Dota: Dragon's Blood (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Princess of Nothing

Not safe to walk this road after dark, friend.
Oh, you too good to talk to me? Hey, you don't look too good.
Where do you think you're going? You pass through here, you pay the tribute.
I'll have that sword.
Fuck off! The sword's mine.
You will not be happy when you awaken, Davion the Dragon Knight.
But you'll live.
Sagan, no.
Don't worry, he wasn't going to eat you.
It's the blood.
My fang.
I had a necklace.
Where is it? My dragon fang necklace, did you see it? You are as we found you.
Now please, cover yourself.
It's you.
You're awake.
Now that you are, I have one question.
Whose blood is that? Don't remember.
I think it's mine.
Maybe not all of it.
What happened to your clothes? That's two questions.
- I don't see your little friend.
- Hunting.
I'm sorry you lost your necklace.
Was it a gift? Not exactly.
What's the last thing you remember? A burrow.
A cave.
A dragon.
The elder dragon you spoke of? Eldwyrm.
I remember two.
It's murky.
It makes no sense.
Why would there be two? I think they're dead.
So, you killed two of these eldwyrms.
By yourself? No.
There was something else down there.
I'm sure of it.
What was that? Dinner.
The only people I've ever seen shoot that well have points on their ears.
You know the Coriel'Tauvi? I've met a few elves.
But you, your bow, the cat, you're from the Nightsilver Woods.
Not anymore.
And a princess.
Best you mind your own business.
At least give me a name.
So I can thank you for saving my life.
Come on now, you know mine.
And you've seen all my secrets.
You have my gratitude.
There it is.
- Still feeling unwell? - I'm fine.
Must be something I ate.
Questioning Marci's cooking? Wouldn't dream of it.
I know a tavern off the market square.
Innkeeper owes me a favor.
Don't think he serves any "Icewrack whites," but I can get us lodging.
- That's quite all right.
- It's the least I can do.
Besides, as I recall "free" is about all you can afford.
It will be nice to sleep in a real bed for a change.
It's gone downhill a bit.
Is that you? A bit more clothing than the last time I saw you.
- Hello, beautiful.
- Buy me a drink, lover? The road was long, and I need to get my friends settled.
Another night.
A night you'll never forget.
- And who was that charming woman? - No idea.
Nyctasha's knickers, it is you! Raise your cups, you sorry bastards.
This is Davion the Dragon Knight, in the flesh.
Hear, hear! - We need a room.
- Two rooms.
And some clothes.
I seem to have misplaced mine.
Anything for you.
Right this way.
One of the greatest Dragon Knights of all time.
I met him once when I was a squire at Dragon Hold.
Filled his cup.
Thought I showed "great promise.
" How thrilling for you.
He's the only knight who's ever killed one of each of the eight types of dragons.
He's a legend.
How many types have you slain? Five.
Well, you'll get there eventually.
My finest suite.
Make yourselves comfortable.
We're not staying here.
Only cheaper one is out back.
But I suppose this will do.
Are you sure you should be drinking? - You don't look well.
- Hence the drinking.
Uh, get you ladies something? It's on the house.
Just directions.
We're looking for the Black Market.
What business do respectable ladies have in a place like that? Private business.
I meant no offense.
It's on King's Way, uptown, right off the main square.
You can't miss it.
Allow me to escort you.
It's not safe in the city after dark.
Ugh! You know how to impress a lady.
Was that in your stomach? How? I don't know.
The fuck! Did you just heave up this ring? This belonged to a friend of mine.
A brother.
He was found on the road, torn to pieces, with five more of my brothers.
- You did this! - No.
They found dragon armor around the bodies.
- "Davion the Dragon Knight.
" - It's not possible! Savage! Fucking cannibal! Tomorrow.
My brothers and me, we're coming for you.
You're a dead man.
You hear me? A dead man! I smell your fear.
All you have to do is let me in.
You're awake.
How do you feel? Like I went the wrong way through a dragon's asshole.
There's a right way? Old family remedy.
Drink it all.
Your lady friends went to the Black Market.
I told them to wait for you, but they were quite insistent.
I get the sense they can take care of themselves.
Um, I I must ask you to leave.
Over a little blood and purge? This place has seen a lot worse.
It's just Deeb and his friends, if they find you here, they'll burn the place down and kill me.
And besides that, they're good customers.
Say no more.
Listen, do you have a sword or something I can borrow? You're not really gonna fight them.
Bare-handed, if I have to.
Not my preference.
You're a crazy bastard.
My name means something.
I don't run from beast or man.
Even if they are your customers.
Gods' luck, then.
You survive, I'll hang your portrait on the wall.
Not what I was expecting.
May I help you, madams? Nikdo.
I was told to ask for him.
I see.
I'm afraid weapons are not allowed inside.
If you'll follow me.
