Dota: Dragon's Blood (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Neverwhere Land

[ominous music.]
[footsteps approaching.]
These young acolytes, they worship for one moon phase and think because they're new and shiny they should be Selemene's favorites.
They should know their place.
I know my own.
What? I don't feel threatened.
Crescent light upon you, sister.
It's very shiny? [tense music.]
Sagan! Komi! [groans.]
Ah! [groans.]
[heavy breathing.]
I don't return empty-handed.
- See? - [Dyfed.]
The Lotuses of Mene.
Is this where you've been? - Doing this? - What? How did you I found them.
In a pool of water.
In the Nightsilver Woods.
The Nightsilver Woods? - How did you get in? - How did you get out? [sniffs.]
The flowers smell weird.
And you did this by yourself.
I had to.
Someone had to.
Because of a story? The Nightsilver Woods are real.
The lotuses are real.
I saw home, our real home.
And and with these, I'll lead us back.
We'll take it back.
It's ours.
Just like the story says.
You are mad.
But I love you.
And I've missed you.
We've all missed you.
Not now.
Now I have to find him.
[ominous music.]
[breathing heavily.]
[screams, exhales deeply.]
Give me a reason, any reason, not to kill you.
Every night for the last week I've watched this happen, and every night I ask myself that question.
- But you don't.
- No, I don't.
I keep having these nightmares.
Nightmares? The dragons.
I hear them, their voices.
They're everywhere.
The ones you've slain.
All of them.
All dragons.
It's just words and words and music.
Like their singing to each other.
Uh, to me.
About whatever it was you said you saw in that cave.
It's strange, I don't understand.
But they're inside me, and I don't I don't know how to stop them.
Other than waking up.
Other than that.
At least until I reach Dragon Hold.
We'll reach the Sage by week's end.
Maybe he can help.
A thousand years ago, deep in the Nightsilver Woods, the sun shut her eyes and the moon turned to blood.
- Did it hurt? - It made her weak.
Mene, the Goddess of the Moon.
Listen now.
The night turned red, and our goddess was trapped in shadow by Selemene.
Selemene, the Dark Moon Goddess.
Mene is still inside the shadow? - [Fymryn.]
She is.
- [girl 1.]
Can she get out? [girl 2.]
Why? Why did Selemene do that? Selemene wanted worship from the Coriel'Tauvi.
Punished anyone who wouldn't call her Goddess.
But some elves, they did say their prayers to her? - To Selemene? - Yes, some did.
Some still do.
- But she's evil.
- That's how evil works sometimes.
But Selemene banished anyone who wouldn't pray to her, far from our home in the Nightsilver Woods, into the darkest corners of the world.
Our true Goddess left this world, but every day, we worship Mene, so one day she'll come back to us.
Praise the moon of Mene.
But if Mene is dead, how does she come back? Through belief.
What is divine may never die.
You see, Mene left a gift for us in the Temple.
- Her magical lotuses.
- Presents? But they're just flowers.
Special flowers.
She lived for her flowers, so when he lays the flowers on the earth, she will return.
Uh who is he? He is a man with spectacular knowledge and power.
A sorcerer.
- Does he have a name? - [Fymryn.]
He doesn't.
He lives in a miraculous tower, tucked in the valley of the highest mountains.
And that's where I will go.
And I will bring him these.
The presents.
You're going to bring back Mene.
You're going to take us home.
I don't wanna go home.
I want more story.
Don't worry.
There's plenty left to tell.
So you're really leaving to find this man? You're not coming? We've all heard the stories, but you - It's like you live them.
- We all live them.
Not good enough.
You left without a word last time and returned with those lotuses.
Now you're leaving again, and expect us to follow with no questions asked.
We need you to let us in.
We need to know.
The stories, what makes you so sure? This.
This is why.
I can do this.
And this.
Ooh! Now do me.
I can even make it seem like I was never here at all.
- You should've told us.
- Told you what? That I'm a freak? Would you have looked at me the same? The stories say Mene's priests and warriors could do those things.
But Mene is gone.
She's dead.
Or maybe some part of Mene is still out there.
- And she has chosen me.
- [Dyfed.]
Mene has chosen us.
[dramatic music.]
That path will run another week.
This one will cut days off our journey.
Yeah, it's faster.
If it doesn't kill you.
I've traveled these roads.
I don't go right.
- And with this storm coming in - [Mirana.]
I'll take my chances on faster.
[wind swooshing.]
Ice up ahead.
- How much longer till the bottom? - Too long.
- We'll wait till the worst passes.
