Dota: Dragon's Blood (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

A Game of Chess

1 Davion was here.
We hunt north.
- It means stay out.
To you.
- I don't see any markings.
Coriel'Tauvi placed those stones there.
They don't need markings.
Elven hospitality.
That's fun.
If you don't eat, you'll die.
Then I won't eat.
You only need to swallow.
I can accommodate the rest.
Any one of your soldiers could bring me food.
Yet every day, every single day, I see you.
I want to remind you exactly who put you here.
I don't think that's so.
You need me in here to justify you out there.
But you've got it all wrong.
- You're my prisoner too.
- Maybe so.
But my cell has a view.
Hold here.
Come look.
It's You should see.
My people.
They did this.
- Another message, I'm guessing? - We cut them down.
We bury them.
You can't put the blame on her.
Blame changes little for the dead.
Mene's light Poor kid.
Take Sagan.
Find supplies.
I'm on your side.
If you could tell me which one that is, I'd very much appreciate it.
- Stay where you are.
- Hold right there.
- Put down your weapons.
- Hold it.
- Put down your weapons.
- Stop, right now.
Keep your hands in sight.
Right now.
Put down your weapons.
Put that away.
Crescent light upon you.
Princess? I think he means you.
I've recovered the lotuses, I need an escort to the shrine.
I'm here to send us all home.
I'm going too.
No, she's with me.
If I may, it's good to see you again.
And you.
It's good to see every one of you.
And it will be better to see you out of this place.
- Forever.
- Yes, Highness.
Yes, it will.
It seems you speak for all of us.
There's a tent next to the apothecary.
It's theirs.
Show them.
Not you.
You, come.
I'll be all right.
No one will harm me.
Or any of you.
Not easily.
You as well.
Watch over them.
I'm told you have the lotuses.
Is that all you have to say to me? - After all this time, all that's happened? - I didn't realize you're owed more.
I'm owed nothing.
The lotuses are here.
The lotuses.
The unfettered power of our goddess, contained in that little box.
No lid.
What the hell is this made of? It won't open unless we agree to his terms.
- Terms? Whose terms? - The Invoker.
The Invoker? That's too good.
Tell me you're serious.
- The truth would be wasted on a joke.
- The terms are simple.
The lotuses in exchange for our full withdrawal from the enclaves.
This war ends.
A Shopkeeper covenant guarantees it.
Shopkeeper covenant.
Why not toss a coin in the Umbral River? You're soft.
A pampered princess who thinks a gift of flowers will make everything right again.
The world doesn't work that way.
You can go.
You're a monster.
I've seen what you've done here with my own eyes, and I know you enjoyed it.
You know the oracle's prophecy.
If the goddess still had my voice in her ear The lotuses, stolen.
The Devil of the Moon returns.
The end of all things.
All life.
We can stop it.
You hesitated for a heartbeat to kill a thief.
That heartbeat has killed so many more.
This horror belongs to you.
I've failed my friends, my family, my goddess.
Do not compound my failure with your own.
- We're not guests, we're prisoners.
- Yup.
- This was a mistake.
- Maybe.
- We could run.
- Never.
I'm just talking about me.
If you wanna run, I won't stop you.
- I don't think anyone could.
- I don't leave my people behind.
Your people, huh? Okay.
Goddess, I No.
Mirana returns with the lotuses and an offer of No.
I don't know how to begin.
I only know I only know I'm tired.
Tomorrow night, when the moon is highest in the sky, I will take the lotuses to the shrine.
Our goddess accepts your offer.
Ah Well, Princess, I guess it's the end of the road, and Wrong.
Farewell, noble lady.
I, Davion No.
I'm gonna miss you too.
You look - Yes? - Very official.
You're sure this is what you want? Going back? My goddess needs me.
Selemene took me in.
Protected me.
For a thousand years, the Nightsilver Woods knew only peace.
I have to help her find it again.
I owe her that much.
I hope she deserves you.
I really do.
You're not like most princesses.
- Uh, listen, Mirana.
- You came to tell me you're leaving.
