Dota: Dragon's Blood (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

The Lady of Situations

1 [thunder rumbles.]
[Byssrak growls.]
[thrilling music playing.]
Uldorak, Lirrak, now this failed attack on you, Vahdrak.
It is a message.
A warning.
Answer in blood, answer in fire.
Terrorblade and his allies strike at us in our sleep.
- The thunder will answer.
- Perhaps a bargain before bloodshed.
We do not bargain for our lives.
We attack the mouse in his tower.
We reclaim what has been stolen.
" "Bargains.
" What has been created, at times, must be destroyed.
What is destroyed will rise and fall and rise again! All flailing arms, birth screams, and mother's blood.
Too attached to the flesh illusion you are.
Too attached to the dream.
I am the song that murders the world.
What fun.
[mysterious music playing.]
The souls of your brothers.
Your sisters.
Only one gift remains.
It is no gift! It is my price! The fulfillment of my purpose in the cycle of creation.
Chaos! [mysterious music rises.]
[Vahdrak growls, screams.]
[theme music playing.]
[male elf.]
Those belong to us.
Not to him.
We defeat one usurper, and now we serve another.
We've lived without the power of a living god for a millennium.
We don't need lotuses or ley lines, and we don't need any damn sorceress.
The world belonged to us once, before Selemene betrayed us, and the humans took it.
All we need is steel and courage to take it back.
As our empire rises, night and shadow fall.
[fire crackling.]
[dragons screeching.]
[dramatic music playing.]
[humming in distance.]
I hear singing.
The wind plays tricks.
These caverns are like a horn at times.
Always beautiful, often unsettling.
I didn't hear anything.
Just the wind.
[grandiose music playing.]
This is quite a place you have.
It's not my place.
It's hers.
- Oh, right.
Total dragon hole.
- [Auroth groans.]
Auroth spotted the wyrmling swarm.
When we saw the fire, then you, we had to help.
That's two you owe me.
- We need rest.
We need food.
- [humming in distance.]
Then we'll need supplies.
- [gasps.]
- [Fymryn.]
I know this look.
I saw it on my mother's face after her primary died.
She would wander the forests as though she might find her there.
- I'm fine.
- Mother used to say that too.
I just… The music seems like more than simply the wind.
Did he… Did anyone… Did they hurt you? I mean, you look okay, but No one hurt me.
Not Terrorblade and not you.
Never you.
[somber music playing.]
"Or a frozen waste's eternal gazing, ancient agonies survive.
Thunder lost, lone voices praising, one from many has derived.
" [Rylai.]
Do you like it? That's really good.
Or it's really terrible.
I can't tell.
- I wrote it.
- I, I love it? Am I supposed to answer for you? Um, sorry.
It's just you talk.
'Course, you talk.
You write.
I can't write.
All that's necessary is for you to feel.
The words will follow.
[birds chirping.]
[door opens.]
[grandiose music playing.]
My grandfather's sword.
He feared no one.
Your Highness, wait! Your Highness, please! [grunts.]
[gasps, grunts.]
Princess! Please! Stop! [Viceroy Kashurra.]
- Sunbeam.
- [gasps.]
No need to run.
No one here would hurt you.
No one here would dare.
Welcome home.
Viceroy Kashurra, I am grateful for what you did for me.
But you stayed here.
You serve my uncle.
I served the Helio Imperium as your father demanded.
The Imperium kidnapped me.
The Emperor has his reasons.
For now, try to enjoy the hospitality I offer you.
Safe, secure.
No one harms my Sunbeam.
[indistinct chatter.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
Quite impressive with the Oglodi.
I could watch you do that every day.
And I fear I will get my chance.
This, uh, little game you play always ends the same.
You well sleep with one of those pretty eyes open.
Him? Jarl? I've owed him that for 15 years.
And get your tail out of my face before I choke you with it.
Promises, promises.
At least I will die staring into your eyes.
Nico Hieronimo.
Formerly of the Nivan Gallants.
Currently rotting in this shithole.
