Dota: Dragon's Blood (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

The Knight, Death and the Devil

[door opens.]
Help them.
The little one has several broken bones and internal bleeding, the taller one a punctured lung.
They will both die shortly.
Then help.
The Shopkeeper's rules of commerce obligate me to offer safety and hospitality during our negotiation.
Negotiation? What are you Sleep.
[theme music.]
You let her inside? It's not so simple.
Make it simple.
Selemene's moonlight shines through me.
Luminous and pure.
Selemene's moonlight shines through me.
Luminous and pure.
We live our life in her service, souls sealed in servitude.
We live our life in her service, souls sealed in servitude.
[all screaming in pain.]
Help, please.
[soldier groaning.]
Raise the alarm! [injured soldier coughs.]
[injured soldier.]
In the woods.
- Who? - Coedwei.
How many? First they took out our mounts.
Made us suffer.
How many? Couldn't tell.
Came from all around.
Wanted to hurt us.
Wanted you to see.
- [nurse 1.]
Calm him.
- [nurse 2.]
Be still.
- [nurse 1.]
He'll reopen his wounds.
- [nurse 2.]
He'll be all right.
Mirana? Marci? She probably isn't going to shout back, is she? [grunts.]
What in the hells It can be unnerving the first time.
My friends? In a healing sleep.
Thank you.
Now, if you've come to my tower, you've come with a purpose.
The gem.
Not mine, theirs.
I came to ask about demons.
The injuries your friends sustained were of dragon origin.
The dragon that did it is me.
May your moon always be full.
The village elder you were wanting to see.
The Legion did this.
Legion? There is no Legion.
There are only angry people who want you to leave.
Don't play stupid with me.
If I have to find them myself, you won't like it.
My pod.
My family.
You're asking me to betray them.
I'm asking you to save them.
The Coedwei have a saying.
Those that go into the forest looking for trouble always find it.
[village elder.]
The Shadow Terrace.
Even Coedwei hesitate to enter it.
We're not Coedwei.
You're leading us in circles.
I'm leading you where I think they are, not where I know they are.
[soldier grunts.]
Wait! No! Shields! [Dark Moon soldiers grunt.]
[arrows whooshing.]
[Dark Moon soldiers moan.]
[elder grunts.]
The elder [zaps.]
[low growl.]
- [grunts.]
- [groans.]
Fall back! [Dark Moon soldiers groan.]
[Luna grunts.]
[moans, grunts.]
[Dark Moon soldiers groaning.]
Form up! We're going back in.
[soldier 1.]
Up there.
[ominous music.]
[soldier 2.]
What's it say? "Traitor.
" [Invoker.]
You imagine your enemies are animals.
This is a mistake.
The realm we inhabit rests between the seven heavens and seven hells.
At each moment, each of these realms fracture into an infinite number of different realities.
Supporting all of this are the eight pillars of creation, the four elements and the four fundamental forces.
These pillars are the souls of the eldwyrms.
I devoted my life to killing them.
With these souls, Terrorblade can remake the world in his image.
Bend it to his own horrifying desires.
He chose me.
Why? Unknowable.
As long as he is part of you, he remains undetectable.
This will not last.
You mean Terrorblade will find him.
He'll find me.
- Us.
- Worse.
I've imbued this with a binding spell.
It will prevent transformation.
But the end is inevitable.
Soon Slyrak will go mad.
When he does, an insane, angry eldwyrm will be loosed on the world.
- And how do I stop him? - [Invoker.]
You don't.
This process is killing you.
When the time comes, you will be dead.
In the stories, you would appear to the faithful.
And I always wished No, knew you would appear to me.
I risked it all.
But the stories, they aren't even true.
Everything, everyone I love.
For nothing.
For no one.
All I want now is to kill her.
That woman, that human.
I know this isn't what you want.
I'm so alone.
Mene, please, give me a sign.
I'm lost, Selemene.
For years, I've lived in the light, but now [sighs.]
All I can think about is killing them.
Burning their fields, their families, their flesh.
But it's more.
Their blood.
Their pain.
I I crave it.
The taste, the smell.
I thought I was stronger.
I swore that once I found you, that part of me died.
You're afraid there is no light behind your shadow.
I want to make those traitors pay in ways that - you'd never forgive me.
- That's impossible.
It's not that I don't want to go back to who and what I was.
It's that I do.
Who you were then, who you are now, they're one and the same.
I love all of you, Luna.
It's why I chose you, why I need you.
You will do the things that must be done.
I will never fail you, Goddess.
I am yours.
I belong to you.
The Coriel'Tauvi reject your love.
And in rejecting you, they summon me.
[gasps, exhales.]
We're We're safe.
The Sage's tower.
We're going home.
I can feel it.
[chuckles excitedly.]
- You look better.
- You're wearing pants.
What is it? Sage.
Eternal thanks for your hospitality.
- I am Mirana of - I know who you are.
I know why you've come.
But do you? Hm.
You think you want to return the lotuses to Selemene.
