Dota: Dragon's Blood (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

What the Thunder Said

1 [narrator.]
In the beginning, there was only the Primordial Mind.
From this mind sprang the whole of creation.
The stars, the planets, life and death.
But in time, the Mind was divided against itself.
Two fragments, the Radiant and the Dire, thought and action, warred over creation with irreconcilable ferocity.
The Chaos of the Infinite followed.
[ominous music.]
Kings, queens.
They all sought wisdom in the shattered Primordial Mind and power from its ineffable madness.
[ominous music continues.]
But in his prison in Foulfell, the demon Terrorblade gazed into the chaos and found Truth.
Terrorblade found the idea.
Fuse thought and action.
Remake creation in his own infernal image.
- [roars.]
- Ah! - [frightened shouts.]
- [yelps.]
Ah! [screeching.]
- [snarls.]
- [Davion grunts.]
[Davion panting.]
- [dragon snarls.]
- [Davion screams.]
- [snarls.]
- [blast.]
[Davion panting.]
- [Davion grunts.]
- [snarls.]
[Davion grunting.]
- [thwacks.]
- [grunts.]
What the hell is he doing? Why isn't he killing the damn thing? Quiet.
Watch the man work.
- [snarls.]
- [Davion grunting.]
[epic music.]
He's not coming out.
They always come out.
Crazy, stupid Here we go.
[suspenseful music.]
- [beast snarls.]
- [Davion gasps.]
[Davion grunts.]
[Davion grunts.]
[Davion grunts.]
[breathing heavily.]
- Piece of shit! - Hey! Dishonor my kill again, you're next.
Dishonor it? Fucking thing killed four of mine, injured at least five more.
Gods! Another one! Hatchling.
Wee babies.
Bite your face off, boyo.
The entire nest it's gone.
They tore each other apart.
It's like they all went crazy.
Like they all lost their minds and turned on one another, all at once.
Crazy wyrmlings, crazy hatchlings I'm sure it's fine.
This nest, it opens up.
An eldwyrm dug this.
How do you know? We're not dead.
Asleep, then.
Now is our chance.
Now we kill the beast.
Now we pray he doesn't wake up.
[ominous music.]
And when, pray you, do we return to kill the big one? "Kill the big one?" Do you know how many living Dragon Knights have ever seen a "big one" that still had fire in its guts? Or whatever they have in their guts, it varies from dragon to dragon.
That's how many.
Ah, you're afraid, then.
We'll ride for Dragon Hold in the morning.
Get advice, find help.
But tonight, I plan to celebrate the fact that I'm still breathing.
As should you.
You especially.
[villagers cheering.]
All these people Just for you.
For that.
This morning they were terrified, tonight they feel safe.
All I'm doing is delivering their trophy.
- Davion! - Davion! Oh, no.
Not for you.
All right.
It's a little bit for me.
[villagers cheering.]
[woman sobbing.]
Your father was a militian.
- Yes, sir.
- He was a brave son of a bitch.
You look like you're a brave son of a bitch, too.
Like him.
I want you to have this.
Dragon fang.
I've got one just like it.
See? When you're of age, when you're ready, take yours to Dragon Hold.
They'll know what it means.
I'll slay monsters too someday.
Just like father.
Just like father.
Davion leaped left, he leaped right.
Bobbing and weaving as the great beast lunged and snapped! Finally, knowing it was beaten, the dragon fled under the earth! Davion followed.
There, alone in the darkness, he slew the beast! When we found him, covered in the enemy's black, stinking blood, he said, "Tonight, we dine! Tonight, we drink! The village is saved!" - [clanks.]
- [cheering.]
Of course, I played a critical role.
He'd have been dead a hundred times if I weren't there.
A hundred times? A hundred times at least.
At least! Worry not.
I'll return with fresh cups for everyone.
- [indistinct chatter.]
- [laughter.]
- Barkeep, another round.
- Excuse me.
I was waiting.
Forgive me.
I'm in my cups.
I didn't see you there.
Please, help the lady.
Thank you.
An Icewrack white, please.
Two glasses, chilled of course, not so sharp.
- [clanks.]
- Two crowns.
It smells terrible.
And it's warm.
It's beer.
It's all we got.
Wet, sour and sharp enough to cut the head off a hellbear.
- Smells like mom.
- But - Two crowns.
- For this? - I'll pay for her Icewrack white.
- Oh, uh, in that case, they're free.
If I order, it's two crowns.
If he orders, he pays nothing.
Well, yeah.
He's Davion the fucking Dragon Knight what killed a fucking dragon.
- This fucking dragon.
- Among others.
Many, I'm sure.
But the one, the big one, you left down in that gods-empty hole! - Don't talk much about him.
- You're drunk.
Tell her all about it.
Tell her how you bravely ran away.
If all your stories were worth a steaming sod, you'd be killing that thing.
Listen up, idiot.
One man alone can't kill an eldwyrm, nor 10, nor 20.
It would be stupid to try.
Waking that monster means death for everyone within miles of here.
Let the dragon sleep.
Now, if you'll sod right off, I was talking to the lady.
Ah! She thinks you're a coward, too.
Icewrack white.
It's supposed to be warm.
A human tavern.
This isn't exactly neutral.
I assume you would've preferred a dark alley or the foothills.
The better to rob me.
Rob you? [sighs.]
Locating precious things for the wealthy is more lucrative than stealing from them.
My lotuses.
Selemene's lotuses.
The usurper's lotuses.
I don't really care.
I care only to make them mine now.
I don't have your lotuses.
What I do have is a name.
