Dota: Dragon's Blood (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Speak the Words

[eerie music.]
[suspenseful music.]
[water splashing.]
I am Lirrak, little mouse.
Mother of Oceans, Mother of Storms.
I will not be contained! [sizzling.]
[somber music.]
[ominous music.]
[theme music.]
The end is inevitable.
- [growling.]
- [gasps.]
Soon, Slyrak will command and you will be dead.
We should be on the road by now.
- Assuming this is the right road.
- I know my way back home.
You should try sleeping in my tent.
You look like death.
You're not going to mock me? Tell me tents are for princesses, no Dragon Knight would ever - What's wrong with you? - [Davion.]
I'm dying.
It's called a hangover.
Now pack your things, we're three days behind schedule as it is.
Fuck - Lovers quarrel? - We're not.
No, it isn't.
She seems easy to fight with.
If it's not her, then It's not.
- If you say so.
- I do say so.
Hey! [tranquil music.]
That's the way.
- You don't like her very much.
- I like her just fine.
You haven't tried to boss her around even once.
It's your tell.
I notice these things.
[air dragons growling.]
- Freeze.
- [Sagan growls.]
[soft explosion.]
Air dragons.
Cluster together.
They may ignore us for a smaller target.
Hunting ground.
No way around it.
Why are you smiling? - I'm not.
We need to - I see teeth.
You're happy.
I I guess it's nice to have a problem I know how to solve.
Like how not to become lunch.
They hunt by movement.
Stay out of sight, stay still.
- Or end up like that deer.
- What if there's no cover? Find it.
- Oh, uh! - [giggles.]
What are you drawing? [Filomena.]
Isn't it magical, Papa? Mm.
And what will you name it? There's power in a name.
I need to study if before I name it, so I give it the right one.
Very wise.
Now I need to show you something.
Mother - I'm sorry.
- Perhaps she'll visit.
You know she won't.
I miss her too.
Don't be sad.
Magical child.
- Filomena, show me.
Does it hurt? - Only a little.
Sensitivity to touch.
Veins, bruises, rash.
How long have you had these? Since we left Mother.
I thought it would fade.
I didn't wanna worry you.
What? What's wrong with me, Papa? - Am I all right? - Of course you are.
You have me.
Hm? [somber music.]
Set up camp here.
It should be safe enough for the night.
- She talks to you.
- Fymryn? Yeah.
About life, trees.
You know she has 87 words for "moonlight"? - None of which I can pronounce.
- She sounds endlessly delightful.
But she's said nothing else to you? - Nothing about me, or - Princess, you sound jealous.
All that roaring damaged your ears.
- [Fymryn.]
Looks good to me.
- Luxury accommodations.
- Oh, you were saying? - [Mirana.]
Not a word.
They're going to have a slumber party.
Chat the night away.
How sweet.
You're quiet.
I'm just I'm not very good at being alone.
You're lucky your pod is with you.
- Gods' mercy.
- I'm sorry, I thought The three of us? No.
We We're not So it's true about humans.
You have just one lover.
- At a time.
- One person? - The same person every night? - How do you handle more? I mean, I get it.
The more the merrier in certain circumstances, but [Mirana.]
It must get crowded.
Which is not good.
It's true, there are more of us, so more ups, downs, more fighting.
But we're family.
Always in it together.
So your pod is waiting for you in Coedwig? No.
No one is waiting for me.
The Dark Moon Order made sure of it.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't you dare take pity on her.
- This is her doing.
Her choice.
- Wait, what's [Mirana.]
And for what? Senseless deaths.
A war no one asked for.
You came to the Nightsilver Woods.
You stole the lotuses.
And the blood is on your hands.
And now you're going to tell me what the real game is.
[Sagan growls.]
- At this range I'm fairly accurate.
- My family is dead.
- Slaughtered.
- Whoa, we're not doing this here.
I will shoot through you.
Why did you hide who you really were? - Why did you say nothing? - I just wanna go home.
- You said nothing to me about - I couldn't let her know I knew.
I had to know what she would not say.
So you kept me in the dark.
You used me.
I tried to tell you.
You were too busy making friends.
- I'm not making friends with - [Mirana.]
And you're not talking to me.
I must have done something to earn your silence.
You could at least tell me what.
You didn't do anything.
We need her.
I'm going to go find her, before a wyrmling does.
[Sagan growls softly.]
Fymryn, come back.
It's not safe.
I know you're there.
I'm sure Mirana didn't mean what she said.
Well, not all of it.
But you saw what those wyrmlings can do.
They'll eat you alive.
I can't have that on my conscience.
Please, come back.
We've all lost too much already.
I can't believe he took her side.
It's maddening.
I've never met anyone kinder, braver Well, except you, of course.
Or truer to his word.
But his judgment She destroyed our lives.
I realize I chose to say nothing, so I share some of the blame in all this, but [sighs.]
You're right.
