Something's not right.
There's something going on.
Maybe there's hidden treasure in it.
Nobody's guarding it, either.
Darn, just another rice storehouse.
This sure is a hard-working village.
If you have a full belly, your heart will be calm and gentle.
Keeping true to your ambition when it could mean life or death that isn't something just anyone can do.
But they've really saved up a lot.
Way too much for me to handle.
Ouch Huh? What's this? A hidden trapdoor? I can't see a thing without a torch.
Of course you can't.
Ow What the heck was that for? Sorry, kid.
It's to protect the village.
My ancestors protected this land for generations.
I was born and raised here.
I became the lord, and here I am.
I know not of any other places.
As a traveler, you may not understand what that's like.
This village is my everything.
No matter what happens, I will protect it.
You came here to kill the ghouls that live here, correct? -Right.
-I won't let you.
They, too, are my people.
I must protect them.
Hey, what the heck! Let me out of here! Let me out! What's the deal with them? These people are crazy.
I gotta let bro know.
I need to find a light.
Is this what I think it is? Bro! Our village was in the clutches of hell, too.
The samurai who escaped wars and became brigands came and raided our peaceful village.
The fields were left unattended and ravaged by wild beasts and insects.
My people were hungry, and stole from one another.
It was amidst such hell that I encountered "them".
The ghouls.
If it is our destiny to live on in this land, I must protect the land and its people.
I didn't care that they were ghouls.
I was ready to give up my soul if it meant my people could escape this hell.
The ghouls ate the brigands and killed the beasts.
They kept their promise, and our village prospered again.
And I welcomed "her" into my home as my wife.
Let me ask you one thing.
Why do you kill ghouls? Dang it, I'm not dying here to be eaten by you.
Ouch Dang it.
Oh no Why? I don't care what you're trying to protect.
I will kill the demons.
And get it all back.
-You saved me -Dororo is kind.
So I save Dororo.
Oh wow Don't let the kids escape! You're going to be fed to Maimai-onba.
It's for the village.
No hard feelings.
That's too cruel.
For the village? But You're so kind, Dororo.
Thank you.
Don't cry.
We must hurry or Maimai-onba's children will awaken.
Follow me.
A vagabond like you would never understand.
Bro! They've finally awakened.
You will fill their empty stomachs.
The same You are the same! Out of my way! Bro! Listen bro, it was the villagers.
They killed the nun and the kids.
What's that? The village, it's burning.
I was pushed down a trapdoor in a storehouse.
Then those huge bugs came at me.
They almost ate me up.
But that big baby thing saved me.
And then That baby ghost, it was the murdered kids.
Are you listening to me? Yeah.
I found the oil too.
The oil used to burn down the temple.
I know it.
It smelled the same.
I made sure they couldn't do it again.
Lord Sabame, all the village's rice has been burned.
-We won't last through the winter.
-Lord Sabame.
-What should we do? -How will we survive this winter? Hey, isn't there still a stock of rice at your house, Ishi? Your home hasn't burned down.
Hands off.
That's my rice! You're going to hog it all? Sabame, do something! I heard Lord Sabame's guest started the fire.
The lake? The baby ghoul said so.
Bro! Bro.
What happened? The whole village Why? Why did this happen? Bro, did we do the wrong thing? This happened because we came, right? Not my concern.
Even if you defeat a few demons here and there, it won't change the world at all.
All you think about is killing the demons.
Say something.
This isn't right.
That'll just make you one of them.
Can you not perceive distance with just one eye yet? Not yet.
Again! It's not my concern.
Dororo? I wish bro would listen to me more.
Stupid bro.
Hey, Dororo.
Long time no see.
Oh, Itachi.
Aww, come on.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
Still a midget, eh? Shut up! Ta-da.
Now show me the other half that you have.
Born into this world There is no salvation The distorted shape of the heart Yet it beats courageously There is no turning back Even from the path of evil Witnessing the withering seasons We search for the truth In our ugliness We don't even recognize the pain As we peel back the skin We are forever tormented by our stupidity But if the dawn never comes Through the painful night You who distrusts nothing You will be able to love this accursed world Now that we carry the world on our shoulders It's time to take it back "Maimai-onba"