I'll leave you to your sleep or lack of it.
We're safe here, for the moment.
But those wyrmlings are still loose.
The demon's army now.
Our first task is to reclaim Dragon Hold and reclaim the Forge.
We'll need steel for the battles to come.
We recall our brothers who remain in the field.
We don't have time for any of that.
I, I think what Davion means is, you're right and we should do it quickly.
That's not what I meant.
You want to charge back into the fight.
Hunt the demon to his lair, take his head.
Something like that.
Don't let that thing inside speak for you, son.
Damn sure don't let it do your thinking.
If Terrorblade gets to the Eldwyrms, those monsters at Dragon Hold won't matter.
- Nothing will.
- [bang on table.]
My whole life, I never imagined I'd ever see you run from a fight.
Should I go after him, or… [sighs.]
I'll just sit here… with me.
[sword swooshes.]
The little one told me about your fight with Davion.
- [Kaden.]
Wasn't a fight.
- He walked out.
It was a fight.
The boy saw things.
He saw things he wasn't prepared to see.
The boy did.
It's just like Leathsham.
You never mourned, did you? You disappeared into the hunt.
And you're doing the same now.
You lost them.
You lost her.
- We're at war.
- The Fathers are dead.
Your brothers don't need tactics.
They need what's been lost.
That boy… needs what he's lost.
[humming in distance.]
[dramatic music playing.]
Davion? Davion, please wake up.
I came looking for you.
I found you in there, standing in front of that blue rock.
Just staring.
He spoke to me.
The music.
It was him.
I heard Slyrak.
You found my hoard.
The Ore calls to you as it once called me.
Lifetimes ago, I took it as a treasure.
Kept it close, unaware of its power.
I was just a simple dragon, you see.
Then I began to wake from my slumber with dreams of humans not fighting but conversing.
In time, my Eldwyrm's voice faded.
I collected books, began writing verse.
The dragon songs never returned.
But in my solitude, I had the most wonderful thought.
I am.
And it was this Ore that changed you? Some say the Ore and its crimson opposite are the stuff of gods and demons.
Others believe them to be remnants of a vast and timeless primordial mind.
I know only that they are dangerous.
But it called to me in Slyrak's voice.
Slyrak's song.
Whatever it was, it was part of you.
Return to the hoard.
Stand in the light.
And be forever changed.
The question is not "What are they?" The question is "What are you?" [pensive music playing.]
[dreamy music playing.]
[somber music playing.]
[footsteps approaching.]
[door closes.]
[solemn music.]
Forgive the informality, Princess.
It's no reflection of the throne's esteem, merely security measure.
- Uncle.
- Leave us.
Everyone but you.
Time to come down of the throne and talk business.
Your father loved the "thees" and "thous.
" But that never really my style.
This is a terrible job.
Even for God.
Everyone in the Imperium want something.
Usually, it's something someone else has and wants to keep.
There's nothing new about it.
It's the way of things.
Your parents knew this.
Kashurra knows it.
You can't change it.
Not for good, not forever.
The only thing you can do is manage it.
Which is where I come in.
I am the arbiter of banal ambition.
My heart swells with pity for you.
The people need things to believe in, which is where you come in.
The prodigal daughter returned on the arm of the Emperor, his queen.
That's not what I mean.
This is business.
I'm after an idea, a story.
The kind of story the people and great houses can rally behind.
No, you chose that chair.
You murdered my parents for it.
To hell with you and your story.
[Uncle Shabarra.]
Things are happening in the world, Princess.
The Coriel'Tauvi are on the move.
Converging on the Nightsilver Woods.
Refugees flock from skirmishes on the enclave borders.
They say the Dark Moon Order was destroyed by a 12-foot demon.
No idea if that's true, but damn! Noise, chaos, threats.
The Imperium needs unity.
The people need the Princess of the Sun.
The people need you.
Don't say a word.
Sleep on it.
The arrogance of that man! [Viceroy Kashurra.]
Yet it disguises his insecurity.