I should sleep on it.
I'll talk to Davion in the morning, he'll understand, he'll listen.
- [Marci snoring.]
- [sighs.]
Thank you, Marci.
You always know exactly what to say.
[tranquil music.]
[suspenseful music.]
[Invoker and Filomena.]
To Mene's moon we pray, crescent light upon us all.
- Good night.
- Night, Papa.
- [door opens.]
- [Invoker.]
This is not sleeping.
This flower, it's made from two different kinds of flowers.
Filomena They don't even grow anywhere near each other.
- They're called hybrids.
- [Invoker.]
Like your ability to change the subject.
- Bed.
- Hm! - [Invoker.]
What is this? - The flower's movements.
Most plants follow the sun.
This one doesn't.
This one follows the moon.
Isn't that wonderful? Beyond words.
It is a full moon tonight.
[tranquil music.]
The disease has infected her blood.
Herbs, magic.
None of our treatments are effective.
I have read every book.
Consulted with every scholar, healer.
All of you Nothing.
We have done everything, but death cannot be defeated.
- Nothing can change that.
- I can.
A god, perhaps.
Her mother.
Get out! [growls.]
[door opens.]
Rise, dearest.
We're going on a trip.
Over the mountains.
- To visit the flowers? - To see your mother.
[birds chirping.]
Your friend came back.
She stole the lotuses.
She went this way.
Straight into air dragon territory.
Not a good way to die.
Rest easy.
That little elf is hard to kill.
[tranquil music.]
[wind howling.]
[wings flapping.]
They found her.
[water splashes.]
[tense music.]
[water splashes.]
Told you.
She's hard to kill.
Clever girl, taking cover in that cave.
That's not just a cave.
[tense music.]
It's a nest.
- [swooshes.]
- [groans.]
Fymryn! Listen carefully.
I'm going to get us out of here, but you need to do exactly as I say.
Hey! And go! Go.
Go! Fuck.
What the hell are you waiting for, an introduction? Use your magical whatever it is.
- I can't.
Not with the box.
- Then give it to me.
Is it worth dying in this hole over those damn flowers? [Fymryn.]
It has to be.
[air dragons roar.]
- Why did you take them? - Because what I did I can't give them back to Selemene.
I can't let it all be for nothing.
I won't let go.
Not ever.
- Then I'm not leaving either.
- Why? I won't let you die alone.
Since I was a little boy, I thought my purpose was to slay dragons so no other little boy would have to watch his family die.
Then I learned it's not that simple.
There's a monster inside of me.
A dragon.
Someday, he's going to come out, and I won't come back.
But if I'm gonna die, I need it to mean something.
Right now, that's Mirana.
I owe her everything.
I won't fail her.
Trust me, letting go doesn't make your past meaningless.
Dying here, now? That does.
It means you never learned a gods-damn thing.
[dramatic music.]
I can't take you with me.
I'll be fine.
I'll do something crazy.
Or stupid.
But don't worry, crazy and stupid is working for me so far.
[Davion groaning.]
Come on.
[air dragon roars.]
[wings flapping.]
[footsteps approaching.]
What happened in there? What happened to you? What? I have to tell you something.
I should have told you before, I know.
But you were carrying so much.
You didn't need my burden.
And you would have made me stay.
I'm listening.
Just speak the words.
[tranquil music.]
[inaudible dialogue.]
[leaves rustle.]
I know you're there.
We're supposed to be following you, not the other way around.
Air dragons are dangerous, but my people? - You'll need a guide.
- We can find another guide.
No, we can't.
I know there's no trust between you, but you can both trust me.
We're all going to the same place.
We should go there together.
I suppose I can learn to live with you.
- Agreed.
- See? Friends.
That's great.
So, who knows a song? I learned one from the dragons, but it's not very good.
You left me.
Abandoned me.
Filomena is ill.
Beyond the care of healers.
She needs help.
Your help.
She needs her mother.
You took her because you refused to worship me.
Now you return, begging me to save you.
Not me.
Mother - You failed her.
- [Invoker.]
I learned my limits.
We all have limits.
Even I have limits.
There are things you need from me.
There are things I need from you.
- Name them.
- Devotion.
Speak the words.
Worship me.
- This is your child.
- [Selemene.]
And your choice.
Worship me, and correct all of your mistakes.
I I am yours, Selemene.
- You have my devotion.
My faith.
- Do you love me? [gasps.]
I love you.
And you, child.
Speak the words.
Filomena, speak the words.
I won't say them.
You're my mother, not my goddess.
- I want my mother.
- Just speak the words.
You know nothing of the flowers that grow over the mountain.
Filomena I love you.
I won't worship you.
I want my mother.
Selemene, she's just a child.
She doesn't know what she's saying.
You have me.
You won, okay? Just heal her.
You have that power.
Please! Selemene, come back! [Invoker.]
Come back! [ominous music.]
Come back.
[closing theme music.]

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