Dota: Dragon's Blood (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

My Sword My Life

1 Don't just fucking stand there.
- To arms! - To arms! - To arms! - Right! Squire! Feed me! Ah.
Shit! They're swarming! Fall back! - Fall back! - Fall back! Inside.
Kaden! That's a lot of fucking dragons.
At our first meeting, I offered you an alliance.
You refused.
A mistake.
They're my children now.
Slaves to their Eldwyrms' lost souls.
They will grind this keep to sand.
Kill everyone inside.
Feast on the remains.
You have the power to stop this.
Give me Slyrak.
Let Father go! This man wanted to bleed you dry.
Take your power.
He isn't worthy of your rage.
You call him Father.
He's just another disappointment.
No! - I won't run from a fight! - A fight you can't win! Then I'll die with my brothers! A meaningless death.
You once told me to let go.
Dying here means you haven't learned a gods-damned thing.
- What is that thing? - Earth wyrmling! - What's it doing? - Trying to eat us! Stay with me! Its eyes.
Something's wrong with its eyes! Terrorblade.
I need a weapon.
This way! We're in friendly territory now.
The Uplands have long been allied with the Nightsilver Woods.
If the Coedwei pursue us, at least we'll have help.
Luna? Don't say it.
I'll be fine.
I can clean it again, but… Oh, Princess, I can't make it better.
There's a fort not far from here.
They might have the medicine she needs.
I'll say a prayer to Selemene.
I'll pray she hears it.
Knights, to me.
Hold the line! Can't defend this position.
No cover.
I am in command here, Kaden, and I will not cede the width of a swamp spider's thorax to these filthy abominations! You heard him.
Hold the line.
Get back.
Fucking things are working together.
Like they have a plan.
They've never done that.
It's not possible.
We have to retreat.
Find Father.
More weapons.
Not possible.
My sword! My life! Ritterfau.
Fight, damn it.
I'm, I'm just a squire.
You killed a dragon.
Saw it with my own eyes.
You're a Dragon Knight.
Servants' stairs.
Find Father.
They're all dead.
You're learning.
Take that.
Return the favor.
But this sword.
It's Ritterfau's.
Ritterfau doesn't need it.
Chagu, chagu.
Komiza vis.
Gyaa! Marci.
Bit far from home, aren't we? I am Mirana, emissary of Selemene.
My people are in urgent need of food and medicine.
What happened? We were attacked by the Coedwei.
We barely made it out alive.
Some more than others.
We'll only stay long enough to treat our wounded and resupply.
Well, that's not my decision.
But for now, you can take her to the infirmary.
The rest can find food in the mess.
Thank you.
The Nightsilver Woods will remember your hospitality.
I would speak to your captain.
Soon enough.
Rest now.
These Coedwei are ruthless and determined.
They may track us here.
Your soldiers… I hope they're prepared.
No bark-eating elf bastard will ever take you from this fort.
How very reassuring.
Father! Father? No claw marks.
No burrow holes.
Whatever happened here, there was no dragon.
How is she? Fever's down.
I was able to properly suture and bandage the wound and treat the infection.
- We have to keep moving.
- You have to stay on your back.
Luna is right.
We're too near the border.
The longer we stay here, the more vulnerable we are.
She needs rest.
- Or she'll die.
- How long? Mm.
A week? At least.
We're leaving tomorrow.
No, we're not home yet.
But our bellies are full and we can sleep with both eyes closed tonight.
Crescent light upon you, Princess.
Crescent light upon us all.
Crescent light upon us all! The captain's ready to see you.
Just the emissary, if you please.
I wouldn't, Princess.
I was paid to bring you in alive.
He didn't say in what condition.
You killed all those people.
You wiped out this entire outpost, all for a bounty.
Your uncle misses you very much.
Just enough, as it turns out.
Box them up before it wears off.
- Do your thing! Go! - I came here to rescue you.
If you won't run, neither will I.
I set a terrible example.
Earth wyrmlings.
I feel it too.
Through there.
I'm Bram.
Dragon Knight.
And you are? There's nowhere left to run.
Nowhere left to hide.
Dragon Knight.
What a long, sad road it's been.
Doomed to die.
Your identity, consumed.
Transformed into a murderous abomination in the service of a master you hate.
Child of the moon, your head full of stories.
A little girl who imagines she's a goddess.
Just a freak, really.
An accident.
Dear, dear, Bram.
So full of hope.
So earnest.
So obliging.
But a sword doesn't make you a Dragon Knight.
Thirty men rode to Leathsham.
One rode back.
You rode back.
Always alone.
The dead cry out for vengeance.
But you ignore their pleas.
You have achieved what Slyrak himself could not.
The destruction of the Dragon Knights.
Oh, so many dead, Little Bit.
Because you were foolish enough to believe one lie, and make yourself part of another.
Your destiny is to die on someone else's quest.
Serving someone else's glory.
A sad, bit player in another man's story.
Redemption stands in front of you.
Clothed in the flesh of a man you call "brother".
Yet you hide behind an oath and call your cowardice loyalty.
There is only one thing left for you to do.
So far from your own battle.
Hiding from the consequences.
Will they remember you, dear Bram? Or simply bury you next to all the other forgotten dead? Strike Slyrak down.
Free your brothers from their torment.
Give in.
Let go.
Change your destiny.
Free yourself.
All you have to do is let me in.
You were right.
Of course, you were right.
Slyrak's soul is mine! And with it, the whole of creation! Well played, Little Bit.
Uh? My sword.
My life.
Stay together.
Climb on! Hurry! Flee.
What the demon has corrupted, I will cleanse with fire.
That's what the demon wants.
For us to stand and die, so he can take you.
We have to fight the true enemy.
They are all my enemies.
Come with us.
Please! Slyrak did this to you for a reason.
But it can't be this.
"Can't be this"? Bram.
Best damn squire in Dragon Hold.
In you go, love.
This one's full.
Your ride's over there.
Choose the moment.
"The Scourge of the Plains.
" There's a hefty price on your head.
Almost as big as the Princess.
Double if you're still alive.
It's a long ride to the Helio Imperium, Your Highness.
Let's not keep your uncle waiting.
Wake, Vahdrak.
Father of Chaos.
Your time has come.

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