- You know about the lotuses? - I told him everything.
- You serve Selemene? - She is my goddess.
You haven't the faintest idea whom you serve, Princess of the Moon.
In her paranoia, your Goddess believes the prophesied Elven Legion rises to murder her.
And so she strikes.
Horror follows.
This can't be.
None of it.
Selemene reveals her true self.
Her lotuses are gone, her power stolen.
She is afraid.
She helps people.
This is madness.
The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows.
Run! [in Elvish.]
Attack! [soldiers yelling.]
[fighting grunts.]
- [swords clashing.]
- [grunting.]
Your leader.
Where? Burn in the fourth hell! [screams.]
She's in the canyon.
You're no sage.
You're the Devil of the Moon.
The Invoker.
Ah, you know the stories.
The stories are fiction.
You lie.
You want the apocalypse.
The end of all things, all life.
I only want peace.
Prove it.
I will return the lotuses to you.
On one condition.
Take them to Selemene.
Convince her to withdraw from the enclaves.
Restore things as they are meant to be.
Only fools bargain with devils.
Spend some time.
Consider my offer.
What you've seen.
As long as we negotiate, you're safe.
Protected by the Shopkeeper's magic.
Bad luck to nurse a bottle alone.
- Then come make my fortunes better.
- There's only one glass.
I met her when I was 13.
For ten years, everything was perfect.
Selemene protected me.
Fixed broken things.
Until I failed her.
But looking into those pools, seeing the madness, the atrocities I was back in that cave.
Walking towards the darkness.
If I were still the Princess of the Moon This violence? It's not who we are.
We don't always know who we really are.
Maybe this guy isn't the devil your stories make him out to be.
Maybe he really does just want to make everything how it was.
Afraid of what happens if he can't.
Maybe I'm just a scared little girl trying to run home.
You? No.
You took down an eldwyrm.
All I did was survive.
Making you one of the few people who ever has.
You might actually make a good Dragon Knight.
And I've seen you in, what, five outfits now? Maybe you'd make a good princess.
You'll do the right thing.
Even if you're afraid.
You always do.
Are you scared? Davion the Dragon Knight isn't afraid of anything.
I'm terrified.
[ominous music.]
[Fymryn gasps.]
Not even a god would violate the Shopkeeper's rules.
You offered to return the lotuses.
When you stole the lotuses, there were consequences.
You speak to me of consequences.
Selemene does not take failure lightly, and yet Mirana is here, still pining for her goddess.
All she wants is what you want.
What I have wanted for a thousand years.
- What's been lost.
- What about the lotuses? You'll just have to trust me.
Trust you? You're giving them back.
After everything.
The Filomena.
My daughter discovered them.
Doubt anything that you like.
But do not doubt my love for her.
Do not think I will ever forget.
[ominous music.]
I only want your leader.
We are not betrayers, and we will not stop until [in Elvish.]
- [beast growls.]
- [elf screaming.]
Enough! - Your search is for me.
- Your name.
You don't remember me.
Of course.
We were all just bodies to you.
You called yourself a mercenary, but you were a murderer.
A traitor.
We died for you, and you turned your back on us.
- Sold us out to the Helio Imperium.
- Liar.
Take any name you like, worship at whatever shrine you choose, you're still just the Scourge of the Plains.
Go on.
Kill me.
More will follow.
If I kill you, I've made a martyr.
Leave you alive, and, well, the stories No one will ever follow you again.
Tell me your terms.
This box is sealed with powerful magic.
Carry it to Coedwig.
If the Dark Moon Order agrees to leave the enclaves, it will open.
We have a bargain.
We have a bargain.
As for your dragon issue Yes.
The necklace.
Thank you.
Of course.
While they're gone, we can explore additional remedies.
I'm going with her.
You'll be here when I get back.
I've got to see this one through.
In that case, you'll need new equipment.
If you struggle with your issue again, your clothing won't be destroyed.
Marci won't be happy about that.
A Coedwen will accompany you as your guide.
Coedwig is dangerous for outsiders.
I'll make sure you get there.
A peaceful resolution.
So you say.
So I hope.
When you are finished, return the Dragon Knight to me.
I am never far.
[Sagan growls.]
Coedwig is yours.
But the Coedwei do not say my name in their prayers.
They shudder at yours.
Again and again, I hear "Scourge" on their lips.
In their hearts.
What have you done? I found their leader.
Shattered their resistance.
By killing anyone who stood in your way.
You have failed me.
This is what you wanted.
I never told you to commit atrocities.
You told me to burn out the impurities.
Do the things that must be done.
I told you to be the real Luna! Do not fear.
You have my love.
I'm sure you'll find a way to earn my forgiveness.
[epic music.]
I bring an offer.
[closing theme music.]

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