Dota: Dragon's Blood (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

The Monster at the End of This Book

[ominous music.]
Luna, your fear calls to me.
Only my rage, Goddess.
The lotuses are gone.
You are afraid of a story.
It makes you angry.
But if it is more than a story A prophecy.
I was there, Luna.
History becomes myth as it is retold time and again.
Meaning given to events that had none.
Promises from fathers of failure become prophecy.
All born of bedtime stories for children.
Princess Mirana was exiled for her failure.
I have come home from my search empty-handed.
Mirana was not exiled.
She made a choice.
Her journey is not your own.
The theft of the lotuses is a grave crime.
It cost us a great deal.
But you should have faith.
[theme music.]
[wind swooshing.]
[dramatic music.]
Ugh, at last.
It's good to be out of the wind.
Your arm.
Didn't notice.
Let me wrap that.
There's a stable with horse rugs that should fit Sagan.
[Davion chuckles.]
There we are.
[sighs, chuckles.]
Dragon's Fire Whiskey.
It's no Icewrack White, but it'll warm you up.
Yeah, that's why they call it Dragon's Fire.
I surmised.
If you, uh, you know, talk, uh, I'm here.
Nice hot meal.
You'll be ready to go in no time.
No time at all.
[door squeaks open.]
[suspenseful music.]
You found that here.
In the cold.
Crimson and gold are acting strange.
Easier to hunt, harder to kill.
You don't make it look hard.
The armor.
Every piece, forged from dragon.
The older the better.
I took his strength.
Adult? An adult must have taken half the order to bring down.
Only me.
Didn't expect to see anyone here.
Guessing you heard from Bram, my squire.
Sent him to Dragon Hold.
Sent from where? Barrowhaven.
Clearing a wyrmling nest.
Thought I found an Eldwyrm.
Did you think or did you find? We No.
We didn't find it.
The lady doesn't approve.
I'm sorry? I know the face.
The look.
Thinking, "This poor animal.
" Do you know what he would do to you in the wild? His bite melts flesh.
Cooks the blood in your veins.
Keeps you alive and screaming.
Strong men beg for death.
A Dragon Knight honors his enemy.
But we can never forget what they are.
Killing machines.
I, uh I'm going to check on Marci.
[door closes.]
Davion, wait! Not now.
You lied to him.
It's worse than that.
I wanted to fight him.
Fight him? It's crazy, I know.
Something about seeing him with that wyrmling in his hands.
On that hook.
You wanted to go back to Dragon Hold to speak with someone exactly like him.
This is your chance.
He wouldn't understand any of this.
You mean you're afraid he won't.
Hm, I thought Davion the Dragon Knight wasn't afraid of anything.
[eerie music.]
How old were you when you learned to step from shadow to shadow? Childhood's end.
Any variations in the power of this ability? Night.
Full moons.
With my family.
Do the seasons Knowing this will help bring Mene back.
Are you always so emotional? I had a dream last night.
Would you like to write that down? - Tell me.
- It was dark.
I heard Mene's name over and over.
My pod.
My family.
We worshiped.
We loved.
I saw their faces.
Dyfed, Idwal, Adara.
They smiled.
Then I woke.
Alone in a tower.
All these books.
All this magic.
You understand nothing.
What am I supposed to do with this? Understand everything.
Is it the food or the company? - I'm sorry? - [Kaden.]
You're not eating.
It was a difficult trip up the mountain.
For you, then.
Dragon scale tips.
These should ease the trip down.
Thank you.
I imagine you didn't come all the way out here to hunt wyrmlings.
Settling a debt.
My dragon debt.
Dragon debt? A debt with dragons.
Not dragons.
It was almost 20 years ago.
Thirty of us to the city of Leathsham.
Nice town.
Wyrmling sightings.
Feared it might mean an adult dragon, we weren't taking any chances.
Kept a journal then, was worried about a girl.
Or some nonsense.
Then the sky tore open.
A streak of fire.
Looked like day.
Looked like hell.
Worries over girls were lost in that flame.
Bravery and training marched us forward, into the maw of death.
We didn't know, couldn't know until we saw him in the light of his own fire.
Red scales shifted in the moonlight.
The size of him.
Couldn't understand it, how he could move.
Then his mouth opened.
Pain came out of it.
[dramatic music.]
Death came out of it.
Smoke from burning flesh fogged the air.
Felt the captain's hand on my leg.
I stumbled backward, and I saw nothing left of him from below the chest.
The man had taught me to fight, just pulp now.
Thirty men rode to Leathsham.
One rode back.
I rode back.
So, yes.
I'm hunting something larger than wyrmlings.
I'm hunting Slyrak.
After nearly 20 years, I finally found his lair.
It was empty.
The beast was gone.
I followed his trail through the earth.
Took me to a mountain outside of Barrowhaven.
Nice town.
Didn't find Slyrak.
Found a dead dragon.
Found a dead man.
And I found this.
You went down into that cave, and you weren't prepared for what you saw.
You ran, and you are ashamed.
Don't be.
I've seen up close what just one Eldwyrm can do to an entire company of Dragon Knights.
One man, one unprepared man, has no hope of victory.
But to kill Slyrak, I need to know what you saw.
When I woke up, I was naked.
Everything was gone.
Even this.
That's all I can remember.
I need your help.
We made a sacred oath.
Dragon Knights.
You will have my help.
I promise.
I knew he would help you.
You're in good hands.
I've been in good hands.
We both have.
Still have that whiskey? We should celebrate.
I suppose I do.
And I suppose you're right.