- Well, it's not like I can stay.
- You could.
If you wanted to.
Not here, not Coedwig, but perhaps the Nightsilver Woods.
- The goddess, she could help you.
- Because I'm broken? - That's not how I meant it.
- We've both seen this place.
A lot of broken things will need fixing before she ever gets to me.
But if you ever need a Dragon Hunter, or, you know, a dragon I'll ask for you by name.
Her temple raised from silver light Our queen, the goddess of the night I must be worthy in her sight Praise the Moon of Mene Praise the Moon of Mene.
And who let you in? I have a knack for getting into places I'm not supposed to be.
I can get you out if we're quick.
- You wanna help me because - Because I helped put you here.
- The lotuses.
That was you.
- My doing.
My mistake.
A mistake I'm fixing by returning what I stole.
- Selemene's soldiers will withdraw.
- You've offered them a surrender.
Not surrender.
No such beast.
For a thousand years, we've hid all around the world.
Humans leave us to our space because we taught them to fear us.
But it seems to me they're the ones running free while we wither and die.
No more.
Selemene gave us back our taste for blood.
I will drink it by the bucketful.
That isn't who we are.
Love, you have no idea who we are.
- We heard voices.
- Have a seat, we're just chatting.
- Who's we? - Over mountains darkly go Underneath her pale shadow Looking down on the world below Praise the Moon of Mene Praise the Moon of Mene I have traveled far.
Endured hardship.
Faced death.
All of this in Her name.
I bring these symbols of Her love and power, and offering for the exultation of Her merciful glory.
In the Goddess' name, I accept your offering and grant you peace.
I can't feel the Goddess.
It's worse than that.
They know.
Ranks! Ranks! Steady now.
Steady! - The Coedwig may let you walk away.
- I will never walk away again.
Please, everyone, the Dark Moon Order will leave here in peace, as we agreed.
Lay down your arms.
We are done with death, and death with us.
But I'm not.
I never will be! I'm not here to fight you.
M'Lord! Hold the line! Protect the princess! Crescent light upon you all.
May your moon always be full.
Selemene is the light that pierces shadow.
She's Our lady, she is Flesh.
I will enjoy it.
Rejoice, demon.
I greet you with a gift.
The eternal freedom of oblivion! - I'm sorry.
- Wait! Scourge! Adara! Idwal! Dyfed! Nova Mene is dead.
Let me help you.
Moon children.
Your violence is like kindness in the shadow of my rage.
Flee! Selemene.
The usurper.
You may take the spark, but you will only ever be a simple thief.
Your worshipers abandon you, as your primary abandoned you.
Your child.
She died hating you.
You know this.
It rots your heart.
Do not speak her name.
Tell me, how many Filomenas have there been? How many broken things have you taken into your embrace then cast aside, knowing you failed to care for her? Knowing you chose? He did this.
He sent you.
He sent you to torment me.
I struck a bargain.
Seven souls for one.
Oh, poor girl.
Made herself a god so she might never be alone.
Now her shrines are dark, her armies scattered, her faithful, silent.
Do you know what a demon calls a god who does not know worship? A god who does not know love? Food.
Fall back on me.
Now! Hyah! The mouse who thunders, come to rejoin our battle.
Release my bonds.
I will be quick.
Done fighting you.
I'm here for the boy.
Don't worry, buddy.
- We're gonna help you.
- Get him up.
Get him home.
Let the Dragon Knights take him.
There will be time enough for war.
We're cut off.
No word from the Nightsilver Woods.
Not even the priests can feel Selemene.
There may be help, there may not be.
We have to assume there is none.
The Order needs its captain.
I can't lead them.
You have to.
Not like this.
Mirana, they need you to get them home.
They need their Princess.
I could do this for eternity.
Perhaps in the next universe.
Do you love me? Her temple raised from silver light Our queen, the goddess of the night I must be worthy in her sight Praise the Moon of Mene Our lady dances in the sky I'll know her kiss before I die Take her in my arms and cry Praise the Moon of Mene Praise the Moon of Mene
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