Travel to the Black Market in Haupstadt.
Ask for Nikdo.
He'll arrange the rest.
You promised to bring them.
I promised to find them.
Now, the matter of my payment.
I'm not paying for a name.
Then I'll find Nikdo and tell him there's no bargain.
Safe travels, miss.
I don't have money.
But I do have other items of value.
Oh, sorry.
Not interested.
Human women are pleasantly soft, but too easy to come by.
That's not my offer.
This bracelet.
Your tiara.
I know who you are.
Ah! My future ex-wife.
And my other future ex-wife.
Huh? [laughs.]
Never come down from the throne to address a peasant.
Oh, I see.
Skinny bastard is your boyfriend.
Been stepping out on me, huh? Snogging my future ex-wife, are we? Believe me when I tell you, I would never dare tread where you've set foot or anything else.
Oh! Ah! Insulting me now, huh? [groans.]
- Elf! Filthy spawn of tree rot.
- [villagers gasp.]
Long-eared murderous animal.
Cousin of mine wandered into one of your enclaves once.
Came out half-mad, minus an arm and two balls.
Elves cut him a smile ear to ear.
Wait here.
He's holding me in reserve.
Think I'll cut you one to match it.
- [drunk villager growls.]
- [grunts.]
Enough talk.
I'll handle this animal myself.
[elf pants.]
This seems like the right place to drop the garbage.
Now, while you can.
In Haupstadt, Princess.
Princess? You get more interesting by the minute.
Most men would've left him to the mob.
Most men would've joined it.
I'm not most men.
Barkeep! Another round for all my friends! "Princess.
" [horses snort.]
I'm not afraid of any dragon! [clanks.]
Hear me! I'm not afraid of you! [grunts.]
Not afraid.
Not afraid? I can still smell the piss on your leg.
Everyone knows.
Everyone laughs at you, Captain.
Shut up.
[sword clanking.]
You're the joke of the village.
Sad and pathetic.
A coward.
Shut up! [Terrorblade.]
Oh, we can use that.
Yes, we can.
We can slay that beast.
You and I.
And no one ever has to know your secret terror.
Your impotence.
I'll do all the work.
All you have to do is let me in.
[ominous music.]
[rooster crowing.]
Did you want another go? No.
Not really.
I, I just It's fine.
I'm fine.
Sleep, lovely.
- You don't even know my name, do you? - [Bram.]
Davion! It's all right.
I know yours.
- Davion.
- [Bram.]
Davion! Davion, wake up! Gods' mercy, Bram, I hear you.
- [Davion.]
Come in.
- Oh, finally! Searched every room for you.
I woke up half the [chuckles.]
Hey, ma'am.
It's Captain Frühling.
He's gone to the foothills.
Brainless, arrogant He means to kill the eldwyrm.
I'm going after him.
I'll try to stop him.
One way or another.
- I'm coming with you.
- [Davion.]
You won't.
Go to Dragon Hold.
The Fathers need to know.
They need to send everyone.
Always hated this part.
Oh, shit.
Hoping I show up in Dragon Hold with a head.
And both arms.
And they'll both be mine.
- Huh? - [groans.]
How? [birds chirping.]
[sighs deeply.]
[yelps, grunts.]
Dragon Knight, we do the gods' work here.
You and I, we should be friends.
Friends? Frühling, what did you do? No man is capable of this.
Uldorak was old.
Yet even his powers at their height could not have saved him.
Not from me.
What in the Seven Hells? Your voice.
Your eyes [Davion.]
Tell me, Dragon Knight, Davion.
If you could do what has been done, if you had the power, wouldn't you take it? The little boy who stood frozen as his father burned alive.
I was just a child.
How do you? Childhood evaporated with your father's flesh.
A boy made man by your despair.
Your rage.
I know you.
I see you, trapped in your own hell of regret.
What wouldn't you do to escape? - [Davion.]
You know nothing.
- I know this much.
Together, we can slay dragons.
Every dragon.
All you have to do is let me in.
You will release Uldorak's soul so he may rejoin the Thunder and take new form.
[Terrorblade through Frühling.]
Father of Fire.
The Thunder speaks and chooses you to give it voice.
I'll collect your soul as I collected Uldorak's.
Uldorak was ready for death.
The madness was upon him.
The weakness.
I am not so disadvantaged.
[epic music.]
Run, little mouse.
Count yourself fortunate I have no taste for manflesh today.
No imagination.
All brute force.
No cunning.
[epic music.]
No guile.
[suspenseful music.]
[fire roaring.]
[heavy thudding.]
I smell your fear.
Only my hate! [epic music.]
Brave little mouse.
[Davion grunts.]
[yelps, grunts.]
The demon Fled to the hell he calls home.
Uldorak, his soul lost.
I couldn't just let him I You chose a side.
[ragged breaths.]
Sleep, dragon.
Die in peace.
I want nothing of peace, little mouse.
You know of the death I want.
You fought well.
You honor me.
As you honor me.
[choking gasps.]
Forgive me, little mouse.
For all the suffering you will now endure.
Drunk and naked.
The best help I could offer is to let him sleep, and when he wakes, understand he must make better life choices.
It's not my responsibility to protect people from themselves, no matter what good and noble qualities they might possess.
Don't look at me that way, Marci.
You can't possibly know he would come to my aid if the tables were turned.
Which they never would be.
I should hardly need to tell you.
Get him up, but put a cloak on him for decency's sake.
You will not be happy when you awaken, Davion the Dragon Knight.
But you'll live.
[closing theme music.]

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