Dota: Dragon's Blood (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

The Fire Sermon

Children of Selemene, a thousand years ago, our goddess cast out the nonbelievers from the Nightsilver Woods.
In her mercy, she allowed them to live in peace in the enclaves by the light of her moon.
Now these elves, these apostates, rise against her.
They gather now to march on the Nightsilver Woods.
On you and your children.
To plunge the world into ceaseless shadow.
We are the line the shadow will not cross.
We are the light in the darkness.
Crescent light upon you! Dark Moon Order to war! Elves of Coedwig, your rebellion ends today.
Lay down your arms.
So be it.
There is only one Goddess of the moon.
It's the Sage's valley, but I don't see his tower.
It has to be here somewhere.
The dragon knew to bring us here.
Mirana? Marci? Kaden? Where the hell am I? You do not belong here, human.
I don't even know where here is.
It dreams of Slyrak, and Slyrak dreams of it.
You stand with the Thunder, on Slyrak's peak.
The Father of Fire is trapped in the flesh-illusion.
That doesn't help me.
The last thing I remember, I was chained to a wall and Slyrak believes a demon hunts us.
A demon? Our brother Uldorak cried out a name.
You would call him Terrorblade.
The name woke Slyrak from his slumber.
He went to see.
Now, Uldorak is silent.
Slyrak is silent.
- Dead.
- Yet not reborn.
We do not die as you do.
Everything that we are passes into a new body.
There is only you, and you do not know the song.
Perhaps he is the demon, wearing mouse skin.
What fun! Let's split him open.
Let's see.
Davion? Are you in there? Mirana? It feels my bite.
I I can feel her.
She's worried.
Trying to help me.
Oh, no.
Slyrak awakens.
Sagan Jaro! I'm not None of this is real.
Slyrak is in the world.
With them.
With her.
I need to wake up.
Ugh! Why can't I wake up? The little mouse amuses me.
Kill it slowly.
Perhaps it screams.
Good can come of this.
We will be patient.
We will learn.
What are you called? Davion.
Dragon Knight.
And how did you come to be here, Davion Dragon Knight? I don't know.
I don't remember.
Right now, it doesn't matter.
I will remember for you.
Huh? Oh! Oh, Sagan.
Oh, good boy.
Marci? Marci, are you okay? Come.
Come on.
On your feet.
Come back.
We We fought together.
Slyrak bound himself to this tiny creature.
Made them one.
He killed me.
That is why it is here.
The natural order is disrupted.
The cycle broken.
Terrorblade has taken Uldorak.
Slyrak has given us this.
He's out there right now.
He'll kill her! It is an abomination! Slyrak would not have undertaken such a drastic measure without a purpose.
We must divine it.
The human showed mercy.
It is a Dragon Knight.
It is food.
Food Perhaps there was no better option.
Or he feared the demon might possess him as he did Uldorak and steal his soul.
Eldwyrms only do one thing when you're awake.
You eat.
Mirana, Marci, they won't be enough.
There are villages scattered all around those mountains.
You don't want me here, I don't want him out there.
Send me back, and maybe we can help each other.
After our questions have been answered, and not a moment sooner.
Let's take a look at that leg.
Hey, this is going to hurt.
We have to find a healer.
If that wound gets infected, there's nothing I can do out here.
The Shopkeeper said this is where we'd find the Sage, but there's not a damn thing down there.
He made a fool of me.
And I got us all killed.
Marci, what are you doing? The Shopkeeper said we'd need this to see the Sage.
It wasn't an offering, it was a riddle.
A test.
I failed.
But you didn't.
Sagan should be able to reach the bottom as long as you don't get roasted along the way.
You're going to make it.
I'll make certain of it.
Sagan, yah! We all want answers about Uldorak, Terrorblade.
Wake me up and I'll find them.
I'll finish what Slyrak started.
Why should we trust you? You are a slayer.
- A knight.
- You kill dragons.
- Yes, but - You boast about killing dragons.
It's my purpose.
Your purpose is to kill? To defend the innocent.
Dragons kill people.
- Many things kill your kind, do they not? - Yes.
Yet you kill us.
Why? Answer.
Because Because I hate you.
I hate every last gods-damned one of you.
A dragon killed my father, my mother, my brothers and sisters.
My whole fucking village, gone.
Burnt to ash.
I devoted my life to killing as many of you as I could find.
And I found a lot.
Come here, you scaly bastard! If I die today, my only regret is I didn't kill more of you.
Yet you helped Slyrak.
I did.
I helped him.
I'd help him again, even knowing I'd wind up here.
Because no matter how much I hate him, or you, what I saw in that cave, felt in my guts, I know the demon is worse.
Terrorblade is worse.
Now please, let's fix this before anyone else dies.
What is your judgment? Let Slyrak be reborn, and he can tell us of this demon himself.
He can share his plan.
- Wait.
What? - Destroy the body.
Release the soul.
The human must die that Slyrak may return.
Let the Thunder sing as one voice.
Kill the little mouse.
Eat it.
She's He's killing her.
Fucking do it! Kill me before Slyrak kills her! Come on.
I can feel you in there, Davion.
I know you have the strength.
I know you can take control.
Davion! Mirana.
You slay monsters, not people.
Davion Mirana? Mirana, I'm so sorry.
I Marci? And Sagan? No.
- They're They're in - Don't talk.
Just breathe.
I'll find you help.
We have visitors.
From the Nightsilver Woods.
I've been expecting her.
She's come for the lotuses.

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