Dota: Dragon's Blood (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

Nothing With Nothing

1 [Davion grunts.]
[Davion groans.]
[Davion exhales sharply.]
[Davion grunts.]
[foreboding music playing.]
My sword.
My life.
For Dragon.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[theme music playing.]
[somber music playing.]
Praise the Moon of Mene.
Gather them all.
- [glass shatters.]
- [Selemene inhales deeply, screams.]
No! - [crashes.]
- [sobbing.]
[somber music playing.]
So pale.
- Like this flower.
- [gasps.]
My lotuses.
No longer your lotuses.
Just as you are no longer worshiped.
All that sustains you is a spark of divinity that has never truly been yours.
So clever you are.
You know me so well.
You brought me to this almost effortlessly.
I see that now.
But there is something else I see.
One does not simply ask a demon to murder a goddess in her own temple.
One bargains.
You carry the weight of that bargain.
You worry what happens if you fail to meet your obligation.
A bargain with a demon is no small transaction, it's true.
Then I would like to offer one of my own.
Forgive one another.
Restore me.
Allow me to deal with Terrorblade at the height of my powers.
Not for me, or for you.
For her.
Filomena discovered these.
- A hybrid species, unique to this valley.
- [clinks.]
I gave them her name.
I will give them your power.
- She will live.
- [whooshes.]
You will die, and no one will remember.
[foreboding music playing.]
[grunting continues.]
Right flank! [actions music.]
Two lancers gone.
More wounded.
We have no medical supplies to treat.
We have what we have.
Fewer mouths to feed, I suppose.
On your feet, you animals! There's daylight yet to burn, and at least a hundred spans of forest to cross.
I see it.
Perhaps we should wait.
A few lost hours won't harm us, and a rest may help.
This position looks secure.
Also, your wound has reopened.
Again, doesn't matter.
We have what we have.
You're home.
You're safe.
But this gets worse before it gets better.
You have to let me go.
I didn't know before.
I had no idea what was happening to me, or why.
You screamed that the whole journey here.
Changes not a fucking thing.
Father is coming.
I'll leave you to the task.
Thank the gods.
I've heard stories of what you're capable of.
Kaden calls it a curse.
It's more than all that.
There's a demon, Father.
His name is Terrorblade.
He's killing the Eldwyrms, stealing their souls I've been stealing dragon souls since I was a boy.
Younger than you when you completed the Crossing.
You were such a bright child.
So talented, so determined.
We need to protect the dragons.
We need to fight by their sides! I've never slain a dragon with my own hands.
Never made the Blade Bond.
Injury made that impossible.
But I was clever.
I learned the secrets of the forge-men.
"Cursed", Kaden said.
[metal whooshes.]
What I would not have given to be cursed like you.
[nervous groan.]
Put your back into it, boy! Luminous scales show every smudge.
- [background chatter.]
- When I was a squire, it was an honor to polish a father's boots.
More than one evening, I went to my rack, my hand frozen in a claw from gripping the rag.
Ha! Hunched over like a hellbear with the shits.
[door closes.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
- [suspenseful music.]
Forgotten your manners already? Master Ritterfau.
Oh, I can't blame you.
Twenty years, has it been? Barely here, but to haul carcasses in and take weapons out.
Twenty years.
Hunting Slyrak.
All that time, just to bring us one of our own.
Under the ankle, damn it! You certainly made a name for yourself while the rest of us did the work we're expected to do.
We are a brotherhood.
A unit.
No man more important than the rest.
Like this boy here.
Happy to be part of the team.
I didn't say you could speak.
- [thuds.]
- Twenty-two years, Kaden.
[indistinct murmuring.]
Blood on my boots.
Never polished.
Never cared to.
Not in 22 years, Master Ritterfau.
[retreating footsteps.]
[somber music playing.]
[Davion screaming in distance.]
[screaming continues.]
[Davion grunts.]
I'm afraid penetrating bone can be excruciating.
But it's necessary.
[Davion whimpers.]
[Davion coughs.]
[door opens.]
[sudden music sting.]
You told me he would not be harmed.
Harm and pain are brothers, but they live apart.
[Davion grunts.]
I tried what you're trying now.
It didn't fucking work.
Made it worse.
I broke his trust.
I won't break that trust again.
Remember, Davi, you are loved.
They're not just animals.
Nor am I.
See to his comfort.
Find me in the Great Hall when it's done.
- [owl hoots.]
- [footsteps approaching.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
It's a sign.
[Luna scoffs.]
Grave marker.
- We make camp here.
- [Sagan growls.]
The gods can be sick bastards.
- [wolf howls.]
- [crickets creak.]
You should join them.
The ley lines are down, our gifts are gone, Selemene falls silent.
When I look to the moon, all I feel is the empty sky.
Pointless ritual.
Or perhaps it's the opposite.
The Dark Moon Order know Selemene is gone, but they believe in her anyway.
That isn't pointless.
That's what hope is.
That's faith.
Selemene had faith in the Invoker.
He betrayed it.
That doesn't mean she was wrong to offer it.
Selemene offered nothing.
I never asked her.
Never sought her council.
I accepted the lotuses because I wanted to go home, and I was afraid our lady would say no.
[inhales deeply.]
I didn't have any faith at all.
Still think I should join them? [wind whooshing.]
[Davion sighs.]
I thought you might want that.
What are these made of? - [grunts.]
- [electricity crackles.]
Something you won't break.
What in the seven hells were you even thinking, following me here? I had to help you.
You're, you're my people.
I thought your people were back in Coedwig.
- [thudding.]
- Cochi.
They didn't need me.
You did.
I barely remember any of it.
It's a fog.
I ran into the fight.
It was bad.