Damn right, I'm right.
Besides, big day tomorrow.
Killing dragons, possibly being a dragon and getting killed.
So, let's drink.
- What? - So that's what this is all about? Uh, not following.
The smile.
The drink.
You and me.
You're being "Davion the fucking Dragon Knight what killed the fucking dragon.
" Stop it.
I am Davion the Stop.
Take off the armor.
It's all right to be human.
I'm human all the time.
See? Human.
You know, let's just not.
Tell me what you want me to say.
Start with what I can see.
You're not eating.
You're confused.
A wreck.
You're on home ground with your hero, and you should feel safe.
You should feel better.
But you feel worse.
So you hide.
You, Princess Mirana, are gonna lecture me about hiding.
Every night when I go to sleep and every morning when I wake, I wonder who I am.
I used to know.
I used to make sense.
I was [heavy breathing.]
The cave.
I saw horrors.
Worshiping a strange red rock.
I felt it.
Heard it.
Promising to fill the hole in me.
It was madness.
But it was also an answer.
And I was ready to let it be the answer.
Then I realized.
It was just a place to hide.
And now, I want a drink.
And a better answer than madness.
I'm not a better answer.
I'm not even a different answer.
You don't get to decide that for me.
Sleep well, Dragon Knight.
I'll see you when you wake.
[eerie music.]
[dreamy music.]
Crescent light upon you.
May your moon always be full.
Do you love me? You are the light that shines behind my eyes.
Mm, worship me.
No one will worship you more.
[breathes deeply.]
Do you love me? [gasps.]
Save me! Please, Goddess! Do you love me? Goddess, please! [pants.]
I love you! Please! [screams.]
[dreamy music.]
A thousand years and these people still don't know who you really are.
Her soul has already returned to the Material Plane.
She will have no memory of this and know only renewed, intense love for me.
I don't see the harm.
You never do.
I know you have the lotuses.
I know that's how you came to be here.
What I don't know is why.
To end this.
You can have the lotuses.
I only want one thing.
To let the past be the past.
To forgive you.
To say goodbye.
Say goodbye? To whom would I say goodbye? You don't even have a name anymore.
What cannot be named, cannot be known.
What cannot be known, cannot be harmed.
Or loved.
A shame.
Not to know the only being who ever saw me for who I truly am.
I loved you once.
I could love you again.
That's not Do you love me? [groans.]
Nothing [groaning.]
I am nothing.
Kaden? [Davion grunting.]
Davion? Davion! [rattling.]
[ominous music.]
Kaden! What the hell are you doing? Kaden! [Davion.]
Kaden? [grunts.]
Ionic dragon.
They can't lie.
Now you can't either.
Where are you? Show yourself.
I don't understand! Not you, brother.
He's gone! He's dead! He's not! [grunts.]
Where are you, coward? [groaning.]
- [Kaden.]
Hiding in this boy.
- [Slyvion.]
Traveling where? Tell me.
Little mouse.
Smells of fear.
I watch mountains drown in oceans.
Where I go, no man can travel.
Come out and follow me to your death.
You seek my destruction.
Your vengeance will not be quenched, nor will your glory be sung through time for there will be no one to sing it.
Once released from corporal fetters, time, space, the Manifold Forms, the pillars of order and chaos dissolve.
What awaits the endless universes is a destruction with no hope of regeneration.
Absence of nothing.
You know not what you are up against.
Twenty years preparing for this.
For you.
Empires burn beneath my breath, little mouse.
Armies become ashes.
An army against you dies screaming.
I don't need an army or a dragon adult.
The bigger you are, the harder it hits.
I remember you.
I remember what your friends tasted like.
I remember the smell of their fear.
Lucky little mouse ran away, and that's the truth.
I remember the smell too.
Can't forget.
I'm out of questions.
Twenty fucking years.
Nothing to me.
Twenty fucking years and 29 fucking souls.
You think I'm not prepared for this? You can't hit a Chaos dragon either.
There you are, you son of a bitch.
Marci! Sagan! [suspenseful music.]
He's gone.
[somber music.]
[dramatic music.]
How did it all go so wrong? You abandoned me.
I abandoned you.
But I am a gracious goddess.
I forgive you.
And her? Do you forgive her? Don't.
I watched, helplessly.
As a child, our child wilted away.
It is done.
Come back to me.
Say her name.
And I am yours.
She was your daughter.
All of your forgotten children hate you.
The elves rise.
A secret army, an Elven Legion, emerging from every enclave in the world.
And I have the lotuses.
You can't.
You wouldn't.
You wouldn't save her.
And you can't save yourself.
The girl.
What happened to her? What happened to Is it true? [gasps.]
I showed them mercy for a thousand years! Gave them peace! In exchange, they allow dissension and malice to fester within their ranks! I could be everything to them, and yet they choose eternal nothing! - Who? - The elves! The enclaves! A waking dream of their Dark Moon Apocalypse! You said it was just a story.
Their intentions are real, and now so is the threat.
Moonlight has shined down on them for so long they have forgotten it is mine to give.
You will be my searing reminder.
Take the Dark Moon Order.
Burn out the impurities that survive inside the enclaves.
Return them to my embrace.
The Order has not left the Nightsilver Woods for a thousand years.
And it leaves for the same purpose as it did then.
The Goddess of the Moon is going to war.
[closing theme music.]

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