Master Nikdo will be with you presently.
I am Nikdo.
And you are? Here for information.
I was told you might know the whereabouts of certain rare artifacts.
I know many things.
But such information comes at a price.
I am the most-favored of Selemene.
She will reward you handsomely if you help me.
I know that above all.
You? We have a better offer than a few trinkets and empty promises.
May I introduce Mirana, once Princess of the Moon, once Princess of the Sun, and now princess of nothing at all.
I locate precious things for wealthy people.
One of my clients happens to be from the Helio Imperium.
Your uncle.
And he wants you so very badly.
I should have let those villagers kill you.
The mute is yours.
Take them downstairs.
Got in a bit of trouble, I hear.
Nothing a good length of sharp steel can't solve.
What can I get for this? You crazy? I'm not touching that.
Just melt it down.
The gold's worth a hundred crowns, easy.
It's not worth me life.
Put it away and fuck off.
Look, I'm in a bit of a bind here.
Can you help me out? You know who I am.
You know I'm good for it.
I know who you are and who wants you dead, and I don't like me odds on collecting that debt.
Sorry, Davion.
Coin or nothing.
I have no way of getting any coin.
There's always the Narrows if you got something to wager.
Fresh meat, eh? Not bad.
This one's not for sale.
You can have the little one for 50 crowns.
Do what you like with her.
I'll give you 40.
This skinny bitch won't last a week upstairs.
She's remarkably soft for a servant girl.
Uh Deal.
Say goodbye to your servant, Princess.
Although I daresay your fate won't be any more pleasant.
Worry more about your own welfare.
Your men forgot to disarm me.
I'll break you in half.
I came here for information about my lotuses.
Tell me where to find them.
Or explain it to her.
The Shopkeeper.
Talk to the Shopkeeper.
- Where? - The Magpie's Roost.
If any such merchandise moves through Candoness, he knows.
He knows.
And he'll know you, Princess of Nothing.
Outcast! Usurper's whore.
Finder of lost, precious things.
See if you can find your teeth.
Let's go.
Place your bets! Throw the bones! - Five on the pig! - Twenty on the boar.
- You're never gonna win, boy! - Five against.
- Five on the stand! - Ten against! - Let's go! Let's go! - Roll it our way.
- Yes! - Dog! You lose! - Shit.
- Make room for players with coin.
- Dead man.
- I'm buying drinks tonight.
I was told you might be able to locate certain artifacts of unique interest.
This depends on the artifact and the interest.
Lotuses from the Temple of Mene.
I do not deal in stolen goods, nor should a princess of the Nightsilver Woods, exiled or not.
The lotuses were stolen.
I intend to get them back.
Can you help me? I cannot refuse an emissary of Selemene.
However, I'm afraid no one has offered them for sale.
But, perhaps a man I know can help you.
Who? A sage.
He keeps to himself in his tower, in a valley south of the Broken Peaks.
You'll need this to see him.
I'd rather my favor be returned in kind someday, Princess, who may be more than a princess.
Do we have a bargain? Dragon Knight.
Find what you came for? - I will.
- I don't doubt it.
You look terrible.
I feel terrible.
You should rest, recover.
- Can't, I'm meeting some friends.
- Those bandits.
In your condition, they'll kill you.
That is a distinct possibility.
You have no weapon.
No allies.
There's no shame in walking away from a pointless fight.
We're going to the Broken Peaks.
You should too.
Come with us.
I won't run from a fight.
Even this one.
My name means something to me, to my brothers in Dragon Hold.
- Dishonoring myself dishonors them.
- Stupid.
Brave but stupid.
Best of luck to you, Dragon Knight.
Sagan! Komi! Don't look at me that way.
What would you have me do? I'm not what I once was.
Didn't you hear? I'm the "Princess of Nothing.
" That's the son of a bitch.
Is that right? Are you the son of a bitch? This doesn't have to get ugly.
Just apologize and we can go our separate ways in peace.
Only thing I'm sorry for is I can't kill you more than once.
- You have something of mine.
- I'll have your head too.
Ah! Not so fast, boys! Make it last! Save me the ring Oh! Come.
Meet your death.
Marci? Moon's sweet light.
Mercy! Don't kill me! Please! I beg you! I beg you! I slay monsters! Not people! I'm not this! I'm not this! I can't be this! Davion.
What have I done? What am I? You're coming with us.
Or take your chances with them.
You're headed for the Broken Peaks.
To see a sage who lives there.
That's on the way to Dragon Hold.
We can travel together.
I'd understand if you said no.
I'm from the Nightsilver Woods.
Finding broken people, putting them back together It's what we do.
We can travel together.
This sage of yours do you think he knows anything about dragons? Fymryn.
You're hurt.
It's nothing.
I don't return empty-handed.
See? The Lotuses of Mene!
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