Is she… is she all right? She got out of the worst of it.
Beyond that, I, I just don't know.
I wish I did.
I wish I could say.
- I'm sorry.
- It's not your fault.
Except… - Except it is my fault.
- Fymryn.
I knew it was gonna happen.
I knew and I let it.
I, I did nothing.
I was even happy.
At first, then, it didn't feel the way I hoped it would.
- It felt ugly.
- You knew.
I was supposed to bring you back to the tower after it all happened.
That's why you followed me.
He did this.
You're still helping him.
No! No, it's not that way! Get out.
- Please! - Maybe Father is right.
Maybe his way is the way.
I've trusted him my whole life, since I was a boy.
But you… I barely know you.
Get out! [dramatic music playing.]
I love my family, but you're my people too.
[creature slurping.]
[Davion grunts.]
Your healing is extraordinary.
[Davion grunts.]
Trust me.
It still hurts.
Pain can be controlled.
So, how does all of this get the big red dragon out of me? [Father.]
It's a quietly held belief among some, heretical in these halls… that certain among us carry dragon traits in our blood.
No one knows how this Dragon Clan might have come to be.
But it's difficult to argue against its existence.
Rylai, the warden of Icewrack herself, manifests some features of a water dragon.
Her sister, Lina? Seems more ember dragon than human.
This may be why you change.
This may be why any of this is possible at all.
This is who you really are.
Dragon clan.
It means that monster inside you may be more Davion than Slyrak.
It means you may be joined forever.
Isn't it wonderful? [foreboding music playing.]
[wind howling.]
Uh, Father? Kaden says Davian needs to eat.
Eat? Oh, yes.
Maintain your strength.
Bram? - Yeah.
So… - Hi.
Guess you made it back to Dragon Hold, warned the fathers.
All that.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I was a little worried, I came through the portal with someone else's left foot.
I stared at it for days before I decided it was just a little swollen and Bram.
I hate those things.
Everyone does.
You did what I asked you to do.
Then you did what you thought was right.
You're my best friend.
None of this changes that for me.
Me either.
Dragon's fire whiskey.
For you.
- Best damn squire in Dragon Hold.
- [Bram.]
Davion? You're not gonna eat me, are you? [Davion.]
Probably not.
- But maybe.
- [Bram.]
I appreciate the honesty.
[metal clanking.]
[door opens, closes.]
[foreboding music playing.]
And that's when I said, "Look! It's an Eldwyrm, okay? This animal requires expert handling and " What? [foreboding music playing.]
Brother Kaden.
Father requests you.
[metal clanking.]
[knocking on door.]
Everyone out.
I would have words with you.
[door closes.]
You don't approve of my efforts.
You feel you owe Davion a debt of honor.
I will never question that.
But each Dragon Knight gladly bleeds for the cause.
Few have bled as you have bled.
None more.
For 20 years, you and I forged you into the weapon you had to become.
Piece by piece.
Blade by blade.
I have never asked anything of you other than your trust.
That is all I ask now.
Your trust.
This is Davion's blood.
A weapon of a different sort.
Our brothers enhanced with Davion's power.
A dragon's power.
Dragon's resilience.
We could heal our wounded, regenerate limbs.
Perhaps, restore the dead.
I've dreamed of slaying dragons since I was a boy.
With this? I could slay them all.
That boy is more than a boy.
He is an unlimited resource.
No more Leathshams.
Kaden? Kaden! [breathes heavily.]
The Coedwei are herding us like sheep.
Trying to push us into this narrow pass between the air dragon hunting ground and frozen peaks we have no tools to cross.
So, they seal both ends of the pass and envelop us.
- Trap us.
- Mm.
They can put archers on the ridgeline.
It's a killing field.
I once did the same to an errant Helio Imperium patrol.
A hundred men.
They never saw home again.
Then we have to make a stand.
We have to fight.
Also suicidal.
We send a small harassing force to the rear.
Confuse and scatter them.
Delay them.
While they consolidate, you escape through the pass.
"You"? You mean, "We.
" I mean, you.
The harassing force I intend is me.
Just me.
You're in no condition.
Which makes me expendable.
I'll take Sagan.
Leave before first light.
Have the troops ready.
You're wrong about one thing.
You didn't trust the goddess, but I'm the one who trusted the Devil.
We are both responsible for this.
[dramatic music playing.]
[ominous music playing.]
Whoa! [screams.]
[groaning continues.]
[breathing heavily.]
[thrilling music playing.]
[breathing heavily.]
No! No, no, no, no, no! [cries.]
I need more.
I told you to get out! Quiet.
These people are not your friends.
These people are my family! In the seven hells are you doing? Probably nothing.
Hopefully something.
- [electricity crackles.]
- [grunts.]
[Fymryn groaning.]
[Davion groans.]
That was definitely something.
Praise, Mene! I can get us out.
[inhales deeply.]
- [gasps.]
- [glass shatters.]
[breathing heavily.]
[thrilling music playing.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
Sagan? Sagan, komi.
Sagan! [scoffs.]
Crazy, stupid girl.
[fire crackling.]
[arrow whooshes.]
[action music playing.]
[Sagan growls.]
[arrows whooshing.]
[action music playing.]
- Up.
All of you.
- [soldier 1.]
On your feet! - This is our chance! - [soldier 2.]
Grab your weapon! The princess left so I can lead you to safety.
Which is what you will do.
I will bring Mirana back alive.
[soldier 3.]
A rider! A rider approaches! [foreboding music playing.]
We have our moment.
We take it.
We move! [soldiers chanting.]
For the Goddess! For the Princess! Faith.
[soft chuckle.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
We need to go.
I'm not leaving.
Dragon Knight.
I have come to collect what belongs to me.
[Fymryn cries.]
[tense music playing.]
[closing theme music playing.]

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