The Emperor harbors concerns over war, but not from without, but from within.
Factions that emerged after your father's death never reconciled.
His loyalists complicate Shabarra's rule.
Opportunistic others exploit the conflict to their advantage.
Yeah, my uncle needs legitimacy.
Yes, he has a need.
And you have the power to meet it.
I'd rather die in the stockade! I would rather you not.
Your family still has friends here.
We will get you to safety.
- And Luna? - Luna is a public enemy.
You will lose what friends you have left.
I won't leave her to rot and die.
I'll just have to find another way.
[Luna groans, breathes heavily.]
[sucks teeth.]
[door opens.]
Fifteen years and a punch in the face.
Well, that's a fine hello.
Plenty of friends here.
Got you to thank for their accommodations.
They wonder where you went that day on the battlefield.
They wonder why you never came back.
I don't wonder.
I don't care.
- [grunts.]
- [groans.]
[grunts, groans.]
- [chuckles.]
- [coughs.]
- Madam.
- [groans.]
I'm putting a new company together.
Are you in or out? [Auroth.]
I think you're very interesting.
You're a Dragon Knight, but quite unlike the others.
Ha! "Dragon Knight.
" Right.
This sword? Not exactly the hand-me-down that I wanted.
The knight who owned this, he was kind of an asshole, really.
Wanted his boots shined daily.
But he, he died, a knight's death.
I'm no Dragon Knight.
I'm just an asshole carrying another asshole's sword.
I'm a bit player in someone else's story.
You are only as important to the story as you choose to be.
Wait here.
[footsteps approaching.]
I brought you a gift.
I hope you like gifts.
- [growls.]
- Stop doing that! - A ring? - [Auroth.]
A weapon.
Every great hero needs a weapon.
This ring can be yours.
Am I invisible? I'm invisible! I can see me.
But maybe I'm supposed to be able to see me.
Now hit me.
- With what? - [Auroth.]
Uh… [grunts.]
I am defeated.
This victory is yours, Dragon Knight.
You're afraid.
Don't be.
[exhales deeply.]
Trust me, it's a new experience.
It's like I'm two people.
Davion the Dragon Knight, and I'm him.
And for the longest time, I thought I was just Davion, who sometimes became the other thing.
But what if I have it wrong? What if I have it backwards? We're all two people.
The priests teach Mene is more than Goddess of the Moon.
She is the Goddess of Night.
The Goddess of Shadow.
There can be no shadow without a light to cast it.
Walk in shadow, know the light.
Walk in shadow, know the light.
The burning truth! Little mouse! We finally meet beyond the void! - The Eldwyrms.
They told me… - [Slyrak.]
The pillars have fallen.
Their souls captured.
You alone remain.
A piece of me.
The only chance, Ember Mouse, burn them.
- Burn them all! - I'm not you! We are me.
Do you not understand? I am in your blood as you are in mine.
It has always been so.
It is why you were chosen.
Just tell me how to end this.
Only with the Eye, can we see into Foulfell.
Only then, can I kill Terrorblade.
You're not making any sense.
I have sung you the truth since the beginning.
Yet you do not hear me.
I couldn't.
Sing it to me again while I'm listening.
The Solar God's relic.
Find the Eye of the Worldwyrm! [gasps.]
The Eldwyrms are dead.
What about you? I know what I am.
That's all the bastard said? Nonsense about the Solar God and the Eye of the Worldwyrm? I wish I knew where to start.
Perhaps I do.
The place I came from many years ago.
The Solar God makes his home there.
The Helio Imperium.
The Helio Imperium? [Davion gasps.]
[Viceroy Kashurra.]
It could be nowhere more beautiful than the domain of the Solar Throne.
It seems somehow brighter today with you in it.
I hope you sent for me because you found your way as I knew you would.
Because you plan to stay, uh, but on your own terms.
There is so much of your father in you, Sunbeam.
More than you know.
Tell the Emperor I've slept on it.
Tell him I accept his proposal.
[closing theme music playing.]

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