- Wait? [panting.]
I won't spend a night with you up here.
Maybe you should've thought of that back in Haupstadt.
I could have left you to the guards.
Fair point.
It's too slick.
Lash ourselves together.
To Sagan.
His weight will hold us.
[ominous music.]
[breathing heavily.]
[ice cracking.]
Mirana! [grunts.]
Hold on to me! [grunting.]
It's me.
I'm too heavy.
We can make it.
Mirana, what are you doing? No! Mirana! [somber music.]
[heavy breathing.]
Marci! Davion! [pants.]
Anyone? I see it.
I told you.
See what? The tower.
Right there between the two peaks.
I don't see anything.
It's down there.
Trust me.
[ominous music.]
[dramatic music.]
Just like the stories.
Hello? - This place is - [Idwal.]
I was going to say empty.
- Big and empty.
- This way.
I think.
Big, empty, and strange.
[foreboding music.]
What is that? [foreboding music continues.]
Dyfed? Adara? - Idwal? - [Invoker.]
Name yourself.
Fymryn, of Enclave Coedwig.
How did you find my tower? It stands high in the valley.
But how? How did you see it? It was hard to miss.
And in a thousand years, no one has found it.
And then you simply saw it.
Like I told you.
[dreamy music.]
Are you Are you him? I brought these.
The lotuses.
Taken from the Temple, from the Nightsilver Woods.
I did the thing they said could never be done.
[dreamy music continues.]
You're a thief.
Nothing more.
But, but, but I I did everything the story said, and and now Now, you may leave.
Our true goddess lives in these lotuses.
Mene lives in them.
Please take them.
Bring her back.
Stories are stories.
Dead is dead.
No one can change that.
Not even I can change that.
I breached the temple.
I I risked everything to get here.
This can't be how it ends.
For your trouble.
[suspenseful music.]
You're safe.
One second we were all there, and then the next we were all here.
All but you.
I am so relieved.
Ugh, I'm so sick.
Let's not do that again.
We should've listened to you.
- What we saw What we found - Nothing.
- We found nothing.
- We saw wonders.
I failed.
There's no wonder in that.
[eerie music.]
[breathing heavily.]
Davion? Hello! [ominous music.]
- [groaning.]
- [snarling.]
Moon's holy light - [snarls.]
- [gasps.]
Goddess, forgive me.
I've failed you.
I know now.
But never again, I swear to you.
I am nothing without you.
No one.
I just I want to come home.
Can't I come home? I love you.
[dramatic music.]
It's you.
- Don't you see it in the eyes? - I do.
But her nose looks just like yours.
Smile for me.
Aha! A bit of rabbit in your teeth.
- Right there.
- There's something to this.
Something about you and this coin.
Both are beautiful.
Worship with us.
We'll give the Goddess our love.
Love her together.
[dreamy music.]
[eerie music.]
[grunting and growling.]
[grunting and growling.]
You have forgotten me.
[ominous music.]
[eerie music.]
[grunting and growling.]
[ominous music.]
[dreamy music.]
[grunting and growling.]
[dreamy music.]
We know what you want.
The return of your Dark Lady, Mene.
Mene, who would plunge the world in endless shadow.
- [gasps.]
- [Luna.]
Not today.
Give me the lotuses, or I send all of you back to her dead embrace.
We We don't have them.
They're gone.
- [grunts.]
- [shrieks.]
What What have you done? What have you done? - The lotuses.
- Stop.
I don't have them.
[both grunts.]
[body thuds.]
You killed them.
Killed them for nothing.
- The lotuses are gone.
- The lotuses or your head.
You choose.
[eerie music.]
- I told you I don't have them! - It's to be the head then.
[eerie music.]
The old story is over.
We will write a new one together.
Don't ask, just drink it.
- [Mirana.]
You saved me.
- I returned a favor.
Two favors.
Finish it.
There's a Dragon Knight Redoubt a few miles from here.
We'll push through in the morning.
Think you can handle another night with me? - Is that a no, or a yes? - I I saw things.
In the cave.
In the snow.
- Yeah.
Big, ugly, bad breath.
- No.
People transformed into monstrous things by I don't know.
Those were people that we killed back there.
Or used to be.
And you think You think that's what I am.
- What I'll become.
- No, it's the opposite.
You become something I cannot name.
A demon, a dragon, who can say? But underneath it's still you.
I still see you.
Watch over me while I sleep.
There are monsters about.
[air swooshes.]
[suspenseful music.]
[suspenseful music continues.]
[closing theme music.]

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